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#201 : Madame Ex

Titre en VO
: Madame Ex
Diffusion US : 18/07/94
Diffusion FR : 18/04/95

Arianna Carlisle est l'ex-femme de Luthor et elle créé un double de Loïs grâce à de la chirurgie esthétique. Elle arrive même à pénétrer dans le Daily Planet grâce à sa formation en psychologie où elle écrit des articles contre Superman.

Sur le testament de Lex, Loïs apprend qu'il avait une ex-femme alors Clark et elle font des recherches pour la retrouver. Le double de Loïs envoie un gaz dans le Daily Planet et elle achète un flingue.

Malheureusement, Superman se fait tirer dessus par Arianna mais c'est une balle en kryptonite. Loïs qui était assoupie sur le divan doit l'enlever pour qu'il puisse arrêter Arianna et le double de Loïs.

Note : 8.5/10


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Titre VO
Madame Ex

Titre VF
Madame Ex

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France

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                           "MADAME EX"

                             EPISODE ONE


Written by Tony Blake & Paul Jackson
















MALE STAFFER  *                                      TV REPORTER

FEMALE STAFFER   *                                   WOMAN DEMONSTRATOR

SHOP OWNER                                           DEMONSTRATOR

SECRETARY                                            CONSTRUCTION WORKER

PEDESTRIAN                                           NEWSSTAND OPERATOR


_INTERIORS_:                                   _EXTERIORS_:

Daily Planet                                   Daily Planet
     Lobby                                     Medical canter
     Conference Room                                Corridor
     Perry's Office                                 Darkened Room

Gun Shop                                       High Rise-Building
                                                    Construction High Beam
Medical Center                                      Street Below
     Dr. Heller's office
                                               Retirement Home
Arianna's Office
                                               Suicide Slum
Lex Luthor's Penthouse
                                               Lab LexCorp Tower
Gretchen Kelly's
     Corridor                                  City Building
     Recovery Room
                                               Metropolis Streets
Police Station
                                               Police Station
Truck Cab

                                               Kent Farm

                                               Metropolis Sky

                                  _TEASER _

    FADE IN:


1   EXT. MEDICAL CENTER - (NIGHT #1) - ESTABLISHING (STOCK)                         1

2   INT. MEDICAL CENTER CORRIDOR - NIGHT                                            2

    Deserted except for DR. HELLER, a man in his late 50's, who
    accompanies ARIANNA CARLIN, tall, sultry, and no nonsense.
    As they approach a door at the and of the corridor...

                     So, can I assume the operation was
                     a success?

                                         DR. HELLER
                     Well, as you know, cosmetic surgery
                     is more an art than a science. But
                     I think you'll be quite satisfied,
                     Mrs. Luthor.

    She grabs his arm and abruptly stops him at the door.

                     I haven't been Mrs. Luthor for
                     fifteen years.  Don't ever call me
                     that again.  I'm Arianna Carlin.

                                         DR. HELLER
                     Of course.

3   INT. DARKENED ROOM - CONTINUOUS                                                 3

    A patient sits motionless in a chair, covered by a sheet.
    only the patient's head is visible, totally wrapped in
    bandages.  Heller and Arianna move into frame.

4   ANGLE FROM BEHIND THE PATIENT                                                   4

                                         DR. HELLER
                     I'm going to remove the bandages
                     now.  Please remain still.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                              2.

4   CONTINUED:                                                                      4

    Arianna watches intently as the bandages come off.

                                         DR. HELLER (CONT'D)
                     Your skin is going to feel hot as
                     it becomes exposed to the air, but
                     that's normal.

    At last the bandages are removed and a satisfied expression
    crosses Arianna's face.

5   REVERSE ANGLE REVEALS                                                           5

    Lois, but a WOMAN who's her exact double except for her
    blonde hair.

                                         DR. HELLER
                     Once the hair is died, even her
                     mother won't be able to tell then

    Arianna and the Double exchange a conspiratorial look,

                     Doctor Heller, you're brilliant.

    She reaches into her handbag, withdraws a gun.  As Heller's
    eyes go wide...

                                         ARIANNA (CONT'D)
                     The world will truly miss you.

    As she levels the gun at him...

                                                             FADE OUT.

                               _END OF TEASE_

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                              3.

                                 _ACT ONE_

    FADE IN:

6   EXT. HI-RISE UNDER CONSTRUCTION - (DAY #2)                                      6

    CAMERA FINDS a CONSTRUCTION WORKER working on a-high beam.
    He listens to a nearby radio.

                                         RADIO VOICE #1 (V.O.)
                     Okay, we're back and we're talking
                     with Harold about this growing
                     controversy regarding Superman's
                     presence in Metropolis.  So what do
                     you think?

                                         RADIO VOICE #2 (V.O.)
                     Lex Luthor, a great man, would be
                     alive today if Superman had done
                     his job!

                                         RADIO VOICE #1 (V.O.)
                     Oh, here we go with that old

    As the debate continues in the background, a SECOND WORKER,
    carrying a four foot metal beam on his shoulder, passes
    behind the first worker.

                                         VOICE (O.S.)
                     Hey Frankie!

    The second worker turns, inadvertently swinging the beam
    into the first worker, knocking him off the building.  As
    the worker falls, he whizzes past floor after floor,
    screaming until ...

7   SUPERMAN                                                                        7

    ... flies into FRAME and plucks him from certain death.

                     You've just given new meaning to
                     the phrase 'beam me down.'

8   EXT. SIDEWALK AT BASE OF BUILDING - DAY - CONTINUOUS                            8

    A small crowd of PASSERSBY watch Superman land on the
    sidewalk with the worker.  A male PEDESTRIAN approaches.

                     Well, isn't this just dandy.
                     Superman saves the day again.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                              4.

8   CONTINUED:                                                                      8

                     Is there a problem?

                     Yeah... you.

                                         CONSTRUCTION WORKER
                     What are you, nuts? Superman's the

                            (to Superman)
                     Yeah?  If you're so great, why
                     didn't you save Lax Luthor?

    Some in the crowd MURMUR.  Superman's uncomfortable.

                     I wanted to...

                     Wanted to?  That's not good enough.
                     Lex Luthor did a hall of a lot for
                     this city and you let him die!

                     There's more to it than you know.
                     But believe me, I didn't want him
                     to die.

                     Why should I believe you?  You're
                     just some freak--in a blue suit!

    His supporters AD LIB AGREEMENT while others in the crowd AD
    LIB SUPPORT for Superman.

                                         PEDESTRIAN (CONT'D)
                     I think you save who you want to
                     save!  You call yourself Superman
                     but you think you're SuperGod!

    As the crowd erupts in arguments among themselves, Superman
    eyes them concerned, then flies off...

                                                             CUT TO:

9   INT. DAILY PLANET DAY                                                           9

    An agitated Lois pours herself a cup of coffee.  Nearby a
    WOMAN STAFFER holding a mug reads a bulletin board.  Lois
    turns to the small fridge between them only to discover the
    creamer on top of the fridge.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                              5.

9   CONTINUED:                                                                      9

                            (annoyed; to staffer)
                     You know, if you're going to use
                     the creamer, it'd be nice if you
                     put it back in the refrigerator
                     when you're done.

    The Woman turns, revealing she's drinking O.J.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     Oh.  Sorry.
    She puts the creamer back and slams the fridge door just a
    little too hard, then crosses down into the bullpen.  Two
    STAFFERS pass by talking to each other.

                                         MALE STAFFER
                     If you ask me Superman isn't the
                     hero he used to be.  Lex Luthor may
                     have had his faults but Superman
                     should have saved him.

                                         FEMALE STAFFER
                     Are you, nuts?  Luthor was a low
                     life, scum-sucking criminal.  How
                     could anyone like that guy?

    Lois turns on the staffer, eyes glaring.

                                         FEMALE STAFFER (CONT'D)
                     Oh... sorry, Lois.

    The two staffers move off.  As Lois approaches her desk,
    JIMMY enters and hands her a copy of the Metropolis Star.

                     Hey Lois, did you see this poll in
                     the Star?  Twenty percent of the
                     people in Metropolis are

                     Jimmy, what are you reading that
                     rag for?
                            (grabs paper; eyes it)
                     What is wrong with people?

                     What's really weird is when they
                     asked _why_ they didn't like
                     Superman, half the people couldn't
                     even give a specific reason.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                              6.

9   CONTINUED:  2                                                                   9

                     I swear, we're witnessing the
                     dumbing down of America.  People
                     with opinions who have no idea why
                     they even _have_ an opinion.

    A BEEP interrupts them.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     What is that? LOIS
                            (off Jimmy's shrug)
                     You know when they remodeled they
                     should have given us an instruction
                     manual for all this new stuff.

    As they look for the source, the Male Staffer passes.

                                         MALE STAFFER
                     That's a fax coming in on your
                     computer.  They all have fax modems

                     Be nice if somebody put out a memo.

                                         MALE STAFFER
                     They did.  Check your E mail.

                     Nobody's shown me how to retrieve
                     my E mail.

                                         MALE STAFFER
                            (walking off)
                     There's a fax on your computer
                     explaining it.

    She throws her hands up in frustration.

                     Looks like it's rush hour on the
                     Super Information Highway.

                     Yeah, and I'm stuck in a techno
                     traffic jam.

    CLARK enters.  Jimmy hands him the Star thru...

                     Hey, C.K. You seen this?


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                              7.

9   CONTINUED:  3                                                                   9

                            (scanning paper,
                     Hostility for Superman seems to be
                     a growing trend.

    PERRY enters, approaches.

                     What are you two still doing here?
                     I thought you were going out to
                     cover the murder of that Plastic

                     Sorry Chief, I was a little late
                     getting in.  I had a problem fall
                     into my lap this morning.

                     Well, as long as you're here, you
                     might as well know about this too.
                            (to staff; loudly)
                     Alright everybody, gather 'round.
                     I have an announcement to make.
                            (as the staff gathers)
                     As you know, we've all been through
                     some difficult times recently and
                     our new owner feels that, well,
                     some of us might be suffering from
                     stress.  You know... irritability,
                     short fuses...

                            (to Clark)
                     The Chief's always like that.

    Perry shoots Jimmy a look, then...

                     So, as of today the Daily Planet
                     has its own staff psychologist.

                     What?  He can't be serious?

                     Doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

                     You want to spend your time on a
                     couch listening to psychobabble, go
                     ahead.  I've got...


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                              8.

9   CONTINUED:  4                                                                   9

                            (interrupting them)
                     Many of You might be familiar with
                     this woman from her syndicated
                     column we've been running...
                            (uncomfortable saying it)
                     '...Healing the uh... Inner self.'

                     Yeah.  They yanked the Jumble
                     Puzzle for that.  And I was just
                     gettin' good at that game.

                     Frankly, not being one for all that
                     touchy feely stuff myself, I don't
                     much care for her column.  But,
                     it's increased circulation
                     significantly and the good doctor
                     has convinced our publisher that
                     she can be of some help here.

                     How do we know she's even a real
                     doctor?  Half these media shrinks
                     are frauds.

                                         VOICE (O.S.)
                     Oh, I'm a real doctor, Miss Lane.

    The crowd turns and parts, revealing Arianna Carlin!  An
    embarrassed Lois pastes a smile on her face.

                     Uh... of course... I was... uh,
                     talking about the other half.

                     I was just telling the staff about
                     you, Doctor Carlin.

                     Well, I'm looking forward to
                     meeting all of you over the next
                     several days.  Please feel free to
                     drop in to my office any time.

                     Okay people, we got blank pages to

    As the staff disperses...


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                              9.

9   CONTINUED:  5                                                                   9

                     Miss Lane.  I'm especially looking
                     forward to meeting with you.

                     Doctor Carlin, a lot of people have
                     tried to get me on a couch.  And
                     after all this time, I'm not about
                     to start with a psychologist.

    Perry and Clark react.

                     In my experience it's the people
                     who say they're fine that need
                     help the most.

    A beat, then Lois fixes a smile on her face.

                     If you'll excuse me.  I have work
                     to do.

    As she strides away, Clark shrugs an apologetic look to
    Arianna then follows.  We hold on Arianna Carlin.

                                                             CUT TO:

10  INT. GUN SHOP - DAY                                                            10

    A beefy SHOP OWNER passes a nasty looking handgun across a
    display case to the Lois Lane double.  Sullen and dressed
    differently than the real Lois, she takes the gun and aims
    it at an imaginary target.

                                         SHOP OWNER
                     If the Mafia endorsed a gun, that'd
                     be it.  It'll stop whatever you're
                     aiming at.

    The woman lowers the weapon, eyes him coldly.

                                         "LOIS Il"
                     Super. I'll take it.

                                         SHOP OWNER
                     Okay, just sign the license,

    The woman starts to sign the license with her left hand,
    then stops and signs LOIS LANE with her right.  The shop
    owner picks up a camera and aims it at her.

                                         SHOP OWNER (CONT'D)
                     Now smile for the government.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             10.

10  CONTINUED:                                                                     10

    As the camera FLASHES we...

                                                             CUT TO:

11  EXT. SUICIDE SLUM SIDEWALK - DAY                                               11

    Clark and an agitated Lois walk down a garbage strewn

                     Did the police say if Doctor Heller
                     was murdered here or just dumped

    Lois stares intently at the ground, oblivious to Clark.  She
    abruptly kicks a can out of her way.

                                         CLARK (CONT'D)
                     Uh... this is; just a wild guess,
                     but is something bothering you?

                     That Carlin woman!  I can't believe
                     her gall.
                     'In my experience it's the people
                     who say they're fine that need help
                     the most.'

                     Not bad.  You do Roseanne?
                            (off her look)
                     Lois, she's a professional.  She
                     might know a little more about it
                     than we do.

                     No one knows me better than me.
                     And believe me, I am fine.

                     Is that why your desk drawer is
                     full of candy bars?

                     Oh, so now Sigmund Kent is saying
                     a sweet tooth means a person's
                     mentally unstable.  And what are
                     you doing in my drawers anyway?

    Clark holds his tongue, then takes her gently by the arm.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             11.

11  CONTINUED:                                                                     11

                     Lois... you've bean through a lot.
                     The whole thing with Lex...

                     Right now the only thing that's
                     stressing me out is you talking
                     about me.  Let's just focus on
                     Doctor Heller's murder, okay?

    Clark gives it up.  As they turn into an alley, Lois
    suddenly stops at some GRAFFITI written on a wall.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     Oh, look at that!

12  ON WALL                                                                        12

    The graffiti artist has written:  "Superman - Tyranny Over

13  RESUME SCENE                                                                   13

                     Who are these idiots?

                     Whoever they are, they were clever
                     enough to create an acrostic.

                     A what?

                     An acrostic.  It's a word or
                     message that's subliminally hidden
                     in a series of lines.  In this
                     case, the first letter of each of
                     these words spells 'Stop.'

                     Oh.  Well, they're still idiots.

    They continue down the alley, stopping near the police tape
    that surrounds a dumpster.  On the side of the dumpster are
    traces of fingerprint dusting.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     It's ironic isn't it?  Someone
                     whose work it was to make people
                     beautiful ends up in a dumpster.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             12.

13  CONTINUED:                                                                     13

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     Could a patient be so unhappy with
                     their tummy tuck they'd kill their

    The SOUND of rummaging behind the dumpster draws their
    attention.  As they move to the other side they discover a
    young HOMELESS MAN.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     Excuse me...

    The homeless guy looks up at Lois.  Suddenly, his eyes go
    wide in terror and he takes off down the alley.

                     Hey!  Wait!

    Clark and Lois give chase, but Lois falls behind.

14  EXT. SUICIDE SLUM SIDEWALK - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                  14

    The homeless guy darts out of the alley and dashes down the
    street.  Clark follows, 20 yards behind.  Spotting an old
    tire, he picks it up and scales it like a frisbee at the
    homeless guy.

    The tire drops down over the homeless guy's head.  He
    stumbles and hits the ground.  Clark helps him up, removing
    the tire thru...

                     You okay?

                                         HOMELESS GUY
                     Look mister!  I don't know nuthin'!

                     About what?

    The homeless guy hesitates, realizing he may have just said
    too much.  Lois catches up.  The homeless guy recoils at the
    sight of her, but Clark holds him by the arm.

                     How'd you catch him?

                     He uh got 'tired.'
                            (to homeless guy)
                     Look, we're reporters.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             13.

14  CONTINUED:                                                                     14

                                         CLARK (CONT'D)
                     We just want to know if you can
                     tell us anything about the body
                     that was found in that alley.

    The homeless guy hesitates.  Clark, still holding the guy,
    looks to Lois.

                                         CLARK (CONT'D)
                     I think some money would be a good
                     idea about now.

                     Where's _your_ wallet?

                     Your hands are free.

    Exasperated, she pulls out some bills and holds them up.

                     Okay, what did you see?

                                         HOMELESS GUY
                     Two guys dumping a body.
                            (he reaches for bills,
                             she pulls them back)
                     Heard one of 'em call the other
                     Harry.  'Cept when they left... I
                     saw it wasn't guys.  It was chicks.

                     Did you get a good look at either
                     one of them?

                                         HOMELESS GUY
                     Yeah, one.
                            (grabs bills; points to
                     It was her!

                                                             DISSOLVE TO:

15  EXT. CITY BUILDING - (NIGHT #2)                                                15

    A banner hanging over the entrance reads "CITY COUNCIL
    HONORS SUPERMAN".  As the event goes on inside, a noisy
    group of Anti-Superman DEMONSTRATORS chant under the glare
    of television news crew lights, held back from the building
    by police.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             14.

15  CONTINUED:                                                                     15

                     Superman must go! Superman must

    A TV REPORTER approaches one of the demonstrators, extends a
    mic. As the other demonstrators chant in the background...

                                         TV REPORTER
                     Could you tell us the purpose of
                     this demonstration?

                     We don't think the city should be
                     honoring Superman.  Especially
                     after he let Lex Luthor die.

    A nearby WOMAN DEMONSTRATOR sticks her face up to the mic.

                                         WOMAN DEMONSTRATOR
                     I've always been concerned about
                     Superman.  Why is he so secretive?
                     What's he got to hide?  I'm really
                     not comfortable having him in

    As the crowd of demonstrators MURMUR their agreement, a
    woman suddenly pushes her way past then and approaches the
    cameras.  It's "Lois."  She pushes her hair away from her
    face with her left hand,

                                         "LOIS II"
                     I was there when Lex Luthor died.
                     I prayed Superman would save him,
                     but for some reason he decided not
                     to.  And I think the citizens of
                     Metropolis have the right to ask...
                            (directly at camera)
                     isn't Lex Luthor's blood on
                     Superman's hands?

    As the crowd CHEERS, Lois exits out of frame.

16  EXT. STREET - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS                                               16

    "Lois" cuts between the parked cars and approaches Arianna,
    standing in the shadows across from the demonstration.

                                         "LOIS II"
                     How'd I do?

    Arianna slowly approaches, her eyes slits.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             15.

16  CONTINUED:                                                                     16

                     How'd you do?

    She raises her hand as if to slap the double in the face.
    The woman raises her left arm to ward off the blow.  Arianna
    grabs the woman's arm in a visa grip.

                                         ARIANNA (CONT'D)
                     See what you just did?  You used
                     your left hand to protect yourself.
                     In front of the cameras you used
                     your left hand to push your hair
                     back.  How many times do I have to
                     tell you... Lois Lane is right

    She releases her grip on the double.

                                         "LOIS II"
                     I'm sorry.

                     For what I'm paying you, sorry is

                                         "LOIS II"
                     It won't happen again.

                     It better not.  For your own sake.

    As she stares at the demonstration across the street...

                                         ARIANNA (CONT'D)
                     People are so easily manipulated.
                     This is only the beginning.  By the
                     time I'm through, Metropolis will
                     be torn apart.
                            (to Lois Double)
                     And Lois Lane and Superman will
                     wish they had never betrayed Lex

    HOLD ON Krianna's malevolent look, then...

                                                             FADE OUT.

                             _END OF ACT ONE_

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             16.

                                _ACT TWO_

    FADE IN:

17  INT. DAILY PLANET LOBBY - MORNING (DAY #3)                                     17

    Lois enters, approaches the corner NEWS STAND.  A SIGN
    STAND OPERATOR looks up from his paper as Lois arrives.

                     Did you get my order in?

    The man nods, produces a handful of CANDY BARS.  Lois
    quickly snatches them, hides them in her purse.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     I'm still getting the bulk
                     discount, right?

                                         NEWS STAND OPERATOR
                     Sure.  By the way, I'm with you one
                     hundred percent.  Give 'em hell.

                     Uh, thanks... I will.

    As she crosses the lobby towards the elevator, she waves to
    the GUARD at the security desk, who gives her a nasty look.
    Lois reacts, passes two more people who also give her a
    disapproving look.  She checks her ensemble as Clark enters.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     Clark, do I look okay to you?

                     Always.  Why?

                     People have been looking at me

                     Have a little paranoia with your
                     coffee this morning Lois?

                     Don't start with me.
                            (and then)
                     Where were you last night?  I
                     called a couple of times.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             17.

17  CONTINUED:                                                                     17

                     At the police station.  I stayed
                     while the detectives interviewed
                     that homeless guy.

    The elevator arrives.  Several people step off.  Lois and
    Clark enter the empty car thru...

                     And what?  Am I on my way to the
                     Big House?

                     No.  But some rookie cop did ask
                     for your phone number.

                     There's only one man in uniform I'm
                     interested in.

    He smiles.  As they turn to face front they see the people
    who just got off, staring at Lois.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)

    The people quickly turn and hurry off as the doors close.

18  INT. DAILY PLANET BULLPEN - DAY - MOMENTS LATER                                18

    The elevator opens and Jimmy passes, looking at Lois

                     What's going on?!  Did I grow a
                     second head or something?

                     I just want you to know, what you
                     did took a lot of guts.

    He walks off, leaving a confused Lois to look at Clark, who
    shrugs.  Turning to head down the ramp, they discover Perry
    and Arianna waiting for them.

                     Lois, what in San Hill was that
                     stunt you pulled last night!?  The
                     publisher's been all over me this
                     morning like a bad rash!

                     What are you talking about, chief?


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             18.

18  CONTINUED:                                                                     18

                     I'm talking about your virtuoso
                     performance on the late news!

                     You were on the news?

                            (to Lois)
                     Y'know, if you want to tell people
                     your opinions, you might consider
                     giving our editorial page a try!

    Lois looks at Clark, totally perplexed, then back at Perry.

                     I wasn't on the news...

                     Are you saying you weren't at that
                     anti-Superman demonstration last

                     What?  Of course not!  I was home
                     eating choc... cottage cheese and
                     doing laundry!

    A meaningful look passes between Perry and Arianna, then...

                     Come with me.

                                                             WIPE TO:

19  INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY - MOMENTS LATER                                     19

    on a monitor the image of Lois at the demonstration appears.
    Below her face is a graphic: "Lois Lane. Daily Planet

20  ANOTHER ANGLE                                                                  20

    Perry, Arianna, Lois and Clark watch as Lois "repeats" her
    speech about Superman.  Then Perry freezes the frame.

                     Now I could be wrong, I've only
                     worked with you for five years...
                     but I'm seeing a lot of
                     similarities here.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             19.

20  CONTINUED:                                                                     20

                     That's not me... It's some kind of
                     sick joke. Clark?

    Clark eyes Lois.  What can he say?

                     It's no joke, Lois.  It's a cry
                     for help.  What you're
                     demonstrating are signs of post
                     traumatic stress.  Short term
                     memory loss, erratic behavior...
                     But I can help.  If you'll let me.

                            (gritted teeth)
                     No.  Thank you.

                     Lois, I'm usually not one to meddle
                     in my reporter's lives, but I
                     strongly suggest you take Doctor
                     Carlin up on her offer.


                     I think he's right, Lois.

                            (beat, then)
                     I can't... we have to attend Lex's
                     will reading.  It's part of our
                     series on the break-up of Lexcorp.

                     It's not till this afternoon.
                     There's plenty of time for you and
                     Doctor Carlin to chat.

                     Go ahead.  I'll meet you back here
                     in a couple of hours.

    A beat, then Lois sighs.  Off Arianna's pleased look...

                                                             DISSOLVE TO:

21  EXT. SKY - DAY - LATER                                                         21

    Superman FLIES, reading a book labeled "PSYCHOLOGY."  He's
    so engrossed he flies right into a radio transmitter.

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             20.

22  EXT - PARK - DAY - SIMULTANEOUS                                                22

    A YOUNG GIRL listening to a radio bops to ROCK MUSIC.
    Suddenly, the station goes static and returns with Polka
    music.  As she reacts...

                                                             CUT TO:

23  EXT. KENT BARN - DAY - LATER                                                   23

    Superman flies into scene disappears behind the barn.  PAN
    ACROSS BARN to see CLARK fly out from around the other side.
    He floats over to where JONATHAN, up on a ladder, scrapes
    paint off the barn.

                                         CLARK (O.S.)
                     Hi Dad.

    Startled, Jonathan looks over his shoulder to see Clark
    hovering in the air next to him.  Jonathan's sudden shift
    causes the ladder to tip away from the barn.


    As he falls, Clark catches the ladder and pushes it back


                     Next time give me a little warning,
                     would ya'?

    Off Clark's sheepish smile...

                                                             CUT TO:

24  INT. ARIANNA'S OFFICE - DAY - LATER                                            24

    Plush and comfortable.  Lois sits on a sofa facing Arianna
    who's in a classic Eames chair.  Arianna's demeanor is
    gentle and engaging.  The quintessential therapist.

                     So when do we start blaming my
                     parents for everything?

                     Maybe later.  For now I thought we
                     could just talk.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             21.

24  CONTINUED:                                                                     24

                     What's to say?  You think I'm crazy
                     and I don't.  Now what?

                     I don't think you're crazy.  What I
                     do think is, you've been under
                     great emotional stress.

                     Who isn't?  We live in a big city.
                     No stress, no success.

                     That's right.  And when you add
                     that to a severe emotional trauma,
                     like you've been through...

                     What?  You go on television and
                     forget you were there?

                     Well, behavior like that is not
                     uncommon.  I've seen some cases
                     where the patient even turned

                                                             CUT TO:

25  EXT. THE KENT BACK YARD - DAY - SIMULTANEOUS                                   25

    Jonathan's up on the ladder, painting.  Clark, now in street
    clothes, stands at the bottom as MARTHA approaches with
    lemonade and sandwiches.

                     I've been concerned about Lois for
                     some time.  Now, after what she
                     said on television last night, I'm
                     worried her problems are even worse
                     than I thought.

    Jonathan drops his brush.  Clark retrieves it, FLOATS UP to
    return it thru...

                     Well, at least she's seeing this
                     Doctor Carlin.  It's a start.

                     And you just continue to be patient
                     and understanding.  She'll get
                     through it.

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             22.

26  INT. ARIANNA'S OFFICE - DAY                                                    26

                     Tell me.  Have you had the desire
                     to strike out at anybody recently?
                     I mean besides me.

    Lois can't help but smile.

                     No.  The only desire I seen to have
                     lately is for double fudge crunch

                     You too?

    Lois eyes her, doubtfully.  Arianna reaches into her desk
    drawer and pulls out two Double Fudge bars and holds them up
    enticingly.  As Lois looks longingly at the candy...

27  EXT. KENT BACKYARD                                                             27

    Clark floats up near Jonathan...

                     I was so desperate to stop her from
                     marrying Lex, I told her I loved
                     her.  But it didn't work.
                            (FLOATING DOWN)
                     And then when I told her I didn't
                     mean what I'd said, I think it only
                     added to her problems.

28  INT. ARIANNA'S OFFICE - DAY                                                    28

    A more relaxed Lois reclines on a couch as she chews on a
    candy bar.

                     Lex' proposal really sent my
                     nervous system on a roller coaster
                     ride.  Then the Planet was
                     destroyed and I wasn't able to
                     sleep much.  And then, Clark
                     decided to tell me he loved me.
                     His timing couldn't have been

    She takes a bite of the candy as an intrigued look crosses
    Arianna's face.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             23.

28  CONTINUED:                                                                     28

                     So you see, what happened last
                     night at that demonstration, was
                     your emotional circuits finally

                     That wasn't me.  But let's say
                     someone's circuits do snap.  How do
                     you reconnect them?

                     By talking like this.  Tell me,
                     what's your relationship with Clark
                     like now?

                     Clark.  I thought there might be
                     something between us, but...

29  EXT. KENT BACKYARD - DAY                                                       29

                     Well, I guess she's my best friend.
                     And... I'd never do anything to
                     jeopardize that..

                     But you lied to her about your true

                     I crossed my fingers when I did it.

30  INT. ARIANNA'S OFFICE - DAY                                                    30

                     Did you love Lex?

                     I was attracted to his power.  And
                     what I thought was a great
                     humanitarian.  But did I love Lex?
                     No.  I never loved him.

    Lois doesn't notice Arianna's face tighten at the remark.

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             24.

31  EXT. KENT BACKYARD - DAY                                                       31

                     Why'd you tell Lois You didn't mean
                     it when you said you loved her?

    Clark considers the question, then...

                     Because I know the only person
                     she's in love with is Superman.

32  INT. ARIANNA'S OFFICE - DAY                                                    32

                     Have you ever loved someone and
                     knew you'd love them your entire
                     life whether or not they loved you
                     in return?

                            (beat, then)
                     Yes.  Once.  I married him.  He was
                     fascinating.  I loved him as much
                     as any woman could love a man.  And
                     even though he divorced me, I still
                     love him to this day.

                     So you can understand my feelings
                     for Superman?

                     Oh yes.  Very much so.

                                                             CUT TO:

33  INT. PERRY'S OFFICE - DAY - LATER                                              33

    Arianna steps in as Lois passes by Perry's window.


                     Off the record?  She's got a lot of
                     problems.  I'm afraid we're going
                     to see things get worse before they
                     get better.

    Off Perry's concerned look...

                                                             CUT TO:

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             25.

34  EXT. LEXCORP TOWER - DAY - ESTABLISHING                                        34

35  INT. LEX LUTHOR'S PENTHOUSE - DAY                                              35

    Lois sits on a large couch beneath a 50 gallon wall aquarium
    filled with exotic fish.  Other reporters and business types
    fill the room, taking notes as SHELDON BENDER, reads the
    will from behind Lex' desk.

                     And to the Metropolis Arts Council,
                     Mr. Luthor bequeaths the sun of...

    As Bender drones on, Clark enters, slides in next to Lois.

                     I miss anything?

    She shakes her head.

                                         CLARK (CONT'D)
                     How was your session with Doctor

                     How do you think?  Sitting with a
                     complete stranger telling them my
                     most private thoughts.,..

    He looks at her, knowing there's more...

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     Well okay, so maybe I got a few
                     things off my chest.
                            (then quickly)
                     But it's over and now I'm fine.

    Clark shoots her a dubious look, then his attention is drawn

                     As for Mr. Luthor's controlling
                     shares of Lexcorp, he has
                     instructed that they be assigned to
                     a special trust, to be administered
                     by my law firm and will be
                     liquidated in due course.

    A buzz fills the room as the assembled react.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             26.

35  CONTINUED:                                                                     35

                                         BENDER (CONT'D)
                     All of Mr. Luthor's personal
                     property, including is artwork and
                     jewelry will be auctioned off and
                     the proceeds will be go to ACL
                     Corporation, which administers an
                     annuity for his ex-wife.

36  CLOSE ON LOIS AND CLARK                                                        36

    Lois is stunned.

                                         BENDER (O.S.)
                     A scholarship in Mr. Luthor's name
                     will be established...

    As Bender drones on, Clark leans close to Lois.

                     Are you okay?

                     I can't believe it... he never said
                     a word about...
                            (anger building)
                     ...that lying, no good...


                     He was married, Clark!  All those
                     times he told me I was his first
                     true love... I could kill him!
                            (off his look)
                     Would have killed him.

                     Maybe we should just try to find
                     her.  She might know something
                     about the disappearance of Luthor's

                                                             CUT TO:

37  INT. CORRIDOR (NIGHT #3)                                                       37

    Arianna KNOCKS on a door marked "Gretchen Kell, M.D."  It
    opens, revealing GRETCHEN KELLY, attractive, mid 30'S, her
    red hair and blue eyes a stark contrast to Arianna.

                     I'd like to see him.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             27.

37  CONTINUED:                                                                     37

                     Of course.

38  INT. RECOVERY ROOM - MOMENTS LATER                                             38

    Gretchen leads Arianna into a white, sterile laboratory.  A
    PLEXIGLASS CASKET filled with a green gelatinous goo sits on
    a platform.  A FIGURE lies inside.  Nearby, thin green lines
    arc on a MONITOR as it emits a SOFT BEEP.

                     How is he, Gretchen?

                     Better.  The brain waves have
                     stabilized.  Tomorrow I'll begin
                     mild stimulation to initiate

                     He always said you were the best
                     physician he ever had.  I can't
                     tell you how comforting it is to
                     have you caring for him.

                     It's a... labor of love.  He's very
                     special to me.

    Gretchen hangs back as Arianna moves to the casket and looks
    down into the gelatinous goo.

                     Hello, Lex.  It's Ari.  We got
                     into your penthouse.
                     I have the kryptonite.

    She gently runs her hand over the casket, caressing it.

                                         ARIANNA (CONT'D)
                     It won't be long now.

    As Gretchen watches impassively, Arianna kisses the casket.

                                         ARIANNA (CONT'D)
                     Be well darling.

    As the arcs on the monitor seem to get slightly stronger...

                                                             DISSOLVE TO:

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             28.

39  INT. DAILY PLANET BULLPEN - MORNING (DAY #4)                                   39

    Clark's at his desk working.  Lois enters.

                     Morning.  Any luck in your search
                     for ACL Corporation?

                     None.  It's not listed anywhere.
                     And Luthor's lawyer won't even
                     return my calls.  You?

                     I spent three hours at the bureau
                     of vital statistics yesterday.
                     There's no marriage certificate for
                     Lex in this state or any other.

    Jimmy approaches thru...

                     Jimmy, you find anything on
                     Luthor's marriage?

                     You bet I did.  Turns out he was
                     married on a ship in the Caribbean.
                     I found this wedding announcement
                     that ran in the Planet fifteen
                     years ago.

    He hands it to Lois.

                     No picture, no maiden name.

                     Yeah, but I'm trying to track down
                     the Captain of the ship.

                                         VOICE (O.S.)
                     Lois Lane?

                     Two MEN in suits approach.


                                         DET. RYDER
                            (flashing ID)
                     Detective Ryder, Metropolis PD.
                     You want to tell us where you were
                     last night around one o'clock?


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             29.

39  CONTINUED:                                                                     39

                     I was home asleep.  Why?

                                         DET. RYDER
                     Can anyone verify that?

                     Of course not!  I sleep alone!
                            (and then)
                     By choice!

                     What's this all about, Detective?

                                         DET. RYDER
                     At one a.m. last night a guard was
                     assaulted outside Lex Luthor's
                     penthouse by a woman he's
                     identified as Miss Lane.

                     That's ridiculous.

                                         DET. RYDER
                            (handing her a photo)
                     This picture was taken by a
                     security camera outside the

40  INSERT PHOTO                                                                   40

    Lois coming out of the door carrying a small enameled box.

                                         DET. RYDER (O.S.)
                     As far as we can tell, the only
                     item taken was the engagement ring
                     Mr. Luthor had given miss Lane...
                     worth half a million dollars.

41  RESUME SCENE                                                                   41

    Lois lets out an involuntary GASP.

                                         DET. RYDER (CONT'D)
                     Miss Lane, you're under arrest for
                     assault, breaking and entering and
                     grand theft.

    As he puts handcuffs on a stunned Lois, CAMERA PANS TO
    Arianna in the doorway of her office, a glimmer of a smile
    crossing her face.

                                                             FADE OUT.

                              _END OF ACT TWO_

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             30.

                                ACT THREE

    FADE IN:

42  INT. METROPOLIS POLICE STATION LOBBY - DAY                                     42

    As Clark and Perry wait in the lobby, TWO POLICEMEN drag an
    angry DEMONSTRATOR past them.  The demonstrator wears a
    Superman T-Shirt with the international circle with slash
    through it drawn over the big red "S."  As a concerned Clark
    stares after the demonstrator...

                     This resentment for Superman's
                     gettin' out of hand.  What these
                     people need is a good swift kick in

    An agitated Lois enters from a side corridor, interrupting.

                     Thanks for getting me out so fast.
                     Another minute and I was going to
                     be judging a best tattoo contest.
                     So, any idea who's setting me up?

    Perry and Clark share an uncomfortable look.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     Wait a minute.  You don't actually
                     think I did these things?

                     We're not sure what to believe,

                     Then let me help you!  There's
                     someone running around out there
                     who looks like me that's trying to
                     ruin my life!

                     Lois, I've spoken with Doctor
                     Carlin and I think the best thing
                     right now is for you to go home and
                     get some rest.

                     I don't believe you two

                     Take the week off.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             31.

42  CONTINUED:                                                                     42

                                         PERRY (CONT'D)
                     And make another appointment to see
                     Doctor Carlin.  Is that clear?

    She looks at him... finally speechless.  Then, subdued...

                     I have to sign for my purse.

    She walks away, Perry and Clark looking after her.  Then...

                     I'm worried about her.

                     Yeah, me too.

                                                             CUT TO:

43  EXT. METROPOLIS POLICE STATION - MINUTES LATER                                 43

    Perry and Clark exit.  Lois breezes past them wordlessly,
    heading for the sidewalk.  Clark gestures to Perry he'll
    take care of it.  Perry nods, exits in the opposite
    direction as Clark catches up to Lois.  As they walk...

                     So what are you going to do with
                     all this free time?

                     Well, I could learn the piano...
                     maybe work on my tan... or I might
                     try finding out who's setting me
                            (stops, looks at him)
                     Now are you going to help? Or am I
                     going to have to do this alone?

                            (beat, then)
                     Look, it's not that I don't want to
                     help... it's just...

                     Just what, Clark?  Can't you see
                     that some strange things have been
                     happening?  I'm arrested for a
                     crime I didn't commit.  People are
                     suddenly at each other's throats
                     over Superman.  A plastic surgeon
                     who worked for Lex Labs is


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             32.

43  CONTINUED:                                                                     43

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     I can't prove there's a connection
                     but my reporter's instinct says
                     something's up.  What does your
                     instinct say?

                            (beat, then)
                     My instinct says never argue with a
                     woman who's been behind bars.
                            (and then)
                     What do you want to do?

    They walk toward a Planet car thru...

                            (rapid fire)
                     Okay.  If there's a woman out there
                     who looks like me and there is
                     because there's no other rational
                     explanation so don't bother arguing
                     with me, she must have had
                     plastic surgery.  And what famous
                     plastic surgeon has been in the

                     Doctor Heller.

                     And according to that homeless guy,
                     the doctor was murdered by someone
                     looking exactly like me, only we
                     both know it couldn't have been me,
                     could it?  Don't answer that, it's
                     a rhetorical question... so...

                     ...maybe it would be a good idea to
                     stop by the dead doctor's office
                     and see who some of his last
                     patients were.

                     You still think I'm crazy?

                     No, I think you're brilliant.  But
                     there's a fine line between
                     brilliance and lunacy.

    Off her look...

                                                             CUT TO:

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             33.

44  EXT. MEDICAL CENTER - DAY - TO ESTABLISH                                       44

45  INT. DR. Heller RECEPTION OFFICE - DAY                                         45

    A young SECRETARY carries boxes of supplies from a storage
    closet and stacks them near a reception desk.  She looks up
    as the front door opens and Lois and Clark enter.

                     I'm sorry, the office is closed.

                     I just need to see my file.

                     I don't know if you heard, but Dr.
                     Heller died.  We're moving
                     everything into storage.

                     That's why I need my file.
                            (gestures to Clark)
                     This is my new doctor and he needs
                     to look it over... for medical

                     My patient is suffering some side
                     effects from the operation Doctor
                     Heller performed on her.  Some
                            (more to Lois)
                     some mental.

                     Well I guess it would be okay.
                     The name?


                     Your name?

                     Well, don't you recognize me?  I've
                     been here a lot.

                     I wouldn't know, I'm just a temp.


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             34.

45  CONTINUED:                                                                     45

                            (to Clark, flatly)
                     She's a temp.
                            (and then)
                     Um... look, you're obviously busy,
                     why don't I just look through those
                     boxes and find the file myself?

                     If you want it, I need to know the

                     Well, I wouldn't presume to guess
                     what name is on the file.  Why
                     would I know how Dr. Heller's
                     filing system works?

    Even Clark can't help roll his eyes now.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     Maybe it's in here!

    She breezes past the secretary and heads into the storage
    closet.  The secretary hurries after her thru...

                     Hey, you can't go in there!

    The secretary goes in after Lois.  Instantly Lois pops back
    out and slams the door, locking the secretary inside.  As
    the woman starts POUNDING and yelling MUFFLED THREATS...

                     Very subtle.  Why didn't you just
                     knock her out with a blackjack?

                     Someone's framing me Clark, I don't
                     have time to be clever.

    She hurries to the file boxes.  In the background, the
    secretary continues POUNDING.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     This one's marked 'Year to Date'.

    She quickly flips through some file folders, then...


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             35.

45  CONTINUED:  2                                                                  45

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     Here is it... Heller's last
                     operation.  Performed the week
                     before he was killed.

                            (reading over bar
                     'Full facial reconstructive
                     surgery.'  But no patient name.

                     But look at these notations.
                     Female, my height and weight.
                            (and then)
                     And look who paid for it!

                     ACL Corporation.  The company that
                     handles Mrs. Luthor's annuity.

                     Lex's ex-wife is out to get me?!
                     Why?  It's not like I stole him
                     away at the homecoming dance!

                     Who knows?  Let's just find her.
                     Then we'll get her on Doctor
                     Carlin's couch.

    Clark's BEEPER goes off.  He looks down at it.

                                         CLARK (CONT'D)
                     That's Jimmy.

                                                             CUT TO:

46  INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY                                                        46

    A PHONE RINGS at a desk.  Jimmy picks it up.

                     Daily Planet.... hey C.K., good
                     news.  I found the Ship's Captain
                     who married the Luthors.
                     He lives at the Queensland
                     Retirement Home... Any time.  Just
                     put in a good word for me with


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             36.

46  CONTINUED:                                                                     46

    As Jimmy hangs up, CAMERA PANS ACROSS TO Arianna, who's on
    another phone, talking conspiratorially, unaware of the call
    that just took place between Jimmy and Clark.

                     They sent Lois Lane home.  Are you
                     Good.  Give me thirty minutes to
                     get out of here, then do it.

                                                             CUT TO:

47  EXT. QUEENSLAND RETIREMENT HOME - DAY                                          47

    A small clapboard building with a front porch.  Lois and
    Clark approach a spirited octogenarian, CAPTAIN KEENE
    sitting in a rocker on the porch.

                     Captain Keen? Can we talk to you
                     for a minute?

                                         CAPTAIN KEENE
                            (looking up)
                     Honey, I'm retired.  You could talk
                     to me for a year.

                     Captain it's our understanding you
                     performed the marriage of Lex

                                         CAPTAIN KEENE
                     Oh, some kid called and said you'd
                     be comin' by.  Yeah, I married 'em.
                     'Course Luthor wasn't anybody then.
                     But I could tell he was a comer.
                     And that bride of his.  Boy, she

                     Something like me?

                                         CAPTAIN KEENE
                            (eyes her closely)
                     Hell no.  She was a lot prettier.
                     And really built.

    As Lois pastes a smile on her face...


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             37.

47  CONTINUED:                                                                     47

                                         CAPTAIN KEENE (CONT'D)
                     What do you suppose would make a
                     fella like that jump off a
                     building?  You'd think with all his
                     money he would've had a better
                     escape plan.

                            (forging ahead)
                     Captain, do you remember the
                     bride's name?

                                         CAPTAIN KEENE
                     Sure.  Luthor.

    Lois and Clark exchange a doubtful look.

                                         CAPTAIN KEENE (CONT'D)
                     That's a joke.  I'm retired.  Not

    He picks up a photo album lying near his feet.

                                         CAPTAIN KEENE (CONT'D)
                     That kid said you might want to
                     see a picture of 'em.  Got 'em of
                     all the couples I married.
                            (flips a few pages, then)
                     Here it is.

    He hands a photo to Lois.

48  INSERT PHOTO                                                                   48

    It's a young Lex and a younger Arianna Carlin!

                                         CAPTAIN KEENE (O.S.)
                     Lex Luthor and Ari Carlin.  Married
                     October seventh, nineteen eighty.

49  RESUME SCENE                                                                   49

    Lois and Clark are in shock.

                     Oh my God. Arianna Carlin is Mrs.
                            (a realization)
                     Arianna Carlin Luthor. A.C.L.

                     The guy in the alley.  He didn't
                     hear 'Harry.'  It was 'Ari!'

                                                             CUT TO:

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             38.

50  INT. DAILY PLANET BULLPEN - DAY                                                50

    Jimmy, holding a paperback book, approaches Perry.

                     Hey Chief, you seen Dr. Carlin?

                     Gone for the day. Why?

                     I found this book she wrote on
                     subliminal advertising.  Thought
                     maybe I could get her to autograph
                     it for my Mon's birthday.

                     Whatever happened to candy or

                     My Mom's overweight and she's got

51  ANOTHER ANGLE INCLUDING THE ELEVATOR DOORS                                     51

    They open and "Lois" steps out, surveys the room.

                     Lois... I thought I told you to
                     take the rest of the week off.

                                         "LOIS II"
                     I'm through taking orders from you!
                     And I'm through with the Planet!
                     Consider this my two week notice!

    Reaching into her purse, she withdraws a CANISTER and throws
    it into the center of the room.  TEAR GAS immediately
    billows out:  As people start to choke, the double turns and
    disappears into the elevator, the doors closing behind her.

52  EXT. DAILY PLANET - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                           52

    A taxi pulls to the curb and Lois and Clark jump out as a
    crowd of pedestrians crane their necks to look up at the
    upper floors.  Lois and Clark follow their stares, see
    several staffers at the windows gasping for air.  As they
    push their way through the gathering crowd of lookie-loos...

                     Somebody call the fire department!

    Lois follows Clark through the revolving doors, but spots
    her DOUBLE exiting out the same doors on the other side.

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             39.

53  HOLD ON THE DOORS                                                              53

    a beat, as Lois completes the circle and exits back out onto
    the crowded sidewalk.  But she's gone.  As Lois pushes her
    way through the crowd in search of her double...

                                                             CUT TO:

54  INT. DAILY PLANET LOBBY - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                     54

    Filled with panic-stricken people.  Clark realizes he's lost
    Lois, then heads for a stairwell door, loosening his tie.

55  EXT. ALLEY - DAY - MOMENTS LATER                                               55

    The Double hurries to a LEXUS.  As she reaches for the door,
    she's spun around, coming face to face with Lois.  They
    stare at each other a beat, then...

                     You're supposed to look like me?!
                     A little heavy on the eye-liner
                     don't you think.

                                         "LOIS II"
                     Sorry, but you're a little plain
                     for me.

                     Plain?!  it just so happens I was
                     voted sweetheart of Sigma Chi.

                                         "LOIS ii"
                     With this face?  Where did you go
                     to school.  An agricultural

                     All right...

    She grabs the double's hair.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     Let's lose this cheesy wig.

    She yanks hard, the double YELPS in pain. Lois realizes the
    hair is real.  As they start struggling, Lois' purse falls
    from her shoulder.

    Suddenly, a gun is shoved into Lois' kidneys.  Lois freezes,
    releases her grip on the double and slowly turns to discover
    Arianna at the other end of the weapon.

                     Lois... you don't seem to be
                     yourself today.

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             40.

56  INT. DAILY PLANET BULLPEN - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                   56

    The gas hangs heavy in the air.  Perry, Jimmy and other
    staffers crawl blindly towards the exits.  Superman enters
    from the stairwell.

                     Ever body get down and remain

    As the staffers obey, Superman _BLOWS SUPERCOLD BREATH_ into
    the room.  The gas instantly CRYSTALLIZES and floats to the
    floor like gray snowflakes.  Superman hurries to Parry,
    helps him up.

                                         SUPERMAN (CONT'D)
                     What happened?

                     It was Lois... she's gone crazy!
                     She tossed a tear gas canister in

                     It wasn't Lois, Mr. White.  She's
                     been set up.  There's a double.

                     A double?!

                     Did you see which way she went?

                     Back down the elevators.

                                                             CUT TO:

57  EXT. ALLEY DAY - A FEW MOMENTS LATER                                           57

    Superman _LANDS_ in the now deserted alley, lifts Lois'
    discarded purse from the asphalt.  Off his worried look...

                                                             FADE OUT.

                            _END OF ACT THREE_

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             41.

                                _ACT FOUR_

    FADE IN:

58  INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY - MINUTES LATER                                        58

    Clark enters, hurries to Perry and Jimmy.  In the background
    a JANITOR sweeps up the crystallized gas particles.

                     Clark!  Lois's suspicions were
                     right!  There is a double!

                     I know.  Where's Arianna?

                     She left before this happened.

                     Arianna Carlin was married to Lex

                     I don't believe it...

    As Clark moves to a phone and dials...

                     Not only that.  She had Doctor
                     Heller create the double, then
                     killed him.  Now she's trying to
                     destroy Lois.

                     Great shades of Elvis!

                            (into phone)
                     Detective Ryder, please.

                     I can't believe that woman pulled
                     the wool over my eyes.

                            (holds up Arianna's book)
                     Don't feel so bad chief.  She wrote
                     the book on it.

    Clark eyes the book, then something dawns on him.

                     That's it!


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             42.

58  CONTINUED:                                                                     58

    He abruptly hands the phone to Jimmy.

                                         CLARK (CONT'D)
                     Ask them to put an APB out on
                     Doctor Carlin.

    Clark rushes toward Arianna's office, a confused-Perry

59  INT. ARIANNA'S OFFICE DAY - MOMENTS LATER                                      59

    Clark has several of Arianna's columns spread across the
    desk.  Perry looks over his shoulder.

60  CLARK'S POV                                                                    60

    His _SUPER VISION_ scans down a column, alternately
    highlighting different words in a random sequence.

61  RESUME SCENE                                                                   61

                     Exactly what is it you're looking

                     Subliminal messages...

62  CLARK'S POV                                                                    62

    Now his _SUPER VISION_ highlights a different sequence; the
    FIRST WORD OF EVERY SENTENCE.  No message.  The highlights
    then switch to the FIRST LETTER OF EACH PARAGRAPH. On
    screen we see the "S" from the opening paragraph word,
    the "U" from the second paragraph opening word, etc.

                                         CLARK (O.S.)
                     I got it!

63  RESUME SCENE                                                                   63

    He hands the column to Perry as he grabs another column.

                     When you string together the first
                     letter of each paragraph it spells
                     the message 'Superman is Evil.'

                     Well, I'll be.

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             43.

64  CLARK'S POV                                                                    64

    Clark scans the 2nd column. Now the FIRST LETTER of each
    paragraph is highlighted and MOVES, COMING TOGETHER To FORM

                                         CLARK (O.S.)
                     "Man of Steel Wicked.'

    Another column replaces it.  The same effect.shows:

                                         CLARK (O.S)
                     'Superman must die.'

65  RESUME SCENE                                                                   65

                     No surprise that twenty percent of
                     Metropolis is suddenly

                     Just about the same percentage that
                     reads her column.  Let's see what
                     she had planned for tomorrow.

    They move to a PASTE-UP board, study her column, then...

                     'Defend Lois Murder of Superman.'

                     That lunatic's planning to have
                     Lois, double kill Superman?!

                     And tear Metropolis apart in the

                     The woman's certifiable.  Nobody
                     can kill Superman.

                            (rushing in)
                     C.K.! I was giving the APB to the
                     cops when Dr. Carlin called for
                     you!  She's on line two!

                            (on phone)

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             44.

66  INTERCUT CLOSE ON ARIANNA - LUTHOR'S PENTHOUSE                                 66

                     Clark, I need your  help. Lois has
                     gone over the edge...

                     Where are you?!

                     At Lex Luthor's penthouse.  Lois is
                     threatening to kill herself unless
                     she can speak to Superman.

                     He'll be there as soon as I can
                     contact him.

    He hangs up and dashes out, grabbing for his tie thru...

                     Where are you going?

                     To find Superman.

                                                             CUT TO:

67  INT. LEX'S PENTHOUSE - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                        67

    Arianna hangs up, then turns to face Lois, sitting on the
    couch under the aquarium, bound-and gagged.

                     Perfect.  Clark will testify at
                     your trial that I was only
                     concerned with your well being...
                     the helpful therapist to the end.

    Arianna withdraws a small leather pouch from a desk drawer.

                                         ARIANNA (CONT'D)
                     Of course, you'll tearfully insist
                     that you've been framed, that it
                     was actually _me_ who killed
                     Superman.  Classic guilt

    Lois finally manages to spit the gag out.

                     You're the one who needs help.
                     Nothing can kill Superman!

    Arianna reaches into the pouch and withdraws a GLOWING GREEN


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             45.

67  CONTINUED:                                                                     67

                     You must remember kryptonite.
                     You're the one who named it.

    As a realization crosses Lois' face, Arianna slips the
    bullet into the chamber of a large handgun.  She snaps the
    chamber shut thru...

                                         ARIANNA (CONT'D)
                     And this gun you bought is going to
                     kill him with it.  Then you'll know
                     the pain I felt when you drove the
                     love of my life to his death.

                     I didn't drive Lex to his death!

                     Lois you're in a state of denial.
                     Too bad we don't have more time to
                     explore that.

    A side door opens and the double enters from Lex' bathroom,
    toweling her hair.

                                         ARIANNA (CONT'D)
                     Hurry up, he'll be here any minute.

    The double removes the towel, reveals she's washed the dye
    out of her hair and is blonde again.

                     Who are you?

                                         LOIS "II"
                     Let's just say I was an accident
                     victim with no insurance who was in
                     the right place at the right time.

    Arianna moves to the couch, withdraws a HYPODERMIC NEEDLE.

                     You look stressed, Lois.  As your
                     doctor, I'm going to prescribe a
                     light sedative.

    Lois, eyes widen as Arianna leans close with the needle.

                                                             CUT TO:

68  EXT. METROPOLIS SKY - DAY - (STOCK)                                            68

    Superman soars over the city, nears Lex' building.

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             46.

69  INT. LEX' PENTHOUSE - DAY - MOMENTS LATER                                      69

    Deserted, except for Lois, now unconscious and untied on the
    couch.  Superman lands at the glass doors and enters.
    Rushing to the couch, he kneels next to Lois.


                                         ARIANNA (O.S.)
                     She'll be fine...

    Suddenly, Arianna exits the bathroom on the far side of the
    room, holding the gun in a gloved hand.  Superman rises.

                     I really thought you were smarter
                     than this.

                     I really am.

    She pulls the trigger.

70  ANGLE - THE BULLET                                                             70

    it cuts a deadly path as it heads for Superman. His
    expression doesn't change as he prepares to repel the bullet
    until it rips into his upper chest.

71  ANOTHER ANGLE                                                                  71

    He stumbles back, collapsing in pain on the floor.  Arianna
    approaches, relishing the sight of him immobilized on the

                     I can imagine what's running
                     through your head right now.
                     Shock, confusion, outrage.  The
                     same emotions I felt when you let
                     Lex die.

    She steps over Superman, wraps the gun in Lois' hand thru...

                                         ARIANNA (CONT'D)
                     You'll wake up in a few minutes.
                     Although I'm sure you'll wish you
                            (then, loudly)
                     Let's go!

    The bathroom door opens and the double steps out. She joins
    Arianna and they exit out the front door.

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             47.

72  ANGLE ON SUPERMAN AND LOIS                                                     72

    His breathing is more shallow, his energy weakening.

                            (a whisper)
                     Lois... can you hear me?

    Lois stirs. Superman tries to rise, can't.  A shudder rolls
    through him... he's dying.

                                         SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

    She stirs again, but barely.  Superman looks at the aquarium
    above her head.  Summoning the last of his strength, he uses
    his HEAT VISION to burn a pinpoint hole through the glass.
    A thin stream of water cascades onto Lois' face, stirring
    her.  Her eyes flutter open.  As they start to focus...

                     Superman ... ?..

    Realizing he's hurt, Lois shakes her head and sits up.
    Seeing the gun in her hand, she drops it, then forces
    herself off the couch and to his side.  His wound, clearly
    visible, now has a TRICKLE OF BLOOD running from it.

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     Superman... I'll call an ambulance.

                     Too long...
                            (winches, then)
                     It's got to come out now...

    He grimaces as another wave of pain rolls over him.  Lois
    hesitates, then glances around the penthouse and spots a
    SHINY LETTER OPENER on Lex' desk.

    Lois grabs the engraved letter opener, then hurries back to
    Superman's side. She looks at him a beat...

                     I don't know if I can do this...

    Superman places his hand on hers.  A beat, then Lois steels
    herself and brings the letter opener close to the wound.

73  EXT. STREET - DAY                                                              73

    Arianna and the Double jump into a LEXUS, the Double behind
    the wheel.

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             48.

74  INT. LEX' PENTHOUSE - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                         74

    On the cut Superman grits his teeth as Lois pulls the bullet
    out.  As soon as the kryptonite clears his body, the wound
    slowly closes as if it was never there.  Lois stares
    transfixed at it until...

                     You've got to get that away from

    Lois quickly hurries to the other side of the room as
    Superman rises unsteadily.  She stops near the front doors,
    looks at him.  They share a beat, something passing between
    them that words can't capture.  Then...

                                         SUPERMAN (CONT'D)
                            (re: bullet)
                     The middle of the Atlantic would be

    He uses his HEAT VISION to meld the hole in the aquarium,
    then lurches toward the terrace.

                     Don't go.  You're too weak.

                     I'll... I'll be okay.

    A faint smile to Lois and he's gone.

                                                             CUT TO:

75  EXT. STREET - DAY                                                              75

    The Lexus heads down the street.  Superman drops from the
    sky thirty feet in front of it, stumbling to his knees.  As
    he rises unsteadily and prepares to block the car's path...

76  INT. LEXUS - DAY - MOVING                                                      76

    The stunned double reacts thru...

                     He's weak!  Run him down!

77  EXT. STREET - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                                 77

    The Lexus accelerates.  As Superman puts his hands out to
    stop it, the car PLOWS INTO HIM, him hurtling backwards into
    a parked car.  The Lexus careens out of control and SHEARS A
    FIRE HYDRANT, sending a plume of water thirty feet into the

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             49.

78  ON SUPERMAN                                                                    78

    Stunned, he lays motionless against the parked car.

79  EXT. LEXUS - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                                  79

    Arianna and the Double stumble out.  Arianna reaches back
    inside and pulls a gun from the glove compartment.

                     Come on!

    The two women race to...

80  EXT. INTERSECTION - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                           80

    ...where the only vehicle waiting at the light is a huge
    SEMI.  Arianna flings opens the passenger door, aiming the
    gun at the surprised DRIVER.

                     Just do as I say!

    She climbs in.  The Double glances back at Superman.

81  HER POV                                                                        81

    Superman clears his head and spots them entering the truck.

82  RESUME DOUBLE                                                                  82

    She hesitates, then finally climbs in behind Arianna.  As
    the truck pulls away from the intersection...

83  INT. TRUCK CAB - DAY - MOVING                                                  83

    Arianna holds the gun on the driver.

                                         TRUCK DRIVER
                     I'm runnin' dead head.  Ain't
                     nuthin' in this truck to steal.

                     Just shut up and drive!

    As he shifts into a higher gear and picks up speed, the
    Double glances into the SIDE VIEW MIRROR.

84  HER POV                                                                        84

    In the mirror, she sees Superman flying toward them.

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             50.

85  RESUME SCENE                                                                   85

                                         "LOIS II"
                     He's right behind us! We'll never
                     lose him!

                     Maybe you'd like to get out now!

    Arianna reaches across the Double to open the door.

                                         "LOIS II"
    The Double grabs for the gun.  As the two women struggle...

                                         TRUCK DRIVER
                     Hey! Watch out!

    A SHOT rings out in front of the driver.  As he loses

86  EXT. STREET - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                                 86

    The driver desperately slams on the brakes, but the Semi
    JACK-KNIFES and SKIDS towards a CITY PARK filled with
    children and their parents.

87  ON SUPERMAN                                                                    87

    Seeing the impending disaster, he speeds up.

88  INT. TRUCK CAB - DAY - MOVING - CONTINUOUS                                     88

    As the passengers are thrown about, the gun goes flying.

89  EXT. STREET - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                                 89

    Superman lands in front of the sideways skidding truck and
    leans into it. But he's still too weak to stop it.  The
    truck's momentum pushes him backwards until he slips, his
    feet sliding under the truck.

90  ON CITY PARK                                                                   90

    Parents and children panic and start to run.

91  RESUME SUPERMAN                                                                91

    He hangs on to the bottom edge of the trailer as he DIGS HIS
    FEET INTO THE ASPHALT.  The friction digs trenches, creating

                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             51.

92  ON SUPERMAN                                                                    92

    He grimaces, almost seeming to will Superstrength back into
    his body.  Finally, the truck slides to a halt inches from
    the Park.  Superman hurries out from under the truck and
    rushes to the cab.  He opens the door to find the driver
    holding the gun on Arianna and the Double.

                                         TRUCK DRIVER
                     Thanks Superman.
                            (tosses him the gun)
                            (to Arianna)
                     I guess he doesn't read your


93  INT. DAILY PLANET - (DAY #5)                                                   93

    Lois types at her computer, Clark looking over her shoulder.
    Jimmy enters carrying Arianna's book.

                     Ten minutes to deadline Lois.

                     I'm almost done.

                     What's that, Jimmy?

                     Arianna's book. I'm gonna get a

    Jimmy moves off.

                     What do you think of this tag line?
                     'And so, in the end, Arianna Carlin
                     Luthor proved to be no less evil
                     than her ex-husband.  And thanks to
                     Superman, Metropolis can now bring
                     to a close the final chapter of the
                     House of Luthor.'

                     I like it.

    She's about to hit a button to send it, then stops.

                                         CLARK (CONT'D)
                     What's the matter?


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             52.

93  CONTINUED:                                                                     93

                     Well, there's something I found out
                     about Superman that I didn't put in
                     the story and I'm not sure if I

                     Is it newsworthy?

                     Very... except, well it's kind of a
                     personal thing and...

                     Lois, you've got great reporter
                     instincts. Trust them.

    She considers a beat, then hits the button and sends the
    story down to "copy."  Clark smiles.  Perry approaches.

                     Look, Lois.  Now that things have
                     calmed down and Doctor Carlin and
                     your double are enjoying deluxe
                     accommodations with a view of the
                     exercise yard, why don't you take
                     some time off?

                       LOIS                             PERRY
              You know, I think                Now, don't argue
              I will.                          with me

                     You will?  Clark, are we sure this
                     is the real Lois Lane?

                            (smiles; then to Lois)
                     So... what are you going to do with
                     your time off?

                            (gathering her things)
                     Oh, I don't know.  I thought I
                     might take a cruise across the

    A knowing smile crosses Clark's face as Lois slings her
    purse over her shoulder.  As she heads for the elevator...

                                         LOIS (CONT'D)
                     Try not to let this place fall
                     apart while I'm gone you guys,


                            --page break--
    MADAME EX  (#1)  Blue Revision  (FULL)    7/29/94                             53.

93  CONTINUED:  2                                                                  93

                     Yep.  That's our Lois.

                     The genuine article.

                                                             DISSOLVE TO:

94  INT. RECOVERY ROOM - DAY 9                                                     94

    Close on the plexiglas casket with Lex Luthor's body
    suspended in the gelatinous goo.  The two monitors QUIETLY
    BEEP as the green lines gently arc across the screen.
    Gretchen Kelly approaches the casket.

                     I've got some bad news Lex.
                     Arianna failed.

    She looks up at the monitors.  No reaction.

                                         GRETCHEN (CONT'D)
                     But don't worry...
                            (caressing casket)
                     ... you'll always have me.

    The monitors BEEP slightly faster and as she stares at
    Luthor, a Mona Lisa smile crosses her face and we...

                                                             FADE OUT.

                            _THE END_

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Plusieurs nouvelles informations concernant la saison 15 de Grey's Anatomy à lire sur le quartier !!

choup37, Avant-hier à 17:37

Calendrier et sondage vous attendent sur Kaamelott

teddymatt, Hier à 21:38

2004 - 2009 - 2019 Le Quartier THE L WORD est en fête. Nous t'invitons à participer aux animations proposées. Au plaisir de

byoann, Aujourd'hui à 10:05

Sondage et calendriers vous attendent sur le quartier de Robin des Bois. Venez on vous attend...

stephe, Aujourd'hui à 14:04

hello ! nouveau sondage sur Bates Motel & The Good Wife ! A vos votes

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