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#121 : La maison du bonheur

Titre en VO : The House of Luthor
Diffusion US : 08/05/94
Diffusion FR : 26/06/94

Lois prépare son mariage, Clark tente d’écrire un roman, Perry reste bien tranquille à la campagne, Jimmy n’a plus d’appartement et Lex est bien content d’avoir sa belle.

Clark, Perry, Jack et Jimmy s’unissent pour trouver la véritable raison de l’explosion. Ils découvrent que tout vient de Lex Luthor.

Lois tente d’inviter Clark à son mariage. Elle insiste pour qu’il vienne, mais il refuse carrément, ce qui la rend triste. Lex invite Superman et il l’enferme grâce à des barreaux en kryptonite. 

Au moment d’épouser Lex, Lois se rend compte de son amour pour Clark. Superman tente par tous les moyens de s’en sortir. Alors qu’elle doit dire oui, Lois refuse. Perry et les policiers entrent et arrêtent Lex.
Voilà une fin tragique pour Lex, mais son cadavre sera volé à la morgue !

A la fin de l'épisode, Lois tente d’avouer à Clark qu’elle l’aime, mais ce dernier nit son propre aveu, qui n’était qu’une machination pour l’empêcher d’épouser Lex !

Note de l'épisode : 10/10


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Titre VO
The House of Luthor

Titre VF
La maison du bonheur

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Première diffusion en France

Plus de détails

                        _LOIS AND CLARK_

                The New Adventures of Superman

                     "The House of Luthor"


Written by: Deborah Joy LeVine & Dan Levine

















_INTERIORS_:                                _EXTERIORS_:

Lois Lane's Apartment                       Daily Planet
    Living Room                             Lexcorp Building

Clark Kent's Apartment                      Metropolis Park Bench
    Living Room
    Kitchen                                 Metropolis Graveyard
    Entry/Hallway                           Perry's Florida Rome
Juvenile Detention Facility
    Jack's Cell                             Luthor's Balcony

Perry's Florida House                       Go-Go Club             *

Luthor's Penthouse                          Metropolis Sidewalk    *
    Wine Cellar
    Dressing Room                           Pawnshop
                                            Non-descript Phonestands
Restaurant Bar
                                            Clark's Apartment
Uni-World Insurance Company    *
                                            The Stern Building
Apartment House Foyer
                                            Skies above Metropolis
Luthor's Limousine

Bigelow & Fuller Office Hallway

Franklin Stern's office



     FADE IN:

 1   EXT. SKIES ABOVE METROPOLIS - (NIGHT #1)                                      1

     We are CLOSE ON Superman in flight, so close we see only
     the red and blue-clad body, not the face, as he weaves
     lazily between the skyscrapers, out for a pleasure cruise.

     We slowly PAN to the chest emblem... but something's
     wrong.  Instead of the famous "S," there's a "LEX" on the                      *
     yellow shield.  We MOVE to the face: it's LEX LUTHOR.
     He's smiling blissfully.  He looks down to see...

 2   LOIS LANE'S APARTMENT                                                         2

     LOIS is being fitted for her wadding dress, yards and
     yards of elaborate, frilly, formal white.  She seems happy
     and excited.

 3   LUTHOR                                                                        3

     nods his head in satisfaction, continues on, looks down

 4   INT. CLARK KENT'S APARTMENT                                                   4

     CLARK, unshaven, is trying to type, but a pile of
     crumpled-up papers testifies to his futility.

 5   LUTHOR                                                                        5

     laughs, looks down again.

 6   EXT. METROPOLIS PARK BENCE                                                    6

     JIMMY, wearing a thin jacket and shivering with the cold,
     studies the want ads, occasionally circling something.

6A   CLOSE ON WANT ADS                                                            6A

     Jimmy circles an ad saying "Dishwasher Wanted."

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                      2. 

 7   LUTHOR                                                                        7

     shakes his head in false sympathy, looks down again.

 8   EXT. METROPOLIS JUVENILE DETENTION FACILITY                                   8

     Through the barred window we see JACK pacing in his tiny                       *

 9   LUTHOR                                                                        9

     executes a playful roll in the air, looks off toward the
     far horizon to see...

10   INT. PERRY WHITE'S FLORIDA HOME                                              10

     PERRY, holding the remote on his belly, is asleep in front
     of the TV test pattern, SNORING.  He seems years older.

11   LUTHOR                                                                       11

     rights himself, looks down one last time.

12   EXT. METROPOLIS GRAVEYARD                                                    12

     The lonely, untended grave of Superman.  A flash of                            *
     LIGHTNING briefly illuminates the grave.                                       *

13   LUTHOR                                                                       13

     sighs with satisfaction, then _ROCKETS_ _OFF_ at top
     speed, master of all he surveys

14   INT. LUTHOR'S PENTHOUSE - NIGHT                                              14

     Luthor sits in front of his fireplace, arms extended
     wing-like, dipping or raising them to simulate flight.  A
     Virtual Reality helmet covers his head.  He removes it to                      *
     reveal an enormous smile... because soon he will need no                       *

                                                            FADE OUT.

                              _END OF TEASER_

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Pink Rev.    3/9/94                           3. 

                                _ACT ONE_

     FADE IN:

15   INT. CLARK KENT'S APARTMENT - (DAY #2)                                       15

     Clark "sits" crossed-legged in the air,, typing at
     _SUPERSPEED_ on a laptop computer, the attached printer
     cable dangling like a lifeline.  He pauses, reads the
     screen, presses "Print."  As the printer begins to work,
     Clark lowers himself down, stands, stretches, in the
     process _LEVITATING_ up several inches before coming back
     to earth.  Clark is unshaven, uncombed, wears rumpled
     baggy sweats.

     Clark walks into the kitchen, looks in the fridge.
     Nothing but a bag of onions and garlic. But, he's
     suddenly famished, starts scrounging.  He looks in the
     cabinets, then the freezer:  frozen steak.  He puts the                        *
     steak on the counter, uses his _HEAT VISION_ on low to                         *
     defrost, then throws the meat into a pan and cranks up the
     level to _COOK_.  When it's almost done he grabs the
     onions and garlic from the bag, dicing then faster than
     Benihana's ever could, and adds them to the pan.  By the
     time he grabs a soda, his meal is done.  He puts it on a
     plate, is about to turn back to his work when his eyes
     fall upon something else.  On his coffee table: a framed
     photograph of himself, Lois, Perry, Jimmy, and Cat
     standing in front of the Daily Planet.  He picks it up,
     stares at it, lifts the phone, dials long distance.

                   Mr. White?

16   EXT. PORCH - SOMEWHERE IN FLORIDA - INTERCUT                                 16

     Perry, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sun hat, sits
     on the porch sipping a fruit smoothie and reading a book.
     He speaks into his cellular phone.


                   Yes, sir.  How are you?  You
                   sound... tan.

                   See, son, you got to _layer_ in a
                   good brown.  Little bit at a time,
                   so you don't peel.  It's an art.

                   Uh... huh.  How's the good life?


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Pink Rev.    3/9/94                           4. 

16   CONTINUED:                                                                   16

                   You tell ms.  I get up around nine,
                   take a stroll on the beach.  By the
                   time I get back, Alice pulls a
                   fresh-baked bread out of the oven.
                   Then I sit and read my papers, have
                   my coffee.  Sometime around noon,
                   I'll walk over to the club house.
                   There's usually a card game going
                   on.  In the afternoon, there're
                   first run movies, arts and crafts,
                   lemonade and cookies.  I go to bad
                   around nine, sleep like a baby.
                   Weather's perfect, never changes,
                   and I haven't had a cab try to run
                   me down since I got here.

                   You're miserable.

                   Completely.  To tell you the                                     *
                   truth, I was even a little                                       *
                   disappointed in Graceland                                        *
                   How's the novel coming?

     Clark leans over, pulls the pages out of the printer,
     scans them:  a series of title pages with different titles
     on each.

                   Not so good.  I've been spending
                   most of my time trying to figure
                   out what really happened to the

                   You and me both.  Anything

                   Nothing I can prove... yet.
                   Actually, I'm calling about Jimmy.
                   Have you board from him?

                   Called about a week ago.  Said he
                   was fine.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Pink Rev.      3/9/94                        4A. 

16   CONTINUED:  2                                                                16

                   Well, his phone's been
                   disconnected.  And today I went to
                   his apartment and his landlord said
                   he'd been thrown out for not paying
                   the rent.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                      5. 

16   CONTINUED:  2                                                                16

                   Blast that kid - why didn't he
                   tell me?

                   I'm going to start an all-out
                   search for him tomorrow.

                   So... you need my help?

                   I think I can manage.

                   Dang it, Kent.  Tell me you need my

                   I need your help.

                   Thought so.  I'll be on a plane in
                   the morning.  Meet you at your

                   That's great, Chief.  See you then.

     Clark hangs up, looks back at one of the title pages.  It
     reads:  "Metropolis Blues."

17  INT. LUTHOR'S PENTHOUSE - DAY                                                 17

     Luthor and Lois are studying the blue prints for their new
     country estate.  Lois is dressed casually, jeans and a

                   This is wrong.  I wanted the doors
                   off the master side balcony to be
                   French doors make the room look

                   Lex, the master bedroom is three
                   thousand square feet.  That's more
                   than twice the size of my


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                      6. 

17   CONTINUED:                                                                   17

                   Well, what about the exercise area?
                   Should we put it back on the ground

                   No, I think this is right.  It'll
                   be great to get out of bed and have
                   that stair climber staring me right
                   in the face saying 'Now, Lois.

                   But, darling, that'll be My line.

     Luthor kisses her.  When they break...

                   Thank you, Lex, for understanding
                   about my wanting to wait... for our
                   wedding night.  I just want it to
                   be special.

                   It will be.

     A KNOCK on the door and MRS. COX enters.

                                    MRS. COX
                   Lex, could we run through your
                   schedule for tomorrow?

                   Of course.  Come in, Mrs. Cox.

     Lois eyes Mrs. Cox as she approaches Luthor, sits next to
     him, and shows him a calendar.  Even though the ladies
     acknowledge one another with smiles, we can tell there's
     no love lost between them.

                                    MRS. COX
                   You'll notice the Series K field
                   test is set for 3:45 p.m.


     The PHONE RINGS.  Mrs. Cox picks up, listens, puts the
     caller on hold.

                                    MRS. COX
                   Bagdonis in Chicago.

                          (getting up)
                   I'll take it in the library.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                      7. 

17   CONTINUED:  2                                                                17

     Luthor exits.  The women sit in silence a beat, then...

                   What's Series K?

                                    MRS. COX
                          (deliberately vague)
                   Oh. something we've been working
                   The details are confidential.

     Lois is being subtly baited and doesn't like it.

                   Lex has no secrets from me.

                                    MRS. COX

                   Tell me, Mrs. Cox, is there a _Mr_.

                                    MRS. COX
                   He died.

                          (suddenly chagrined)
                   Oh, I'm sorry.

                                    MRS. COX
                   Don't be.  I'm not.

     Lois' eyes widen as Luthor re-joins them.

                          (to Mrs. Cox)
                   Anything else?

                                    MRS. COX
                   Nothing I can't handle.

                   Thank you, Mrs. Cox.  That'll be
                   all for now.

     Mrs. Cox stands and exits.  When she's gone, Lois turns to

                   I don't like that woman.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                      8. 

17   CONTINUED:  3                                                                17

                   She's easily the best assistant
                   I've ever had, but, if you object
                   to her, I'll...

                   No, it's okay, really.

     She stands, walks out to the balcony.  Luthor follows.

18   ON LUTHOR'S BALCONY                                                          18

                   What is it?  You seen distracted
                   this morning.

                   Well, with my mon coming in, and                                 *
                   all the wedding preparations...                                  *

                          (knows her too well)                                      *
                   What else?                                                       *

                   Oh... I was just wondering how                                   *
                   everybody was.  I haven't spoken to
                   Perry, or Cat, or Jimmy...

                   ... or Clark?

                   Or Clark, in weeks.

                   Why don't you give then a call?

                   I think I will.
                   Any news about Jack?

                          (shaking his head)
                   I don't understand that boy.
                   Against my advice, he fires one of
                   the finest criminal lawyers in the
                   country and hires a woman right out
                   of law school.
                   I tried.

                   I'll talk to him.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                      9. 

18   CONTINUED:                                                                   18

                   I doubt he'll listen.

     He motions back toward the blueprints.                                         *

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   Now, did we decide on the twelve
                   car garage, or the fifteen?

                                                            CUT TO:

19   EXT. SUICIDE SLUM - THE GO-GO CLUB (NIGHT #2)                                19*

     The worst part of town:  bars, pawn shops, abandoned                           *
     buildings, etc.                                                                *

                                    JIMMY (O.S.)
                   No cover, no minimum.  Step right
                   up.  All girls, all the time.
                   Girls, girls, and more girls.
                   Seven, count 'em, seven revolving
                   stages for your viewing pleasure.

     Jimmy stands outside one of these establishments (The                          *
     Go-Go Club), his collar pulled high to brace himself                           *
     against the cold.  Two sailors pass.

                                    JIMMY (Cont'd)
                   Hey, the fleet's in!  Guys!  You
                   want girls?  We got 'em short, we
                   got 'en tall, skinny, meaty, blond,
                   brunette.  They dance, they prance,
                   they romance... Wait a minute.                                   *
                   You're leaving?  Anchors aweigh!                                 *

     But they walk on by.  Jimmy can't seem to find any
     customers.  Out from the club steps a burly GIANT with a
     face only a mother could love.

                   Hey, punk!


                   No, your kid sister.  Get over

     Jimmy moves toward the man, who helps by reaching his long
     arm out and grabbing Jimmy by the collar.

                                    GIANT (Cont'd)
                   I need fifty extra customers inside
                   by dawn or you're fired.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     10. 

19   CONTINUED:                                                                   19

                   I'm trying, really.

                   Try harder.

                   Do you think I could come inside
                   for a minute?  It's pretty cold and
                   my throat...

                   Whadda ya think this is?  A hotel?
                   You want this job or not?

                   Yeah.  Sure.  I need this job.
                   I'll get your customers, don't

     The Giant lets go, moves inside.  Jimmy sighs, starts
     his "barking" again, although his throat's getting a
     little hoarse.

                                    JIMMY (Cont'd)
                   Step right up, folks.  We got 'em
                   all.  Blondes, red-heads, brunettes
                   -- all natural, all the time.

                                    YOUNG MAN'S VOICE
                   How much?

     Jimmy whirls to see who his potential customer is.  When the man
     picks his head up we see it's none other than...


     They trade back-slaps, then Jimmy realizes, grabs him and
     drags him into a nearby alley.

                                    JIMMY (Cont'd)
                   You're out?

                   Uh, sort of.


                   No big deal.  It's not Alcatraz,
                   it's Juve.  They won't even miss me
                   until the trial.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     11. 

19   CONTINUED:  2                                                                19

                   You're in a lot of trouble.

                   You should talk.  Nice gig.

                   It's all I could get.

                   Where you staying?

                   I got a room at the 'Y.'  It's not
                   too bad.                                                         *

                   Wanna roommate?

                   Jack, why'd you break out?  I know
                   it must have been tough, but...

                   No. That wasn't it.  I overheard
                   some stuff.  They brought in a kid
                   last week -- he was bragging about
                   how he and his brother pulled this
                   frame-up.  You know, planted                                     *
                   incriminating evidence in some
                   guy's crib.


                   So _I_ was the framee.  He was
                   talking about me and the explosives
                   they found at my place after the
                   fire at the Planet.
                   I have to clear my name, Jimmy.
                   It's not gonna happen with me on
                   the inside.  And, I'm gonna need                                 *
                   help.  Lots of it.                                               *

                   I don't know...

                   Come on.  Didn't you see 'The

     Jimmy relents, throws an arm around Jack and they start
     walking off.  He dumps his stack of handbills in the first
     trash can they pass.

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     12. 

20   INT. CLARK KENT'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                          20

     Clark is sitting up in bed, reading, when the phone RINGS.
     He still hasn't shaved.


21   INT. LOIS LANE'S APARTMENT - BEDROOM - INTERCUT                              21

     Lois is also propped up, reading.

                   Hi. It's me.

     Clark is thrilled to hear her voice, but tries to mask it.

                          (after a beat)
                   Hi.  How are you?

                   Terrific.  You?


     They-re both padding the truth, and they both know it.

                   So, how's the rest of the gang?

                   Perry's coming out for a few days
                   to stay with me.  We're a little
                   worried about Jimmy.  He moved out
                   of his apartment.

                          (concerned)                                               *
                   Do you think he's okay?  I mean,                                 *
                   if he was in trouble he'd call me                                *
                   or you or... wouldn't he?                                        *

                          (easing her concern)                                      *
                   Of course he would.                                              *

     An awkward moment of silence, then...

                                    CLARK (Cont'd)
                   How's the new job?

                   Oh, you know.  Settling in.  You?


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     13. 

21   CONTINUED:                                                                   21

                   Busy.  Exploring my options.

                   I'm sure you'll find something.

                   Yeah.  Well, it's kind of late.  I
                   guess I'll go to bed.

                   Me, too.


                   I miss you.

                   I miss you, too,  Lois
                   Good night.

     They both hang up, lay their books aside, turn off the
     light, roll over as we...

                                                            CUT TO:

22   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT BATHROOM - (DAY #3)                                   22

     Clark, a towel around his waist, shaves Kryptonian style.
     Because his beard is too tough for razors, he holds a hand
     mirror in front of his face and bounces his _HEAT VISION_
     off of it to burn off the stubble.  Little by little, his
     beard comes off.  When he's finished, he feels his smooth
     face with his hands, then, satisfied, slaps some
     aftershave on, winces at the burn.  The doorbell RINGS.
     He moves from the bathroom and into...

23   INT. CLARK KENT'S LIVING ROOM/ENTRY - DAY                                    23

     Clark hops up the stairs to open the door.  Perry stands
     there, large as life and twice as welcome.  The men
     exchange a warm handshake.  Clark grabs Perry's suitcase
     as they head downstairs, momentarily leaving the front
     door open.

                   It's so good to see you.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     14. 

23   CONTINUED:                                                                   23

                   Nice to be back, if only for a few

                   What'd you tell Alice?

                   Son, I've been married twenty-five
                   years and if there's one thing I've
                   learned it's you don't lie to your

                   What'd you tell Alice?

                   Told her I went fishin'.
                   No word from Jimmy?

                   Not a thing.

                   Where could he be?

                                    JIMMY (O.S.)
                   Right behind you, Chief.

     Clark and Perry whirl to see Jimmy standing in the
     doorway.  He rushes down the stairs And they all hug like

                   Where've you been?

                   It's a long story, but first things
                   first.  Got anything to eat?

     Clark chuckles, walks to the phone, picks it up, dials.

                   Coming right up.  Canadian bacon,

                   You remembered.

                   Yeah.  I'd like to order two large
                   pizzas to be delivered...


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Pink Rev.     3/9/94                         15. 

23   CONTINUED:  2                                                                23

                   Uh... CK.  I think you'd better
                   make that three.

     Neither Clark nor Perry are following until Jimmy's eyes
     move to the door and theirs follow.  As Jack steps inside

                                                            CUT TO:

24   INT. CLARK's LIVING ROOM - LATER - DAY                                       24

     Four men and three empty pizza cartons.

                   The guys name was Pete.  Pete
                   Black, and his brother John.

                   Anything about who hired them?

                   Just that it was someone important,
                   and they got paid a ton of money.
                   He called him:  'The Boss.'

                   I can't believe this 'Boss' would
                   burn down the Daily Planet just to
                   frame you for the job.  There's got
                   to be another, bigger reason.  You
                   were just the fall guy.

                          (the general deploying
                           his troops)
                   Jimmy, Jack, find out where we can
                   contact this John Black character.
                   Clark, get me whatever you can on
                   anyone known as 'The Boss.'
                   I'll do some digging into Daily
                   Planet finances.

                   Just like old times.

     Jimmy swings his arms wide, in the process knocking a
     half-full open bottle of soda off the table.  As it falls
     we go to...

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     16. 

25   BOTTLE                                                                       25

     In _SLOW-MOTION_, Clark's hands move into frame as the
     bottle falls.  He catches it, screws the cap on, then lets
     it continue to fall.  It bounces on the expensive-looking
     area rug.

26   BACK TO SCENE                                                                26

     Back to _NORMAL SPEED_.  As Jimmy picks up the bottle, his
     expression changes from dismay to confusion.  He thought
     he left it uncapped.  Quickly, Clark jumps in, indicating
     Jimmy and Perry.

                   You two might as well bunk here for

                   What about me?

                   You're checking back into the
                   Metropolis Juvenile Detention
                   Center.  We'll think of some way...

                   I can't.
                   Pete Black didn't just happen to
                   get sent to Juve.  He was put there
                   to look for _me_.

     All of them pause as this sinks in.

                   This is getting serious.

                   Maybe we should call in the big

                   The police?

                   No, Lois.

                          (shaking his head)
                   She's too busy -- planning her

     Suddenly, Clark's _SUPER HEARING_ picks up the sound of an
     ALARM.  He heads for the door.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     17.  

26   CONTINUED:                                                                   26

                   I'll be back in a sec.  I... left
                   my clothes in the dryer.

     Clark races out as we...

                                                            CUT TO:

27   EXT. METROPOLIS BANK - DAY                                                   27

     The ALARM still sounds.  Superman lands, looks around:
     everything seems calm.  A GUARD spots Superman, approaches

                   Thanks for coming, Superman, but it
                   was a false alarm.  The security
                   system just went crazy all of a
                   sudden.  Sorry to take your time.

                   No problem at all.

28   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                                28

     Mrs. Cox, smartly dressed, walks by.  Suddenly, Superman
     feels faint, doubles over.

                   Superman?  Are you okay?

     Mrs. Cox continues walking, unseen by Superman, who starts
     to straighten up.

                   Yes.  I'm... fine, now. For a
                   minute there...

     Superman realizes something, looks around at all the
     people on the street, suddenly very afraid.

29   EXT. METROPOLIS SIDEWALK - DAY                                               29*

     Mrs. Cox, back to us, speaks into a cellular phone.                            *

                                    MRS. COX
                   We have the genuine article, Lex.
                   Works like a charm.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     18. 

29   CONTINUED:                                                                   29*

     When she turns around, we see she is wearing a necklace made
     of _KRYPTONITE_.  As she fondles it with her hand,

                                                            FADE OUT.

                                _END OF ACT ONE_

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     19. 

                                _ACT TWO_

     FADE IN:

30   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - (NIGHT #3)                                          30

     Clark, alone in his apartment, talks to his mother on the

                   Mom, it _had_ to be Kryptonite.
                   The feeling's unmistakable:  pain,
                   weakness, dizziness...  It took me
                   hours to return to full strength.
                   I thought it was destroyed, too.
                   But then I remembered the chunk
                   supposedly sent off for testing
                   at the University.  The one that

     With _SUPER HEARING_ Clark hears someone approaching his
     door.  He lowers his glasses, glances in that direction.                       *

                                    CLARK (Cont'd)
                          (calling out)
                   Key's under the mat, Chief!

31   HALLWAY OUTSIDE CLARK'S APARTMENT - SAME TIME                                31*

     Perry's toting a heavy briefcase, has his arm poised to
     knock.  Instead he bends and retrieves the key, but not
     without glancing at the door in bewilderment.


                   I'll be careful, Mom.  Promise.

     Perry unlocks the door and enters as Clark hangs up.

                          (still mystified)
                   How did you...?

                          (quickly changing the
                   Let me help you with that.

     Clark takes the case, sets it on the table.

                                    CLARK (Cont'd)
                   How'd it go?


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     20. 

32   CONTINUED:                                                                   32

                          (as he gratefully sits)
                   Every member of the Daily Planet's
                   old Board of Director's is ducking
                          (points toward the
                           bulging case)
                   I did get hold of the transcript of
                   the session where they decided to
                   sell to Luthor.
                          (taps his nose)
                   Instinct tells me they're hiding
                   What I need is leverage.

                   I just hope we're not too late.                                  *

     Perry easily reads between the lines.

                   Wedding's coming up pretty fast,
                   isn't it?

                   Two days.
                          (beat, helplessly)
                   Maybe it doesn't matter _what_ we
                   find.  Maybe Luthor's what she

                   And here I thought we were trying
                   to save the Daily Planet.

                   We are.  I only meant...

                   Whoa, I'm just funnin' with you.

     Clark tries to smile, can't.

                                    PERRY (Cont'd)
                   Women are like trout, son.  You tug
                   too hard on the line, you'll lose
                   'em. You just gotta hope fate and
                   the currents push 'en your way.
                   We still got a couple of days.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     21. 

32   CONTINUED:  2                                                                32

                   Right.  Let's get to work.

                                                            CUT TO:

33   VISUAL MONTAGE                                                               33

     (To the tune of, "I'm Getting Married in the Morning.")

34   INT. RESTAURANT/BAR - (DAY #4)                                               34

     A tall, curvaceous young woman kisses a bald older man
     goodbye, slips out of their booth, and leaves.  Before the
     man can leave, Jack appears from the booth behind, shows                       *
     him a palm-sized video recorder.  The man turns pale.                          *

35   INT. WAY OUTSIDE ACCOUNTANT'S OFFICE - DAY                                   35

     Perry is ushered out by a business-suited woman.  The sign
     on the door reads:  Bigelow and Fuller, Certified Public
     Accountants.  Perry and the woman exchange a few final
     words, then shake hands.

36   INT. APARTMENT HOUSE FOYER - DAY                                             36

     The place is very run down, dirty, dimly lit.  Jimmy
     brushes grime away from a name on the row of broken
     mailboxes.  It reads:  John Black.  Jimmy smiles and heads
     up the stairs.

37   EXT. SIDEWALK OUTSIDE ANGELO'S PAWN SHOP - DAY                               37

     Clark exits the shop, makes some notes on his pocket pad,
     moves to a nearby phone booth.


38   PHONE BOOTH                                                                  38

     As Clark dials and lets the phone RING, we go to...

39   SPLIT-SCREEN - UPPER LEFT QUADRANT - PHONE STAND                             39

                          (into phone)
                   The Planet board originally voted
                   _not_ to sell to Lex Luthor.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Yellow Rev.    3/10/94                       22. 

39   CONTINUED:                                                                   39

                                    JACK (cont'd)
                   Then, suddenly, they all changed
                   their minds.  They're all also
                   driving new Ferraris.                                            *

     We no longer hear Jack, but go to...

40   SPLIT-SCREEN - UPPER RIGHT QUADRANT PHONE STAND                              40

                          (into phone)
                   I found John Black.  Now all we
                   have to do is set him up.  I
                   thought I'd...

     We no longer hear their conversation.  Instead we go to...

41   SPLIT-SCREEN - LOWER QUADRANT - PHONE STAND                                  41

                   There _was_ additional insurance on
                   the Daily Planet building through a
                   subsidiary of LexCorp-called Lexel
                   Investments.  Nov all I have to do
                   is find out how much and...

     We no longer hear Perry.


     The RINGING stops.

                   Just about every criminal element
                   in Metropolis pays protection money
                   to a shadowy character they call
                   'The Boss.' Most of them have no
                   idea who he is, and the ones who
                   might are too terrified to talk.,
                   If Luthor first manipulated the
                   Board to sell the Planet to him,
                   then burned it down to collect the
                   insurance... what if 'The Boss' is
                   actually Lex Luthor?
                   Okay.  See you back at the

     Everyone hangs up at once.  END-SPLIT SCREEN

                                                            CUT TO:

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     23. 

42   EXT. STREET OUTSIDE CLARK'S APARTMENT - DAY - LATER                          42

     Clark is about to enter the building when a car HONKS.
     Clark looks.

43   CLARK'S POV                                                                  43

     A new Mercedes convertible, Lois driving, at the curb.

                          (trying to be light)
                   Need a lift, big boy?

     Clark stares at her, then the car, long enough for the
     levity to disperse.

                   Present from Luthor?

                   I borrowed it.

                   Then I guess you owe him one.

     Clark starts walking.

                   Please, Clark.  Get in.

     Clark hesitates, then does get in.

                   What do you want, Lois?

                   I want you come to my wedding.

                   I can't.

                   Why not?

                   I just can't.

     Clark starts to leave, Lois puts her hand on his arm.

                   You hate him that much?  Or is it
                   me you hate now?


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     24. 

43   CONTINUED:                                                                   43

                   I could never hate you, Lois. But
                   there is no way I'm going to sit
                   there and watch you walk down the
                   aisle with that...

                   What?  Thief?  Gangster?
                   Psychopath?  Murderer?

                   Maybe all of the above.

                   Clark, can't you see what's
                   happening?  All you're doing is
                   driving us further and further

                   I'm not the one doing the driving,
                   Lois.  You are.

     Clark gets out.

                                    CLARK (Cont'd)
                   And if you're so sure Luthor is
                   filled with nothing but good
                   intentions, you might ask him about
                   Lexal Investments and the extra                                  *
                   insurance policy they had on
                   the Daily Planet.  A policy that may
                   have made easy to rebuild the
                   You're an investigative reporter.

     Clark walks away; Lois stares after him.

44   INT. LUTHOR'S DEN - DAY                                                      44

     Luthor and Mrs. Cox listen to a cassette tape.

                          (on tape)
                   You're an investigative reporter.

     Mrs. Cox turns off the tape.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Yellow Rev.    3/10/94                       25. 

44   CONTINUED:                                                                   44

                   Modern surveillance technology is a
                   beautiful thing, Mrs. Cox.  If the
                   Borgias had had it, they'd still be
                   running Italy.

                                    MRS. COX
                   Shall I take the necessary

     Luthor nods, but seems deep in thought.

                                    MRS. COX (Cont'd)
                   A billion for your thoughts.

                   Everything is falling into line.  I
                   was able to make the Planet                                      *
                   vulnerable for a takeover, then I                                *
                   bought it, then I destroyed it.  I                               *
                   broke Lois out of her comfortable
                   routine _and_ made a few bucks in
                   the process.  Now, when Kent's
                   highly insulting accusation proves
                   false, it should drive a final
                   wedge between Lois and her old

                                    MRS. COX
                   Part One of your plan is complete.

                   Yes.  Time for Part Two:  to
                   conclude our business with
                   Is everything arranged?

     Mrs. Cox nods.

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   Good.  Then put in a call to Clark

     She moves to the phone.

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   Tell him I'd appreciate it very
                   much if he'd contact his friend
                   Superman on my behalf.  I'd like a
                   word with the Man of Steel
                   concerning Lois Lane.

     Mrs. Cox dials.

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     26. 

45   INT. LUTHOR'S WINE CELLAR - DAY                                              45

     Luthor draws himself a taste from a wine cask, makes a
     face, spits it out.

                   Not quite ripe.

     There's a KNOCK an the metal door.  It opens and Mrs. Cox
     ushers in SUPERMAN.

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   Come in, come in.  Don't be shy.

     Mrs. Cox leaves, closes the door behind her.  Luthor has
     picked up a dust bottle of wine from a crate.  He wipes
     it clean, holds it up to the light.

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   They say that civilization was
                   invented so that men could
                   cooperate in the making of wine.

                   What do you want, Luthor?

                   A favor.

                   From me?  You must be joking.

                   Hear me out.

     When Superman doesn't speak...

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   My fiance, Lois Lane, _should_ be
                   deliriously happy at the prospect
                   of our forthcoming wedding. 
                   Unfortunately, she is not.  She
                   misses her friends from the Daily
                   Planet.  Especially Clark Kent.

     Despite himself, Superman is fascinated.  Why is Luthor
     discussing this with him?


                   So, you and Clark are friends.  He
                   was even able to bring you here.

     Luthor strolls among the casks, Superman follows.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     27. 

45   CONTINUED:                                                                   45

                   I'm not following.

     Luthor looks back, sees Superman _is_ following, smiles,
     continues on.

                   I'm asking you to use your
                   influence to convince Clark to
                   attend our wedding.
                   You're invited, too.

     Luthor stops.  Superman stops several paces away.

                   You live in a fantasy world,
                   Luthor.  Neither Clark nor I will
                   ever do anything to support your
                   marriage to Lois.

                   I see.  Then, I suppose, you're of
                   no further use to me.

     Luthor pulls a lever mounted on the wall.  A metal cage drops
     from the ceiling to encase Superman.

                   Bars won't hold me, Luthor.

                   Oh?  I think they will.

     Superman strides to the bars, reaches to crush them, then
     recoils in pain and drops to one knee.  Luthor switches
     off the overhead lights.  The bars GLOW an eerie green
     from their Krytonite coating.  Superman falls over onto
     his back.

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   A fantasy world?  Perhaps.  But
                   it's all about to come true.

     On Luthor's smile we...

                                                            FADE OUT.

                             _END OF ACT TWO_

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     28. 

                               _ACT THREE_

     FADE IN:

46   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - (NIGHT #4)                            46

     Perry's cooking up a storm in the kitchen: every burner
     in use.  He hears the sound of a KEY TURNING in the lock
     and looks up.

                   About time.

     Jimmy and Jack enter thru the door:  not unwelcome, but
     not who Perry was expecting.

                          (echoing Perry's
                   Where's Clark?

                   I don't know.  He should have been

     Perry taps the biggest pot with a wooden spoon.

                                    PERRY (Cont'd)
                   Crawfish etouffee anyone?

     Perry pours in the raw crawfish.  They hit the boiling
     water with a HISS.  Jimmy and Jack exchange a glance.

                   Actually we just ate.

                   You'll eat again.
                          (adding spices and
                   You gotta use the sweet paprika,
                   not the regular.  And cayanne
                   pepper, plenty of it.  'Course the
                   secret is the apple juice, half a

     Perry points to the plates.  Reluctantly, Jimmy and Jack
     begin to set the table.

                                    PERRY (Cont'd)
                          (to Jimmy and Jack)
                   What'd you get?


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Green Rev.     3/11/94                       29. 

46   CONTINUED:                                                                   46

                          (he holds up a
                           microcassette recorder)
                   John Black'll do just about
                   anything he's paid to do: break
                   in, plant explosives, anything.
                   Just like he did for a woman named
                   Mrs. Cox in the case of our young
                   Jack here.  He even gave me her
                   number... for a reference.

                   Beautiful.  We'll get that tape                                  *
                   down to Inspector Henderson first
                   thing in the morning along with
                   Jack's statement.
                          (to Jack)
                   Looks like you're off the hook,
                   son.  Congratulations.

                   Thanks.  I got something, too.
                   Mr. Simon Truesdale, former Daily
                   Planet board member, has had a
                   sudden attack of conscience.  He's
                   now willing to confess to receiving
                   a substantial cash 'inducement' I
                   think he called it to support the
                   sale of the Planet to Luthor.

                   Any particular reason for this
                   'sudden attack of conscience'?

                   It might be related to a certain
                   video tape he's hoping his wife
                   never receives.

                   Poor woman.

                   Not after the divorce settlement.

                   What about you, Chief?

                   Well, now, Lexel Investments _did_
                   have additional insurance on the
                   Daily Planet building.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Green Rev.    3/11/94                        30. 

46   CONTINUED:  2                                                                46

                   How much?

                   About twice what it would've cost
                   to repair it.
                   Lex Luthor cleared a cool
                   seventy-five nil on the deal.

                   That's motive.  He's nailed.

                   So, what are we waiting for?

                   Sit.  Let's eat.

     They take places around the table while Perry serves
     the mixture over rice.

                   This is all great, of course, but
                   the problem is none of it'll bring
                   back the Planet.

                   Elvis, first recording session for
                   Sam Phillips, June of '54 it was,
                   didn't turn out too well, but
                   darned if he wasn't back in that
                   studio in July and turning out his
                   first couple of hits.

                   I just know there's a point to that


                   Elvis didn't give up; we won't
                   either.  Got I ?

                   Got it.

     They all dig into the food.                                                    *

                   I hope you like it spicy

     As one, Jimmy and Jack grab their throats and rush for the
     kitchen sink.

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     31. 

47   INT. LEX LIMO - NIGHT                                                        47

     Luthor and Lois, dressed in evening clothes, sit in the
     back of the Lex Limo.  Lois stares out the window at the
     lights and rain-drenched streets of the city.

                   I don't know when I've had better
                   garlic chicken.  Chef Andre
                   deserves a raise.


                   And what a magnificent production
                   of Othello.  I especially liked the
                   black and white set.  Very


                          (Staring at Lois)
                   You know, Shakespeare didn't write
                   Othello.  It was actually written
                   by Dr. Suess.


                          (after a sigh)
                   Lois, an I boring you?

     Lois realizes her distraction, turns back to Luthor, puts
     a hand on his arm.

                   What?  No, of course not. I'm
                   sorry.  All I can think about is
                   that enormous stack of RSVP's on my
                          (beat, wryly)
                   Minus a few.

                   Your dad and sister absolutely                                   *
                   can't make it back?                                              *

                          (shaking her head)                                        *
                   My dad's medical relief mission is                               *
                   in Africa, and Lucy's still                                      *
                   trekking in Nepal.  At least my                                  *
                   mom's coming.                                                    *


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     32. 

47   CONTINUED:                                                                   47

                                    LOIS (cont'd)
                   But it's not just my family.  Not                                *
                   one of the people I thought I was
                   closest to is coming.



                   Propinquity.  A relationship based
                   on convenience.  You work in a
                   particular place, shop in certain
                   stores, become attached to the
                   people that surround you.  But,
                   when you move on, the relationships
                   That's what you have to do, Lois.
                   Move on.  It's not fair to you...
                   or to me.

                   You're right.  I just wanted our
                   wedding day to be something I could
                   share with Clark and Perry and the

                   After the honeymoon, I promise you
                   we'll heal all old wounds.

                   You still won't tell me where we're


                   Not even a hint?

                   Clothing is optional.

     Lois laughs, lays her head on Luthor's shoulder.  Then,
     she remembers something.  She takes a moment to choose her
     words so as not to put Luthor on his guard.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     33. 

47   CONTINUED:  2                                                                47

                   Lex... when the Planet was
                   destroyed, you lost quite a bit of
                   money, didn't you?

                   Yes, but I have wide shoulders and
                   deep pockets.

                   But, I mean it wasn't a total loss.
                   There was insurance.

                   Several policies.  Unfortunately,
                   not enough to justify
                   Why the sudden concern?

                   Because I can't help but feel that
                   your buying the Planet in the first
                   place had something to do with me.

                   It did.  I'm embarrassed to admit
                   it, but I bought the Planet in a
                   desperate, lovesick attempt to
                   bring us closer together, to bring
                   my life in tune with yours.
                   Ironically, it wasn't necessary:
                   here we are together. Our love was
                   too strong.  We were _meant_ to be

     On Lois, we...

                                                            CUT TO:

48   EXT. THE STERN BUILDING - NIGHT                                              48

     To establish a downtown highrise.

49   INT. FRANKLIN STERN'S OFFICE - NIGHT                                         49

     Perry is shown into the immense, lavish office of FRANKLIN
     STERN.  The office is dark, save for a desk lamp emiting a
     pale green light.  An impressive looking African-American
     man in his late 50's sits in the massive, high-backed desk

                   Mr. Stern?


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     34. 

49   CONTINUED:                                                                   49

                   Come in, Mr. White.  Please, sit

                          (as he sits)
                   Thank you for seeing me at this late hour.

                   Perry, may I call you Perry, I work
                   a fourteen hour day, always have. 
                   If I show my face at home before
                   eleven p.m. my wife calls the
                   I'm sure you know what that's like.

                   Too well.

     They share a smile.

                   Strange that we've never met.  I'm
                   very familiar with your work, of

                   As I am with yours.

                   I miss reading the Daily Planet.
                   It has imitators, but no true
                   successor.  Metropolis has lost an

                   Those of us who worked there were
                   proud to call it home.
                   That's why I've come.

                   I didn't think you were here
                   looking for a fourth for bridge.

                   Mr. Stern... you own television and
                   radio stations.  And you have
                   interests in book publishing.  But,
                   have you ever considered owning a


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     35. 

49   CONTINUED:  2                                                                49

                   Perry... correct me if I'm wrong...
                   there _is_ no newspaper.

                   The Daily Planet was more than
                   concrete and girders.  It was
                   people and ideas and principles.
                   Those still exist.
                   There _is_ a newspaper.  There just
                   isn't a place to print it.

     Stern loans forward.

                   Even if that were true, why would
                   _I_ want to own the Daily Planet.

                   I can't imagine anyone wanting
                   anything else.

     Stern gives this some thought, then finally shakes his

                   I'm sorry, but my answer is no.
                   I wish you luck, though, in finding
                   some way to rebuild.  If you do,
                   you have my subscription.

     Stern stands, offers his hand.  The men shake and Perry
     turns to leave.  Perry's deeply disappointed, but trying
     not to let it show.

                          (half to himself)
                   I just hate to see Lex Luthor win.

                   What's that?

                   Lex Luthor.  We've gathered
                   evidence that suggests he was                                    *
                   behind the Planet's fall.  I'd                                   *
                   just like to see the expression on
                   his face... well, thanks again for
                   seeing me.

     Perry exits through the door.  Stern sits back down,

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     36. 

50   INT. LOIS' APARTMENT - (DAY #5)                                              50*

     Lois has her feet up on her kitchen table.  She looks at                       *
     the phone: silent.  She picks it up, speed dials.                              *

                                    SECRETARY (O.S.)
                   LNN.  Lois Lane's office.                                        *

                   Any calls, Lorna?

                                    SECRETARY (O.S.)
                   No, Ms. Lane.

                   Nothing?  What about the uprising                                *
                   in Qurac?  Are we pulling our                                    *
                   correspondents out?  I have to                                   *

                                    SECRETARY (O.S.)
                   Oh, I thought you knew.  Mr. Ahern
                   already arranged their departure. 
                   I guess he didn't want to bother


                                    SECRETARY (O.S.)
                   We just assumed... with your
                   wedding and all...

                   Now I _am_ bothered.  I'm bothered
                   because no one bothered to bother
                   me.  You expect me to work at LNN                                *
                   day after day, week after week,                                  *
                   completely... unbothered?

                                    SECRETARY (O..S.)
                   Ms. Lane?

                   Never mind.

     Lois hangs up.  She then pulls a scratch pad from the                          *
     counter, looks at it, almost puts it back, then sets it                        *
     by the phone.

51   CU - SCRATCH PAD                                                             51

     Lois has written: Uni-World Insurance Company 555-8900.                        *

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     37. 

52   LOIS                                                                         52

     dials the phone.

                   Mr. Vitkay?


53   INT. UNI-WORLD INSURANCE COMPANY - DAY                                       53*

     MR. VITKAY is a bookish fellow sitting behind a desk with
     a mound of files on it.

                                    MR. VITKAY

                   This is Lois Lane.  We spoke
                   yesterday.  I was wondering if you
                   got that information I requested.

                                    MR. VITKAY
                   Yes, yes.  I have the file right
                   Lexel Investments _did_ have                                     *
                   supplemental insurance on the Daily
                   Planet building.

     Lois sags.

                                    MR. VITKAY (Cont'd)
                   'But... the amount was
                   insignificant.  Far below
                   replacement cost.  Lexel must have                               *
                   suffered a substantial loss.
                   Guess they can afford it, though,

                   Yes.  They can.  Thank you very

     Lois hangs up, elated.  She looks at her desk calendar.

54   CU - CALENDAR                                                                54

     Only one thing on her agenda, in the afternoon:  Wedding.

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     38. 

55   BACK TO INSURANCE OFFICE                                                     55

     When we PULL BACK we see Mrs. Cox sitting in the chair in
     front of Vitkay's desk, long legs crossed.  She reaches in
     her briefcase.

                                    MRS. COX
                   I assume you accept cash.

                                                            CUT TO:

56   INT. LUTHOR'S WINE CELLAR/PRISON - DAY                                       56

     The cage is as before.  Superman, doubled over in pain,
     lies on his side.  Luthor enters thru the doors.  He's
     dressed in his wedding tux and carries two cummerbunds,
     one red, one white.  He removes a key on a ring from his
     pocket, unlocks the cage door, moves to stand over his
     weakened and fallen arch enemy.

                   And how are we feeling today?

     Superman tries to speak, but can only manage a GROAN.                          *

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                          (false sympathy)
                   Ohh.  Still a little green around
                   the gills?

     Luthor LAUGHS, produces a pocket mirror, examines himself
     as best he can, straightens his black tie.  He's never
     been in a better mood.

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   I, on the other hand, am feeling
                   'She's beautiful and therefore to
                   be wooed.  She is woman, therefore
                   to be won.'
                   'Henry the Fifth.'

     Superman makes a weak grab for Luthor's ankle, but Luthor
     calmly steps away.

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   I know this must be hard for you.
                   Seeing me all decked out, on my way
                   to marry Lois Lane, while you can
                   only lie here helplessly and
                   suffer.  Then tonight, tonight...
                          (bursting into song)
                   ... won't be just any night...


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Pink Rev.    3/9/94                          39. 

56   CONTINUED:                                                                   56

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd) (cont'd)
                          (beat, wickedly)
                   I love Lois, but she's much too
                   independent, don't you think?
                   Well, leave that to me.

     Luthor steps toward the door.

                          (a croak)
                   Clark Rent knows where I am.

                   That's right.  I'll have to kill
                   him, too.
                   That reminds me.  Which one?
                          (holding out the
                   The red, or the white?  Red for
                   passion, or white for purity?

     Superman struggles to a sitting position.  Luthor loops
     the white cumberbund around Superman's neck and pulls him
     back down.  Superman moans in pain.

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   I agree.  Definitely the red.

     Luthor exits the cage, re-locks it, sets the key down on a
     wine cask as he dons the red cumberbund

                          (a hoarse whisper)

                   Strange to hear you say my name and
                   know It's probably for the last
                   Is this a mistake?  Will the pain
                   of losing the challenge you
                   represent be worse than the
                   discomfort of constantly losing to
                          (another beat)

     Luthor turns to leave.

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   I'll be back later... when it's all


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     40. 

56   CONTINUED:  2                                                                56

     Luthor taps a fire ax hanging on the wall.

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   We'll have a little... heart  to
                   Have a nice death.

     Luthor's gone.  But, Superman's eyes are wide open and
     he's staring at something.


     The key.

                                                            FADE OUT.

                                _END ACT THREE_

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     41. 

                                 _ACT FOUR_

     FADE IN:

57   INT. LUTHOR'S PENTHOUSE - DRESSING ROOM - DAY                                57

     Lois wears her magnificent wedding gown, stares into a                         *
     full-length mirror.  Intermittently, she practices a wide
     smile, then bursts into SOBS.  She goes through this cycle
     several times until there's a KNOCK on the door and a
     VOICE says...

                   Five minutes, Miss... Mrs. Luthor.

     Lois quickly collects herself, dabs at her eyes with
     tissues, then takes a deep breath.

                          (to the mirror)
                   Mrs. Lex Luthor.
                   Lois Lane Luthor.
                   Lois Luthor Lane.
                          (beat, a stray thought)
                   Lois Lane... Kent?
                          (shakes her head to
                           clear it)
                   Lois... Lane.

     We PULL BACK to include the rest of the room.  Now, for                        *
     the first time, we see ELLEN LANE, Lois' mother, sitting                       *
     on the sofa, looking at her daughter.                                          *

                                    LOIS (Cont'd)
                   Mom, what an I going to do?                                      *

                   Honey, if you're not sure...                                     *

                   It's too late.                                                   *

                   No, it's not.  Do what your heart                                *
                   tells you to do.                                                 *

     Lois drops her veil, exits the room.  Her mother                               *
     follows.                                                                       *

                                                            CUT TO:

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     42. 

58   INT. LUTHOR'S WINE CELLAR - DAY                                             58 

     Superman has crawled to a position near the bars across
     from where the key still rests on the wine cask.  The
     closer to the bars he is, the more intense the pain, but
     he bears it.  Concentrating, trying to build power by
     breathing deeply in and out, Superman finally "aims" at
     the key and _INHALES_. It's weak, a pale shadow of his
     former power, but does have an affect.

59   THE KEY                                                                      59

     flutters, slides to the edge of the cask, but sticks there
     with the ring dangling over the side.

60   SUPERMAN                                                                     60

     collapses, COUGHING from the exertion.  Inadvertently, he
     grasps the bars for balance and CRIES OUT in pain,
     clutching his hands as if burned.  He lies back, resting
     his head on the fallen cummerbund.  Faintly, in the
     distance, he hears ORGAN MUSIC.

61   INT. LUTHOR'S BALLROOM - DAY                                                 61

     The room is packed with the cream of Metropolis Society.
     Ellen Lane sits toward the front.  Conversation dies as                        *
     the WEDDING MARCH begins.  Luthor enters from the side and
     takes his place by the altar.  Now Lois appears in back
     and all eyes turn.  Slowly, she begins to walk.  As she
     walks, she remembers.


     Lois and Clark share Chinese food (pilot episode).


     Lois shows plenty of leg as she perches on Clark's desk
     ("Pheromone My Darling").


     Lois and Clark brush their teeth together ("Honeymoon in


     Clark, having quit, walks away from Lois ("Man of Steel


     Lois continues down the aisle.

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     43. 

62   INT. LUTHOR'S WINE CELLAR - SAME TIME - DAY                                  62

     Superman stands shakily by the bars.  He has torn the
     white cummerbund into strips and tied then together.  He
     now holds one end and tosses the other to land several
     feet away from the key.  He rests a moment, tries to
     compose himself, and BLOWS.

63   THE CUMMERBUND                                                               63

     lifts, a silken snake, and drifts toward the key.  The end
     flutters up and near the key, then, like threading a
     needle, moves through the ring and twists back on itself
     to create a loop.

64   SUPERMAN                                                                     64

     in great pain, leans through the bars and gives his "rope"
     a tug.

65   THE KEY                                                                      65

     is pulled off the cask onto the floor, within several feet
     of Superman's outstretched hand.

66   SUPERMAN                                                                     66

     near collapse, tries to _INHALE_, but the key moves only
     an inch.  He sits there, gasping for breath.

67   INT. LUTHOR'S BALLROOM - SAME TIME - DAY                                     67

     The Wedding March ends as Lois joins Luthor, smiling with
     pride, at the altar.  She stares in shock at who's to
     perform the ceremony.

                   The Archbishop?

                   The Pope had a prior engagement.


                                    THE ARCHBISHOP
                   Dearly beloved, we are gathered
                   here today in the sight of God, and
                   in the presence of these witnesses,
                   to join together this man and this
                   woman in holy matrimony.

     Lois desperately scans the audience, but is disappointed.
     The faces she hoped to see aren't there.

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Green Rev.    3/11/94                        44. 

68   INT. LUTHOR'S WINE CELLAR - DAY                                              68

     Superman kneels by the bars and reaches, but he's still
     several feet short of the key.  He staggers to his feet
     retreats to the other end of his cage, and runs at the
     bars.  He CRIES OUT at the impact, but the cage is pushed
     closer to the key.  He lowers himself and stretches,
     stretches... an inch short.  Fighting off unconsciousness,
     he tries again, straining, almost...

69   INT. LUTHOR'S BALLROOM - DAY                                                 69

                                    THE ARCHBISHOP
                   ... till death do you part?

                   I do.

                                    THE ARCHBISHOP
                   And do you, Lois, take this man to
                   be your wedded husband from this
                   day forward, for richer, for
                   poorer, in sickness and in health,
                   to love and to cherish, till death
                   do you part?


     She looks around, pauses.  The room waits breathlessly.

                          (gently prodding)

                   I... can't.

     The rear doors CRASH open.  Everyone looks.

70   ANGLE ON DOORS                                                               70

     Perry, Jimmy, and Jack.

                   Oh, Lex.  They came.  They...

     Lois stops in confusion as half a dozen Metropolis cops,
     led by INSPECTOR HENDERSON, enter behind her friends.                          *

                   Stop the wedding!

     All rush up the aisle.  As they near...


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Yellow Rev.    3/10/94                       45. 

70   CONTINUED:                                                                   70

                                    PERRY (Cont'd)
                   Lois, you can't marry this man!

                   What, is there an echo in here?  I
                   just said that.

                   What is the meaning of this?!

                   The meaning, Luthor, is that you're
                   through.  We have all the evidence
                   against you we need.

                   Evidence?  Evidence of what?

                   I have a warrant here charging you
                   with arson and other crimes too
                   numerous to mention.

                   You be out of your minds.  All
                   of you.

                   You have the right to remain
                   silent.  You have the right to an
                   attorney.  If you cannot afford an

                   Will you stop that!  I can afford a
                   _thousand_ attorneys.  I'll have
                   your head... badge for this.
                   Someone get the Governor on the
                   phone!  Wait, make it the
                   President, make it...

     Luthor's mouth falls open as he glances toward the back of
     the ballroom.  There, standing next to two detectives, in
     handcuffs, is Mrs. Cox.  She shrugs at Luthor, who yells                       *
     out to her.                                                                    *

                                    LUTHOR (Cont'd)
                   Et tu, Mrs. Cox?                                                 *
                          (then, turning to Lois)                                   *
                   Sorry, Lois. I'll have to take a
                   rain check.  I'm afraid something's
                   come up.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     46. 

70   CONTINUED:  2                                                                70

     Henderson grabs Luthor's arm, but Luthor twists free,
     disposes of the two cops in his way with several
     well-executed karate moves, and disappears through the
     side door.  Other cops throw themselves against the door,
     but they rebound.  It's been bolted from the inside.                           *

                   Lois, I know things didn't turn                                  *
                   out exactly as planned, but...                                   *

                          (a bit hysterical),
                   Why?  Doesn't every woman dream of                               *
                   a wedding like this?

     Henderson rushes over.

                   Don't worry, we'll get him.  We
                   have the entire building sealed

     He rushes off.  Lois looks after him, then down.

71   LOIS' POV                                                                    71

     On the floor, a plain, gold wedding band.

72   LOIS                                                                         72

     bends to retrieve it. She stares at it and her friends,
     not really seeing any of it.

                   Talk about the nick of time...

     Jimmy takes the wedding bouquet, breathes in the flower
     scent; Lois snatches it back from him.  Jack salutes the
     Archbishop.  Lois bursts into tears.

73   INT. LUTHOR'S WINE CELLAR - DAY                                              73

     Luthor, tie askew, bursts in, grabs the ax off the wall.                       *

                   Sorry, Superman, I don't have time
                   to chat.  I'll just take my pound
                   of flesh and...

     The cage door is open, key in the lock.  The knotted
     "rope" lies on the floor.  Superman is gone.  Luthor ROARS
     his anger and buries the ax in a wine cask.  Then,                             *
     reacting to sounds of pursuit (FOOTSTEPS, CALLS, etc...),
     Luthor runs out.

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     47. 

74   BEHIND A WINE CASK                                                           74

     Superman, drained of energy, sits propped against the

75   EXT. STREET OUTSIDE LEXCORP BUILDING - DAY                                   75

     Lois, Perry's jacket draped over her shoulders, is led
     outside by-the rest of the gang.  Police cars and
     personnel are everywhere.  Lois is still in shock.

                   I've always been such a good judge
                   of character.

                   He fooled us all.

                   Not me.

                   _I_ never trusted him.

                   Lois, don't blame yourself.

                          (suddenly realizing)
                   Where's Clark?

                                    CLARK (O.S.)
                   Right here.

     Still shaky and pale, Clark steps to her side.  They look
     at each other.  He holds out his arms... she moves into
     them.  Suddenly, a police walkie-talkie delivers a loud
     burst of STATIC.

                                    VOICE OVER RADIO
                   He's in the Penthouse!                                           *

     All look up.


76   INT. LUTHOR'S PENTHOUSE - DAY                                                76

     Luthor runs: police after him, police in front of him.  He
     knocks several more down, but is cornered and backs to the

                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     48. 

77   EXT. LUTHOR'S BALCONY - CONTINUOUS - DAY                                     77

     Henderson steps forward.

                   It's over, Luthor.  Give yourself

     Luthor looks at Henderson, then over the edge.  He climbs
     up on the ledge.

                   Lex Luthor will not live in a cage.

     Luthor turns to face the drop.

                   Luthor, no.

                   Did you know this is the tallest
                   building in Metropolis?
                   Top of the world.

     He steps over the edge.

78   SIDEWALK BELOW                                                               78

     The crowd REACTS as the body falls.  Clark releases Lois,
     steps forward as if to fly... but can barely walk.

                   I can't.

     Lois averts her eyes, buries her face in Clark's chest.
     The bouquet drops from her hand to the sidewalk.  Someone
     running by steps on it.

79   SPINNING NEWSPAPER #1                                                        79

     Headline reads: LUTHOR PLUNGES TO DEATH.

80   SPINNING NEWSPAPER #2                                                        80

     Sub-headline:  Police Fear Body Snatchers.

81   SPINNING NEWSPAPER #3                                                        81


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Yellow Rev.    3/10/94                       49. 

82   SPINNING NEWSPAPER #4                                                        82


82A  SPINNING NEWSPAPER #5                                                       82A*

     National Whisper Headline reads: LUTHOR & ELVIS ALIVE!                         *
     Sub-Headline: Open Surf Shop in Rio                                            *

83   SPINNING NEWSPAPER #6                                                        83*

     Headline reads.  FALL OF THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR.

                                                            DISSOLVE TO:

84 EXT. DAILY PLANET BUILDING - A WEEK LATER (DAY #6)                             84

     Lois, Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack have convened on the
     sidewalk.  The entrance has been boarded up, "BUILDING
     CONDEMNED" signs are posted, and the area is still
     cordoned off.

                   I wish they'd get it over with and
                   tear this old place down.

                   Yep, too many memories.

                   Most of then good.

                   There's a lesson to be learned

                   Why an I not surprised?

                   We ought to appreciate what we've
                   got when we've got it.

     Lois looks at Clark, who's looking at the ruin.  He feels
     her stare and turns to her.  Quickly she changes the

                   It's my fault.  All of it.  If Lex
                   hadn't wanted me so badly he never
                   would've destroyed the Planet.
                   Why me?


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Yellow Rev.    3/10/94                      49A. 

84   CONTINUED:                                                                   84

                   Because Lex Luthor always wanted
                   what he could never have.

                   He almost did.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     50. 

84   CONTINUED:                                                                   84

                   No. You said 'no.'  You never
                   would have gone through with it.

     Lois looks gratefully at Clark, tries to reply, but can't
     speak.  Perry jumps in to cover the awkward moment.

                   I know I've said this before, but I
                   hate the idea that Lex Luthor got
                   his way...
                          (notions toward the
                   ... even in this one thing.

                   He didn't.

     Stern appears at their side, points.

                                    STERN (Cont'd)

     We hear the sound of a CRANE.

85  THEIR POV                                                                     85

     A flatbed truck pulls up and parks.  Workmen remove a                          *
     tarp covering a large object on the truck bed:  the Daily                      *
     Planet globe.  Now, a crane begins to move it into                             *
     position.                                                                      *

86   BACK TO SCENE                                                                86

                   How? What? Is this really ... ?

                   Great Shades of Elvis!

                   We'll start on the building next
                   week, but first I thought we'd
                   announce to the world we're back in
                          (beat, to Perry)
                   I reconsidered your proposal.  I
                   agree with you, Mr. White.
                   Metropolis needs the Daily Planet.
                   Besides, one more nail in Lex
                   Luthor's coffin suits me fine.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     51. 

86   CONTINUED                                                                    86

     The group rushes to him; hand shaking and hugging all

                                    STERN (Cont'd)
                   There were some ideas I had about


                   Yes, improvements, expansions...
                   Would you like to see the plans?

     Stern moves off.

                          (as he, Jimmy, Jack
                   Now, Stern.  Stern!  Wait just a
                   doggone minute!

     Lois and Clark are left alone.

                          (per the globe)
                   I've never seen anything so
                   beautiful in all my life.

     Lois looks at Clark, seeing him in a newfound light.

                   You never gave up.  On the Planet,
                   on your friends, on me.

     Clark looks at her.

                   I couldn't.  You've just named
                   almost everything in the world
                   that's precious to me.

                   I don't think I've ever, _will_
                   ever meet anyone quite like you.

                      LOIS                         CLARK
           Clark...                      Lois...

                                    LOIS (Cont'd)
                   Let me go first, please.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     52. 

86   CONTINUED:  2                                                                86

                   No.  Not this time.
                   I'm sorry.  About a lot of things.
                   I wanted to bring Luthor down, but
                   I never wanted to hurt you.  I
                   should never have said anything...
                   about the way I felt toward you.
                   It put you in an incredibly awkward

                   No.  Clark, I...

                   The fact of the matter is, it
                   wasn't true.  I'm not in love with

87   CLOSE ON - CLARK'S FINGERS                                                   87

     Crossed behind his back.

88   BACK TO SCENE                                                                88

                   You're not?

                   I would have said anything to stop
                   you from marrying Luthor.

     Lois tries to mask her disappointment.

                   Oh.  Well, if that's the way you

                   I want the same thing you do, Lois.
                   I want us to be friends, and
                   partners.  Forever.


                   Now, what did you want to say?

                   Oh, nothing.  The same.  What you
                   just said.  Sort of.


                            --page break--
     THE HOUSE OF LUTHOR (#20)     Full Blue Rev.    3/7/94                     53. 

88   CONTINUED:                                                                   88

     They're about to share a hug, but, at that moment, Clark,
     with _SUPER HEARING_, picks up...

                                    VOICE (O.S.)

                   Uh, could we continue this later,
                   Lois?  I've got to go.

     He hurries off.

                          (slightly put off)
                   Sure.  Why not?  Go.  Run off and
                   disappear like you always do
                   whenever we're having a discussion.
                          (a sigh)
                   I guess everything's back to

89   UP IN THE SKY                                                                89

     A red, yellow and blue-streak.

90   LOIS                                                                         90

                          (looking up)
                   I'm not done with you either, big

91   UP IN THE SKY.                                                               91

     Superman pauses, looks down on Lois and the city of
     Metropolis, and smiles.  As he _ROCKETS_ off into a new
     season we...

                                                            FADE OUT.

                             _END ACT FOUR_

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