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#320 : Comme le monde est petit

Annette, une ancienne fille du Lycée qui était détestée de ses camarades de classe décide de se venger en envoyant un shampoing à tous les conjoints de ses camarades. Il fait rapetissir les personnes.

Sur Clark, le produit fonctionne mais au ralenti et de ce fait, il ne se fait pas capturer comme les autres et se faire enfermer dans une maison de poupée. Loïs qui découvre tout, fait des recherches sur Annette et se rend chez elle.

Loïs a faillit se faire tuer mais mini-superman est là pour la sauver et Annette perd l'équilibre et se renverse tout le shampoing sur elle.

Elle devient toute petite mais demeure introuvable...

Note : 8.5/10


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Titre VO
It's a Small World After All

Titre VF
Comme le monde est petit

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                              _LOIS & CLARK_

                     _The New Adventures of Superman_

                     "It's a Small World After All"



Teleplay by Teri Hatcher & Pat Hazel

Story by Teri Hatcher

Directed by Philip J. Sgriccia




















_INTERIORS_:                                     _EXTERIORS_:

Daily Planet                                     Gloomy Alley
   Conference Room                               Clark's Doorstep

Clark's Apartment                                Dick & Julie's Porch
   Living Room

Lois's Apartment
   Living Room

Annette's Hotel Suite

Doll House Room


Star Labs


      FADE IN:

 1    INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - NIGHT #1                                          1  

      LOIS is dressing for the evening, while CLARK sits on the
      couch, thumbing through her high school yearbook.  The
      yearbook is embossed with the mascot of a lion's head on the
      cover and the word "LIONS."

                       My high school reunion.  Where does
                       the time go?!  Listen, are you sure
                       you wanna go to this?

                             (glancing up)
                       Hmm?  Oh.  Yeah.  Sure.

                       ... Because I'd understand if you
                       didn't.  I mean, a bunch of people
                       you don't really...

                       Lois, you just got your memory
                       back.  I just got _you_ back.  I
                       may never let you out of my sight
                             (stares down at book)
                       Well, would you look at you.

                       Just my luck.  I wear polyester one
                       day of my life and it's captured on
                       film for eternity.

                       Lois Lane, Student Body President.
                       You got elected with that hair?

                       I was still stuck in my Charlie's
                       Angels phase.  Everyone was!

                       And who's Joe Malloy?


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                  2.   

  1   CONTINUED:                                                                1  

                       We should really get going.

                             (reading poem)
                       "You're in my dreams
                       like a touchdown pass,
                       I can't help noticing
                       You've got a great' --

      Lois jerks the yearbook out of his hands.

                       Give me that.  It was also my
                       'dating the quarterback phase.' It
                       didn't last long.

                             (amused; standing)
                       You were also voted least likely to
                       get married...

                       ... and put up a picket fence.  I
                       know, I know.  I was independent
                       and headstrong and, by the way, I
                       also vowed not to get married until
                       after my first Pulitzer.

                       So what changed?

                       I met you.  Charging through life
                       alone isn't as great as sharing my
                       life with you.

      A kiss and they are out the door.

                                                            CUT TO:

  2   INT. ANNETTE'S HOTEL SUITE - BEDROOM - NIGHT                              2  

      A posh hotel suite.  Lurking about is a majestic Abyssinian
      CAT.  We follow it as it stealthily crosses the room, taking
      us by issues of the Daily Planet strewn on the bed, a Vogue
      magazine with a beautiful model, PEGGY BARRISH, on the
      cover, a large scrapbook over-stuffed with high school
      memorabilia, then settles on a Lions' football jersey.  We
      hear someone singing a school fight song, ending with:


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                  3.   

  2   CONTINUED:                                                                2  

                                           ANNETTE (O.S.)
                       Gooooo Lions!
                             (she roars)
                       I've been waiting for this moment
                       for years.  I am beautiful, I am
                       successful, and I...

  3   REVEAL ANNETTE WESTMAN                                                    3  

      Lois's contemporary primping herself for the reunion.
      She's neurotic, bird-like, too high strung to ever enjoy
      life.  She's overdressed in a sort of upscale prom dress,
      complete with wrist corsage, and expensively coiffed, the
      "after" picture from a make-over brochure.

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                             (suddenly enraged)
                       ... was never asked to a dance. 
                       Never, ever, ever!
                             (flings down her hair
                              brush; calm again)
                       But I won't be the wallflower at
                       _this_ dance, will I?
                       I said, _will_ I?

                                           VOICES (O.S.)

      She turns toward a doll house on a table; we see its back.

                             (lips curling)
                       Oh, that sounded _so_ sincere.
                       _Must_ you be so small?

  4   DOLL HOUSE ROOM                                                           4  

      The fourth wall of the room's been replaced with bars.
      Inside cower DEBBIE MALLOY, in an Aspen Barbie ski suit and
      LES BARRISH, decked out in a Ken doll type cowboy outfit.

                             (evil smile)
                       Oops.  Tasteless question.
                             (walking towards them)
                       My darling little Debbie, do you
                       miss Joe?  He never had any time
                       for me in high school.  Well, he'll
                       have time for me tonight!!  Oh, and
                       Les, I'll comfort Peggy.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                  4.   

  4   CONTINUED:                                                                4  

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                       She's probably been crying and
                       crying since you've been gone.
                             (angrily grabs magazine,
                              stares at cover)
                       Which'll just wreck those perfect
                             (tosses magazine over
                       I'm off!  Tonight I'll be the belle
                       of the ball, while Lois Lane's
                       world is going to get awfully
                             (at the door)
                       Oh, if you get hungry, help
                       yourself to the... mini-bar.

      In gales of evil laughter, she leaves and...


                                 _END OF TEASE_

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                  5.   

                                   _ACT ONE_

      FADE IN:

  5   INT. RESTAURANT - ENTRY DOORS - NIGHT                                     5  

      Lois and Clark appear in the doorway, survey the noisy
      party, decorated in early 80's splendor, a disco ball
      suspended in the middle.

                       Oh, so I never asked you... In
                       situations like this... Are you a
                       mingler or a clinger?

                       A what?

                       A mingler or a clinger.  Do you
                       hang on the hip all night or do you
                       like to split up and circulate?

                                           ANNETTE (O.S.)
                       Lo-Lo!  Ooh-ooh!

  6   NEW ANGLE                                                                 6  

      Lois and Clark spin to see Annette rushing their way.

                             (through clenched teeth)

                       My... good friends used to call me

      Annette plasters herself to Lois.

                             (air kisses)
                       You look wonderful.  As always.
                             (to Clark)
                       Annette Westman.

      Lois is frantically trying to remember this person.

                       Oh.  So you were one of Lois' good


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                  6.   

  6   CONTINUED:                                                                6  

                       No, we barely spoke.  Right, Lo-Lo?
                       Hardly ever.  Almost never.

                       Well, I... we.... you know... I
                       You look great, Annette.

                             (spins around)
                       Really?  Like I'm ready for the
                       prom?  Not that I'd know... I never
                       actually _went_ to a prom.  Ha ha
                       ha ha.

                                           JULIE (O.S.)

      Lois spins to see JULIE KEATON and her husband DICK.

                       Juileee!   Uh, Annette, let's go say
                       hi to....

                       No, no, you go.  Run off to Julie,
                       just like the old days...

      Lois smiles apologetically, grabs Clark's arm and CAMERA
      MOVES with them into the crowd, as:

                       Julie, hi!  Hi, Dick.  Julie, this
                       is Clark... Clark, Dick, Dick, Clark...

  7   ANNETTE                                                                   7  

      Annette's smile suddenly sours.  She speaks into her wrist

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                       Hans, get in here.

      HANS, a lumbering henchman, disguised as a busboy in an
      ill-fitting white coat, carrying a tray of glasses, appears
      in the doorway.

                       Yes, Madam.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                  7.   

  7   CONTINUED:                                                                7  

                       Time to get to work.  I _will_ be
                       the center of attention at this
                       stupid event.

                       Yes, Madam.

      He starts away, she grabs his arm.

                       I'll get into position... But do
                       _not release it until my signal_.

                       Yes, Madam.

  8   JULIE, DICK, LOIS, CLARK                                                  8  

      The women laugh at some memory; Clark and Dick awkwardly
      smile at each other.  Then:

                       Oh God, there's Joe Malloy.

                             (interest piqued)
                       The... quarterback?

                       He's so unhappy.  His wife, Debbie,
                       vanished about six weeks ago.

                       That's terrible.  Have the police
                       been notified?

                       The case is still open, but they
                       don't have any leads.  It doesn't
                       look good.

  9   JOE MALLOY                                                                9  

      Handsome, athletically built.  Annette gloms onto him.

                             (gushing sympathy)
                       Joe.  Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, _Joe_.

                       Hi.  Annette.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                  8.   

  9   CONTINUED:                                                                9  

      Lois and Clark approach.

                       Joe, I just heard.  I'm so sorry.
                       What can I do?

                       It's just good to see you, Lo-Lo. 
                       Having friends around is my only
                       comfort.  Annette, here, has been
                       such a rock.
                             (choked up)
                       I just don't know...

      Annette hugs him harder as he sniffles.

                       Buck up, big guy.

                       You two have been... close... since
                       high school?

                       Not really, but she sure came along
                       at the right time.  Which is
                       sweet... her bein' so busy with her
                       cosmetics company and all...

                       Westman Cosmetics?  You're that

                       Yes!  Fortune 500, New York Stock
                       Exchange, things've changed a _lot_
                       for me since high school!

                       'Scuse me, Annette, I just wanna
                       talk to Lois for a sec...

      Annette stares at them in horror, glares at Clark, who
      shrugs innocently.

 10   LOIS AND JOE                                                             10  

                       That guy you're with ... ?

                       Clark.  My fiance.  Sorry, I meant
                       to intro...


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                  9.   

 10   CONTINUED:                                                               10   

                       Hang onto him, Lois. You don't see 
                       it comin' 'til they're gone.
                       Debbie n' me, we had our
                       problems... but I never thought
                       she'd _leave_.  Must be something
                       about bein' thirty.  Same thing
                       happened to Peggy.

                       _Peggy_?  Our _friend_ Peggy?
                       Peggy Barrish?

                       Yeah.  Her husband, Les.  Gone.  No
                       note.  No nothing.  She's all torn

                       So that's why she's not here

      A rather sour FORTUNE TELLER done up in Gypsy garb, grey wig
      and blacked-out teeth hobbles up.

                                           FORTUNE TELLER
                       Fortunes... fortunes... I see all.

                       Miss Pomerantz!  You taught P.E.

                                           FORTUNE TELLER
                       Yes.  Lois Lane.  Always out of

 11   WITH ANNETTE                                                             11  

      She speaks into her wrist corsage.

                       Ready?  Wait 'til my signal.....

      CAMERA TILTS UP to reveal the big disco ball, suspended from
      the ceiling.

 12   INT. CEILING CRAWL SPACE - HANS - NIGHT                                  12  

      Hans, on his belly in the rafters, lit by a pool of light
      from his LANTERN, loosens the nuts on a series of bolts with
      his wrench.  Annette's VOICE is heard on his walkie-talkie.

                                           ANNETTE (V.O.)
                       ... The ball will miss me by about
                       a foot.  The room'll go _wild_ with
                       sympathy and concern...

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 10.   

 13   DANCE FLOOR - LOIS, JOE, FORTUNE TELLER                                  13  

      Lois smiles patiently as the Fortune Teller scans her palm.

                       So you say I'm getting married...

                                           FORTUNE TELLER
                       You're wearing an engagement ring,
                       aren't you?  Oh, look. I
                       definitely see a little Kent in
                       your future.

 14   ANNETTE                                                                  14  

      She glares at Lois, muttering sourly to herself:

                       Lois.  Get out of the way.
                             (into her corsage)
                       Hold it.  Just wait...

 15   INTERCUT THE CRAWL SPACE - HANS                                          15  

      STATIC squawks from the walkie talkie. Hans can't make out
      the garble.

                             (into corsage)
                       Not yet!  Not yet!

      Hans hears the urgent squawking, makes a nervous decision to
      yank the final bolt.

 16   CEILING - SUPPORT PLATE - INSERT                                         16  

      The bolts pull away from the ceiling with a GROAN.

 17   THE ROOM - VARIOUS ANGLES                                                17  

      Plaster dust falls, Lois stares up.  The ball hurtles
      straight for her.  Screams.  A BLUR of blue.  SUPERMAN
      catches the ball, floats down to the floor.  Julie, Dick,
      Joe, others rush to Lois, gushing sympathy:

                       Lois, are you okay?  It barely
                       missed you!  You could've been
                       killed!  Lo-Lo, this is terrible!

      Annette glares murderously.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 11.   

 17   CONTINUED:                                                               17  

                       _Fabulous_.  As if she never got
                       _enough_ attention.
                             (into her corsage)
                       You idiot!

 18   LOIS AND CROWD                                                           18  

                       Superman... How did you know to..?

                       I'm always sort of... nearby.  Lois
                       and I are... friends.

                             (throws up a hand)
                       Of course!

                       Well, I should be going...

                       Oh no... _stay_...  Please?

      Others join her pleas, a little APPLAUSE.  Superman and Lois
      smile, shrug at each other.  MUSIC comes up; people start to
      dance.  Lois glances around, Superman gestures for her to
      join him, they begin to dance.  Lights lower, a SPOTLIGHT
      hits them.  Superman and Lois dance for a moment, then:

 19   ANNETTE                                                                  19  

      Annette's fuming.

                       Well, Lois, you're happy now, but
                       that's all about to change.

                                                            CUT TO:

 20   INT. DAILY PLANET - COFFEE AREA - DAY #2                                 20  

      Lois sips her coffee while Clark pours his.

                       I know you want that Pulitzer
                       before we get married, I just don't
                       think it was at your reunion.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 12.   

 20   CONTINUED:                                                               20  

                       Clark, the spouses of two of my
                       classmates have disappeared in the
                       last six weeks without a trace.

      She starts off down the ramp, Clark right after her.

                       Do you know the divorce rate in
                       this country?

                       I know these people.  They are
                       just not the vanish-without-a-trace

      They pass PERRY at the bottom of the ramp.  He is wearing
      new cowboy boots and carries a small wrapped gift in hand.

                       Clark, when a pit bull gets a hold
                       of a bone, it's not going to let go
                       until it's finished with it.

                       Perry, there's a connection between
                       some no-shows at my reunion.

                       What makes you think that?

                       Well, they weren't there.

                       How are they connected?

                       Well, they weren't there.

                       Why weren't they there?

                       Well, I don't know.
                       They weren't there.

                       Now there's a story crying out to
                       be told.



                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 13.   

 20   CONTINUED:  2                                                            20  

                       Chief... Are those... cowboy boots
                       you're wearing?

                       Sally... The lady I'm seein'... is
                       very big on the whole country
                       western thing.  We went line
                       dancin' last night.  Ever been?

      He does a side-stepping line dance away from them.

                                           PERRY (CONT'D)
                       You just gotta keep track of your
                       heel and toe and toe and heel....

      He practically collides with JIMMY, who's rushed from the
      hall.  Perry stops, stares, realizes a whole group is
      watching him.

                                           PERRY (CONT'D)
                       Don't you city folk have stories to
                             (hands Lois gift)
                       Here, I got you a gift.  You're
                       gonna need it sooner or later.

      He stalks off to his office.  Lois watches him with

                       Thanks Chief.

                       You called, my queen?

                             (wry smile)
                       Yeah.  Be a prince and run the
                       names in my senior class.
                             (handing him her
                       See if any of their spouses come up
                       on missing persons lists.  And
                       could you get a phone number for
                       Peggy Barrish?

                       Peggy Barrish?  The _model_ Peggy
                       Barrish?  The one in the lingerie
                       ads?  The one in the garter belts?

                       Her husband, Les, is missing.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 14.   

 20   CONTINUED:  3                                                            20  

                       Oh, that's terrible.
                             (going; to Clark)
                       _Garter_ belts.

      Clark grins as Lois looks from Jimmy to Clark and sighs.
      She opens the gift.  It's a brass desk nameplate with the
      name "Lois Kent."  They both stare at it in surprise.

                       Wow.  'Lois Kent.'

                       Lois... Kent.

                       I've never actually seen those

                       ... put together before.

      They both stare at the nameplate, then slowly look at each
      other, each not sure how the other feels about this.

                                                            CUT TO:

 21   INT. ANNETTE'S HOTEL SUITE - NIGHT #2                                    21  

      MUSIC: "At Seventeen" by Janis Ian sets the mood on the
      stereo.  Annette consoles herself with cookies and milk as
      she pets her cat.  She flips through the pages of her scrap
      book.  Pressed flowers, concert ticket stubs, and a page
      reserved for valentines that's completely empty.  Standing
      by her side is Hans, looking guilty and beaten down.

                       You can't even _drop_ something
                       right!  I was supposed to get the
                       sympathy, not Lo-Lo.
                             (furious sing-song)
                       'Lo-Lo and Clark.'  'Lo-Lo and
                       Superman.'  'Lo-Lo and the football
                       team.'  Whatever Lo-Lo wants, Lo-Lo
                       gets!!  Well, not for long!!

 22   ANGLE ON CAPTIVES                                                        22  

                       Annette, please, if it's ransom
                       you're after, Peggy and I will pay


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 15.   

 22   CONTINUED:                                                               22  

                       I hate it when tiny people beg.  I
                       don't want ransom!  I want Peggy,
                       stressed out and getting uglier by
                       the minute, to accept my...
                       friendship... and tell me daily how
                       miserable and _lonely_ she is!
                             (beat, an evil smile)
                       Just like your Joe does, Debbie.

      Debbie turns away, grief-stricken.  Annette pulls up a
      COBALT BLUE BOTTLE with an ornate top and places it lovingly
      into a neon-colored bag marked "For the Man In Love."

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                             (to Debbie)
                       Cheer up, doll.  Soon you'll be
                       joined by two others.  As they say,
                       misery loves company.
                             (re bottle)
                       And this lovely stuff is what does
                       the trick.
                       Hans!  Deliver these packages poste

      And as Hans lumbers in, we...

                                                            CUT TO:

 23   EXT. CLARK'S DOORSTEP - NIGHT                                            23  

      A blustery night; distant THUNDER.  Clark returns home to
      find the bag labeled "For the Man In Love", swinging from his
      doorknob.  He pulls out the blue bottle, reads:

                       'Does the love of your life notice
                       the little changes you make?  Would
                       you like to draw her a little
                       closer? one application of this
                       shampoo will put you in her hip
                       pocket forever.'

      Lightning, THUNDER.  As Clark smiles, enters his apartment:


                                 _END OF ACT ONE_

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 16.   

                                   _ACT TWO_

      FADE IN:

 24   EXT. DICK AND JULIE'S HOUSE PORCH - MORNING - DAY #3                     24  

      Julie, dressed for work, hurries outside. She shuts the
      door, starts away, the door opens.  It's Dick, wet, in robe,
      towel drying his hair.

                       You didn't say good-bye!

                             (smiles, runs back to
                       I'm late! You were in the shower.
                             (they kiss)
                       Mmmm. You smell good.

      She hurries down to her car, jumps in, drives off, as Dick
      retrieves the morning paper from the bottom of the steps,
      returns to the door.  As he arrives at the door, he is
      suddenly gripped with a strange, constricting feeling. He
      drops the paper and towel, grabs his head, then his sides,
      then stares at his arms.  QUICK CUTS:

 25   HIS HANDS                                                                25  

      are disappearing into the sleeves.

 26   HIS FEET                                                                 26  

      The hem of the robe is dropping toward the feet, which seem
      to pull back inside the cloth.

 27   HIS HEAD                                                                 27  

      Shrinks down into the collar of the robe, which drops to the

 28   THE FALLEN ROBE                                                          28  

      From under a fold of material, tiny Dick Keaton peers out.
      RACK TO REVEAL, behind him, Hans, dressed in coveralls, who
      leaps out of the bushes and approaches with a bag attached
      to a stick.  Dick hears him, vanishes back into the robe.

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 17.   

 29   HANS                                                                     29  

      Hans, whose coveralls read "Snoil Exterminating" brings the
      bag down onto the wriggling lump under the robe.

                                                            CUT TO:

 30   INT. CLARK'S BATHROOM - ON RADIO - MORNING                               30  

      "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" plays on the radio as we
      PAN to the glass walled shower. Clark steps in, turns on
      the water, reaches for the sample shampoo, shrugs "why not?"

 31   CLOSE ON CAP - INSERT                                                    31  

      Clark twists the cap off the bottle.

 32   INT. ANNETTE'S HOTEL ROOM - ON CONSOLE - MORNING                         32  

      A small electronic console with multiple lights.  One light
      is already lit, and suddenly a second comes on, a BUZZER
      sounds as we WIDEN to find Annette, in a smart business

                       My my, we're having a busy morning!

      She grabs the little microphone, still attached to the
      wilted wrist corsage.

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                       Hans!  You can make that other pick
                       up in just a few minutes.

      She tosses the microphone, then SLAMS her hand against the
      side of the dollhouse.

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                       Wake up!  You're gonna have

                                                            CUT TO:

33    INT. CLARK'S SHOWER                                                      33  

      Clark is rinsing soap off, now reaches for the shampoo.

                                           ANNOUNCER (V.O.)
                       Now, to update this morning's
                       breaking story...

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 18.   

 34   CLOSE ON BOTTLE                                                          34  

      Clark brings it closer to his damp hair.

 35   THE RADIO                                                                35  

                                           ANNOUNCER (V.O.)
                       Thousands are fleeing for their
                       lives as lava from the erupting
                       Kilauea volcano rushes toward the
                       villages below.  To repeat... (etc.)

 36   THE SHOWER                                                               36  

      Clark slams the shampoo down on the shower shelf and BLURS
      out.  CAMERA SLOWLY PANS from shower around the now empty

                                           ANNOUNCER (V.O.)
                       ... a disaster unparalleled in
                       recent times.  This just in. 
                       Miraculously, Superman has just
                       appeared and has diverted the lava
                       flow into the Pacific ocean!  Local
                       residents stand cheering and it
                       appears not a single home has been
                       lost. (etc.)

      During this, CAMERA has continued its PAN around the
      bathroom, and as it nears the shower, red boots and cape are
      dropped into a pile of blue clothing on the floor and we
      find a soot-covered Clark back in the shower, rinsing off.
      He now reaches for the shampoo, about to pour it on his
      head.  RING!  The phone.  Exasperated, Clark leans out of
      the shower, grabs the portable phone near the sink.

                       Hello.  Lois, can I call you back?
                       I'm in the shower.

      He hangs up, steps back into the shower.  He lathers up.

                                                            CUT TO:

 37   INT. LOIS' LIVING ROOM - DAY                                             37  

      Lois picks up her bag and turns to head out.  She opens the
      door, startled to find Annette, poised to knock.


                       How about that lunch?


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 19.   

 37   CONTINUED:                                                               37  

                       Oh, well, gee, I was just on the
                       way to...

                             (breezing in; all charm)
                       Speaking of lunch, do you remember
                       the time those senior boys dumped
                       oatmeal on a kid in the cafeteria?

                       I'd forgotten all about that.

                       I remember it like it was yesterday.

                       Was that you?  Oh, I'm sorry.  Boy,
                       kids can be really mean.

                       Yeah well, I'm getting the last
                       laugh.  Turns out oatmeal is good
                       for acne.  It cleared up my skin
                       and inspired my cosmetic line.
                             (spotting name plate on
                       I like the new name plate.

                       Oh, that.  I'm not quite sure how I
                       feel about that.

                       I know I'd never give up the name
                       'Westman,' not that that's an
                       issue.  Before you can marry you
                       have to get a date and to get a
                       date, you have to have a sense of
                       self worth!  Ha ha ha ha.  Gee, I
                       can't remember the last time the
                       two of us just had girl talk.

                       You know... me, either.

                       Gosh, then I guess it's, oh...
                       possible... we never did!


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 20.   

 37   CONTINUED:  2                                                            37  

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                             (seizes Lois' hands)
                       I always thought, if it hadn't been
                       for all those silly barriers in
                       high school, we'd have been close
                       friends.  Call me, alright?  Any
                       time you want.  Any time you need
                       help.  I want to hear all about it.

                       Well... Thank you.

                       Us Lions have to stick together.
                             (she roars)

      A devilish grin sweeps across Annette's face.

                                                            CUT TO:

 38   INT. CLARK'S LIVING ROOM - DAY                                           38  

      A large shadow looms across Clark's front door.  The door
      knob RATTLES and is jimmied open.  Hans appears, bag at the
      ready.  He creeps through the apartment, looking along floor
      boards, through the bedroom and toward the closed bathroom
      door.  A LIGHT IS SHINING beneath the door.  We HEAR MUSIC.

                       Collection time, little fella.

      He pushes the door open, raising his bag.

 39   INTERCUT BATHROOM - ON FEET - HANS P.O.V.                                39  

      CAMERA TILTS up to find a very unshrunk Clark, towel around
      his waist, brushing his teeth and rocking out to the radio.
      Clark turns to see Hans, dressed in the "Snoil Pest Control"

                       Uh... sorry, I must be in the wrong

      He swiftly heads out of bedroom, followed by a suspicious

                       Hey, hold on a minute....


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 21.   

 39   CONTINUED:                                                               39  

                       The landlord ordered pest control.
                       Excuse please.
                             (rushing out)
                       Must check work order.  Huge rats.
                       No rats here.

      Hans bolts out the door, leaving a bewildered Clark, still
      with toothbrush in mouth.  Clark goes to doorway, watches
      Hans retreat, slowly closes door with a puzzled look.

                                                            CUT TO:

 40   INT. DAILY PLANET - LOIS' DESK - TAKE-OUT TRAY - DAY                     40  

      In the tray are two sealed cappuccinos.  CAMERA TILTS UP to
      find Clark hurrying toward the desk, where Lois sits
      working, waiting for him, a bit nervous, something on her

                       Morning.  Sorry I'm late.

                       I've been trying to reach Peggy
                       Barrish, the other girl whose
                       husband vanished?  No luck.

                       You can't believe what happened
                       when I was getting ready this

                       Actually, I heard about the
                       volcano.  Nice work.
                             (offers container)
                       One latte, fat full, double sugar
                       lumped, just like you like it.

                       Thanks I'd just gotten outta the
                       shower; and in walks this
                       exterminator looking for rats.

                       You're kidding.  Did he see

                             (he winks)
                       Nah, I had a towel on.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 22.   

 40   CONTINUED:                                                               40  

      He's at his desk, glancing at phone messages.  Lois sips
      cappuccino, awkwardly approaches.

                                           LOIS (CONT'D)
                       Uh, listen... Clark...


                       We haven't really talked about
                       this... but... Just how dead set
                       are you on me changing my last name
                       to Kent?

                       Well, I...

                             (rattling on)
                       Because, you know, it is my
                       professional name... And marrying
                       you is a _huge_ part of my life,
                       don't get me wrong, but so is
                             (indicates room)
                       ... this.  And I won't feel one bit
                       less married to you holding onto a
                       name that's taken me years to
                       establish.  Not that tradition
                       isn't on your side, but why do
                       _women_ do all the changing?
                       Change our name when we get
                       married, change our body when we
                       have a baby...

                       Lois ... ?

                       Yes, Clark.

                             (nods at her cup)
                       Next time, de-caf.

                       I just feel _attached_...
                       professionally and personally to
                       Lois Lane.

                       Me, too.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 23.   

 40   CONTINUED:  2                                                            40  

                       You, too what?

                       _I'm_ very attached to Lois Lane.
                       I fell in love with her, I admire
                       her, I depend on her.  I'm not
                       asking for any other changes, am I?


                       I'm marrying who you are. Not who
                       you'll become.


                       Look, if something's important to
                       you, it's important to me.  We're
                       in this together.

      She stares at him, very moved, and they kiss.

                                           JIMMY (O.S.)
                       Guys, c'mon.

 41   NEW ANGLE                                                                41  

      As they sheepishly part to find Jimmy waiting.

                             (to Jimmy)
                       Nice timing.

                       Lois, I ran those names from your
                       senior class, none of 'em reported
                       missing persons except the ones you
                       told me about.

                             (to Lois)
                       ... Who both happen to be friends
                       of yours.

                       Yeah, weird, huh?

      Loud BANGING O.S. They look, and:

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 24.   

 42   EATING AREA                                                              42  

      Joe Malloy is banging on the candy machine.  Lois and Clark
      rush up to him.

                       Joe, are you okay?

                       Damn machine.  There's one more
                       Snickers in there, I can see it. 
                       It keeps saying it's empty, but
                       it's not!  I want that last

      Clark slips his foot under the machine and lifts it up a few
      inches and lets it drop, dislodging the candy bar.  He
      reaches for it and hands it to Joe.

                       Here you go.  Joe Malloy, right?

                       I don't mean to bother you people..
                       I just thought maybe you'd found
                       out something about my Debbie...
                       Or Peggy's husband, Les.
                             (tearing up)
                       I just don't know what to do

                                                            CUT TO:

 43   INT. ANNETTE'S HOTEL ROOM - DAY                                          43  

      "At Seventeen" plays.  Annette takes the wriggling bag from
      Hans, who holds the second bag.  She drops a Malibu Barbie
      beach towel in the bag.

                       I'm so happy you cheap consumers
                       used your free shampoo.
                             (calling to doll house)
                       Make room for Little Richard.

                       There's something I need to tell

                       Hans... When Madam is savoring her
                       triumphs, Madam does not wish to be

                       Yes, Madam.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 25.   

 43   CONTINUED:                                                               43  

      She gives him a contemptuous look, takes the bag close to
      the doll house.

 44   INTERCUT DOLL HOUSE ROOM                                                 44  

      The room of the doll house is full frame, making it look
      normal.  Suddenly, the front door swings open and Dick
      Keaton, covered in a little towel around his waist is shoved
      into the room.


                       Aw man... Les... Debbie... So this
                       is where you disappeared to.

                       Alright, break up the coffee
                       klatch!  You, Dick...

      She inserts the point of a pencil into a window.  It appears
      enormous in the room, prods Dick in the gut.

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                       ... For God's sake, get in that
                       closet and put on something

      Another push from the pencil and Dick scampers across the
      room and into the closet.

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                             (snapping her fingers)
                       Hans, the last bag.

                       Madam, please, I...

                             (snatching bag from Hans)
                       Our final guest is the recently
                       engaged Clark Kent...

      She dumps the last bag out.  Nothing falls from the bag.

 45   ANGLE ON DEBBIE, LES AND DICK                                            45  

      Dick peers out from the closet.  The three look at each
      other:  "What's going on?"

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 26.   

 46 ANGLE ON ANNETTE                                                           46  

                             (too calm)
                       Hans, you will perhaps note the bag
                       is empty.

                       Yes, Madam.

                       Tell me he used the shampoo.

                       I'm sure he did.  But, uhhh...

                       Quit muttering, you overgrown
                       tumor!  Where is Clark?!  Where is
                       he?!  Where is he?!  Where is he?!

                       The shampoo failed.

                       The shampoo didn't 'fail!'  I don't
                       'fail!' I gave _up_ 'failing!'  If
                       anyone around here 'failed' who
                       would it have been?

                       Uh, me.

                       I completely agree.
                       I want Lois' nightmare to begin!
                       Find out what happened!!

      Hans rushes out as Annette throws open an armoire to reveal
      photos of Julie, Peggy, Joe and Lois.  Peggy and Joe have
      black, crushed flower wreathes around them.  She places
      another one around Julie's picture and clutches a fourth
      wreath in her hands.

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                       Lois, I'm going to wash that man
                       right out of your life.

                                                            CUT TO:

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 27.   

 47   INT. DAILY PLANET CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY                                  47  

      Lois and Clark sit with Joe, who devours the Snickers bar.
      Clark pushes up his glasses, which keep slipping down his

                       Other than the fact you were
                       friends in high school... There's
                       nothing that links you and the
                       other victims.

                       I know.  After we graduated,
                       everyone sorta scattered.

                       How's Peggy?  I've been trying to
                       reach her.

                       Completely shattered.  She and Les
                       were so happy.  Seemed like they
                       had it all.
                             (rueful smile)
                       Guess that's what they used to say
                       about all of us in high school,
                       huh, Lo-Lo?

                             (to Clark)
                       Peggy was Homecoming Queen... Julie
                       was head cheerleader...

                       Joe was the quarterback...
                             (to Joe)
                       That's what you three had in
                       common.  You were all big deals in
                       high school.

                             (glances at watch;
                       I got a lunch appointment, don't
                       wanna keep her waiting.  Thanks for

      Lois and Clark have stood, she hugs Joe.

                       We're going to figure this out,

                       That perfume's nice.  Reminds me of


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 28.   

 47   CONTINUED:                                                               47  

      He sniffs Lois, then glances at Clark.

                                           JOE (CONT'D)
                             (to Clark)
                       Sorry, it I s you.

      Clark looks puzzled, Joe goes off.

                             (sniffs Clark)
                       You do smell good.  New cologne?

                       I'm not wearing cologne.

      Lois, standing close to him now, notices that his shirt
      collar and tie are loose around his neck.  She goes to
      tighten his tie.

                       Getting a little sloppy in your
                       rushes to save the day, aren't you?

      He looks down at his tie and collar, wondering what's up,
      and his glasses slip off his face into his hands.  Lois
      looks back.

                                           LOIS (CONT'D)
                             (seeing glasses off)
                       Clark, your glasses!

      Clark quickly puts on his glasses, glances around.  Lois
      smiles, goes off.  Now Clark steps around a corner, finds a
      mirror hung on a wall.

 48   CLARK                                                                    48  

      He loosens his tie, pulls his shirt collar away from his
      neck.  There is quite a gap.  He stares down worriedly and
      his glasses slip again.  He pushes them back onto his nose.
      He stares nervously into the mirror.  CAMERA MOVES IN on his
      concerned expression, and...


                                 _END OF ACT TWO_

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 29.   

                                 _ACT THREE_

      FADE IN:

 49   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT #3                                        49  

      Lois cradles the phone on her shoulder while she consults a
      cookbook and pokes at a burning dish.

                             (hangs up)
                       Jimmy said Julie's been trying to
                       reach me.  Sounds urgent.

                             (looking on stove)
                       Cajun cooking again?

      Lois gives him a look, dials the phone.

                                           CLARK (CONT'D)
                       I'll try to find a wine that goes
                       with blackened lasagna.

      Clark heads to the wine rack, casually reaches for a bottle
      on the top row, is startled to find he can't reach it.  He
      glances back at Lois, who's preoccupied, reaches again.

 50   EXT. SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE - NIGHT                                           50  

      Hans, in a neighboring building window or outside the big
      glass windows, or out on the patio.... watches.

 51   INTERCUT HIS POV (POSSIBLY BINOCULARS)                                   51  

      Clark reaches again for the bottles, looks frustrated.  Hans
      smiles a wide, toothy grin as he pulls out a cel phone.

                             (on the move)
                       It's started.

      Hans folds up the cel phone and vanishes.

 52   INT. CLARK'S - WITH CLARK                                                52  

      He's worried.  He looks to Lois to make sure she isn't
      watching.  He FLOATS up to retrieve the bottle.  He puts the
      wine on the table and heads to the bedroom.

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 30.   

 53   INT. CLARK'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                                             53  

      Clark enters and pulls off his sweater to reveal his shirt
      sleeves folded up and held in place by rubber bands.  He
      takes off the elastic and the cuffs drop, hanging just below
      his fingertips.  Clark looks at his oversized clothes.

                             (to self)
                       This is insane.

                                           LOIS (O.S.)
                       I called Julie back and got a machine.

      Clark is swimming in his shirt.  He quickly tries pulling
      the sleeves back up as:

                                           LOIS (O.S.)
                       Who leaves an urgent message and
                       then goes out?  I hope she isn't...

      Clark looks up.  Lois has come in the bedroom.  She stares,
      bewildered, at the dangling cuff.

                       Uh... I was just, uh, noticing that
                       this shirt is, uh, all stretched

                             (as she approaches)
                       Not that I'm all that domestic...
                       But do shirts _stretch_?

      Clark continues to roll up the sleeves to hide his problem.

                       I gotta find a different

      Lois, now close enough to touch the shirt, sees that it's
      really big, everywhere.

                       It looks like either your clothes
                       are growing or.... Clark, what's
                       happening to you?

                       I don't know.  I mean I know what's
                       happening, I just don't understand
                       how.  Or why.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 31.    

 53   CONTINUED:                                                               53  

                             (struggling for calm)
                       Has this ever happened before?

                       What's today... Tuesday?  The first
                       I noticed it was Monday.

                       This started yesterday and you
                       didn't tell me?!  What were you
                       thinking of?!

                       I was thinking, 'Don't tell Lois.
                       It'll only upset her.'
                             (off her exasperated
                       I just wanted to get some facts
                       first, to make sense out of what's
                       happening to me.

                       To _us_.  Whatever happens to you
                       or me, happens to us.  Didn't you
                       just get through saying 'we're in
                       this together?'

      She can see the worry in his eyes; puts her arms around him.

                                           LOIS (CONT'D)
                       And we'll get through this.

                                                            CUT TO:

 54   INT. STAR LABS - DAY #4                                                  54  

      We see smoldering wood and a frozen beaker on the counter.
      Superman, standing on a scale with a sliding height bar over
      his head, bends a steel bar into a pretzel and hands it to a
      LAB ASSISTANT.  Dr. Klein looks on, making notes on a

                                           DR. KLEIN
                       Your powers are functioning
                       normally but you've experienced a
                       significant loss in height and body
                       mass.  I'm not sure why but the
                       suit fits as snugly as ever.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 32.   

 54   CONTINUED:                                                               54  

                       It's the aura effect.  Anything
                       within a tenth of a millimeter is
                       essentially a second skin.

                                           DR. KLEIN
                       What's happening to you could be a
                       result of living on Earth all these
                       years under a yellow sun.  Perhaps
                       your molecular structure can only
                       tolerate a yellow sun for a finite
                       period before it begins to break

                       At least it seems to be happening
                       very slowly...

                                           DR. KLEIN
                       Although... I'm afraid that... as
                       your body mass declines...

                       It's okay, Doc... Tell me.  You can
                       be blunt.

                                           DR. KLEIN
                       Think of yourself as a snowman.  As
                       a snowman melts there is less and
                       less to protect it from the effects
                       of the sun.  Before you know it,
                       you're nothing more than a puddle
                       with a corn cob pipe.

      Superman stares, stunned.

                                           DR. KLEIN (CONT'D)
                             (angry at himself)
                       Too blunt!  Too blunt!  I knew it!
                       You can see why I don't do clinical

      Dr. Klein notices Superman is a few inches lower than the
      height bar.  Dr. Klein moves it down and records it.

                                           DR. KLEIN (CONT'D)
                       Oh dear.  You're smaller than when
                       you arrived.

      Superman swallows hard.

                                                            CUT TO:

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 33.   

 55   INT. DAILY PLANET - LATE MORNING                                         55  

      Lois walks to her desk with Julie Keaton who appears to be
      in shock.  Lois notices Clark's empty chair.  Perry
      approaches wearing a new cowboy hat.

                       Lois, where's Clark?
                             (too casually)
                       Oh... I'm sure he'll turn up...

                       When the rooster crows
                       cock-a-doodle-doo I expect every
                       ranch hand to get his keester out
                       of the bunkhouse and pull his own
                             (walking away)
                       C'mon you dogies, roll 'em out.

                             (off Julie)
                       He's... going through an urban
                       cowboy phase.

                       Dick did, too.  I gave him such a
                       hard time.
                             (bursting into tears)
                       God, how I'd love to see him!  Even
                       in those stupid boots!

                             (hugging her)
                       I'm so sorry.  If I'd gotten hold
                       of you last night, I would've come

                             (drying tears)
                       Thanks, Lois... Actually, Annette
                       was with me.  She was so nice...

      They sit at Lois's desk.

                                           JULIE (CONT'D)
                       Now I know what poor Joe Malloy and
                       Peggy Barrish went through...
                             (welling up)
                       After you live with Clark for a
                       while, you'll know what I mean.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 34.   

 55   CONTINUED:                                                               55  

                       There's no emptier feeling than
                       coming home to the house where your
                       husband used to be.

                       Oh, Julie.
                       And you didn't notice anything
                       unusual in the house at all?

                       Just that nothing was touched...
                       Even Dick's clothes were all still
                       Oh... And... I don't know if this
                       means anything, but my neighbor saw
                       an exterminator van near our house.

                             (cutting her off)
                       An exterminator?  Clark had an
                       exterminator in his place too.
                       What was the name of the company

                       Oh gosh.  What did she say ... ?
                       'Snoil.'  That was it.

      The phone rings.

                             (picking up phone)
                       Lois Lane.

 56   INTERCUT - ANNETTE'S HOTEL ROOM                                          56  

                       Free for lunch?

                       Annette?  I can't go to lunch.  I'm
                       sitting here with Julie...

      Annette, with her hand covering the phone, talks to caged
      Dick now dressed in Ken doll formal wear.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 35.   

 56   CONTINUED:                                                               56  

                       And I'm sitting here with Dick.

                       It's so terrible what's happened...

                             (feigning sympathy)
                       I know.  There's nothing worse than
                       loneliness.  Believe me, I know.
                       Please tell her I'm here for her if
                       she needs me.  I know how tough the
                       disappearance of Joe's wife has
                       been on him.

                       Can I call you back?

                       Oh yes, and tell Julie to think
                       positively.  I'm sure Dick's
                       devotion to her will get him home

      Annette hangs up.

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                             (to Dick)

 57   BULLPEN - LOIS AND JULIE                                                 57  

      Lois hangs the phone up.

                       Annette said to think positively.

                       She's just so.... great.

                       Were you guys friends in high

                       No... Want to know something awful?
                       I used to sort of... tease her.

      Lois' PHONE rings again.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 36.   

 57   CONTINUED:                                                               57  

                             (to Julie)
                             (into phone)
                       Hello... Clark!  What did Dr. Klein
                       Meet you?  Well, yeah, I could...
                             (startled; quietly:)
                       In an alley?

                                                            CUT TO:

 58   EXT. GLOOMY ALLEY - DUSK                                                 58  

      Lois edges her way into the shadows of the alley.  She is
      cautious and anxious.  Clark is unseen in the dark shadows
      throughout this scene.

                             (calls out quietly)
                       Clark.  Clark are you here?

                                           CLARK (O.S.)
                       I'm here.

      Lois walks towards his voice.  She nears him.  We will not
      see Clark.

                                           CLARK (CONT'D)
                       Lois, stop.  Please don't come any

                       What's wrong?

 59   INTERCUT - VERY CLOSE ON CLARK                                           59  

      We are tight enough not to note the size difference; he is
      in deep shadow.

                       I went to see Dr. Klein...

                       Clark, I think whatever's happening
                       has something to do with that
                       exterminator!  Dick is gone, and
                       there was an exterminator at _his_


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 37.   

 59   CONTINUED:                                                               59  

                       Whatever information you get...
                       I'll find a way of contacting

                       Clark, would you please come out
                       and talk to me?!

      She steps forward but still can't see Clark.

                       Lois stop.  Just listen.  I can't
                       let you see me like this.

                       Can't or won't?  Clark, you know
                       how scared I was to let you into my
                       life.  I always thought it was weak
                       to need someone.  But it's not.

                       Lois... I need to handle this

                       Handle what??
                             (fighting tears)              
                       Look, ask me to scour the earth for
                       a bad guy, ask me to wake up every
                       cop... knock on every door, ask me
                       to walk on water, but please don't
                       ask me to walk away!  Because
                       that's one thing I don't know how
                       to do.

      A silence hangs between them.

                             (with difficulty)
                       I know.

                             (fighting tears)
                       I just got you back!  I can't let
                       you go!

                       This is so hard for me to say...
                       But that's what I'm asking you to


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 38.   

 59   CONTINUED:  2                                                            59  

      Lois creeps forward and, for just a second, sees what
      appears to be a child's silhouette in the shadows.  Her
      mouth falls open and immediately the silhouette blurs away
      with the familiar WHOOSH!

                                                            CUT TO:

 60   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT #4                                        60  

      The door is jimmied open and Hans creeps in toward the
      bedroom with his bag.  Again, he searches along the floor
      and in the corners.  He hears Lois enter so he quickly
      rushes into the bathroom, shutting the door.

 61   WITH LOIS                                                                61  

      Lois enters in a panic looking for Clark.

                       Clark, forgive me. I tried to do
                       what you asked, maybe not hard
                       enough, but I tried.  I'm here to

      She stops when she sees Clark's suit wadded up on the floor
      in a  pile. His glasses sit on top of the pile.  She picks
      up his glasses and puts them in her jacket breast pocket.

                                           LOIS (CONT'D)

      Silence.  She picks up his shirt and presses it to her face.

                                           LOIS (CONT'D)
                             (overcome with grief)
                       Oh, Clark...

 62   INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT                                                    62  

      Hans listens from the shadows.  He reaches into the shower
      to retrieve the shampoo from among other bottles on the
      shower shelf.

 63   LOIS                                                                     63  

      A NOISE of falling objects in the bathroom.  Lois spins,
      startled, cautiously heads towards the bathroom.  She starts
      to push the door open when suddenly Hans bursts out,
      attempting to escape.  Lois spins around to see him.  They
      struggle into the living room.  He pushes her out of the way
      with his stick/bag. She falls over a chair as he dashes out
      the door.  Lois gets up and makes her way to the window.
      She looks out to see:

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 39.   

 64   LOIS POV                                                                 64  

      Hans dashes across the patio area, leaps onto the ladder
      mounted on the building and disappears.  On the back of his
      coveralls is the big logo 'SNOIL' Pest Control.

 65   BACK TO LOIS                                                             65  


      As she ponders this, she sniffs a familiar floral scent.
      She turns on a light to discover the blue bottle of shampoo
      was dropped in the scuffle.  It has spilled over a potted
      plant that was overturned.  She grabs Clark's shirt, sniffs
      it.  It is the same scent.

                       Joe said Clark's cologne reminded
                       him of his wife.
                             (holds up blue bottle)
                       But it wasn't cologne.

      Lois looks back down at the plant.

 66   INTERCUT HER POV - THE PLANT                                             66  

      The plant has shriveled down to a minuscule version of its
      original size.  ON Lois' horrified reaction,


                               _END OF ACT THREE_

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 40.   

                                 _ACT FOUR_

      FADE IN:

 67   INT. LOIS'S KITCHEN - LATE NIGHT                                         67  

      Lois is asleep, slumped over the kitchen table, surrounded
      by a phone, legal pads covered in scribbled facts, a dish
      with the remains of dinner.  In the background we HEAR white
      noise from a television set long without programming.

 68   ANGLE ON LIVING ROOM WINDOW                                              68  

      A torn page from a magazine floats through the window, as if
      guided by the wind.  It comes to rest on the table by Lois's
      dozing face.

 69   CLOSE ON MAGAZINE PAGE                                                   69  

      The headline reads:  "Chemist Shrinks Living Cells"

      Superman, now six inches tall, comes out from under the
      corner of the page.  He watches Lois wistfully.

 70   LOIS                                                                     70  

      A BLUR of blue streaks away from where she rests, and out of
      FRAME.  Then a small blanket floats into FRAME, settling
      around her shoulders.  The edge of the blanket flutters, and
      another BLUR streaks out from under it and away.

 71   THE TV SET                                                               71  

      Static plays across its face.  The BLUR streaks by, and the
      screen goes blank.

 72   A SHELF (OR TABLE TOP)                                                   72  

      On it rests a framed, full length photo of Lois.

 73   CLOSER - THE PHOTO                                                       73  

      Tiny Superman floats down to stand before the picture, his
      eyes meeting Lois'.  He reaches out to touch her.

 74   LOIS                                                                     74  

      She bolts upright.

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 41.   

 75   SUPERMAN                                                                 75  

      Upon seeing her wake, he darts behind Lois' picture.

 76   LOIS                                                                     76  

      Lois then notices the Article on the table.  She looks,
      picks it up, looks at it, then glances around and sees the
      TV turned off and the afghan around her shoulders.  A smile
      comes across her face.  She knows he's returned.

      Clark, are you here?

 77   INTERCUT SUPERMAN                                                        77  

      He stands behind the picture debating whether to answer.
      Lois stands and begins to look around.


                       Lois, I'm here.

      She begins to turn on a light.

                                           SUPERMAN (CONT'D)
                       Please don't...

                       Clark, I know what happened to you.
                       It was the shampoo.  I took it to
                       Dr. Klein to analyze.

                       Then you know what it's doing to

                       And I know how scared you must be.
                       And how scared I am.  But what
                       scares me even more is you think
                       you have to go through this

                       Lois... I don't know how much
                       worse this'll get.  Or if it can be


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 42.   

 77   CONTINUED:                                                               77  

                       And our commitment is to be
                       together no matter _what_ happens!
                       How do we face the future if you
                       can't even face me _now_?!

                       Because I don't know _how_ to face
                       you like this!  I'd never burden
                       you with the way I am!  I
                       wouldn't _expect_ you to stay with

                             (now angry)
                       Well, that doesn't say very much
                       for me!

                       What kind of husband would I be?  I
                       don't know if I can protect you or
                       even how long I'll be around.

                       Your ego is so tied up in being
                       this guy who busts through walls...

                       It's not ego, Lois!  This wouldn't
                       be a marriage!

                       I guess it wouldn't.  A marriage is
                       where two people solve their
                       problems _together_.  We would
                       solve this, Clark!

                       I didn't come here to fight with

                       Then why did you come here?  To
                       tell me you're going to stay away

                       Well, I was hoping I'd be more like
                       a guardian angel.

                       I don't want you to watch over me,
                       I want you to be with me.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 43.   

 77   CONTINUED:  2                                                            77  

                         LOIS                                  SUPERMAN
                You are so                           You are so
                stubborn!                            stubborn!

      She glares at the picture, and suddenly there's a BLUR of
      blue from behind the picture and out the window.  Lois
      stares at the open window as the blast of air flutters
      things around her.  The fight goes out of her.  She stares
      sadly out at the night.

                       I love you, Clark.

      She stares down at the article in her hand, then flops down
      on the couch.  She looks around forlornly, then down at the
      yearbook on the coffee table.  She looks away, then
      something about the yearbook pulls her attention back.

 78   COVER OF YEARBOOK - INSERT                                               78  

      on the cover, in big bold letters, the word: "LIONS."

 79   WITH LOIS                                                                79  

      She slowly reaches down, picks up the yearbook, goes to a
      mirror, holds up the yearbook in front of her.  The word
      "LIONS" is reflected backwards.

                       'S-N-0-I-L.'  'Snoil.'

                                                            CUT TO:

 80   INT. STAR LABS - ON MAGAZINE ARTICLE - MORNING - DAY #5                  80  

      PULL BACK to find the article in Dr. Klein's hands. He
      finishes skimming it.

                       Thanks for meeting me so early.

                                           DR. KLEIN
                             (covering his fatigue)
                       Science never sleeps, my dear.
                       Yes, I recall seeing this a year or
                       so ago...  Dr. Torvold Graham
                       claimed held found a way to shrink
                       living cells...  Where did you get
                       the article?


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 44.   

 80   CONTINUED:                                                               80  

                       From Superman.

                                           DR. KLEIN
                       Superman?  You've _seen_ him?

                       We... spoke.  Have you had any luck
                       analyzing the shampoo?

                                           DR. KLEIN
                       A little.  But we're nowhere near
                       reversing its effect.
                             (losing it)
                       Lois, I've never been under so much
                       pressure!  I have this enormous
                       responsibility!  If the world knew
                       he was shrinking....

                       _Klein_!  Pull it together!  This
                       is not about you, it's about

                                           DR. KLEIN

                       If you had this Dr. Graham's
                       notes... Could you find the

                                           DR. KLEIN
                       Possibly, but the details of the
                       work were confidential, and Dr.
                       Graham vanished some months ago.
                       He was never found.

                       Well, who did he work for?

                                           DR. KLEIN
                       Gee, I believe his work was funded
                       by a large... cosmetics firm.

                       Cosmetics.... firm?

                                           DR. KLEIN
                       Yeah, those people are always
                       trying to shrink _some_thing.

      Lois stares off, wheels turning, suddenly piecing things
      together and growing more excited:


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 45.   

 80   CONTINUED:  2                                                            80  

                             (suddenly on a roll)
                       She runs a cosmetics company!!

                                           DR. KLEIN
                       Oh, I see.

                       None of us were her friends in high
                       school... And suddenly she's
                       comforting Julie and calling me...
                       He didn't want to keep 'her
                       waiting' he said!  Joe was having
                       lunch with _her_!

                                           DR. KLEIN
                       He was?

                       An exterminator was at Julie's
                       place and at Clark's!  From
                       'Snoil' pest control!  'Snoil' is
                       'Lions' backward!  We were the
                       'Lions!!' Dr. Klein, I know where
                       to get those notes!!

      She heads full steam for the door.  There is a sudden
      WHOOSH, and a note floats down from above.  Dr. Klein
      snatches it.

                                           DR. KLEIN
                       'Lois, it's too dangerous.  Stay
                       put 'til you hear from me.'

                       Aww.  He always says that.
                             (heading out)
                       And I never listen.

      And she's gone.

                                                            CUT TO:

 81   INT. DOLL HOUSE - ON DOORKNOB - EARLY MORNING                            81  

      There is a SNAP and the lock on the door breaks open.  The
      door opens and Superman enters.  We see Debbie, Les and Dick
      sleep on the sofa and easy chairs in their one room hell.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 46.   

 81   CONTINUED:                                                               81  

      They begin to stir, and Superman hurriedly steps into the
      closet, there's a soft WHOOSH and he immediately reappears,
      in wet suit, snorkel and mask from the G.I. Joe collection.
      He adjusts the mask (to hide his identity) as the three
      captives notice him and jump up.

                       I'm getting you out of here.

                       Who're you?

                       A... Navy Seal.

                       Boy.  You guys are good!

                       I'm not going out there.  There's a
                       huge cat.

                       I'll take care of the cat.  I'm...
                       a Navy Seal.

                       The door's locked.

                       I jimmied it.  C'mon, we'll go down
                       the table leg and across the
                       floor... Hurry; before anyone wakes

      They hurry toward the door.  Sudden BANGING on the hotel
      room door O.S.

                                           LOIS (O.S.)
                       Annette!  Annette!  Open up!  It's

                             (throwing up a hand)
                       She never listens!

 82   THE ROOM                                                                 82  

      Annette, in gaudy robe, sleep mask pushed up on her head,
      staggers for the door, carrying her cat.

                       Coming, coming.

      She passes the covered doll house, SLAMS her hand on it.

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 47.   

 83   INT. DOLL HOUSE ROOM                                                     83  

      Debbie, Les, Dick, and Clark reel from the vibration.

 84   BACK TO SCENE                                                            84  

                             (to dollhouse)
                       One word and you're cat food
                       Think about it.

      She continues on to the door, opens it to reveal Lois.

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                       Lois, it's so early.  Oh I do hope
                       there isn't a problem.

                             (her best acting)
                       Annette... Clark's disappeared,
                       just like the others!

                             (hugs Lois)
                       I'm here for you, Lois.

                       Can I come in?

                       Well... Why don't I meet you at...

                             (pushing past her)
                       I think I really need to sit down.

      Lois comes to a stop in the middle of the room, staring.

                                           LOIS (CONT'D)
                       Oh. Gee.

 85   HER POV                                                                  85  

      One side of the room is _massed_ with high school
      memorabilia.  A cheerleader outfit with "Julie" written in
      script is in a plexiglass frame.  There's a football helmet
      mounted on a stand.  Pennants with "LIONS," pom-poms,
      pictures of Peggy as prom queen, school paper "The Lionette"
      with headline "Lois Lane New President," etc.

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 48.   

 86   INCLUDE LOIS AND ANNETTE                                                 86  

                       You sure have a lot of stuff from
                       high school.

                       I... was assembling it all for the
                       Lois.  Please.  Share your pain
                       with me.

                       That's Julie's cheerleading
                       outfit...  And isn't that Joe's

                       Joe was very grateful for...
                       everything I've done.

                       Generous of you, considering you
                       didn't like him in high school.

                       No, it was the other way around.
                       Did you know I went to every one of
                       his games and he never even looked
                       my way?

                       And Julie used to tease you ... ?

                       She found my weight, wardrobe,
                       braces, and attempts to speak,
                       amusing, yes.

                       And what'd I do, Annette?

      Annette suddenly realizes where this is headed, heads for
      the door.

                       I think you'd better go, Lo-Lo...

                       I'd almost forgotten you ran
                       against me for President.

                       Of course you forgot, Lois. 
                       Nothing I _ever_ did made the
                       slightest impression on you.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 49.   

 86   CONTINUED:                                                               86  

                       And Peggy ... ?

                       Pretty Peggy got all the attention,
                       all the valentines and all the
                       boys.  Interesting, isn't it?  Now
                       everyone needs me to comfort them! 
                       Even you.

                       You don't want to comfort anyone,
                       you just want to see our pain.

      Sudden muffled SCREAMS for help.  Lois spins to notice the
      covered doll house, and charges over to it.


      Lois rips the cover off the doll house and stares, stunned.

 87   HER POV                                                                  87  

      Debbie, Les, and Dick stand shouting.  Clark is gone.

                       Lois!  Get us outta here!  She
                       shrunk us!  Call the cops!

 88   LOIS                                                                     88  

      She stands staring, and:

                                           ANNETTE (O.S.)
                       Clark isn't here and Hans is having
                       great difficulty finding him.

      Lois slowly turns as SHOT WIDENS to reveal Annette holding a
      gun on Lois.

                                           ANNETTE (CONT'D)
                       So, maybe he's shrunk away to
                             (a cruel smile)
                       Lonely, Lois?  Need a hug?

                       Annette!  You can make things right
                       by turning over Dr. Graham's
                       research notes.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 50.   

 88   CONTINUED:                                                               88  

                       Don't be silly.  I'm more popular
                       now than I ever dreamed.
                             (cocks gun)
                       Good-bye, Lois.  Since you appear
                       not to need me, I have no need for

      There is a tiny streak of blue behind Annette.


      Annette FIRES at Lois; Lois flies down to the floor.

                       I guess I'll have to clean up my
                       own dirty work.

      She charges off to the other room.

 89   CLOSE ON LOIS                                                            89  

      Her eyes are closed.

 90   ANGLE ON HER BREAST POCKET                                               90  

      There's a smoking hole in the cloth. The pocket wiggles.
      Superman climbs out of it, holding the mangled bullet.

 91   ANNETTE                                                                  91  

      Re-enters with the large jug of the blue shampoo.

                       Here's a box office hit for ya.
                       'Honey, I Shrunk the Reporter.'

 92   LOIS                                                                     92  

      Lying still.  Superman is no longer on her pocket.  Lois
      begins to stir.  She looks up and sees Annette raising the
      jug above her.

 93   THE COUCH                                                                93  

      Is suddenly roaring across the room towards Annette.

 94   ANGLE ON SIDE OF COUCH                                                   94  

      Superman flies, holding the side of the couch.

                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 51.   

 95   ANNETTE                                                                  95  

      She notices the couch too late, it SLAMS against her,
      pinning her to the wall.  Annette loses her hold on the jug
      and it shatters over her.

                             (in horror)

 96   QUICK SHOTS - LOIS - SUPERMAN - THE CAPTIVES                             96  

 97   ANNETTE'S CLOTHES                                                        97  

      Drop in a damp heap on the floor. The Captives cheer.

 98   LOIS                                                                     98  

                       Those teenage years can be hell.

                                                            CUT TO:

 99   INT. DAILY PLANET - ON FRONT PAGE - NIGHT #5                             99  

      The headline reads:  "Couples United; Size Restored."  Below
      is a photo of Joe and Debbie, Peggy and Les, Julie and Dick.

100   LOIS, CLARK, PERRY                                                      100  

                       Good work, people.  You two make an
                       incredible team.  But I guess I say
                       that too often.

                             (glancing over at Clark)
                       Oh, I dunno... Seems it bears
                       repeating now and again.

      Clark smiles sheepishly at her.

                       Chief... No cowboy boots?

                       Aww, Sally said my boots were
                       doseying when I was doeing.  And I
                       couldn't get my tush to push.
                       Maybe I'd do better with the tango.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 52.    

100   CONTINUED:                                                              100  

      And he glides off.

                       So the Fortune Teller was right.
                       There _was_ a little Kent in my

                       Are you saying I was 'small' not to
                       share my troubles with you?

                       That's not what I was saying...
                       But nicely put.

                             (drawing close)
                       Would the future Mrs. Kent and her
                       alter ego, Lois Lane, accept an
                       apology and... dinner?

                             (leaning near)
                       If Mr. Kent and his alter ego
                       provide the flight.

                                                            CUT TO:

101   INT. LOIS' APARTMENT - ON WINDOW - NIGHT                                101  

      Superman and Lois float down outside the window.  She steps

                       The four of us make a pretty good
                       team.  We should double date more

                       You know what's great about you?

                       Sure.  But I can always hear you
                       repeat it.

                       Everything.  No matter what we do,
                       crack a spy ring or go to the car
                       wash, as long as we're together
                       it's... the best.


                            --page break--
      "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" (#20)           2/20/96                 53.   

101   CONTINUED:                                                              101  

                             (kisses him, then:)
                       So that must mean you won't ever
                       push me away again.

                       And... maybe you could promise
                       never to put yourself in harm's way


      They link pinky fingers.

                       on three.

                       One, two, three....

                       I promise.

      She smiles sweetly.

                                           SUPERMAN (CONT'D)





                           SUPERMAN (V.O.)







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