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#116 : Le globe de Krypton

Titre en VO : The Foundling
Diffusion US : 20/02/94
Diffusion FR : 14/06/94

Clark est réveillé par une grande lumière venant du globe. Un homme apparaît et lui dévoilera son passé en cinq apparitions. Son nom est Jor-El et il est son père. Il appelle Superman « Kal-El » et parle de sa planète, Krypton.

Malheureusement pour Clark, son appartement est volé et le globe disparaît. Jack, le jeune voleur, vend l’objet précieux à Lex Luthor. 

Malgré tout, Lex sait maintenant la véritable origine de Superman et il compte bien s'en servir. Mais qu’est-ce que le globe a vraiment dévoilé ? Que les parents de Superman ne l’ont pas abandonné, mais bien sauvé…

Moments forts :
Rencontre virtuel entre Jor-El et Clark

Note de l'épisode : 8/10


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Titre VO
The Foundling

Titre VF
Le globe de Krypton

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Première diffusion en France

Plus de détails

                        _LOIS & CLARK_

                  The New Adventures of Superman


Written by. Dan Levine
Directed by : Bill D'Elia













JOR-EL      *




INTERIORS:                                 EXTERIORS:

Daily Planet                               Kypton (view from space)
    The Pit
    Lunch Area                             Metropolis Skies

                                           Metropolis Street
Clark's Apartment
    Living Room                            Alley (Abandoned Bldg)
Kent Farmhouse                             Kent Farm
    Kitchen                                    "Fortress of Solitude"
                                                       (Tree House)
Jor-El's Lab                               *

Abandoned Building

Pool Hall

Luthor's Museum


       FADE IN:

   1   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - (NIGHT #1)                                      1

       We are CLOSE ON CLARK in bed an he tosses in troubled
       sleep.  Clock reads 4:02 AM.  Suddenly the room pulses
       with light.  Clark awakens, looks toward the source.

  1A   CLARK'S POV                                                             1A

       On his bookcase, a locked box, light streaming through the

  1B   CLARK                                                                   1B

       gets out of bed, takes a key from his desk, unlocks the
       box, lifts out the artifact/globe he recovered from the
       spaceship that brought him to Earth.  Under his touch the
       earth-map face changes to the red-tinged map of Krypton.
       Then, it FLARES with a brilliant white light.  Light
       streams from the globe to form the life-size HOLOGRAPHIC
       IMAGE of a man (JOR-EL).  On Jor-El's tunic is
       Superman's "S."  Clark stares in awe at the image.  Then,
       the image SPEAKS.

                      My name is Jor-El.  And you are
                      Kal-El, my son.  The object you
                      hold has been attuned to you.  That
                      you now hear these words is proof
                      that you survived the journey in
                      space and have reached your full
                      maturity.  Now it is time for you
                      to learn our heritage.  To that
                      end, I will appear to you five                             *
                      times.  Watch for the light,                               *
                      listen, and learn.

       We MOVE into the globe, into the light.

                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                      2.  

   2   EXT. KRYPTON                                                             2
       Hanging in space.

   3   OMITTED                                                                  3

   4   INT. - JOR-EL'S LABORATORY                                               4

       JOR-EL stands before a waist-level console, which he
       manipulates by weaving his hands in the air above it.
       Attached to the console is a large view screen on which
       multicolored lights swirl.  To one side is a long work
       table, strewn with odd bits of metal and plastic.  To the
       other side, a large, plain pedestal upon which, egg-like,
       rests a capsule of some transparent material.  The
       interior of the capsule is suffused with mist.

                                           JOR-EL (V.O)
                      Time grows short and we continue to
                      search.  The immensity of space is
                      both a blessing and a curse.  In
                      that near infinite variety there
                      must be _some_ place suitable.                             *
                      Hope and desperation drive us in
                      equal measure.

       The man is joined by a tall, elegant woman, LARA.  She
       gestures toward the screen, he shakes his head.  They both
       stare into the capsule's mists.  Hidden in the mists...

                                           JOR-EL (V.O.)
                      Lara works by my side.   She is
                      tireless and endlessly patient.                            *
                      Considering what is soon to come,
                      this is my greatest consolation:
                      that we are together.

       Then, a tremor shakes the lab.  Indicators on the console
       flare.  Jor-El takes Lara in his arms.  The tremor
       subsides; indicators return to normal.

                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                    3.  

 5     INT.  CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                          5

       Clark still holds the glowing globe.  The HOLOGRAM FLOWS                  *
       back into it and disappears.  The glow dies, but the                      *
       globe retains its Krypton-map face.  With trembling hands                 *
       Clark carefully sets it back in the box.  He looks out at                 *
       the night sky.                                                            *

                      Kal-El.                                                    *

                                                            FADE OUT.

                            _END TEASER_

                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                     4. 

                             ACT ONE

       FADE IN:

   6   INT. KENT FARMHOUSE KITCHEN - (DAY #2)                                  6*

       Clark talks with his parents, JONATHAN and MARTHA.
       Serious expressions all around.

                      Tell me more about this globe.                             *

                      It was in the ship that brought me                         *
                      to Earth. When Lois and I broke                            *
                      into Bureau 39's warehouse...                              *

  6A   INT. BUREAU 39 WAREHOUSE - (FLASHBACK)                                  6A*

       Clark lifts up the globe and it changes from Earth to                     *
       Krypton.                                                                  *

  6B   BACK TO SCENE                                                           6B*

                      I hid it from Lois.  I never knew                          *
                      it was anything more than what it                          *
                      seemed: maps of Earth and Krypton.                         *
                      Until last night.                                          *

                      But why now? You've had it for                             *
                      months.                                                    *

                      I don't know,  Mom. Except, Jor-El                         *
                      said it was 'attuned to me.'                               *
                      Maybe it and I weren't meant to be                         *
                      separated for so long.  Maybe it's                         *
                      taken a while to... warm up.                               *

                              (awkwardly)                                        *
                      The people, Jor-El and Lara, any                           *
                      memory of them at all?                                     *

                              (shaking his head)                                 *
                      None.                                                      *

       A moment of shared silence.                                               *

                      How do you feel about this, Clark?                         *


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                       5. 

  6B   CONTINUED:                                                              6B

                      Scared.  Excited. overwhelmed.
                      I've gone my entire life not
                      knowing how or why I was left on
                      your doorstep.  So many unanswered
                      questions... What was Krypton
                      file?  Who were my parents?  Did
                      everyone there have powers like me?
                      Will continue to age normally?
                      Can I die?
                      Now I'm about to find out.

   7                                                                            7
THRU   OMITTED                                                               THRU
   8                                                                            8

   9   INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY                                                  9

       A normal, busy day in the newsroom.  LOIS, CAT and JIMMY
       are the exceptions: Lois stares at her computer as if
       hoping it will go to work on its own, Jimmy reads a
       magazine, Cat files her nails with geometric precision.
       Then, Jimmy sets down the magazine.



                      According to Metropolis Science
                      Magazine, the statistical
                      probability that any two people
                      living in Metropolis are blood
                      relations, is over ninety percent.

                              (stops filing)
                      You and I are related?

                      As long as our families have lived
                      in the area at least three generations.

                      I don't think SO.

       Lois gets up, cups Jimmy's chin, looks over at Cat.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Pink Rev.           1/6/94                         6. 

  9    CONTINUED:                                                               9

                      I don't know... There _is_ a
                      definite family resemblance.

                              (returns to filing)
                      I don't think so.

                      Wanna bet?  That you and I are
                      related by blood?

                              (puts file down)
                      What are the stakes?

       Clark enters, a bit subdued, sets his briefcase down on
       his desk.


       The trio is too focused on the impending bet to respond
       with more than vague nods.

                      If I win... a night of passion.

                      Yours or mine?

                      Optimistically, ours.
                      Realistically, mine.

                              (into it)
                      And if you lose?

                      _When_ you lose.

                      Name it.

                      You repaint my apartment, every
                      room, top to bottom.  Pink fades.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                     7. 

   9   CONTINUED:  2                                                            9

       Both hesitate, then shake on the bet.

                              (taking charge)
                      I expect detailed family histories
                      including charts from both of you
                      no later than tomorrow.  Also,
                      blood tests.

       PERRY approaches.

                      Everyone, listen up.  Your
                      editor-in-chief has an

       None of them react.

                      Why blood tests?

                      She's kidding.

                      No I'm not.

                      Your editor-in-chief has an
                      announcement to make to anyone
                      currently employed by the Daily
                      Planet and about to undergo their
                      quarterly salary and expense

       Lois, Cat and Jimmy freeze, turn to Perry, wait politely.

                      Much better. .
                              (raising his voice)

       The newsroom stills.

                                           PERRY (Cont'd)
                      It is my pleasure to announce that
                      this year's candidates for the
                      Meriwether Award for Journalistic
                      Excellence have just been released
                      and the Daily Planet's very own
                      writing team of Lois Lane and
                      Clark Kent are among the nominees.

       APPLAUSE and CONGRATULATIONS.  Both Lois and Clark are
       pleased, but try to appear humble.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Pink Rev.           1/6/94                         8. 

   9   CONTINUED:  3                                                            9

                              (high five)
                      C.K.!  You're the man!
                              (off Lois' glare)
                      And you're the woman.

                      More or less.

                      All right, all right, back to work.
                      It's an announcement, not a
                      national holiday.

       Everyone obeys.

                                           PERRY (Cont'd)
                              (to Lois and Clark)
                      Good job you two.  Just don't                              *
                      expect to rest on your laurels.
                              (to Lois)
                      How you coming on that piece on the
                      recent rise in crime in Metropolis?

                      You know, gathering information,
                      checking sources, compiling data.
                      That sort of thing.

       She looks over at her blank computer screen.

                      That bad, huh?

                      I'm still looking for an angle.

                      Angles just don't drop from the
                      sky, Lois.
                              (Perry points up, Lois
                               looks up)
                      We have to create them.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                     9. 

   9   CONTINUED:  4                                                            9

                                           PERRY (cont'd)
                              (beat, semi-teasing)
                      The Committee vote on the                                  *
                      Meriweather Award is only a couple                         *
                      of days away.  Be nice to show                             *
                      them a strong finishing kick.                              *

       Perry's leaves.  Lois sighs.  Clark's phone RINGS.  He                    *
       picks up.

                      Clark Kent.

       Clark listens... more and more carefully.

                                           CLARK (Cont'd)
                      I'll be right there.

       He hangs up, obviously upset.


                      My apartment's been robbed.
                              (beat, rising to leave)                            *
                      I've got to go.                                            *

                      Clark, how awful.  I am _so_                               *
                      sorry.  To be violated like that,                          *
                      to have absolute strangers pawing                          *
                      through you personal belongings,                           *
                      to endure...                                               *

       Lois has a thought.  Clark's halfway to the exit.                         *


                                           LOIS (Cont'd)
                              (grabbing her coat,
                               calling after him)
                      Wait!  I'm coming with you!                                *
                              (looking to heaven)                                *
                      Thank you.

  10   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - DAY                              10

       A mess: books tossed from shelves, clothing strewn,
       drawers emptied, pictures hanging crookedly, sofa cushions
       overturned.  Not vandalism per se, but a definite
       scouring Lois and Clark wander through the debris. 
       Clark's a bit dazed; Lois is furious.  Clark kneels to
       rescue a book that's flopped open on its spine.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   10.  

  10   CONTINUED:                                                              10

                      Clark, don't touch anything!  This
                      is a crime scene.

       Stubbornly, Clark retrieves the book anyway.

                      It's My crime scene.

                      How do you expect the police to
                      catch whoever did this...

                      I don't.

                      ... if you insist on tainting the

                                           HENDERSON (O.S.)
                      Someone call a cop?

       Both turn as INSPECTOR HENDERSON enters the room.

                      _Finally_.  Okay, Henderson,                               *
                      what's our first move?

                      You live here, Lois?


                      Then our first move is for you to
                      butt out.
                              (to Clark)
                      'Morning, Clark.  Anything

                      Yes, Inspector.  I mean, I haven't                         *
                      checked everything.

       Henderson produces a form from his pocket, hands it to

                      Fill this out.  Bring it down to
                      the station.

                      What is it?


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   11.  

  10   CONTINUED:  2                                                           10

                      Inventory of stolen items.  Don't
                      forget serial numbers.  Something
                      turns up, we'll call you.
                      Don't hold your breath.  We've had
                      a lot of these type break-ins in
                      this neighborhood lately.

       Henderson turns to leave.

                      That's it?  That's all?  Don't you
                      look for clues?  Dust for prints?

                      Waste of time.

                              (really ticked off)
                      Waste of... let me tell you a
                      little story, Henderson.


                      It's late at night.  A sweet,
                      innocent little old lady, probably
                      someone's grandmother, is preparing
                      for bed.  Suddenly, burglars burst
                      in, knock her down, and steal her
                      life savings from underneath her
                      Wanna know why?


                      Because some cop like you was too
                      lazy to dust for prints on a prior,
                      so the burglars were never caught.

                      Good story.

                      Thank you.

                      Now I got one.  Wanna hear it?


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   12.  

  10   CONTINUED:  3                                                           10


                      That same sweet, innocent, little
                      old grandmother is preparing for
                      bed when she hears burglars
                      breaking into her house.  She
                      rushes to the phone and dials 911,
                      but, by the time help comes, it's
                      too late.  Wanna know why?


                      Because all the good cops are out
                      somewhere else _dusting_ _for_

       Henderson leaves.  Lois is temporarily speechless with

                      Calm down, Lois.  This is _my_

       Clark walks into the bedroom.

                              (calling after)
                      Hey, I'm sympathetic!

       She follows.

  11   BEDROOM                                                                 11

       Equally trashed.  Clark surveys the wreckage.  Then... the
       bookcase!  He hurries to it: the box containing the globe
       is empty.  A quick scan of the room with _TELESCOPIC_
       _VISION_:  nothing.

                      It's gone.

                      Clark, what's gone?  What's


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Pink Rev.           1/6/94                       13.  

  11   CONTINUED:                                                              11

                      Just some... personal things.
                              (to answer her question
                               before it's asked)
                      Trophies, keepsakes...

                              (into her article)
                      Not bad.  Forget the monetary loss:
                      it's stealing parts of a person's
                      past.  The sense of vulnerability,
                      the sense of invasion.  Urban
                      angst.  You feel...

       Lois, observing the stricken Clark, changes direction.
       She goes to his side and takes his arm.

                                           LOIS (Cont'd)
                      Don't worry, partner.  We'll get
                      your stuff back.  Maybe the police
                      can't help, but I know who can.

                                                            CUT TO:

  12   EXT. ALLEY BY ABANDONED BUILDING - DAY                                  12

       JACK, 16, raggedly dressed, carrying a canvas sack, moves
       warily along the alley.  A POLICE SIREN wails nearby and
       he flattens himself against a wall until it passes.  He
       reaches an entrance to an abandoned building, bends back
       the wire-fence that guards it, slips inside.

  13   INT. ABANDONED BUILDING - DAY                                           13

       A mess, a shell.  Jack appears up a rickety staircase and
       moves through open beams to a corner of the room.  There,
       sleeping under blankets on a bare cot is DENNY, 14.

       Jack looks down at him a moment, then quietly moves to a
       second cot, turns up an oil lantern, and dumps the
       contents of his sack on the bed. Amidst the meager haul
       of clock radio, Polaroid-like camera, VCR, walkman, CD
       player and CD's, a watch, trophies and plaques, and a
       small TV rests the globe (Krypton-map face).  Jack picks
       it up, turns it in his hands.

                      What _are_ you?

       As if in answer, the globe starts to GLOW, then FLARES
       WITH LIGHT and the HOLOGRAM PROJECTION of Jor-El appears.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   14.  

  13   CONTINUED:                                                              13

                      This is the second of the five                             *
                      times I will appear.                                       *

       Jack, startled, drops the globe with a CRACK to the                       *
       floor.  The hologram disappears, but the globe is intact.                 *

       Denny jerks awake at the noise.

                      Jack?                                                      *

       Jack sets the globe carefully back on the bed, moves
       toward Denny.


       He sits on the edge of Denny's cot.  Denny sits up, rubs                  *
       sleep from his eyes.                                                      *

                                           JACK (Cont'd)

       Denny nods.  Jack unscrews and hands him a canteen.                       *

                              (after drinking deeply)                            *
                      How'd you do?                                              *

                      I did good.

                              (jumping up)                                       *
                      Lemme see.                                                 *

       He moves to Jack's bed, begins to paw through the stuff,                  *
       picks up the Polaroid-like camera, aims it at Jack.                       *

                                           DENNY (Cont'd)
                      Cheese.                                                    *

       He presses the button.  The camera FLASHES, takes a                       *
       picture.  Jack grabs the camera from him.                                 *

                      Cut it out.                                                *

       Denny sees the globe, points.                                             *

                      What's that thing?                                         *

                      Our ticket out of here.                                    *


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     15.  

  13   CONTINUED:  2                                                           13

       He waves at the grim surroundings.  Denny reaches for the

                                           JACK (Cont'd)
                      Careful!  Don't touch it.

       Denny jerks his hand back.

                      What'll happen?

                      Never mind.

                              (eying the globe
                      You think it's worth something?

                      Yeah.  A lot.  But we've got to
                      find the right buyer.

                      How do we do that?

       Jack looks at the camera in his hand, then back at the

                      We advertise.

       Jack readies the camera, then reaches to touch the globe                  *
       as we...                                                                  *

                                                            CUT TO:

  14   INT. POOL HALL                                                          14

       Smokey, dark, few players: a hangout.  Lois and Clark'
       enter.  Lois is completely at ease; Clark doesn't want to
       be there.  Lois approaches one of the players.

                      I'm looking for Louie.

       The player doesn't even acknowledge her.  Instead, he
       bends to take his next shot.

                      He's not here.  Let's go.

       Lois picks up the cue ball and tosses it to Clark.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                    15A.  

  14   CONTINUED                                                               14

                      Louie.  Tell him it's Lois Lane.

       The player puts down his cue, stares at Lois and Clark a
       moment, then exits through a door at the back of the room.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Pink Rev.           1/6/94                       16.  

  14   CONTINUED:                                                              14

                      This is a mistake.

       Absently Clark picks up the cue stick, puts the ball down.

                      What are you so nervous about?

                      Where do you know this guy from?

       Clark lines up a shot.

                      Around. I'm a reporter, Clark.
                      It's my business to know the people
                      who know what's going on in this

       Clark shoots, makes it.

                              (not buying it)

                      And, his daughter was my tennis
                      doubles partner in college.

                                           LOUIE (O.S.)
                      Hey, kid. Over here.

  15   LOUIE                                                                   15

       has entered by the door through which the pool player
       exited, seated himself at a table, and is waving at them.
       Louie is fat, sloppy, middle-aged, serene.

  16   LOIS AND CLARK                                                          16

       exchange a glance.  Lois moves to join Louie; Clark pauses
       to look over the pool table: a rack of-six balls left.                    *
       He strokes the cue ball to break the rack, then with                      *
       _SUPER-BREATH_ blows the balls, one at a time, into the                   *
       pockets.  The last ball teeters on the edge of the cup.                   *
       A short burst of _SUPER BREATH_ and the cue ball reverses                 *
       direction to sink it.  He puts the stick down, follows                    *
       after Lois.

  17   LOUIE'S TABLE - FIVE MINUTES LATER                                      17

       Louie, Lois, and Clark are seated. Louie eats a hero
       sandwich as he talks.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   17.  

  17   CONTINUED:                                                              17

                      Kicked in the door?

       Clark nods.

                                           LOUIE (Cont'd)

                      What do you think?

       Louie pauses with his mouth open, considering.  Then he

                      I can maybe find 'em.


                      They gotta try and sell the loot.
                      I know guys who know guys.
                      I'll need a list.  Anything special
                      I should watch for?

       Clark desperately wants to recover the globe, but he
       doesn't want Lois or Louie around when he does.

                      No. Look, the police have all the
                      information.  Maybe we should just
                      leave it to them.

       Louie shakes his head in disgust.  Lois, too, is
       embarrassed by Clark's apparent cold feet.

                      Clark, this is great stuff.  If
                      nothing else, for my article.

                      Uh, Lois, these guys I know don't
                      exactly like to read their name in
                      the papers.

                      Louie, this is Lois.

                              (feeling trapped)
                      So, if you do this, what are we
                      supposed to do for you?


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Pink Rev.           1/6/94                       18.  

  17   CONTINUED:  2                                                           17

                              (points to Lois with his
                      For the kid?  It's a freebie.  What
                      a backhand she had.

                      When do you think...

                      I'll call ya.
                              (to Clark)
                      You need help on the insurance
                      claim?  I know guys who know guys.

                      Uh, no thanks.

                              (to Lois, per Clark)
                      Straight arrow, huh?

                      Tell me about it.

  18   EXT. ALLEY BY ABANDONED BUILDING (NIGHT #2)                             18

       Jack paces.  At the sound of approaching FOOTSTEPS he
       looks up to see...

  19   LUTHOR AND NIGEL                                                        19

       approaching, dressed in long overcoats.  LUTHOR, wearing a
       hat pulled low over his eyes, hangs back in the shadows. 
       NIGEL steps forward into the dim light, removes a photo
       from his pocket and holds it up.

                      You have something for me?                                 *

       Jack takes a wary step closer.

                              (nodding to Luthor)
                      Who's he?

                              (ignoring the question)
                      Where is the item?

                      It's a thousand.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     19.  

  19   CONTINUED                                                               19

       Nigel removes an envelope from another pocket, fans out
       ten hundred dollar bills.

                      The item?

       Jack retrieves his canvas bag from behind a crate,
       hesitates, then unwraps the GLOWING globs, being careful
       not to touch it with his bare hands.

                              (voice hoarse with
                               controlled excitement)
                      We understand there's a display.

       Jack drops the bag, touches the globe with his hands.  The
       OF LIGHT, then the HOLOGRAM of Jor-El ensue.

                      This is the second of the five

       Jack returns the globe to the bag.  The HOLOGRAM dies.

                              (still hoarse)
                      Pay him

       Nigel holds out the money.  As the transfer of money and
       globe is made...

                                           LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                              (trying to sound casual)
                      You found this, you say?

                              (examining the money)
                      In a dumpster on Third.  People
                      throw away strange stuff sometimes.
                              (beat, fishing)
                      I guess it has something to do with

                              (doesn't take the bait).
                      If you find any more 'strange
                      stuff,' you'll let us know?

                      I'll do that.  How do I get in

                      Just leave word.  We'll find you.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   20.  

  19   CONTINUED:  2                                                           19

       Luthor holds out a gloved hand and Nigel passes him the
       bag.  Jack, sensing he's been dismissed, hurries away.                    *
       Luthor steps forward into the light.                                      *

                      Something to do with Superman.                             *

                                                            FADE OUT.

                           _END ACT ONE_

                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   21.  

                             _ACT TWO_

       FADE IN:

  20   INT. DAILY PLANET - (DAY #3)                                            20

       Another typical day.

  21   CAT AND JIMMY                                                           21

       huddle over as yet incomplete, but still detailed, family
       trees.  Cat points to one of Jimmy's charts.

                      Your Great-Uncle Howard married the
                      same woman twice?

                      Well, see, he didn't _realize_ it
                      was the same woman... until after.
                      Howard had poor eyesight, and Aunt
                      Millie suffered from a hormonal
                      imbalance.  She used to go through
                      these huge weight fluctuations.

       Cat stares at Jimmy in horror.

                      If it does turn out we have any of
                      the same genes, I'm having mine

  22   LOIS                                                                    22

       briskly types on her word processor, talking as she types.

                      'And so the cycle repeats itself.
                      Stolen goods traveling from owner,
                      to thief, to fence, to wholesaler,
                      to retailer, and finally to a new
                      and unsuspecting owner...'
                      You think it's too wordy?

       Clark has rolled his chair over by her to look over her
       shoulder.  He's less than his usual alert, bright-eyed
       self:  he yawns, shrugs, then tiredly rubs the back of his
       neck.  Lois notices, stops typing, rolls behind him,
       begins to massage his neck.

                                           LOIS (Cont'd)
                      You're so tight. You're like


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   22.  

  22   CONTINUED:                                                              22


                      Still... trying to recover.  You
                      know, from my loss.

                              (exaggerated concern)
                      You poor sensitive baby.  I bet you
                      hardly slept.

                      Not a wink.                                                *

       Lois stops massaging, returns to work.                                    *

                      Clark, it happened, but it's over.                         *
                      Snap out of it.  Put it behind                             *
                      you.                                                       *

                      Thanks for the concern.                                    *

                      You're welcome.                                            *
                              (beat)                                             *
                      Did you finish that inventory list?

                      Uh, no.

                      Clark, why are you stalling on

                      Why are you so curious?

                      I'm not curious.  Believe me, I
                      have no interest in your collection
                      of bottle caps, love letters from
                      Lula-Mae, or the blue ribbon from
                      the Smallville soapbox derby.  I'm
                      just trying to help out a friend.

                      You're trying to write an article.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   23.  

  22   CONTINUED:  2                                                           22

                      That, too... See, I put the list
                      in the article as an example of how
                      some people get unreasonably,
                      sentimentally attached to their old

                      Lois, I'm taking your advice and
                      putting this behind me.  I want you
                      off the case.  I appreciate you
                      wanting to help but, as I said
                      before, it's my problem.

                      You can't do that.
                              (grasping at straws)
                      What about Louie?

                      There's no way that guy will come                          *
                      up with anything.

       The PHONE RINGS. They exchange a glance.

  23   OMITTED                                                                 23

  24   INT. POOL HALL - DAY                                                    24

       Lois and Clark enter and cross to join Louie and his
       pool-playing henchman.

                      Where is he?

       Louie jerks his thumb toward a bench against the wall
       where Jack, arms behind his back, sits sullenly.  On one
       of the pool tables is a pile of Clark's belongings.                       *

                      Are you sure he's the one?

                              (points to the pool                                *
                               table)                                            *
                      That your stuff?

       Clark eagerly paws through the contents of the bag.  No
       globe, but everything else is there.  Clark, hiding his
       disappointment, nods to Lois.

                      Most of it.                                                *


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     24.  

  24   CONTINUED:                                                              24

                                           LOUIE (Cont'd)
                      Kid tried to move it through a guy
                      who knows a guy I know.
                              (holding up the ten
                               hundred dollar bills)
                      Had this on him, too.  Yours?


       Louie offers it to Lois.  After a moment of thought she
       takes it and she and Clark approach Jack.  Rolls scared,
       but putting on a tough act.

                      That's my money, Lady.                                     *


                              (re Clark)
                      You robbed this man's apartment?

                      I found that junk in a dumpster.  I
                      should of left it there.

       Despite the attitude, Clark can't bring himself to be

                              (to Jack)
                      How old are you?

                      How old are _you_?  Look, I don't
                      know anything.  Just let me go.

       Now we see he is handcuffed


       Louie nods to the pool player, who tosses Lois the keys.

                      Careful.  You got yourself a real
                      rabbit there.

       Lois hesitates.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   25.  

  24   CONTINUED:  2                                                           24

                      We're not the law, Lois.  He's just
                      a kid.

       She uncuffs him.  Jack rubs his wrist.

                      Yeah, I could sue you for

       Louie mocks a shiver of fear.

                      I'm waiting for an answer.  Did you
                      rob this man's apartment?

       No answer.  Jack shiftily eyes an escape route.

                                           LOIS (Cont'd)
                      Where'd you get the money?                                 *

       Still no answer.                                                          *

                              (breaking in)                                      *
                      Look, this doesn't have to go to
                      the police.  I just want to ask you
                      some questions about... some                               *
                      personal items that are still                              *
                      missing.  One in particular.                               *

       At this, Jack looks up quickly, then, just as quickly,
       drops his eyes again.  This is exactly the reaction Clark
       is hoping for.

                      You could save yourself a lot of
                      trouble... hey!

       Jack grabs the money out of her hand and bolts.  Louie's
       friend makes a stab for him, misses, and he's out the
       door.  Oddly enough, though he passes right by Clark,
       Clark doesn't try to stop him.

                                           LOIS (Cont'd)
                      Clark, grab him.  Clark!

                      I'll go after him.

       Clark rushes out.  Lois is left with Louie and his pal.
       She throws up her hands in frustration.

                      A real rabbit.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   26.  

  24   CONTINUED:  3                                                           24

       Lois moves over to the pile of Clark's stuff, absently
       picks up some photos.  She looks at them, then looks more
       closely, then off in the direction in which Clark and Jack

                      Problem, sweetheart?

                      Clark's been holding out on me.

                      You want him tossed around a
                      little?  I know guys who know guys.

       On Lois, expression we...

                                                            CUT TO:

  25   EXT. ALLEY - MOMENTS LATER                                              25

       Jack runs for all he's worth stops, flattens himself
       against the alley wall, breathing hard.  He listens for
       sounds of pursuit.  Hearing none, he steps away from the
       wall, takes a deep breath, starts to jog away, turns a
       corner into... Clark.  He tries to struggle free, can't.

                      I'm not going to hurt you. I'm
                      not going to hurt you.

       Abruptly Jack stops struggling, looks into Clark's eyes.
       Whatever he sees there settles him down.

                                           CLARK (Cont'd)
                      Be straight with me and I'll let
                      you go. I promise.                                         *
                              (deep breath)                                      *
                      Do you have the globe?                                     *

       Jack shakes his head.

                      I sold it.
                              (beat, defiantly)                                  *
                      I had to.                                                  *


                              (crestfallen)                                      *
                      Sold it to who?                                            *


                            --page break--
-      FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     27.  

  25   CONTINUED                                                                25

                      I don't know.  Some guys.  I took                          *
                      pictures of it, passed 'em around,                         *
                      you know.  Older guys.  Kinda
                      strange.                                                   *

                      What did they look like?                                   *

                              (obviously lying)                                  *
                      I don't remember.                                          *


                              (after a pause)
                      Do you have any idea where the
                      globe is now?

                      No.  That's the truth, man.

       Clark thinks for a moment, then releases his grip an Jack.

                      What's your name?


                      Just Jack?

                      Yeah, just Jack.
                              (beat, significantly)
                      Is the globe yours?                                        *

                      I've been... keeping it.

                      How does it work?  Who's the guy
                      with Superman's 'S' on his shirt?

       Inadvertently, Clark grips Jack's arms again, too tight.
       Jack gasps in pain.  Clark immediately releases him.

                      I'm sorry.  I... How do you know
                      about him?!


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     28.  

  25   CONTINUED:  2                                                           25

                              (confused, a little
                      When I touched it.  A man                                  *
                      appeared.  He talked to me.                                *

                      What did he say?

                      Something like... 'This is the
                      second time I'll appear.'
                      Something like that.

                      Was that all?

                      Yeah.  It stopped when I dropped
                      it, stopped touching it.                                   *
                      You gonna cut me loose?

       Clark, though shaken to his core, looks at Jack: scared,
       confused, exhausted, and so very young.

                      Where will you go?

                      No way I tell you.  And don't try
                      to follow me.

       Jack begins to shiver from the cold.

                      I won't follow you.                                        *
                              (hands him a card)                                 *
                      Call me if you want to talk.                               *

       Jack stares at the card.  A final gesture, Clark removes
       his overcoat and hands it to Jack.  Jack hesitates to take

                                           CLARK (Cont'd)
                      Take it.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     29.  

  25   CONTINUED:  3                                                           25

       Jack looks at him, then puts on the coat.  It's
       ridiculously long, but it's warm.  Jack starts to back
       away.  When he sees Clark isn't following, he turns and                   *
       hurries off.

                                           CLARK (PRE-LAP)
                      I didn't know what else to do.

                                                            CUT TO:

  26   INT. CLARK,'S APARTMENT (NIGHT #3)                                      26

       Clark talks long distance.

                      I couldn't hold his.                                       *

  27   INT. KENT FARMHOUSE - KITCHEN - SAME TIME                               27

                      You believed him, then.  That he
                      didn't have it or know who did?

  28   INTERCUT                                                                28

       Everyone's tense, frustrated, very sober.

                      Yes, I believed him.

                      Which doesn't change anything.
                      You've got to get the globe back
                      before it gives up any more
                      information about your past.

                      I know.  I've never felt so
                      _exposed_, Mom.  And if I'm
                      exposed, you and Dad and everyone
                      else close to me are, too.  Even
                      Lois is a problem.  If she puts
                      me and the globe together... What if
                      she discovers I'm Superman?

                      We'll jump that fence when we get
                      to it.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     30.  

  28   CONTINUED:                                                              28

                      You just concentrate on finding
                      that globe.

                              (feeling helpless)
                      No luck so far.  I'm spending every
                      moment I have looking, but it's a
                      big city.  Assuming it's still _in_
                      the city.
                      I'll keep you posted.

                      Good luck, son.


       Clark hangs up.

  29   KENT KITCHEN                                                            29

       They hang up.

 29A   INT. LUTHOR'S MUSEUM - NIGHT                                           29A

       Nigel unlocks a heavy metal door, leads Luthor into a dark
       room, and hits a switch that illuminates alcoves spaced
       around the room.  Luthor, again wearing gloves, carries an
       ornate black lacquered box.

       In the alcoves are the "exhibits":  priceless paintings
       and objects d'art.  The collection includes a full-figure
       painting of the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo's arms,
       Gainsborough's lost masterpiece "Yellow Boy," the original
       score to Beethoven's "Tenth Symphony," Van Gogh's portrait
       of his own severed ear.  Luthor moves to a flawless
       crystal pedestal in the center of the room.  The pedestal
       is empty.  Luthor removes the GLOWING globe from the box
       and places it on the pedestal.  Nigel joins him in staring
       at the artifact.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Pink Rev.           1/6/94                       31.  

29A CONTINUED:                                                                29A

                      Magnificent.  See how the light
                      catches its depth, Nigel.  Like a
                      perfect jewel.  I want it analyzed
                      atom by atom.

                      As you wish.

                      We stand on the verge of an
                      historic moment.

                      I can feel the vibrations.

                      Can you?
                              (waving around the room)
                      The accumulated plunderings of a
                      lifetime: the Venus de Milo's                              *
                      missing arms, Gainsborough's                               *
                      'Yellow Boy', Beethoven's 'Tenth
                      Symphony', Van Gogh's _better_                             *
                      self-portrait, the full figure                             *
                      'Mona Lisa'.  Unknown and unseen by
                      the world at large, they exist
                      solely for my pleasure.  But, my
                      private collection is
                      incomplete.  _I_ am incomplete.
                              (he removes his gloves)
                      No more.  In many ways Superman
                      remains a mystery.  Despite all our
                      conflicts, I still lack the
                      knowledge, the wedge that will bend
                      him to my will, or break him. 
                      Perhaps, finally, this globe will
                      shed some light.

       Luthor closes his eyes, savoring the moment, then opens
       them, grasps the globe with both hands.  The HOLOGRAM

                      This is the second of the five
                      times I will appear.  You may
                      wonder that I speak your language,
                      and not my native Kryptonian: I
                      don't.  That is another property of
                      the object.

       As we MOVE into the globe we...

                                                            CUT TO:

                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     32.   

 30    INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - BEDROOM - SAME TIME                            30

       Clark sits at his desk studying by lamplight a map of
       Metropolis that has been sectional off into squares with
       some of the squares shaded in.  Suddenly he drops his pen,
       stares at the light.

                      No!  Not the globe.

31     INT. JOR-EL'S LAB                                                       31

       On a gleaming white work table, Jar-El and Lara perform
       delicate "surgery" on a helix-shaped object of
       thinly-twisted metal (or what appears to be metal) using
       instruments whose purpose and application we can't even
       guess at.  With a sensor/probe, Jor-El touches various
       points on the object's surface and is rewarded with
       corresponding musical TONES.  Above the object itself
       floats a HOLOGRAPHIC DEPICTION of the helix.  As TONES
       sound, corresponding POINTS OF LIGHT BLINK on the HOLO.

                                           JOR-EL (V.O.)
                      Unmanned Kryptonian probes have,                           *
                      explored every corner of the known
                      galaxy and beyond.  For thousands
                      of centuries we have received data
                      back from those probes.  I have
                      every confidence that, given enough
                      time, we _can_ achieve the                                 *
                      conversion to a manned vessel.                             *
                      But, will we have the time?

       Then, another tremor, longer in duration and far more
       violent than the first.  Jor-El and Lara grab the table
       for support until the shaking ends.  When-it finally
       subsides, both immediately turn to the capsule on the
       pedestal.  It's intact, and they breathe a sigh of relief,
       but the view screen above the nearby console blazes and
       flickers with light.  Jor-El helps Lara up; both approach
       the console.  As before, Jor-El weaves his hands above it.
       It responds with new patterns of light.  Whatever Jor-El
       reads in the display clearly worries him.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Pink Rev.           1/6/94                       33.  

  31   CONTINUED:                                                              31

                                           JOR-EL (V.O.) (Cont'd)
                      The pattern of core disintegration                         *
                      continues to accelerate.  Even I
                      cannot predict where it will end.

       Both look again to the capsule.

                                           JOR-EL (V.O.) (Cont'd)
                      There is an ancient Kryptonian
                      saying:  'On a long road, take
                      small steps.'  Precision and care
                      are our watchwords.  Yet, we still
                      have far to go.

       As they return to the work table, we MOVE CLOSE IN on the
       bright-lit view screen and inside to

  32                                                                           32
THRU   OMITTED                                                               THRU
  36                                                                           36

 36A   INT. LUTHOR'S MUSEUM - NIGHT                                           36A

       Luthor releases the globe. It has ceased to glow.  Nigel                  *
       looks at him.


                      To say the least..

       Luthor grasps the globe again: nothing. After a moment,
       he releases.

                                           NIGEL (Cont'd)
                      Resting?  Re-charging?

                      Too bad.  I can hardly wait for
                      Chapter Three.

 36B   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - SAME TIME                                     36B

       Clark still stares fixedly at the desk light, then shakes
       his head to clear it.  He hurriedly picks up the phone,
       hesitates, dials.

                                           JONATHAN (O.S.)
                              (from phone)


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   34.  


                      Someone else is using the globe.                           *
                      I saw the message, but so did                              *
                      they.                                                      *
                              (beat)                                             *
                      They're closing in on me, Dad.

                                                            FADE OUT.

                             _END ACT TWO_

                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   35.  

                              _ACT THREE_

       FADE IN:

  37   INT.  DAILY PLANET - LUNCH AREA - (DAY #4)                              37

       Clark, tired and distracted, makes notes on a pad and eats
       a donut.  Lois picks at a croissant, casting occasional
       sidelong glances in Clark's direction.  She seems
       unusually edgy.  Jimmy and Cat are again bent over their
       charts.  Now, almost all of the blanks are filled in.

                      Wait a minute!  Wait a minute!  See
                      here, your mother's half-sister,
                      Elena by your grandfather's
                      second marriage -- married, for her
                      _third_ marriage, a man named
                      Stanley Nugent.

                      I never liked that man.

                      And Stanley was, in fact, my
                      Great-Aunt Edna's son out of
                      wedlock, by a man named David
                      Wilson, Uncle Dave, who she later                         *
                      married, but not until after her
                      marriage to Uncle Harvey.

                      This is a nightmare.

                              (opening his arms wide)
                      Your place or mine?

       Perry approaches.

                              (to Lois)
                      Good piece.  I loved the personal

                              (bitterly)                                         *
                      Yeah, my robbery really came in

                      I thought you got all your things
                      back.  No harm, no foul.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   36.  

  37   CONTINUED:                                                              37

                      I guess so.

                      Everything?  You're sure?

                              (looking away)
                      Most everything.                                           *

                      I mean, there wouldn't be some                             *
                      totally unimportant item, some                             *
                      nicknack, some momento still                               *
                      missing, would there?  Because, if                         *
                      there is, we should keep looking.                          *
                      Leave no stone unturned.  No
                      matter how long it takes.                                  *
                              (voice rising)                                     *
                      Just so you get your useless,                              *
                      valueless keepsakes back!                                  *

       All stare at her in the aftermath of her outburst.                        *

                      Lois, what are you talking about?                          *

       Lois stares at him, then returns to ripping apart her                     *
       croissant.                                                                *

                      Obviously nothing.                                         *

       Clark shrugs, rises to leave, gathers his things.                         *

                      I've got to go.                                            *

                      Then go.                                                   *

       Clark's gone.  Lois throws down her croissant.

                              (gently)                                           *
                      You okay, Lois?                                            *


       Cat and Jimmy exchange a glance, then both get up to leave
       Lois and Perry in private.

                                           LOIS (Cont'd)
                      Okay, lay it on me.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   37.  

  37   CONTINUED:  2                                                           37

                      What?  Oh, I suppose you expect me
                      to pry into what's bothering you,                          *
                      then tell you a story relating
                      what's going on in your life to
                      some obscure event in the life of
                      Elvis Presley.  Well, I'm not going
                      to do that.

                      You're not?

                      No.  For one thing, any connection
                      I made would probably be vague and
                      not particularly useful.  For
                      another, if I did that it would
                      seem like I cared more about
                      telling _my_ story than helping
                      _you_ with your problem.

       Lois stares at Perry for a moment.

                      I'm not sure I can trust Clark                             *

                      You want to tell me why?

                      He lied to me.                                             *

                      You never lie to him?                                      *

                      Of course I lie to him.  All the                           *
                      time.                                                      *

                      I... think I'll leave that one                             *
                      alone.                                                     *
                              (beat)                                             *
                      So what do you want to do about                            *
                      this?  Have you faced him?                                 *

                      You saw!  I gave him every                                 *
                      opportunity.                                               *

                              (patiently)                                        *
                      Have you told him you know he lied                         *
                      to you?                                                    *


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     38.  

  37   CONTINUED:  3                                                           37


                      Then maybe there's a good reason.

                      How could there be?

                      Ask and find out.  Trust shouldn't
                      be abandoned without a fight. 
                      Especially between you two.

       Lois lets this sink in, then gives Perry a wan smile.

                      I think I like Elvis stories                               *

                      Next time. I got a million of                              *

       Perry leaves.

  38   EXT. ALLEY ENTRANCE TO ABANDONED BUILDING - DAY                         38

       Clark approaches the chain fence barrier, bends it back,
       slips inside.

  39   INT. ABANDONED BUILDING - DAY                                           39

       Clark comes up the stairs. On first glance, the room is

                              (calling out)

       Jack steps from the gloom brandishing a two-foot section
       of pipe.  Clark puts up his hands until Jack lowers the

                      What are you doing here? How'd you
                      find me?

                      Louie.  He knows guys who know                             *
                      guys.                                                      *
                              (beat)                                             *
                      I need an answer to a question.                            *


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                    38A.  

  39   CONTINUED:                                                              39

       Clark pauses, peering into the shadows behind Jack.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   39.  

  39   CONTINUED:                                                              39*

                                           CLARK (Cont'd)
                      Who's there?                                               *

       Denny moves nervously to Jack's side, armed with a length                 *
       of two-by-four, and wearing Clark's coat trailing on the                  *
       ground.                                                                   *

                              (to Denny)                                         *
                      It's all right.                                            *
                              (beat)                                             *
                      I want you to take a walk.                                 *

                      Aw, Jack...                                                *

                      Do it.  Not too far.                                       *

       Reluctanly, Denny leaves.  Clark watches him go, then                     *
       takes in his surroundings.                                                *

                      You can't expect to live here like                         *
                      this.                                                      *

                      We've got a plan.  Soon as I get                           *
                      enough money together.                                     *

                      By stealing?                                               *

                      Ask your question and get out.                             *

                              (ignoring him)                                     *
                      Who's the other boy?                                       *

                      What's it to you?                                          *
                              (beat)                                             *
                      He's my brother.                                           *

                      What about your parents, your                              *
                      home?                                                      *

       Jack's shaking his head.                                                  *

                                           CLARK (Cont'd)
                      Isn't there someplace you can go?                          *
                      Someone...?                                                *


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     40.  

  39   CONTINUED  3                                                            39

                      We tried that.  Lots of times.
                      We're better off this Way.  What's
                      your question?

                      The men who bought the globe:  What
                      did they look like?  Please.  The                          *
                      truth.                                                     *

                      I only saw one.  A tall, skinny
                      English dude.  Never saw him
                      before, or since.

       Denny's coming back up the stairs, pauses.  Clark looks at
       Denny, then Jack.

                      I can help you, both of you, if
                      you'll let me.

                      You want to help?  Leave us alone.

       It's in the boys' faces: Clark has no choice but to do as
       they ask.  For now.

  40   INT. LUTHOR'S MUSEUM - (NIGHT #4)                                       40

       Nigel has just handed Luthor some papers.  Luthor  refers
       to then as he speaks.

                      Let's see... Impervious to harm by
                      any force known to man:  heat, cold,
                      radiation, pressure, puncture,
                      nothing.  So dense it can't be
                      scanned for content or composition.
                      Warm to the touch, but with no
                      obvious moving parts or power
                      source.  Definitely of...
                              (looking up)
                      ...alien origin.


       Luthor gestures toward the globe.  It has begun to GLOW

                      Shall we?


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Pink Rev.           1/6/94                      40A.  

  40   CONTINUED:                                                              40

                      After you, sir.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     41.  

  40   CONTINUED  2                                                            40

       Luthor grasps the globe.  It FLARES.                                      *


  41                                                                           41
THRU   OMITTED                                                               THRU
  47                                                                           47

  48   INT. DAILY PLANET - NIGHT                                               48

       Clark in entering the newsroom# almost to his desk, when
       he staggers, clutches his forehead.

  49   INT. JOR-EL'S LAB                                                       49

                                           JOR-EL (V.O.)
                      There is no longer any doubt.  The                         *
                      chain reaction has begun. As                               *
                      panic spreads, the population                              *
                      awakens, too late, to its fate.                            *
                      Our future is inevitable.                                  *

       Jor-El and Lara endure another tremor.  When the shaking                  *
       subsides, an urgent TONE (an alarm) begins to sound. 
       Jor-El struggles to his feet and does something at the
       console that turns the alarm off.  Lara joins him. 
       Another, different TONE from the console.  The console
       screen blinks in sequence with the tone, then scrolls


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     42.  

  49   CONTINUED: 49

                                           JOR-EL (V.O.)
                      At last the computers have located
                      a suitable destination:  a planet                          *
                      physically and biologically
                      compatible with Krypton whose
                      inhabitants resemble ours, and                             *
                      whose society in based on ethical                          *
                      standards which we, too, embrace in
                      concept, if not always in deed.

  50   ON SCREEN                                                               50

       The pattern of light dissolves to be replaced by the image
       of Earth floating in space.

                                           JOR-EL (V.O.)
                      The inhabitants call it, simply,

  51   CLARK                                                                   51

       Tears his hands away from his face.

                                           LOIS (O.S.)
                      Clark Kent, you and I are going to

       Clark looks up.

  52   LOIS                                                                    52

       comes down the stairs and directly up to Clark's desk.

                                           LOIS (Cont'd)
                      I want the truth.

                      About what?

                      About why you had _in_ your
                      apartment some mysterious globe
                      that projects an image of a man
                      wearing Superman's 'S'.  Why you
                      never told me about it before.  And
                      why, after it was stolen, you lied
                      to me.


                            --page break--
       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     43.  

  52   CONT                                                                    52

                                           LOIS (cont'd)
                              (she slams two of the
                               Polaroid-type photos
                               down on his desk)
                      You're a weird guy, Clark.  That's                         *
                      a given.  You may be my partner                            *
                      and, I thought, my friend, but                             *
                      half the time I don't know where                           *
                      you are or where you're coming                             *
                      from. And that's usually okay.                             *
                      But, this is different. I want an                          *
                      explanation, and I want it now.                            *
                      _What's_ _going_ _on_?                                     *

       Clark looks down at the photos.

 52A   THE PHOTOS                                                             52A

       One of the globe, one of the hologram or Jor-El.

 52B   BACK TO SCENE                                                          52B

                      I thought it was for the best.  I
                      guess you deserve the truth after
                      You'd better sit down.

       Slowly, caught up in the gravity of Clark's mood, Lois
       sits... and waits.  Clark waits, too.  What can he tell

  53                                                                           53
THRU   OMITTED                                                               THRU
  54                                                                           54

  55   INT. LUTHOR'S MUSEUM - NIGHT                                            55

       The HOLO-LIGHT flows back into the globe, and the GLOW
       DIES.  Luthor releases it.  He's in the best of spirits.

                      '... simply, Earth.'

                      Better than cable.


       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                    43A.  

  55   CONTINUED:                                                              55

                      _Much_ better.  And the production
                      values:  Sound, visual clarity...
                      truly remarkable.


       FOUNDLING (#15)     Pink Rev.           1/6/94                       44.  

  55   CONTINUED:                                                              55

                      Every home in America should have
                      one.                                                       *


       Luthor touches the globe: nothing.                                        *

                                           LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                      There is _one_ thing you could do
                      for me in the interim.

                      Ask away.

                      I'm suddenly more than ever                                *
                      interested in where this thing                             *
                      came from.  Can we do something                            *
                      about that?                                                *

  56   INT. DAILY PLANET - NIGHT                                               56

       The newsroom is almost deserted.  Lois and Clark talk in
       relative privacy, though Lois is irate enough not to care.

                      Bureau 39?  My Bureau 39!  I was
                      right there, and you didn't tell
                      me?  You just picked it up, put it
                      in your pocket, took it home, and
                      kept it?


                      Knowing full well that it probably
                      had some connection to Superman,
                      and that _I_, your partner, would kill
                      to know about it.

                      We weren't partners then.

                      'Then,' Clark?  Try, 'never again.'
                              (ticking off on her
                      You lied.  You stole.  You...


       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   45.  

  56   CONTINUED:                                                              56


                      Don't edit my tantrums, Clark.  I
                      won't be responsible.

                      And you never lied to me?                                  *

                      _You_ grew up on a farm in Kansas.                         *
                      _I_ grew up in Metropolis.                                 *


                      So... there are different

                      That's ridiculous.

                              (changing direction)
                      What if it belongs to Superman?
                      What if it's something he needs?
                      How did _you_ feel when your things
                      were taken?  He has feelings, you

                      I know.
                      So this is about Superman?

                      No!  This is about us.
                      How am I supposed to ever trust you

       Clark's PHONE RINGS.                                                      *

                                           LOIS (Cont'd)
                      Don't pick that up!                                        *

       Clark picks it up.                                                        *

                      Clark Kent.                                                *

       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   46.  

 56A   EXT. METROPOLIS STREET - NIGHT                                         56A*

       Denny talks into a phone at a booth.  He holds Clark's                    *
       business card.  He's shaking with fear.                                   *

                      This is Denny, Jack's brother.                             *
                      Something's happened.  They took                           *
                      Jack.  I don't know who.  Men.                             *
                              (beat, voice breaking)                             *
                      They're gonna hurt him.                                    *

 56B   INT. DAILY PLANET PIT - NIGHT                                          56B*

                      Where are you?  Okay. I want you                           *
                      to go straight to the 12th                                 *
                      Precinct police station and ask                            *
                      for Inspector Henderson.  Got
                      that?  Inspector Henderson.  Tell                          *
                      him I sent you.  Don't worry about                         *
                      Jack.  I'll find him.                                      *

       Clark hangs up, starts to leave.                                          *

                      You can't leave.  I'm not finished                         *
                      with you yet.                                              *

       Clark pauses.

                      Could you go down to the 12th and                          *
                      stay with a kid named Denny.  He's                         *
                      13 or 14.  I'll check in with you                          *
                      there.                                                     *

                      I will not...                                              *

                      Lois, I admit I haven't been                               *
                      truthful, okay?  But I can't talk                          *
                      about that right now.  Please,                             *
                      as my partner and my friend,
                      leave it there.  Will you?  This                           *
                      one time?                                                  *

                              (after a beat)                                     *
                      Okay.  This one time.                                      *

       Clark exits.                                                              *


       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   47.  

 56B   CONTINUED:                                                             56B

                                           LOIS (Cont'd)
                              (calling after)                                    *
                      But I don't have to like it!                               *

                                                            FADE OUT.

                            _END ACT THREE_

       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                    48. 

                               _ACT FOUR_

       FADE IN:

  57   EXT. SKIES ABOVE METROPOLIS - NIGHT                                     57

       Superman _FLIES_, searching everywhere.

  58   INT. LUTHOR'S MUSEUM CLOSE ON GLOBE - NIGHT                             58

       Quiescent, waiting.                                                       *

  59   PULL BACK TO                                                            59

       Jack, unconscious, is blindfolded and tied to a chair.                    *
       Nigel has just finished taking his blood pressure.                        *
       Luthor joins them, toweling his freshly-washed hands                      *
       dry.                                                                      *

                      How is the patient?                                        *

                      He should come around soon.  Sorry                         *
                      for the delay, sir.  The lad put                           *
                      up quite a struggle.  The boys                             *
                      thought it best to zap him.                                *

                              (fondly chastising)                                *
                      Ah, the boys.                                              *
                              (beat)                                             *
                      What did we learn from the                                 *
                      fingerprint check?  Tell me about                          *
                      our Jack.                                                  *

                      Abandoned by his parents.  Raised                          *
                      in a succession of foster homes                            *
                      and state institutions.  Escaped                           *
                      from the last with his younger                             *
                      brother three months ago.  Living                          *
                      on the street, supporting himself                          *
                      by acts of petty crime.                                    *

                              (a sigh)                                           *
                      A young life failed by the system.                         *

                      I'm afraid so.                                             *


       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     49.  

  59   CONTINUED:                                                              59

                      No one will miss him.
                      If Jack can tell us where he got
                      this globe...

       The globe starts to GLOW.

                                           LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                      But that will have to wait.  It's

       Luthor touches his finger to the globe.  It FLARES.                       *


  60                                                                           60
THRU   OMITTED                                                               THRU
  61                                                                           61

  62   EXT. SKIES ABOVE METROPOLIS - NIGHT                                     62

       Superman _FLIES_, still searching.  Suddenly he grabs his
       head, almost tumbles out of control, catches his
       equilibrium, hangs in midair.

  63   INT. JOR-EL'S LAB                                                       63

       The helix, the core of the hyperspace drive, has been
       attached to the rear of the ship.

                                           JOR-EL (V.O.)
                      We have installed the hyperlight
                      drive and tested it an best we can.
                      So much is unknown.

       Now Jor-El and Lara unhook something attached to the
       console:  the globe, Krypton map face.


       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     50.  

  63   CONTINUED:                                                              63

                                           JOR-EL (V.O.)
                      Contained within the sphere is the
                      navigational computer that will
                      guide the ship through the maze of
                      hyperspace, as well as this account
                      of our final days.

       Jor-El carries the globe to the ship, fits it into the
       mounting designed for it.  Once in place, it CHANGES to
       display the Earth map face.

  64   SUPERMAN                                                                64

       snaps out of it, shakes his head to clear it, begins
       _FLYING_ again, faster, in one direction.  Now he knows                   *
       where he's going.                                                         *

  65   OMITTED                                                                 65

  66   INT. JOR-EL'S LAB                                                       66

       Jor-El moves to the capsule.  He touches its surface with
       thee probe and the mist disperses.

                                           JOR-EL (V.O..)
                      All is in readiness.  We have
                      selected the ship's exact,
                      destination on Earth and programmed
                      it into the computer.

       Jor-El lifts the capsule off the pedestal.  Lara opens the
       main compartment of the ship.  Jor-El fits the capsule

 66A   ON CAPSULE                                                             66A

       An infant boy swaddled in blankets.

                                           JOR-EL (V.O.)
                      Kal-El, our child.  Under Earth's
                      sun his Kryptonian calls will give
                      him powers and abilities no
                      Kryptonian has ever had.
                      He is the last son of Krypton.

       Another tremor begins.

  67   OMITTED                                                                 67

       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   51.  

  68   EXT. SKIES ABOVE METROPOLIS - NIGHT                                     68

       Superman stops his headlong FLIGHT in mid-air, looks                      *
       down, dives.                                                              *

  69                                                                          69 
THRU   OMITTED                                                              THRU 
  71                                                                          71 

  72   INT. LUTHOR'S MUSEUM - NIGHT                                           72 

       The HOLO ends.  Luthor removes his finger.  Jack stirs in                 *
       his chair. Suddenly an ALARM sounds. Luthor whirls to                     *
       look at Nigel.


                      Activate defenses.

       From outside the room, the sounds of a series of DOORS
       CLOSING, each heavier and more solid than the previous
       one.  Then, far away, a CRASH.

                              (studying wall panel)                              *
                      Level One breached.

                      It can't be!

       Another CRASH, louder, nearer.

                      Level Two.

                      It's him.

       Another louder, nearer CRASH.

                      Level Three.

                      Emergency evacuation, on my
                      count... now!

       Nigel throws a wall switch.  Red lights begin to blink on
       the panel and a timer begins to count down from 30.                       *
       Jets of steam are released into the room.  A small metal                  *
       door pops-open in the wall.  Nigel moves toward the Venus
       de Milo's arms; Luthor restrains him.


       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     52.  

  72   CONTINUED:                                                              72

                                           LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                      No, leave it, leave everything.

                      The boy?

                      Him, too.  There's only one thing I

       He steps toward the globs, but... it rises from its
       pedestal and floats in the air.  Luthor lunges and misses
       as the globe floats above his reach.

                                           LUTHOR (Cont'd)

       Another CRASH, very loud, very near.

                      Level Four, sir.

       Desperately, Luthor leaps, fails to grab the globe, then
       joins Nigel in rushing through the door.  It shuts behind
       them.  The timer is at 10.

  73   ANGLE ON MAIN ENTRY DOOR                                                73

       Superman kicks it down with a CLANG.  He quickly moves to
       Jack, sees he's all right.  He _SUPER-SPEEDS_ to the wall
       panel, reverses the switch:  nothing.  The timer it at
       three.  He aims a blast of _SUPER-COLD BREATH_ at the
       panel, freezing the circuitry.  The ALARM dies, the steam
       dissipates, the timer stops at 1.  He walks beneath the
       globe, lifts his arm to it:  it descends to land in his
       hand.  Now, he looks around in wonder at the art treasures
       that surround him.

  74   OMITTED                                                                 74

       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     53.  

  75   INT JOR-EL'S LAB                                                        75*

       Jor-El and Lara stand over the ship.                                      *

                      I try to picture where you are now                         *
                      an you hear this last chapter.                             *
                      What do you look like?  Are you                            *
                      alone?  What have you become?                              *
                      Lara and I will never know.  But                           *
                      that you should live to experience                         *
                      this... that is enough.  We are                            *
                      content.                                                   *

       Jor-El begins to seal the spaceship door.  Lara lightly
       touches the capsule's surface and the infant reaches for
       her.  The ship's door closes.  The tremor begins.                         *

                                           JOR-EL (V.O.)
                      We give you to Earth, to a realm
                      called America, and a place called                         *
                      Kansas.  Remember us, but do not                           *
                      regret our passing.  All is fate.                          *

  76                                                                           76
THRU   OMITTED                                                               THRU
 78A                                                                          78A

  79   EXT. KRYPTON (VIEW FROM SPACE)                                          79

       The pinpoint of brilliant light flares and arcs off the
       planet's surface.  As it goes extra-planetary and NEARS,
       we recognize it as the spaceship.  It passes from our
       view.  A moment... Krypton hangs in space, beautiful,
       alien, at peace.  Then, in a flash of GREENISH LIGHT, IT
       EXPLODES, reduced to dust and space debris.  Another
       moment... and it's as if it never was.

  80   INT. KENT KITCHEN - NIGHT                                               80

       Clark sits back from the globe, his face wet with tears.
       His parents are equally affected.


       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     54.  

  80   CONTINUED.                                                              80

       The globe -- Earth map face -- has ceased to glow:  mission
       accomplished.  Clark stands.

                      I wasn't abandoned by my parents.
                      I was saved.

                      Why couldn't they save themselves?

                              (shakes his head)
                      I don't know.
                               (re the globe)
                      Maybe it does.  Maybe it'll tell me

       Clark puts his arms around Jonathan and Martha.

                      Jack'll be all right?  And his

                      We got Denny into a good home, and
                      Jack into a decent halfway house...
                      and a job.  He's a good kid.  He
                      just didn't end up on the right
                      doorstop like I did.  Until now.

                      No idea who took him and the globe?

                      No.                                                        *

  81   EXT.  METROPOLIS STREET (DAY #5)                                        81

       Luthor buys the morning Daily Planet from a newsstand and
       joins Nigel nearby.

  82   CLOSE ON PAPER                                                          82

       Headline: "Superman Unearths Treasure Trove Beneath
       Metropolis Art Museum." Sub-Head #I: "Lost and Stolen
       Masterworks Donated to Metropolis Museum of Art."
       Picture: Superman holding up the Venus de Milo arms.

       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   55.  

  83   LUTHOR                                                                  83

                      You could visit them on exhibit.                           *

                      It won't be the same.                                      *

                      Quite right.                                               *
                              (beat)                                             *
                      If you don't mind my saying so sir,
                      you seem remarkably composed
                      considering your loss.

                      Give and take, Nigel, win some,
                      lose some.  One step backward, two
                      steps ahead.

                      In what direction?

                      Before we were so rudely
                      interrupted by Superman, I had just
                      learned that a Kryptonian infant,                          *
                      the _last_ Kryptonian infant, was                          *
                      about to be sent to Earth.                                 *
                      Superman _didn't_ arrive on Earth                          *
                      when we assume he did.  He                                 *
                      arrived as an infant, and was                              *
                      raised here as a common Earthling.                         *

                      If that's true...

                      He walks among us.  And, when I                            *
                      discover his earthly identity, he
                      and those who share his secret will
                      be at my mercy.

                      A pleasing thought.


  84   INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY                                                 84

       Perry, Jimmy and Cat cluster around Lois' desk.  Clark
       sits at his own desk, busily typing.


       FOUNDLING (#15)    Full Blue Rev.           1/5/94                   56.   

  84   CONTINUED:                                                              84

                      Incredible piece of journalism,
                      Lois.  Too bad about the                                   *
                      Meriwether Award, though.  Maybe                           *
                      next year.                                                 *

                      Thanks, Chief.

       She looks over toward Clark, who doesn't lift his head.
       Cat satirically mouths the words "Thanks, Chief."  Perry
       looks at her sidelong.

                      Well, _I_, for one, am not

                      Big surprise there.

                      We still have no idea where the art
                      works came from, or who was keeping
                      them in a secret vault underneath                          *
                      the Museum.                                                *

                      I hear questions, but I see                                *
                      follow-up stories.  Lots of them.
                              (to a passing copy boy)
                      Hey!  How 'bout some coffee here?

       The copy, boy stops, turns:  it's Jack.  He's cleaned up,
       looking healthy and full of energy.

                      I don't do coffee.  It's not in the
                      job description.  Read the manual,

       Jack continues on.

                      Who is that kid?  Hey, you!

       Perry goes after him.

                      I love it.  I no longer occupy the
                      bottom rung of the food chain.
                      But you better hide the silver.

       Cat starts to leave.  Jimmy stops her.


       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     57.  

  84   CONTINUED  2                                                            84

                                           JIMMY (Cont'd)
                      So...  When's the big night?                               *

       Cat sighs, faces Jimmy.

                      I've been meaning to talk to you
                      about that.
                      I think I'm going to have to
                      declare the bet null and void.                             *

                      Null and void?                                             *

                      Jimmy, I've always thought you were
                      kind of cute.  And, if before you'd
                      told as that you also found me
                      attractive, who knows what might
                      have happened?  But, now that I
                      know we're related by blood, I
                      can't go through with it.  After
                              (pats him on the cheek)
                      ... we're family.

       She leaves.  Jimmy, stunned, hesitates, then follows her.

                              (calling after)
                      It's not illegal!

  85   LOIS                                                                   85 

       Looks over to Clark again, gets up, approaches his desk.

                      You know, you didn't have to give
                      me the whole story.  I would have
                      been glad to share... some of the
                      credit with you.

                      No, I owed you one.  I just hope
                      this gets us even.



       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     58.  

  85   CONTINUED:                                                              85
                      Yes, partner.  I've decided to
                      forgive you.

                      Thank you, Lois.

                      Because I thought about what you                           *
                      did and I realized something.                              *


                      I realized if I'd seen the globe                           *
                      first I would have taken it,                               *
                      hidden it, and not told a soul...                          *
                      just like you.                                             *
                              (beat)                                             *
                      We're not that different after                             *
                      all.                                                       *

                      You think so?                                              *

                      Sure.  According to Jimmy, if you                          *
                      go back far enough we're probably

                      Somehow, I doubt that.
                              (off Lois' look)
                      I'm from Kansas, remember

                              (wryly)                                            *
                      How could I forget?                                        *
                      I only wish...


                      I wish I knew what the globe really
                      was.  Superman wouldn't say.  All
                      he said was that it was his and he
                      was glad to have it back.
                      I wonder where it is now.                                  *


       FOUNDLING (#15)     Yellow Rev.           1/6/94                     59.  

  85   CONTINUED:                                                              85


                      I'm sure Superman has it someplace

                      I guess.

       She departs for her desk. Clark smiles after her.

  86   EXT. KENT FARM - DAY                                                    86

       Jonathan descends a ladder propped against a large tree,
       joins Martha an the ground.  They the ladder away with
       them.  We travel IN and UP the branches to a tree
       house.  Burned crudely into the door, in a child's awkward
       "scrawl," is "Fortress of Solitude."  The door opens and
       we MOVE inside.  There, on a crude shelf, is the
       deactivated globe.  Then, suddenly, it begins to glow

                                                            FADE OUT.

                             _END ACT FOUR_

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