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#210 : Robot crime

Titre en VO : Metallo
Diffusion US : 01/01/95
Diffusion FR : 16/05/95

Les frères Vale sont des anciens scientifiques de Lex Luthor et ils ont créé un cyborg. Pour le faire fonctionner, ils utilisent de la kryptonite. Il s'appelle Johnny Corbin et c'est le petit ami de la soeur de Loïs, Lucy Lane.

Loïs, qui veut protéger sa soeur, lui dit que ce gars n'est pas fait pour elle mais une dispute éclate. Johnny va donc revoir Lucy mais quand elle voit son apparence, elle le quitte.

Superman essaye d'arrêter le cyborg mais il se blesse. Jimmy, qui voudrait prendre des photos de lui blessé, se fait enguirlander par Loïs qui refuse cela sous le regard méfiant de Perry qui le prend mal. Il lui laisse quand même le soin de terminer l'enquête malgré cette erreur.

Les frères Vale veulent se débarrer de Superman alors ils décident d'enlever Clark mais Loïs, grâce à Lucy, le libérera. Superman fait fondre le robo et Jimmy prend des photos du robot mourrant ce qui lui vaut une augmentation de la part de Perry.

Note : 7.5/10


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Titre VO

Titre VF
Robot crime


Episode 210 intégrale

Episode 210 intégrale


Plus de détails










Story by  Alan Brennert & James Crocker

Teleplay by Tony Blake & Paul Jackson

Directed by James Bagdonas













































_INTERIORS_:                             _EXTERIORS_:


Daily Planet                             Infinity Labs


    Conference Room                      Metropolis Street


Infinity Labs                            Metropolis Alley


Bar & Grill                              Bank ATM


Jewelry Store                            Post Office Box Store


Lois' Apartment




Clark's Bathroom


Post Office Box Store







     FADE IN:



 1   INT. JEWELRY STORE - DAY #1                                                 1  


     CLOSE ON DISPLAY CASE GLASS as it SHATTERS from a blow by a

     HUMAN HAND. As the hand reaches in and snatches jewels...



 2   ANOTHER ANGLE REVEALS                                                       2  


     the store's employees cowered in a corner as THE ROBBER, a

     surprisingly averaged sized man (considering his strength),

     pockets the jewels and heads for a FLOOR SAFE behind the

     counter.  He pushes over a GLASS SHOWCASE that's in his way                  (X)

     with just a flick of his wrist.



 3   ANGLE - FLOOR SAFE                                                          3  


     The robber grabs the door handle of the steel safe and,

     without any exertion at all, RIPS THE DOOR off.  Tossing it                  (X)

     aside, he starts scooping out loose diamonds when...



 4   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                                4 


     ... the front door opens and two POLICE OFFICERS rush in,

     guns drawn.


                                          OFFICER #1

                       Okay pal, drop the ice!


     The robber turns, starts to advance on the officers.


                                          OFFICER #1 (CONT'D)

                       Back off man, just back off!


     The robber, face expressionless, continues forward.  The

     officers FIRE, but the BULLETS JUST BOUNCE OFF the robber!

     The robber keeps coming.


                                          OFFICER #1 (CONT'D)

                              (into walkie-talkie)

                       Four thirty-one Metro, requesting

                       back-up at 321 Division street!


     As he speaks, the robber suddenly slows, and takes a wobbly

     step.  His eyes roll back in his head, and he collapses.                     (X)




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)      Pink Rev.             11/10/94                        2.    



 4   CONTINUED:                                                                  4  


     on the floor, he stares blankly at the ceiling, his body

     TWITCHING.  As the officers stare down at the robber...


                                                                DISSOLVE TO:



 5   EXT. JEWELRY STORE - NIGHT #1                                               5  


     Flashing lights from emergency vehicles.  A coroners's van

     parked at  the curb.  The suspect's body lies on a gurney

     nearby.  DETECTIVE TUZZOLINO leads LOIS and CLARK out of                     (X)

     the store.



                              (to Tuzzolino)                                      (X)

                       You said the suspect didn't have

                       any weapons.  He did all that with

                       just his bare hands?


                                          DET. TUZZOLINO                          (X)

                              (nods, then)

                       You know, I got a kid going through

                       the terrible twos that doesn't do

                       that much damage.


     They approach the Coroner's van.  Clark eyes the body.



                       And your men shot him five times?                          (X)

                       How come there isn't any blood?


                                          DET. TUZZOLINO                          (X)

                       They could have shot him fifty

                       times and there wouldn't be any




                       How could he not bleed?


                                          DET. TUZZOLINO                          (X)

                       Because he ain't a he.  He's an it.


     Tuzzolino pulls up the suspect's shirt from his waist and                    (X)

     reveals a STAINLESS STEEL TORSO, replete with rivets running

     up the side.  Lois and Clark are stunned.


                                          DET. TUZZOLINO (CONT'D)                 (X)

                       Somebody's building criminals of



     Off Lois and Clark's reactions...


                                                                FADE OUT.


                           _END OF TEASER_



                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     FULL Blue Rev.        11/7/94                          3.    


                              _ACT ONE_


     FADE IN:



 6   INT. BAR AND GRILL - DAY #2                                                 6(X)


     Think TGIF'S, only not as busy.  Lois and Clark are in a

     corner booth, going over some papers.  The remains of a meal

     lay in front of them.



                       According to this research, only

                       two labs in Metropolis had dealings

                       in robotics.  Lexcorp...



                       Which is out of business.



                       And Starlabs.                                              (X)



                              (eyeing papers)

                       Which layed off half their workers

                       because of defense cut-backs. I

                       wonder if a disgruntled ex-employee

                       is behind this.




                              (and then)

                       What do they call someone who's

                       happy with his job?  A gruntled



     A waitress, LUCY, early 20's, cute, self assured, approaches

     with a pot of coffee.



                       How was everything?



                       Well, the service was kind of slow,

                       but aside from that...



                       I'm so sorry.  Tell you what, your

                       dessert's on me.  That and your

                       senior citizen discount should make

                       up for it.


     Lois fakes pulling an arrow out of her heart. Lucy laughs.





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)      Pink Rev.             11/10/94                        4.    



 6   CONTINUED:                                                                  6  



                       You know, I always envisioned the

                       relationship between siblings to be...

                       well... something different.



                       That's because you're an only



     As Lucy pours coffee into their cups...



                       So Lucy, how's it feel to be back                          (X)

                       in Metropolis?



                       Great.  California was fun, but it

                       was time to get back to school and

                       finish my degree.


     As Lois reacts to Clark's grin, JOHNNY CORBEN approaches.

     Mid twenties, a handsome bad boy, Johnny's a street kid with

     rough edges.  He wears black jeans, boots and t-shirt.



                       Hey Lucy!                                                  (X)


     Lucy's delighted to see him, Lois isn't, and she doesn't

     hide it very well.  As he hugs Lucy...


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                       How's my girl?



                       Johnny, I want you to meet my

                       sister.  Lois, this is Johnny



     Johnny sticks out his hand.  Lois takes it politely.



                       How ya' doin'?  I've heard a lot

                       about you.




                       And I've heard about you.



                       And this is Clark Kent.  He works

                       with Lois at the Daily Planet.





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)      Pink Rev.             11/10/94                        5.    



 6   CONTINUED:  2                                                               6  



                       Yeah?  I used to work for the

                       Planet.  I had a route when I was a

                       kid.  Till they fired me.  I was a

                       little short on my subscription

                       money a few times.  Big deal,




                       Yeah, sometimes they can be pretty




                              (to Lucy)

                       Listen, babe, can we talk




                       Excuse us.


     As Lucy leads Johnny towards a Service Island...



                       I don't know what she sees in him.

                       The guy has no job, no education,                          (X)

                       and no prospects.



                       Maybe it's just animal magnetism.



                       That's fine in the zoo.

                              (off his confused look)

                       Don't expect me to be rational.  My

                       kid sister's dating Alley Oop.


     Clark's BEEPER goes off.  He looks at it, then, rising...



                       It's Jimmy.  I'll be back.


     Lois waits until Clark's out of sight, then slips from the

     booth and sneaks to the edge of the island, where she can

     listen in unseen.



 7   AT THE SERVICE ISLAND                                                       7  



                       Listen babe, me and Angel, we're

                       uh... puttin' together a little

                       business opportunity.  It's

                       guaranteed to pay off big time.

                       But 'til then I'm kinda' busted.




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                       6.    



 7   CONTINUED:                                                                  7  


     Lucy reaches into the pouch of her waitress apron.



                       Well, I had a pretty good day in




                       No babe, I couldn't...



                       Johnny, just take it.


     Johnny takes the money, then pulls her close.



                       You're the best.  One day, you and

                       me are gonna be sittin' on top of

                       the world.  I promise you.


     He hugs her.  Lois is about to retch when a HAND grabs her

     shoulder.  Startled, Lois turns to see... it's only Clark.




                       Sorry ma'am, but this is the no

                       eavesdropping section.


     As he leads Lois back towards their booth...



                       I can't believe she gave that leech




                       Take it up with her later.  Jimmy

                       found out that robot was powered

                       with uranium capsules.  If we can

                       track down where the capsules came

                       from, maybe we'll find our Mister



                                                                CUT TO:


 8   CLOSE ON                                                                    8  


     a robotic skull being hurled against a wall.  Pull back to

     reveal we're...



 9   INT. INFINITY2 LABORATORY - DAY                                             9(X)


     A state-of-the-art robotics lab.  EMMET VALE, mid 40's,

     thick shock of hair, has just thrown the skull.




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                       7.    



 9   CONTINUED:                                                                  9  


     He holds a robotic claw in his hand as he stands next to a

     six foot headless metal robot.  Emmet's brother, ROLLIE, an                  (X)

     egghead in his mid-late 30's, searches through a file cabinet.



                       A fortune in electronics, lost!

                              (turning on his brother)

                       Why Rollie?!                                               (X)




                       Obviously Emmet, the control

                       mechanism picked up the radio

                       signal from the cops.  I told you

                       that might happen.  But would you

                       listen?  Noooo.  Now, if we

                       insulate the skull like I said...



                       No.  No more computerized control.

                              (eyeing Rollie)                                     (X)

                       This time we use the neural sensory





                       That means using a human brain.

                              (off Emmet's stare)

                       Don't look at me like that, Emmet.



                       Don't worry little brother.  I said

                       a human brain.  We'll put the word

                       out on the street that we need a



                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Emmet, we're scientists.  We don't

                       know anybody on the street.




                       Then we'll meet some.


     Emmet uses the robotic claw to pick up a solid glass

     paperweight as Rollie pulls out an 11X14 manila mailer.  As                  (X)

     he slips some pages into it, Emmet eyes him a beat, then...


                                          EMMET (CONT'D)

                       Rollie, I'm this close to creating                         (X)

                       the ultimate crime machine that

                       will make us more powerful than

                       Intergang and... you're mailing






                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                       8.    



 9   CONTINUED:  2                                                               9  


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       It's the article I wrote for

                       Futureplex magazine.  I've got to

                       send it to myself to copyright it.



                       There are more important things to

                       worry about right now!


     The robotic claw in Emmet's hand SHATTERS the paperweight.


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)


                       You want to worry about something?

                       Worry that there's no more money to

                       get the uranium capsules we need to

                       power that worthless piece of tin.



                       What _you_ don't know is that with

                       a human brain, we don't need

                       uranium.  We'll use an alternate

                       power source.


     Emmet puts down the claw and picks up a metal box.


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Like what?  Wheaties?


     Emmet picks up a small box and opens it.  The AUDIENCE DOES





                       No.  Something I was testing at



     Rollie looks into the box and off his surprised reaction...                  (X)


                                                                CUT TO:



10   INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY                                                    10  


     Clark's getting off the phone as Lois approaches from the

     fax area, carrying a sheet of paper.



                       Well, well, well.  Guess what I

                       found out?  Johnny Corben has a rap

                       sheet.  Two arrests for grand theft

                       auto, plea bargained to probation,

                       and half a dozen misdemeanors.


     She grabs her phone and starts to dial.




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     FULL Blue Rev.        11/10/94                         9.    



10   CONTINUED:                                                                 10  


                                          LOIS (CONT'D)

                       I'm calling Lucy.



                       Lois, you might want to think about

                       it for a minute.  In my experience,

                       nobody likes to be told they're

                       wrong.  It could backfire on you.



                              (hangs up)

                       Hmm. What should I do?



                       I don't know...  You know her                              (X)

                       better than I do.                                          (X)



                       Well apparently not.  You just said

                       what I was going to do was wrong.



                       I didn't say you were wrong. I                             (X)

                       just said you should think about                           (X)

                       it.                                                        (X)



                              (growing frustrated)                                (X)

                       Okay, I've thought about it and                            (X)

                       now I'm not sure what to do and I                          (X)

                       could use your help!                                       (X)



                       I don't know what to do. I never                           (X)

                       had siblings.                                              (X)


     As Lois stares at him exasperated, PERRY enters.                             (X)



                       Now, I could be wrong but something

                       tells me this little discussion                            (X)

                       isn't work related.  And in case

                       anyone is interested, our page one

                       lead at the moment looks like this.


     He holds up a page one mock-up with the headline "RoboThug

     Fizzles in Jewel Heist."  There are two blank columns where

     the story is supposed to go.


                                          PERRY (CONT'D)

                       Is there any chance we might see

                       some ink in these columns before

                       this goes to bed, or shouldn't I

                       get my hopes up?




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     FULL Blue Rev.        11/10/94                        10.    



10   CONTINUED:  2                                                              10  



                       We'll get right on it, chief.




                       Thank you.



                       What angle are we supposed to                              (X)




                       Well, none of the labs I spoke to

                       reported any theft of uranium.

                       But... apparently when Lexcorp

                       broke up, there was a significant

                       amount missing from Lexlabs.



                       Lexlabs?  How long is Luthor going

                       to haunt Metropolis?


     A bummed out JIMMY enters carrying a thick file folder.



                       Here's all I could find on robots.



                       You all right, Jimmy?



                       Yeah... I guess.  It's just, they

                       raised my rent and I can't afford

                       it, so I gotta find a new place.



                       Why don't you ask Perry for a




                       _Ask_ for a raise?  I don't think

                       so.  I saw Pete in sports ask him

                       for a raise and a week later Pete

                       was gone.



                       Jimmy, unlike you, Pete wasn't very

                       good at his job.  Just remember,

                       the squeaky wheel gets the oil.



                       Or, they get a new wheel.  I just

                       gotta find a way to get the chief to

                       notice my work.





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.          11/10/94                           11.    



10   CONTINUED:  3                                                              10  


     A REPORTER hurries past them gesturing to a nearby man.



                       Virgil, we got an armored car

                       robbery going down at third and

                       Shuster!  Get your camera!


     As the man rises from a desk...



                       That's okay Virg... I got it!


     As Jimmy quickly exits, Clark rises from his desk and starts

     for the stairwell.



                       Uh... I'm in the mood for frozen

                       yogurt.  Want some?



                       Clark, we've got work to do.                               (X)



                       I'll only be a few minutes.  What                          (X)




                       Surprise me.


     He hurries off, grabbing for his tie.


                                                                CUT TO:



11   EXT. METROPOLIS SKY - DAY                                                  11  


     Superman soars above the city.  His SUPERHEARING picks up

     the SOUND of police SIRENS below.  He banks, heads down.



12   EXT. METROPOLIS STREET - DAY - SECONDS LATER                               12  


     A SEDAN roars around a corner, the cops in close pursuit.

     Suddenly Superman flies around a corner and spots the SEDAN.

     He fires a BEAM OF HEATVISION and blows out the sedan's

     front tires.  The Sedan starts fishtailing.



13   SUPERMAN                                                                   13  


     LEAPS in front and stops the car with his hands.  The police

     cruiser pulls up and two officers pile out, guns leveled.

     As his partner rushes to the other side of the sedan...





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                     12.     



13   CONTINUED:                                                                 13  


                                          OFFICER #2

                       Thanks, Superman.  Two other

                       suspects took off in a gray Olds.                          (X)

                       We wounded one of them.



                       They've probably changed cars by

                       now, but I'll take a look from the



     And with that, Superman LEAPS out of frame with a WHOOSH.


                                                                CUT TO:



14   EXT. METROPOLIS ALLEY - NIGHT #2                                           14  


     Deserted, except for the rats and the trash.  A thug named

     ANGEL hurries into the alley and moves several garbage

     barrels revealing a badly wounded Johnny Corben.  Corben's

     shirt is stained with blood.



                       Angel... where'd you go?  I gotta

                       get to a hospital.



                       Don't worry John. I called a

                       couple of doctors I heard about. I

                       told 'em to meet us here.


     Suddenly a WHITE PANEL VAN roars into the alley.  As it

     skids to a stop, the Vale brothers exit and hurry to Corben

     and Angel. Rollie kneels down to check on Corben.                            (X)


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       He's alive. But not for long.


     The brothers try lifting Johnny but he's too heavy.


                                          ROLLIE (CONT'D)                         (X)

                              (to Angel)

                       You do a very nice impression of a

                       tree.  Now how about giving us a




                              (not moving)

                       Where's my money?



                       The deal was a living human brain

                       delivered to my door.






                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      13.    



14   CONTINUED:                                                                 14  


                                          EMMET (CONT'D)

                       The longer you stand here flapping

                       your lips, Mister... whoever you

                       are... the less chance you've got

                       to collect.


     As the annoyed Angel helps them carry Corben to the van...


                                                                DISSOLVE TO:



15   INT. DAILY PLANET BULLPEN - NIGHT - LATER                                  15  


     Lois sits at her desk, staring at her computer as Clark                      (X)

     enters from a side entrance, straightening his tie,

     smoothing his hair.  As he approaches his desk...



                       What happened to you?  You left two

                       hours ago.  And where's my yogurt?



                       Oh... right.  Yogurt.  Um, well...

                       remember you said to surprise you?






                       Well... I didn't bring you any.

                              (forced smile)



     Lois stares at him blankly.  Clark quickly changes subjects.


                                          CLARK (CONT'D)

                       So, what have you found but?



                       Well, all of Lexcorps records are

                       on file at DataStor.



                       What's that?



                       It's a private computer data

                       storage service and you think I'm

                       fat don't you?!








                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.        11/10/94                             14.    



15   CONTINUED:                                                                 15  



                       That's why you didn't bring me any

                       yogurt!  You think I'm fat!                                (X)



                       Lois, I do not think you're fat.  I

                       just thought... it would be funny

                       not to bring you back any yogurt.



                       Oh.  Some of that cutting edge

                       Smallville humor.


     She turns back to her computer.                                              (X)



                              What are you doing?



                       I was going to try accessing the                           (X)

                       Lexcorp Lab records at Datastor,                           (X)

                       but the password's some impossible                         (X)

                       alpha numeric code.                                        (X)



                       Um, why don't I give it a try.




                       Go ahead.  Should only take ten                            (X)

                       years to go through all the

                       possible combinations.


     She walks off to the water cooler.  Clark slides into her

     seat.  He makes sure no one's looking, then works the

     keyboard at SUPERSPEED.



16   ON COMPUTER SCREEN                                                         16  


     Dozens of numerical combinations whiz by... until the right

     one comes up and the screen reads "ACCESS APPROVED".



17   RESUME SCENE                                                               17  


     Lois returns with a cup of water, stunned by what she sees.



                       How... ?





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      15.    



17   CONTINUED:                                                                 17  



                       If you can't be funny, you better

                       be lucky

                              (tapping keys)

                       Okay, I've accessed the Lexlabs

                       security records.



                              (beat, then)

                       Look.  A report oh a uranium theft

                       dated last March.



                              (more keys, then)

                       Filed by doctor Emmet Vale.




                       Head of robotics.


     As he and Lois exchange a look...


                                                                CUT TO:



18   OMITTED                                                                    18  



19   INT. INFINITY2 LABS - NIGHT                                                19(X)


     We're close on Johnny Corben's face. Eyes closed. A beat

     then they open. They stare blankly into space.


20   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                              20  


     Emmet and Rollie stand on either side of the table looking                   (X)

     down at Corben, who wears a tight fitting jump suit with a

     high neck.



                       Hello, John. How are you feeling?



                       I... I... I...


     Johnny continues slowly saying 'I' thru...


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)


                       He's stuck.  It's those teflon

                       semi-conductors.  I told you they

                       wouldn't work.




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      16.    



20   CONTINUED:                                                                 20  



                              (through gritted teeth)

                       He's not stuck.


     Rollie smacks Johnny on the arm.                                             (X)




                       ... feel tired.


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Told ya' so.                                               (X)



                       John, you're going to be fine.  In

                       fact, you're going to be better

                       than ever.


                                                                TIME CUT TO:



21   INT. INFINITY2 LABS - NIGHT - LATER                                        21(X)


     Emmet and Rollie flank Johnny as he gets used to walking                     (X)

     around the lab.  He moves stiffly and slowly at first, but

     as the scene progresses, gets more fluid.



                       You would have died from the bullet

                       wounds if your friend hadn't

                       brought you to  us. I saved your



                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Excuse me.  We saved your life.




                       I have no feeling in my body.  How



     As he runs his hands over his chest and arms, Rollie and                     (X)

     Emmet exchange a wary look.


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Well, that's because... well,

                       because you're a... tell him Emmet.


     Johnny steps to a mirror and suddenly and fiercely grabs his

     jumpsuit with both hands, ripping it open like Superman,


     center is ENGRAVED a MOBIUS (MOE-BEE-US) STRIP.  Corben

     looks at his chest, astonished.  He suddenly turns angry.




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      17.    



21   CONTINUED:                                                                 21  



                       Hey! What is this!?                                        (X)


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                              (sotto to Emmet)

                       Oh great. A robot with a temper.

                       Nice going.




                       Ah, John, we had to give you a new



                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Yeah, you see the old one was...

                       well frankly, full of holes.


     Corben turns and grabs both of them by the collar.  As he

     lifts them off the ground, the brothers turn white.


                                          ROLLIE (CONT'D)                         (X)

                       Wow, look at how strong you are.



                       What am I?!


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Well, actually you're a... robot...




                              (trying to sell it)

                       A mixture of man and machine. The

                       best of both.

                              (as Johnny considers)

                       There's no one else like you in the

                       world.. You're going to be famous.

                              (Corben's not convinced)

                       Think of it John.  You can have

                       anything you want.  Together we

                       will own Metropolis.


     A beat, then Corben puts them down.  His demeanor lightens.



                       Hey, I was just holdin' both of you

                       in the air.  Totally cool.


     Rollie shoots Emmet a look.  What a moron.                                   (X)


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                       Like the six million dollar man.

                       Do I run on batteries or what?




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      18.    



21   CONTINUED:  2                                                              21  



                       Oh no.  You have very special                              (X)

                       power source.  Let me show you.


     Emmet turns Johnny toward the mirror, then touches a small

     section of Johnny's metallic chest.  It pops open revealing

     the green glowing rock.



                       Whoa.  What is it?



                       It's called Kryptonite.  And it

                       will never run out.


     Emmet closes the compartment.  Johnny turns to the mirror

     again, now with a new admiration for his body.



                       Just like that bunny, huh?  This is

                       outrageous, man.  I could really

                       kick some butt.



                       We must go slowly, John.  You're

                       still in the experimental stage.


     Johnny turns to the vales, raises his hand and SMASHES it

     through one of the counter tops.  Emmet and Rollie flinch.                   (X)



                       You go slow.  There ain't nobody

                       who's gonna mess with me.  I'm as

                       strong as Superman.


                                                                FADE OUT.


                                 _END OF ACT ONE_



                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     FULL Blue Rev.          11/7/94                       19.    


                                   _ACT TWO_


     FADE IN:



22   INT. DAILY PLANET BULLPEN - DAY #3                                         22(X)


     Perry's heading for his office, his eyes on some paperwork,

     when he's intercepted by Jimmy.



                       Hey, Chief. I see you used one of

                       my shots for the armored car story.



                       Would have been hard to use any                            (X)

                       other, since you were the only

                       photographer we had there.



                       Yeah, that's true... But I think

                       lately my work's been just as good

                       as some of the veteran shooters.


     Perry lowers the papers, looks at him.


                                          JIMMY (CONT'D)

                       You know, some of the better paid




                       Are we taking this trip for fun or

                       do you have a particular

                       destination in mind?



                       No, I just... I guess I just wanted

                       a pat on the back.


     He pats Jimmy on the back.  Not what Jimmy was looking for.


                                          JIMMY (CONT'D)



     As Jimmy exits, a knowing grin crosses Perry's face.


                                                                CUT TO:



23   INT. LOIS' KITCHEN - MORNING                                               23  


     Lois is making breakfast at the stove.  Lucy's at the

     dinette table sipping a glass of orange juice.  A pile of

     Lois' work papers lies on the table right in front of Lucy,

     but her only interest is Lois.




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     FULL Blue Rev.          11/7/94                       20.    



23   CONTINUED:               23



                       This is really nice.  What suddenly

                       made you decide to invite me over

                       for breakfast?



                       What sudden?  I've been wanting to

                       do this ever since you got back to                         (X)

                       the city.                                                  (X)

                              (carrying bowls to


                       Anyway, it's just oatmeal.  It's

                       the only thing I know how to cook

                       for breakfast that doesn't require

                       a toaster.


     As she prepares to lay the bowls down on the table, Lois

     eyes the pile of work papers in front of Lucy.



24   HER POV                                                                    24  


     Johnny's rap sheet with mug shot, lies conspicuously on top.



25   RESUME SCENE                                                               25  



                       Uh... can you move those out of the



     Lucy pushes them towards the center of the table without

     looking at them, much to Lois' chagrin.  Lois sets a bowl of

     oatmeal down in front of Lucy, then takes the chair next to

     her.  As she lifts her own glass of OJ...



                       Sorry about the mess.

                              (indicating pile of


                       You can't believe the amount of

                       work I have to bring home.


     Lucy barely glances at the papers and nods.  Frustrated,

     Lois deliberately knocks over a glass of OJ.



                                          LOIS (CONT'D)



     Lois takes her napkin and dabs at the fast spreading juice,

     as Lucy grabs the pile of papers out of harm's way.  She

     notices Johnny's rap sheet on top.  Finally.



                       What's this?




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      21.    



25   CONTINUED:                                                                 25  




                       What's what?



                              (studying sheet)

                       I don't believe this...




                       I know it's hard, but...



                       I can't believe you did this!



                       Hey, don't get all huffy with me!

                       I'm not the one dating the guy who

                       likes to pose front and side!



                              (re: breakfast)

                       This was all a charade, wasn't it?

                       Why didn't you just fold his

                       rapsheet into an airplane and throw

                       it at my head?



                       Lucy, I think you're missing the




                       Oh, and what point is that?  That

                       I'm naive?  That I can't be trusted

                       to handle a relationship?

                              (coup de grace)

                       Or maybe you're just upset that I

                       found someone who cares for me and

                       you can't.



                       I may not have a man in my life

                       right now, but at least I'm not

                       throwing my money away on a                                (X)

                       deadbeat.                                                  (X)



                       You eavesdropped too?!  You're

                       incredible!  Is there nothing you

                       won't stoop to?


     Lucy stomps towards the door, Lois trails.





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      22.    



25   CONTINUED:  2                                                              25  



                       Lucy, I just didn't want you to                            (X)

                       get hurt!


     She grabs the door handle.  For the first time, we see she

     has tears forming.



                       Yeah, well, you failed.  Because

                       this hurts a lot.


     As Lucy opens the door, she almost barrels right into Clark.



                       Good morn...

                              (Lucy's gone)


                              (looks at Lois)

                       Let me guess.  It backfired on you.



                       It didn't backfire.  It's a work in

                       progress and why are you here?                             (X)



                       Well, I couldn't locate Emmet Vale

                       but I found his ex.  She might be

                       worth a visit.



                       Okay.  Just let me clean up.

                              (heading for bedroom)

                       There's some oatmeal on the stove,

                       if you're hungry.



                       Did you make it?



                       Yeah.  You probably don't believe



     Clark lifts a spoonful of the oatmeal. It's soup.



                       No, no... I believe it.


                                                                CUT TO:


26   EXT. STREET - DAY                                                          26  


     The EX-MRS. EMMET VALE, early 40's, gravelly voiced and

     irritable, working a street side hot dog stand, hands a hot

     dog to a construction worker as Lois and Clark approach.




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)       FULL Blue Rev.          11/7/94                     23.    



26   CONTINUED:                                                                 26  


                                          MRS. VALE

                       Be glad I'm out of onions.  Your

                       girlfriend might kiss you for a



     As the customer exits, Lois and Clark step up.


                                          MRS. VALE (CONT'D)

                              (to Clark)

                       What'll it be, handsome?



                       Uh... Mrs. Vale?


                                          MRS. VALE


                       Who wants to know?



                       We're reporters from the Daily

                       Planet.  We're trying to locate

                       your ex-husband.


                                          MRS. VALE

                       So am I.  Try lookin' in a sewer.


     She turns her attention to opening a pack of hot dog buns.



                       Uh... how are your hot dogs?


                                          MRS. VALE

                       They're great.  What did you expect

                       me to say?



                       May I have one?  Mustard, no                               (X)

                       onions.  I _want_ my girlfriend to                         (X)

                       kiss me.


     She eyes him, likes his style, then makes the dog thru...



                       We think your ex-husband may be

                       involved with that robot that

                       robbed a jewelry store.


                                          MRS. VALE

                       Good.  Maybe I'll start gettin' my

                       alimony and can quit this stinkin'




                       So you think he could be behind it?





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      24.    



26   CONTINUED:  2                                                              26  


                                          MRS. VALE

                       Well, the jerk was obsessed with

                       robots and his dream was to create

                       a cyborg.  What do you think?



                       Cyborg?  You mean a robot with a

                       human brain?


                                          MRS. VALE

                       The perfect playmate for Emmet.

                              (hands him hot dog)

                       Y'know dumpin' him was the best

                       thing i ever did.  Creep couldn't

                       do anything unless there was a

                       mechanical device involved.  And I

                       mean anything... you get my drift?



                       Ah... did he set up a laboratory

                       somewhere after he was laid off

                       from Lexcorp?


                                          MRS. VALE

                       I doubt it.  He's got no brains for

                       finance.  Now his brother Rollie,                          (X)

                       he was the really smart one.

                       Rollie could do anything.  I                               (X)

                       should have married him.  Brilliant

                       _and_ sensitive.  And nice lips.



                       Do you know where Rollie is?                               (X)


                                          MRS. VALE

                       Last I knew he was tryin' to be a

                       writer for some science magazine.

                       Futureplex, futurewhiz... future



     Off Lois and Clark's reaction to the possible lead...


                                                                CUT TO:


27   EXT. BANK - DAY                                                            27  


     An attractive woman ATM CUSTOMER pushes her card into a EZ

     CASH machine.  Johnny Corben, dressed in fashionable sport

     jacket and slacks, shirt buttoned to his neck, suddenly

     sticks his head over her shoulder.


                                          ATM CUSTOMER

                       Do you mind?





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      25.    



27   CONTINUED:                                                                 27  


     Annoyed, the woman cancels her transaction, grabs her card.

     As she turns to leave, Johnny blocks her way.



                       Don't leave yet!  We're just

                       getting to know each other.


                                          ATM CUSTOMER


                       And why would I want to know you?


     As Johnny slides his arm around the woman's shoulder...



                       Because baby, pretty soon I'm gonna

                       be the biggest thing that's ever

                       hit this town.



28   ON EMMET'S VAN, CURBSIDE                                                   28  


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Oh great!  We're in desperate of

                       need of cash and this simpleton's

                       acting like a mechanical Don Juan!



29   RESUME SCENE                                                               29  


     She suddenly grabs Johnny's hand off and BITES IT.


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)



     As he quickly jerks his hand free, a SECTION OF THE LATEX

     covering his metallic hand is left dangling in the woman's

     mouth.  She pulls the-latex "skin" from her mouth.


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                       Ya think a bandaid's gonna help?


     Without the latex, the inner workings of his robotic hand

     are clearly visible.  Horrified, the woman stumbles away.

     Johnny laughs and turns on the ATM machine.


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                       Oh darn, I forgot my card...


     Johnny rears back and PUNCHES both FISTS INTO the ATM.  With

     both hands embedded in the machinery, he PULLS OUT the

     ENTIRE METAL PLATE from the wall.  Effortlessly tossing it

     aside, he reaches in and pulls out a huge stack of bills.


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                       They're right.  This _is_ EZ.




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      26.    



29   CONTINUED:                                                                 29  


     Johnny turns and heads for the Vale brothers.  He shoves the

     money to Rollie through the open window.                                     (X)


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)


                       Gee John.  That's quite a hole in

                       your hand.  Almost matches the one

                       in your head.  Get in.



                       Later.  Right now, I've got an old

                       friend I want to see.



                       John, no!  That woman's going

                       straight to the cops!  They'll be

                       looking for you!



                       Who cares?  The cops can't stop me.


     As Johnny walks away, an unsettling smile on his face...


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Give it a human brain you said.

                       Everything will be perfect with a

                       human brain.



                       Rollie, you're giving me a                                 (X)



                                                                DISSOLVE TO:


30   EXT. BANK - DAY - LATER                                                    30  


     Jimmy takes photos of the destroyed ATM as a crowd gathers

     around.  Detective Tuzzolino approaches Lois and Clark, who                  (X)

     are taking notes near the ATM.



                       Another robot?


     Detective Tuzzolino nods, then shows them the swatch of                      (X)

     latex "skin" that came from Johnny's hand.


                                          DET. TUZZOLINO                          (X)

                       Our witness decided to take a bite

                       out of crime.



                       Did you get a description?





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      27.    



30   CONTINUED:                                                                 30  


                                          DET. TUZZOLINO                          (X)

                       Better. Got a photo from the ATM's

                       security camera.


     He shows a small photo to Lois and Clark.



31   INSERT - ATM SECURITY PHOTO                                                31  


     A black and white Camera POV of Johnny smashing the ATM.


                                          DET. TUZZOLINO (O.S.)                   (X)

                       All I have to do now is match a

                       name to this face.



32   RESUME SCENE                                                               32  




                       Johnny Corben.  Clark... how...?


                                          DET. TUZZOLINO                          (X)

                       You know this guy?



                       Saw him a couple of days ago.  He

                       seemed perfectly normal.



                       For a neandrathral.


                                          DET. TUZZOLINO                          (X)

                       Well, you just made my job easier.

                       Thanks for the I.D.


     As Tuzzolino heads O.S. towards a police car...                              (X)



                       Clark, I've got to find Lucy!



                       Okay.  I'll stay here, see if I can

                       get anything from the witness.


     Jimmy rushes up, pumped.



                       I got some great shots.  The kind

                       that could finally add another zero

                       to the end of my paycheck.


     As Clark heads out of frame, loosening his tie, Lois heads

     for the Planet staff car...





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)      FULL Blue Rev.           11/7/94                     28.    



32   CONTINUED:                                                                 32  


                                          JIMMY (CONT'D)

                       Hey, Lois!? Wait up!


                                                                CUT TO:



33   EXT. METROPOLIS ALLEY - DAY                                                33  


     EXTREMELY CLOSE ON ANGEL, the man who took Johnny to the

     Vale brothers.  His face is pure fear.



                       I thought I was helping you!



34   ANOTHER ANGLE REVEALS                                                      34  


     that Johnny has Angel by the neck, pinned to the wall a few

     feet off the ground.  He tightens his grip on Angel.



                       I think you mean helpin' yourself.

                       I hear you got ten bills for me.  I

                       want half... or I'm snappin' your

                       neck like a pencil!



                       Okay John, whatever you say...


     Johnny lowers Angel to the ground and releases him.  Angel

     bends over as if catching his breath, then quickly rises and

     pulls a gun from his jacket.  As he levels it at Johnny...


                                          ANGEL (CONT'D)

                       You should have kicked it the first



     BLAM!  BLAM!  Two shots right into Johnny's chest.  They

     bounce off.  Angel reacts...


                                                                CUT TO:



35   EXT. METROPOLIS SKY - DAY - SIMULTANEOUS (STOCK)                           35  


     Superman soars over the city.  Hearing the SHOTS, he banks




36   EXT. METROPOLIS ALLEY - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                   36  


     Smirking,  Johnny grabs Angel's gun and CRUSHES it into a

     little ball.  Then he lifts Angel over his head.




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)      FULL Blue Rev.          11/7/94                      29.    



36   CONTINUED:                                                                 36  





     Johnny throws Angel in a high arc down the alley.  Angel

     flies through the air, SCREAMING.  As he heads down...



37   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                              37  


     Superman, waiting on the ground, CATCHES HIM.  Angel takes a

     look at him and passes out.  As Superman lays him down...



                       Good catch.  Maybe you should look

                       into a new career in the majors.



                       Then there'd be nobody to clean up

                       the filth like you, Corben.



                       You--know my name. I'm impressed.


     As Corben nears, Superman suddenly starts to feel woozy. He

     tries to shake it off thru...


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                       Now show me what you got.


     Superman, throws a hook right for Corben's jaw.  To his

     amazement, Corben CATCHES THE PUNCH, then counterpunches and




38   EXT. METROPOLIS STREET - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                  38  


     Superman lands on the hood of Lois' Planet Staff car as it                   (X)

     heads down the street.  As he bounces off, she slams on the

     brakes.  She and Jimmy jump out and stare stunned a beat,

     then Jimmy starts snapping photos.  Corben lumbers from the




                       What a wuss. I hardly laid a hand

                       on you.


     As Superman struggles to rise, Johnny grabs him by the

     throat and lifts him in the air.


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                       I'll let you walk away... if you



     Superman wraps both his hands around Corben's forearm and

     struggles to squeeze for all he's worth.





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     FULL Blue Rev.          11/7/94                       30.    



38   CONTINUED:                                                                 38  


     He bends Corben's forearm at an odd angle.  Corben releases                  (X)

     Superman, who falls to the ground.                                           (X)


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                       My arm!  Look what you did to my



     He kicks Superman, who goes flying backward INTO a concrete                  (X)

     garbage pail.  He rises woozily, scratches on his face.  He                  (X)

     stumbles a few feet and collapses face down.  Holding his

     damaged forearm, Corben goes to the unconscious superhero



                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                       Get the message, pal.  Only room

                       for one super man in this town.


     Laughing, Corben disappears around a corner.  Lois rushes to

     Superman's side.





     She gently touches a cut on his forehead.  As she stares at

     the blood on her fingers, Superman GROANS, opens his eyes.



                       I called for an ambulance.


     He lifts his camera to his eye.



                       Jimmy no!  No pictures.


     Superman looks at Lois, feels awkward.


                                          LOIS (CONT'D)

                       Do you need some help?


     Superman shakes his head, slowly rises to his feet.



                       I... I'll be okay.


     Then he WHOOSHES out of frame.  HOLD ON Lois staring up at

     the sky, pained, then...


                                                                FADE OUT.


                                 _END OF ACT TWO_


                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      31.    


                                  _ACT THREE_


     FADE IN:



39   INT. CLARK'S BATHROOM - NIGHT #3                                           39  


     Clark's at the mirror, shirtless, examining the cut over his

     eye.  Bruises are visible on his chest.  He talks on the

     phone, obviously hurting.



                       All I know is I got dizzy and weak

                       when I got near him... it's got to

                       be Kryptonite. I  just don't know

                       if he's made of it, or carrying it.

                              (beat, then grim)

                       I don't what I'm going to do, Mom.


                       I will. Bye.


     He hangs up, stares concerned a beat into the mirror, then

     activates his LASERVISION and instantly heals the cut over

     his eye.


                                                                CUT TO:



40   INT. INFINITY2 LABS - MORNING - DAY #4                                     40(X)


     CLOSE ON a photo of Corben holding Superman by his throat.



41   PULL BACK TO REVEAL                                                        41  


     Emmet reading the front page of the Daily Planet.  Rollie                    (X)

     works to attach a new forearm on Johnny, perched on a table

     his sleeve rolled up and his shirt open down the front.  The

     old BENT FOREARM rests nearby.                                               (X)



                              (smiles; mimes a punch)

                       I whipped his butt.  I hurt him

                       bad.  I, Johnny Corben, am the


                              (to Rollie)                                         (X)

                       Ain't I?


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                              (rolls his eyes)

                       Oh, definitely the greatest.  A

                       superhuman pugilist.  A true icon

                       to technology.

                              (re: arm)

                       You're done.





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      32.    



41   CONTINUED:                                                                 41  



                              (to Emmet)

                       You hear that?  I'm a pugilist and

                       an icon.

                              (to Rollie)                                         (X)

                       What is that?



                       John, listen.  Although you may be

                       stronger than Superman, _we_ are

                       not.  You must destroy him.





                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Why?!  You mini-brained, metallic

                       moron!  Because you've hurt him and

                       now he's going to come after us!




                       And that wouldn't be good for you,

                       John.  You see if something happens

                       to us and you short circuit...


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       You'll be nothing more than a two

                       hundred pound paperweight!


     Johnny menacingly picks up Rollie with his repaired hand                     (X)

     and presses the frightened man over his head like a barbell.



                       Don't make me angry, doc. 'Cause

                       I'm crazy enough to kill you both

                       and take my chances.




                       John, calm down.  Rollie's just a                          (X)

                       little tense.

                              (annoyed, to Rollie)                                (X)

                       He hasn't taken his medication

                       today.  John, if we can take down

                       Superman, we become the most

                       powerful crime force in Metropolis.

                       More powerful than Intergang.


     Johnny lowers Rollie then drops him from several feet off                    (X)

     the ground.  Rollie hits with a THUD.                                        (X)





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                     32A.    



41   CONTINUED:  2                                                              41  



                              (to Rollie, re: new                                 (X)


                       Ya' did a good job, wimpy.





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      33.    



41   CONTINUED:  3                                                              41  


     He pats Rollie on the back, sending Rollie stumbling into                    (X)

     a counter top.  Johnny starts for the door.


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                       Okay.  Call me when you find Mister

                       not quite Superman.



                       Where are you going?



                       I gotta see somebody.  Don't worry,

                       boys.  I'll be back.


     After he exits...


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       And how do we find Superman, Emmet?



                       That's a no-brainer, Rollie.  We                           (X)

                       take someone he's close to and use

                       them as bait.



                                                                CUT TO:



42   INT. DAILY PLANET BULLPEN - MORNING                                        42  


     Lois sits at her desk, eyeing a copy of the Planet.  A

     headline reads SUPERMAN DEFEATED.  A sub-head reads COPS DUB

     SUSPECT "METALLO".  Underneath is Jimmy's photo of Corben

     grasping Superman by the throat.  Lois sighs as she looks up

     to find Jimmy standing next to her.



                       I never thought I'd see the day

                       Superman would lose a fight.


     Lois nods, but remains silent. Jimmy notices, grabs a chair

     and pulls it up.


                                          JIMMY (CONT'D)

                       What are you thinking?



                       Superman was hurt, Jimmy. And I

                       don't know if he has anyone he can

                       turn to for help.



                       Yeah.  I guess I've never thought

                       about it too much.  I mean, he

                       always seemed so... I don't know...






                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)      FULL Blue Rev.          11/7/94                      34.    



42   CONTINUED:                                                                 42  


     Lois nods.  She knows the feeling all to well.  Perry                        (X)




                       Jimmy!  I think it's time you and I

                       had a little talk about the quality

                       of your work.




                       Really Chief?  Great!



                       Son, I can't tell you when I've

                       been more disappointed.  You let a

                       great opportunity slip right

                       through your fingers.




                       I... I don't understand...



                       You had the chance to shoot

                       something every photo-journalist

                       dreams of.  A defining moment in

                       history, a fight between Superman

                       and an extraordinary creation

                       that's shaken the security of every

                       citizen in this city.




                       But Chief, that's my picture on the

                       front page...



                       I know that.  But according to

                       witnesses, Superman was left beaten

                       by this Metallo.  Where are those

                       photos?  The images that tell us

                       we're alone and vulnerable.  You

                       didn't get one shot of the Man of

                       Steel on his knees.


     Jimmy exchanges a look with Lois, then...



                       I uh... I ran out of film.


     As Perry shakes his head, disappointed...



                       That's not true, Perry.  I told

                       Jimmy not to take those pictures.





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)       FULL Blue Rev.          11/7/94                     35.    



42   CONTINUED:  2                                                              42  



                       What?  Why?



                       I guess... I didn't want the world

                       to see Superman like that.


     Perry eyes Lois a beat, then...



                       Jimmy, I'll talk to you later.


     Jimmy nods, shares a look with Lois and exits.  Then...


                                          PERRY (CONT'D)

                       Lois, I know you have personal

                       feelings about Superman.  We all                           (X)



     He perches on the edge of her desk.


                                          PERRY (CONT'D)

                       But our job is to report the news,

                       exactly as it happens, without

                       shading it one way or another to

                       suit our needs.



                       I know, Perry.  It was a mistake.

                       It won't happen again.



                       Part of me says I should assign

                       someone else to cover this story.

                       But the _smarter_ part says I

                       should let my top reporter prove to

                       me why she's the best.

                              (and then)

                       Go get this metal head.


     He shares a smile and rises as Clark approaches, walking a

     little gingerly.  Perry slaps him heartily on the back.


                                          PERRY (CONT'D)

                       Morning, tiger.


     As Clark winces, Perry exits.  Lois eyes Clark warily.



                       What's the matter with you?  You're

                       walking funny.





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      36.    



42   CONTINUED:  3                                                              42  



                       I ... didn't sleep well.  Lumpy


                              (off her look)

                       Any leads on Corben yet?



                       The police are staking out his

                       apartment.  But they don't really

                       expect him to go back there.


     As Clark slowly lowers himself into his chair...



                       Was Lucy any help?



                       She's ducking me.  I've left

                       messages everywhere.  She can be

                       very pigheaded and no, it doesn't

                       run the family.


     She approaches carrying a packet of aspirin and hands it to                  (X)



                                          LOIS (CONT'D)

                       Here's some aspirin.

                              (he takes it from her)

                       Clark, have you talked to Superman?



                       Uh, yeah.  Briefly.  He's okay.

                       Just nursing some bruises.



                       I don't know why he didn't

                       contact me.



                       Well... maybe he's a little




                       Embarrassed?  Does he think because

                       he couldn't defeat some robot it

                       changes the way I feel about him?

                       That is such a guy thing.



                       He may be super strong, Lois, but

                       my guess is he has feelings just

                       like any other man.





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      37.    



42   CONTINUED:  4                                                              42  



                       Men.  Don't you know that                                  (X)

                       vulnerability in a man is a turn




                       Why would I think that when the

                       only guy you've ever expressed

                       interest in is super human.



                       Clark, that's not what attracts me.

                       It's his intelligence and caring.

                       He has integrity and innate

                       goodness.  I mean... he's a lot

                       like you.


     She stops, realizes what she's just said.  They stare at

     each other a beat.  Jimmy enters with a fax.



                       Hey.  I got an address for Rollie                          (X)

                       Vale.                                                      (X)


     He hands the fax to Lois. As she eyes it, Clark eyes the                     (X)

     aspirin, then realizing its useless, tosses it.                              (X)


                                          JIMMY (CONT'D)

                       The guy who runs FutureTech

                       magazine says they're always

                       sending rejected manuscripts back

                       to him.



                       It's a P.O. box.                                           (X)



                       Yeah, but I checked and it's one of

                       those private mailbox places.

                       Maybe they have another address for




                       Jimmy, they're called 'Private' for

                       a reason.



                       There must be some way to get

                       information from them.


     As Lois and Clark share an intrigued look...


                                                                DISSOLVE TO:



                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                     37A.    



43   INT. BAR AND GRILL - DAY                                                   43  


     Empty.  Before opening.  Lucy's working alone at the service

     island, restocking supplies.  Johnny appears out of the

     shadows of the restaurant, looking handsome and formidable

     in hip new clothes.  As he approaches...




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     FULL Blue Rev.          11/7/94                       38.    



43   CONTINUED:                                                                 43  







                       In the flesh... so to speak.

                              (re: clothes)

                       You like?



                       I like.  But you didn't get clothes

                       like that with just my tip money.



                       I guess you haven't heard the news.

                       Been locked up studying?



                       Yeah, all night.  Why?



                       What would you say if I told you I

                       won the lottery?



                       Really?  Oh, Johnny...


     She wraps her arms around him, kissing him on the lips.  But

     something's wrong.  Lucy breaks the kiss, concerned.


                                          LUCY (CONT'D)

                       Are you okay?  You're ice cold.



                       Yeah, but the Docs tell me it can

                       be fixed.



                       I don't understand...



                       Here, feel.


     He undoes his shirt revealing his stainless steel chest.

     complete with the Infinity insignia over his "heart."  Lucy

     recoils, shocked.


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)                         (X)

                       Cool, huh?  See this emblem? The                           (X)

                       docs call it a mobius strip.  Means                        (X)

                       I'm gonna live forever.                                    (X)

                              (off Lucy's horror)                                 (X)

                       Don't be afraid, babe.  The chassis                        (X)

                       changed, but I'm still Johnny.                             (X)

                       Only better.                                               (X)





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)      FULL Blue Rev.          11/7/94                      39.    



43   CONTINUED:  2                                                              43  



                       Wha... who did this to you?



                       Some eggheads.  But it's great!

                       Out of all the losers in the world

                       I got picked to be special!


     But Lucy's not listening, her eyes are fixed on his body.



                       Don't worry Johnny, we'll get

                       through this together.  We'll find

                       someone who can fix you...



                       There's nothing to fix!  Haven't

                       you been listening?!


     The anger etched on his face frightens Lucy.  She starts to

     back away thru...


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                       I'm the man now!  Ain't no one more

                       powerful than me.  I kicked

                       Superman's butt yesterday.

                              (and then)

                       Where you goin?



                       I need time to think...



                       About what?!


     He reaches out and grabs her roughly by the wrist.



                       Ow!  Let go of me!



                       I'm giving you the chance to be

                       with me on top of the world!



                       Johnny, you're hurting me!


     And he is.  Johnny's forgotten how strong he is.  He

     releases her.  A beat, then...



                       Hey, I don't need you.  I can have

                       any chick I want.  See ya' around.


     As he turns and marches out...





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      40.    



43   CONTINUED:  4                                                              43  





     But he's gone.  Lucy stares after him, rubbing her wrist.


                                                                CUT TO:





     Lois and Clark approach the FEMALE CLERK behind the counter.

     In the background, a FEMALE POSTAL INSPECTOR in a blue suit

     inspects a bank of P.O. boxes.



                       Hello, I'm inspector Lane, this is

                       Inspector Kent.  We're from the

                       Postal Inspection Service, Criminal




                       We've been tracking one of your

                       customers who we believe is

                       shipping illegal contraband.  We'd

                       like to inspect his mailbox.



                       Typical Government efficiency.

                              (indicating Woman at a

                               bank of P.O. Boxes.)

                       There's one of you here already.


     Lois and Clark would love to escape but the irascible

     Postal Inspector, late 40's-early 50's, has overheard and is

     already approaching them.


                                          POSTAL INSPECTOR

                       Oh, so they sent you two to spy on                         (X)

                       me, huh?  They thought I was                               (X)

                       goldbrickin' didn't they?



                       No, no.  Not at all.  Actually

                       we've probably got the wrong



     As she gets in Lois' face, Clark slips by and moves to the

     bank of mailboxes.


                                          POSTAL INSPECTOR

                       You wanna' know what I've been                             (X)

                       doin', don't ya?  Well for your                            (X)

                       information I been smellin' every                          (X)

                       package in here.  Forty seven, so                          (X)

                       far.  My nose is sore, okay?                               (X)


                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      41.    



45   ON CLARK                                                                   45  


     Using his X-RAY VISION, he TELESCOPES IN on one box.



46   RESUME SCENE                                                               46  


                                          LOIS                                    (X)

                       Why are you smelling packages?                             (X)


                                          POSTAL INSPECTOR                        (X)

                       Why?  Because you people never got                         (X)

                       me the drug sniffin' dog you                               (X)

                       promised.  And let me tell ya,'                            (X)

                       there's some pretty awful smellin'                         (X)

                       stuff people put in the mail.                              (X)



47   CLARK'S POV - INTO P.O. BOX                                                47  


     One piece of letter size mail, a bill from "Wind-Up Toy                      (X)

     Weekly," addressed to ROLLIE VALE, rests on top of the                       (X)

     11X14 manila envelope Rollie had mailed to himself.                          (X)

     Clark's X-RAY VISION pushes through the letter and scans the

     address on the manila folder, then to the RETURN ADDRESS.

     "Infinity2 Laboratories, 322 Gilmore St., New Troy,                          (X)



                                          POSTAL INSPECTOR (O.S.)                 (X)

                       Twenty years on the job and this is                        (X)

                       the thanks I get from those pencil                         (X)

                       pushers downtown.  And they wonder                         (X)

                       why so many postal workers belong                          (X)

                       to the NRA.                                                (X)



48   RESUME SCENE                                                               48  


     Clark approaches Lois and the Postal Inspector.



                       I'm sure you're very good at your

                       job, really.  And I'm sorry about

                       your nose...



                              (to Lois)

                       Uh, Inspector? Can I see you



     As he leads Lois outside, he turns to the Inspector.


                                          CLARK (CONT'D)

                       Keep up the good work.


                                          POSTAL INSPECTOR


                       Aw... stick a stamp on it.                                 (X)



                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      42.    





     As they step cross the sidewalk to the street...



                       I found Vales's box.  The only

                       thing in it was a bill from                                (X)

                       Wind-up Toy Weekly an envelope                             (X)

                       with a return address from a place                         (X)

                       called Infinity laboratories.                              (X)


     Before he finishes, Emmet's van SCREECHES to a stop in front

     of them. Its side door flies open and Corben jumps out.





     Before Clark can react, Corben GRABS CLARK.  Clark tries to

     break free, but the Kryptonite inside Corben makes him too

     weak.  Corben slams him into the side of the van.



                       Nice seein' ya' again, Lois. Sorry

                       about roughin' up your partner

                       here.  But this is business.



                       Corben, let him go.  The police are

                       already on to you.



                       Like I'm really worried.  Tell

                       Superman if he's not in Kirby Park

                       at four o'clock, I'm gonna turn his

                       buddy Kent here into dog food.


     He drags Clark into the van and slams the door.  The van

     peels out.  Lois tries to read the license plate, but it's

     been removed.  Off her look...


                                                                FADE OUT.


                                _END OF ACT THREE_


                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)       FULL Blue Rev.            11/7/94                   43.    


                                    _ACT FOUR_


     FADE IN:



50   INT. DAILY PLANET CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY                                    50  


     Half a dozen staffers sit around the table.  At the head,

     Perry paces as he runs the afternoon planning meeting.



                       No matter what the outcome, this is

                       the biggest Page One lead we've had

                       all year and I want all the bases

                       covered.  Kathy, you and Virgil get

                       down to Police headquarters.  Joe...


     The door to the conference room opens.  They all turn to see

     a tired looking Lois enter.


                                          PERRY (CONT'D)

                       Lois, have you heard from Superman?



                              (shakes her head)

                       We've got the whole city out

                       looking for him.



                       Joe, I want you to cover City Hall.

                       Find out what the Mayor's plan is

                       if Superman doesn't show.



                       He'll show, Perry!

                              (and then, quietly)

                       He has to.




                       Look, Lois, I'm worried about Clark

                       too.  And I want Superman to show

                       up as much as you do.  But if he

                       doesn't show... we've still got a

                       paper to get out.


     A beat, then...


                                          LUCY (O.S.)



     Lois turns to find her sister standing near Clark's desk.



                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)       FULL Blue Rev.           11/7/94                    44.    



51   INT. PLANET BULLPEN - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                     51  


     Lois quickly moves to Lucy.



                       Lucy!  Where have you been?!

                       Johnny's kidnapped Clark.  Where

                       did he take him?



                              (blown away by the info)

                       What? I... I don't know. When?



                       About an hour ago.  Your

                       boyfriend's not only a criminal...



                       I know! He's not...


     Overcome with emotion, she collapses into Clark's chair.

     Lois kneels down next to Lucy and puts an arm around her.



                       Oh, Lucy, I'm... I'm sorry.



                       So am I. You were right Lois. I

                       can't believe my intuition about

                       men can be so far off.



                       I'm afraid it's a family trait.


                                          LUCY                                    (X)

                       At least Lex Luthor was human.                             (X)

                       Johnny's...                                                (X)

                              (repulsed)                                          (X)

                       I saw his chest.  It's... a piece                          (X)

                       of metal.  It's hideous. They even                         (X)

                       branded him with this... symbol.                           (X)


                                          LOIS                                    (X)

                       What kind of symbol?                                       (X)


                                          LUCY                                    (X)

                       He called it a mobius strip.                               (X)


     She shudders as something dawns on Lois.                                     (X)


                                          LOIS                                    (X)

                       Mobius.  Doesn't that look like the                        (X)

                       symbol for infinity?                                       (X)


                                          LUCY                                    (X)

                       Yeah, why?                                                 (X)




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      45.    



51   CONTINUED:                                                                 51  


     A beat, then Lois yells to a staffer.



                       Cindy!  Get me an address for

                       Infinity Laboratories!

                              (turning to Jimmy)

                       Jimmy!  Get your camera!


                                                                CUT TO:



52   INT. INFINITY2 LABS - DAY - LATER                                          52(X)


     Clark's tied to a broken radiator, weak from his proximity

     to the Kryptonite in Corben's chest.  Corben's on a nearby

     counter as the Vale brothers adjust one of his arms.



                              (re: Clark)

                       He don't look so good.



                       The drawback of having a human





                       What are you going to do if

                       Superman doesn't come?



                       You don't want to know.

                       John, open your shirt. I want to                           (X)

                       check the Kryptonite.


     Johnny opens his shirt and Emmet pops open his chest cavity.

     The GREEN GLOW pours out.  Clark winces, tries to turn away,

     but can't.  They don't notice the Kryptonite's effect.


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       'Keeps on going.'



                       So I'm ready to rock and roll?




                       The only thing that's going to                             (X)

                       rock and roll is Superman.                                 (X)


     Rollie closes the chest cavity as a HORN HONKS outside.                      (X)





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                     45A.    



52   CONTINUED:                                                                 52  


                                          LUCY (O.S.)






                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      46.    



52   CONTINUED:  2                                                              52  



                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Who's that?                                                (X)



                       It's Lucy...


     Corben slams his chest cavity closed, hurries for the door.



                       Great.  Just what we need.


     The two brothers follow Johnny out.



53   EXT. INFINITY2 LABS - DAY                                                  53(X)


     In the parking lot, Lois' jeep rests near Emmet's van.

     Nearby is a PHONE CABLE WHEEL.  Lucy waits by the jeep

     alone.  Johnny appears at the front door.





     As he approaches her, the Vale brothers follow.


                                          JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                       What are you doing here?



                       I...  I had to see you.  I couldn't

                       just let things stay the way we

                       left them...




                       How did you find this place?



                       I ... I followed Johnny after he

                       came to see me this morning.

                              (to Johnny)

                       There's a lot of things we have to

                       talk about...


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       John, we really don't have time                            (X)

                       for this tender tete a tete.



                       I'm gonna make time!!




                       Fine, John.  Whatever you say.                             (X)

                              (sotto to Rollie)

                       Let's not upset the monster.                               (X)



                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      47.    



54   INT. INFINITY2 LABS - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                     54(X)


     Clark's strength is returning.  He struggles against the

     plastic cuffs when he hears someone at the back window.  He

     turns and sees Lois and Jimmy sliding it open.



55   EXT. INFINITY2 LABS - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                     55(X)


     As Lucy and Johnny have a private MOS conversation by Lois'

     jeep, Emmet and Rollie huddle a few feet away.




                       What are we going to do? We can't

                       just let this girl leave.


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       You want to tell that cyborgenic

                       moron that his girlfriend is

                       trouble?  Be my guest.



                       I won't tell him anything.


     He reaches into his jacket, revealing a small caliber GUN.


                                          EMMET (CONT'D)

                       She'll just disappear.



56   INT. INFINITY2 LABS - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                     56(X)


     Jimmy works to release Clark from the radiator as Lois

     kneels nearby, her eyes on the open door.



                       Come on, Jimmy, faster!



                       This thing's on really tight.                              (X)



                       Yank on it.  Maybe it'll snap.                             (X)



                       Hey, it's not like I'm exactly




                       Just give it a try.


     Jimmy shrugs, pulls on the plastic, With Clark secretly                      (X)

     using his SUPERSTRENGTH to help, the bonds SNAP.  Jimmy

     reacts as Clark untangles himself.




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      48.    



56   CONTINUED:                                                                 56  






                       Come on, let's go!


     As she and Jimmy help Clark towards the window...



57   EXT. INFINITY2 LABS - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                     57(X)


     Lucy and Johnny converse near the jeep.  The disgusted Vale

     brothers stand near the entrance to the lab.



                       It all came down to one thing...

                       did I want you in my life or not?

                       And the answer was yes.



                              (re: his new body)

                       And this don't matter?


     Lucy shakes her head.  A smile crosses Johnny's face.  He

     embraces her.  Lucy hesitates, then awkwardly hugs him.


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                              (walking away)

                       I think I'm going to be sick.


     He heads for the door.  Reaching it, he freezes.


                                          ROLLIE (CONT'D)                         (X)

                       Emmet!  Kent's gone!


     He and Emmet turn on Lucy, knowing.  As a confused Johnny

     stares at her, trying-to comprehend...



58   EXT. REAR OF INFINITY2 LABS - DAY - CONTINUOUS                             58(X)


     Lois and Jimmy help Clark away from the building.



                       Just stay here and rest.  Jimmy,

                       find a phone, call the police!  I'm

                       going for Lucy.


     As Jimmy and Lois hurry in opposite directions, Clark

     reaches to undo his shirt...


                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      49.    



59   EXT. INFINITY2 LABS - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                     59(X)



                       She lied to you! She's a

                       diversion, so Kent could get away!

                       Kill her!


     Lucy turns to run, is stopped by Johnny.



                       You betrayed me!


     He raises his hand to strike her just as Lois rounds the

     corner of the building.  Suddenly there's a WHOOSH and...



60   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                              60  


     ... Superman lands.



                       Let her go, Corben. It's me you




                       You got that right, pretty boy.


     He releases Lucy, then advances on Superman.  Superman uses

     his SUPERBREATH to blow Corben back a few feet.



                       I hope you don't think I'm

                       anti-social, but I'll keep my                              (X)

                       distance this time.


     Jimmy arrives and raises his camera as Corben picks up a

     huge, phone cable reel off the street.  He tosses it at

     Superman.  To his astonishment, Superman catches it, then

     tosses it back.  It crashes into Corben, knocking him down.

     As he lays pinned under the reel...


                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Get off the ground, you walking

                       pile of junk!


     Corben pushes the reel off, rises unsteadily to his feet.



61   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                              61  


     Superman pulls a few yards of cable off a second reel and

     whips it sidearm, AROUND JOHNNY'S WAIST, pinning his arms to

     his side.



                       It's over, Corben.




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)      Yellow Rev.            11/16/94                      50.    



61   CONTINUED:                                                                 61  


     Enraged, Corben SNAPS the cable from his body.  He rushes

     Superman, who FLIES UP and out of Corben's range.



                       Get him!  GET HIM!



                              (to Emmet; chiding)

                       He can't get him Emmet, because you

                       didn't give him the ability to leap

                       like I told you...



                       Shut... up!!




                       You know boys, you missed a major

                       flaw in creating a man with a metal

                       body.  Metal melts.


     Superman turns his HEATVISION on Johnny's legs.  Instantly,

     he starts to MELT, his feet and ankles disappearing in a

     growing puddle of shimmering metal.



                       Hey! ... no!


     Emmet's seen enough. Pulling out his gun, he grabs Lucy and

     rushes away.





     She starts after them.  Superman spots what's happening and

     flies after Emmet.



62   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                              62  


     Unseen, Rollie rushes to Corben.



                       Help me doc...


     He rips open Johnny's shirt and pops open the chestplate                     (X)



                                          ROLLIE                                  (X)

                       Sure, John.  Let me just take a                            (X)

                       look at your power source.                                 (X)


     But as reaches for the power source, Johnny grabs Rollie's                   (X)

     forearm and squeezes.  Rollie stifles a cry of pain.                         (X)





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)          Yellow Rev.          11/16/94                   50A.    



62   CONTINUED:                                                                 62  


                                          JOHNNY                                  (X)

                              (suspicious)                                        (X)

                       What are you doin, doc?!                                   (X)


     Rollie's in too much pain to answer.  With the last of his                   (X)

     strength he yanks out the Kryptonite.  Johnny goes instantly                 (X)

     still, releasing his grip on Rollie's crushed arm.  As                       (X)

     Rollie, cradling his arm and the Kryptonite hurries away...                  (X)



63   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                              63  


     Emmet drags Lucy with him. Superman LANDS behind them and

     INHALES.  Emmet loses his grasp on Lucy and his gun as he's

     dragged back like a tumbleweed into Superman's hands.



                       Didn't your mother teach you to

                       pick up your toys when you're done

                       playing with them?


     Lois arrives, embraces her sister.




                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)      FULL Blue Rev.           11/7/94                     51.    



63   CONTINUED:                                                                 63  



                       Lucy... are you okay?




                              (then, remembering)




64   ANGLE ON CORBEN                                                            64  


     Eyes open, but lifeless.  His chest panel is open revealing

     the KRYPTONITE IS MISSING.  Lucy tentatively approaches,

     stares horrified at him as the others catch up.



                       Oh my God... Johnny...


     Lucy kneels next to him and strokes his head.  A beat, then

     she embraces his cold frame.



65   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                              65  


     As Jimmy approaches to get a shot, Lois moves to stop him.



                       No, Jimmy.


     Jimmy stops.  A beat as they look at each other, then Lois

     realizes her error and steps aside.



                       Go ahead.


     As Jimmy starts clicking, Lois looks at Superman.  Off his

     look of compassion...


                                                                DISSOLVE TO:



66   INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY #5                                                 66  


     Lois and a somber Lucy sip coffee at a table in the coffee




                       I know he was all wrong for me

                       but... I still can't help feeling

                       I'm going to miss him.


     Lois puts a comforting hand on Lucy's arm, then...



                       Did you talk to mom and dad?





                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      52.    



66   CONTINUED:                                                                 66  



                       This morning.  Dad's okay.  But

                       after mom heard we were all right

                       the first thing she brought up was

                       the grandchild issue.



                       Well, considering our track record

                       with men, she better prepare for a                         (X)

                       long wait.


                       I thought falling for the city's

                       biggest criminal was bad.  I think

                       bringing home a robot would have

                       topped that.



                       Don't act so superior.  You're

                       whipped for an alien from another



     Before Lois can respond, Clark approaches.


                                          LUCY (CONT'D)

                       Hi, Clark.  Boy, for a guy who went

                       through what you did yesterday, you

                       look terrific.



                       Well, I've... always been a fast

                       healer.  So, I guess I really owe

                       you two.



                       Clark, you know I'm not the type to

                       keep score.



                       Since when?


     Clark smiles and moves off to the coffee machine as...



                              (to Lucy)

                       Don't you have to get to work.



                              (smiles; rising)

                       Yeah.  I'll talk to you later.

                              (sotto to Lois)

                       You know, he's awfully cute. if

                       you ask me, you oughta get over

                       this Superman thing and chase that                         (X)






                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      53.    



66   CONTINUED:  2                                                              66  



                       Nobody asked you.  Good-bye.


     As Lucy exits to the elevators, Lois catches up to Clark on

     the way into the bullpen.


                                          LOIS (CONT'D)

                       How are you feeling, partner?



                       Okay.  But I'd feel a lot better                           (X)

                       if Rollie Vale wasn't still out                            (X)



     They stop at her desk.


                                          CLARK (CONT'D)

                       Lois... yesterday, you saved my

                       life.  I want you to know... I'll

                       never forget that.


     They share a moment, looking into each other's eyes, then...



                       Clark, what in the heck are you

                       doing here?  I told you to take

                       some time off.



                       I know Chief. I guess this place

                       is habit forming.



                              (re: Lois)

                       You're startin' to remind me of

                       someone else I know.


                                          JIMMY (O.S.)

                       Hey Chief!


     Jimmy enters carrying a copy of the morning edition with a

     photo of Superman and Metallo after the Metallo meltdown.



                       I see you ran my photo.  I guess

                       you liked my work yesterday.



                       I like it a lot, son.


     An awkward beat as Jimmy exchanges a look with Lois and                      (X)






                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)     Pink Rev.               11/10/94                      54.    



66   CONTINUED:  3                                                              66  



                       Well... I think in light of this                           (X)

                       good work, I uh... well... deserve                         (X)

                       a raise... sir.



                       I think you're overdue for a raise.



                       You do?  Then why haven't I gotten




                       Because you never asked.


     Jimmy turns to Lois and Clark, and off their I told you so



                                                                CUT TO:



67   INT. LOIS' BATHROOM - NIGHT #5                                             67  


     Lois, in a robe, finishes filling the tub for a bubble bath.

     In the background a stereo plays Linda Ronstadt's "I've Got

     A Crush on You." A sudden WHOOSH blows her hair. She                         (X)

     turns to discover Superman in her bedroom.                                   (X)



                       I'm sorry.  I guess I didn't

                       realize how late it was.



                       Oh, no, it's not late.  I'm just...

                       taking an early bath.



                       I wanted to apologize for having

                       left so abruptly the other day.



                       Oh, you don't have to apologize.


     She moves closer to him, then...


                                          LOIS (CONT'D)

                       Although I _was_ a little worried

                       about you.


                       Actually, I was worried a lot about






                            --page break--

     METALLO (#10)   FULL Blue Rev.   11/7/94                                55.    



67   CONTINUED:                                                                 67  






                       You know, for a while I was afraid

                       I might never see you again.


     She rests her head on his chest.  He's obviously conflicted. 

     He hesitates, about to put his arm around her, then instead

     gently takes her by the arms and holds her so she can look

     at him.



                       I'm sorry you had to go through



                       Lois, I want you to know that I

                       think what you did for Clark took

                       incredible bravery.



                       Oh, it was nothing.



                       Was it?



                              (a beat, then)

                       No, I guess not.  I guess there's

                       nothing I wouldn't do for him.



                       I think you two are very lucky to

                       have each other.


     He lets her go and takes a step back.  They stare at each

     other a moment.  She knows he's right.


                                          SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

                       Good night, Lois.


     We hold on Lois as we hear the WHOOSH and see her hair blow

     in its wake.  After a beat she picks up the WHITE PHONE in

     her bathroom and dials.  We hear it RING once on the other

     end, then...


                                          CLARK (V.O.)

                       Hi, this is Clark.  Please leave a

                       message at the sound of the...


     BEEP.  Lois thinks... then finally, a hint of disappointment

     on her face, hangs up.


                                                                FADE OUT.


                                   _THE END_



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