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#114 : La folie des grandeurs

Titre en VO : Illusions of Grandeur
Diffusion US : 24/01/94
Diffusion FR : 07/06/94

Des enfants de riches sont kidnappés et quand ils reviennent, ils ne se souviennent de rien. Grâce aux témoignages d’un petit qui a été témoin d’une disparition, Lois et Clark découvrent que le criminel serait peut-être un illusionniste.

Malheureusement, Superman est hypnotisé tout comme les enfants. Il croit que « le mal c’est le bien ».

Lois réussit à découvrir que c’est Une criminelle : la fille d’un grand magicien.

Malheureusement, ils sont tous hypnotisés par elle. Durant son vol, le superhéros résiste à la manipulation, il revient sur Terre et libère les autres. La magicienne Constance est arrêtée.

Note de l'épisode : 7/10


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Titre VO
Illusions of Grandeur

Titre VF
La folie des grandeurs

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                   The New Adventures of Superman

                     "Illusions of Grandeur"

Written by: THANIA ST. JOHN

















GIRL    *


_INTERIORS_:                                    _EXTERIORS_:

Daily Planet                                    Daily Planet
   The Pit
   Conference Room                              Hobs River Carnival     *
   Newswire Station
                                                Metropolis Sky
                                                Magic Mansion
Magic Mansion                                      Entrance
   Main Room                                       Roof
   Hypnosis Room                                Moskal Estate
   Underground chamber
   Hall of Mirrors                              Smallville Pier   *

                                              Flower Shop  *


       FADE IN:

   1   EXT. METROPOLIS SKY - (DAY #1)                                              1  

       SUPERMAN flies over the city, a pleasure trip.  The sun is
       warm, the clouds are high.  He rolls over on his back,
       tucks his arms under his head and closes his eyes, soaking
       in the rays.  A nice, relaxing... WHOOSH!  SCREECH!                            *
       HONK, HONK!  A flock of geese sends him tumbling for a                         *
       moment.  He regains his flying stance.                                         *

                   So much for a nice Sunday fly.

       He does a somersault and takes off.

   2   EXT. ESTATE - DAY                                                           2  

       We hear the faint HONK of the geese.  Two six-year-old*
       boys, NICK and CHRIS, sprint across a lawn and into the
       woods, laughing.  They reach a huge tree, and Nick tags it
       a second before Chris.

                   I'm faster than a speeding bullet!

                   No way.

       They both collapse, out of breath.

                   Okay.  But I'm faster than _you_.
                   And stronger, too.

                   No way!

       They wrestle playfully in the dirt, rolling farther down
       the path.  They see something.

                                    CHRIS (Cont'd)
                   What is it?

                   How should I know.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)     St. John.     11/22/93                  2.    

   2   CONTINUED:                                                                    2

       They get up and slowly walk over to a large, shiny box,
       about the size of a trunk.  On it is a big, sparkling.
       moon, surrounded by glittering stars and a message.

                   'Open the lid and step inside, and
                   you'll go on a magic ride.'

                   Maybe your dad sent it from his

                   Yeah, cool.

       Nick opens the lid.  It's empty.

                   You wanna get in?  Or are you

                   Aren't you?

                   No way.

       He climbs inside the box and waits.

                                    NICK (Cont'd)
                   Nothing's happening.

                   Maybe you have to close it.


       The lid comes down.  Chris watches.  Nothing.

                   Do you feel anything?

       No answer.

                                    CHRIS (Cont'd)
                   Nick? Hey, Nick!

       Chris re-opens the box, but to his amazement Nick has
       vanished.  Chris searches around the box then gets
       worried.  He runs back to the big house as fast as he can.

                                                            FADE OUT.

                                    _END TEASER_

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)     St. John.     11/22/93                  3.    

                               _ACT ONE_

       FADE IN:

   3   INT. DAILY PLANET - NEWSWIRE STATION - (DAY #2)                               3

       JIMMY reads a story as it comes over the wire.  He smiles,
       rips it off and runs excitedly towards the...

   4   CONFERENCE ROOM                                                               4

       ...where PERRY is just entering. LOIS, CLARK and other
       staff members are already waiting.

                   Chief!  I got a good one.

                   Now son, I told you you'd get an
                   assignment when the time is right.

                   The Queen of England, in the middle
                   of a State dinner, walks out into
                   the garden and starts dancing in a
                   fountain with one of her
                   Beefeaters. My angle: 'A Royal Cry
                   for Help.'

                   Come on, Olsen.  This is a
                   newspaper, not a check-out rag.
                   The Queen's peccadillos after a few
                   too many port sherries is not my
                   idea of a 'good one.'

                   Yes, sir.

                   Now, how're the real stories

       Clark sees how disappointed Jimmy is as Lois answers.

                   Still no leads on those
                   kidnappings.  Seven wealthy
                   children were taken in the last
                   three months.  All of them were
                   returned safely after huge ransoms
                   were paid, but none of the kids
                   remember anything about what
                   happened to them.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Blue Rev.     11/29/93                     4.    

   4   CONTINUED:                                                                    4

                   We tried to interview the parents
                   but we're talking very high profile
                   here.  CEO's, rock stars,
                   politicians, no one wants the
                   publicity because their kids are

                   I can understand that but we need a
                   good story. How many more times                                    *
                   can we say there's no new

       CAT enters hurriedly, wearing a very conservative navy
       blue suit, buttoned up to her chin.  Her hair is stylishly
       coiffed in a bun.  Very un-Cat-like.  Everyone is stunned.

                   Sorry I'm late.

                   Yeah.  Halloween was a few months

                   Did someone... pass on?                                            *

                   Can't a girl get dressed up without
                   sending out a press release?

                   I think you look very nice.

                   Thank you, Clark.

                   Kinda like a librarian fantasy I
                   had once...

                          (not buying)
                   Okay.  Who is he?  You never do
                   anything this drastic unless
                   there's a man involved.

                   As a matter of fact, I happen to be
                   having lunch with Arthur Chow this


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Blue Rev.     11/29/93                    4A.    

   4   CONTINUED:  2                                                                 4

                   Whoa.  He's even richer than Lex
                   Luthor, isn't he?


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                        5.   

   4   CONTINUED:  3                                                                 4

                   Second richest man in the world.

                   But not as handsome as Lex.

                   We're on the same charity committee
                   together and we're going over some
                   last minute details for tomorrow
                   night's "Magic of the Night" ball                                  *
                   which I hope you're all planning to

                   Arthur Chow.  Isn't he a little...
                   conservative for you?

                   He and I have a lot in common.

                   You mean those little green pieces
                   of paper with dead presidents on


                   Now wait a second.  You're going to
                   bamboozle this guy into thinking
                   you're a straight arrow?

                   That's my plan.

                   Heaven help him.  Now, who's up
                   next?  Biederman, how about that
                   piece you were doing on Attention
                   Deficit Disorder?  Sounds like a
                   real nineties disease.  Biederman?
                   You listening?

       Over Perry's speech, a woman has entered the news room and
       taken a seat at Clark's desk with her back to the
       conference room.  Clark uses his _SUPER HEARING_ -- she's
       CRYING softly.  Lois looks as we FOLLOW Clark out to...

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)     St. John.     11/22/93                  6.    

   5   HIS DESK                                                                      5

       The woman is in her late thirties and she wears a
       uniform-type dress.  This is ROSE COLLINS.

                   Can I help you?

                   Clark Kent?


                   My name is Rose Collins.  I need
                   you to write a story.

       Clark offers her a tissue.

                   Is there something wrong?

                   It's Nicky, my little boy.
                   Someone's made a terrible mistake.

       Lois' curiosity has brought her out.

                   What kind of mistake?

                   This is Lois Lane.  My partner.

                   You've both been writing about the
                   kidnappings, haven't you?

                   Well,  I've really done most...
                          (off his look)
                   Yes, we have.

                   Has your son been kidnapped, Mrs.

       She nods and begins to cry.

                                    CLARK (Cont'd)
                   Shouldn't you be talking to the

                   I'm not supposed to tell them or
                   Nicky will be...


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                        7.   

   5   CONTINUED:                                                                    5

       She can't say it out loud.

                   It's okay, it's okay.

                   How can we help you?

                   I work for Mr. and Mrs. Mark

                   Mark Moskal the developer?                                         *


                   He's practically built every other
                   building in Metropolis.

                   I take care of their house. Nicky                                  *
                   and I live on the estate.  He and                                  *
                   their son Chris are both six and
                   they always play together and...

       She can't go on.

                   And the kidnapper took the wrong

                   The note asks for five million
                   dollars by tomorrow night.  The
                   Moskals en route from their safari                                 *
                   but... all that money... how can I
                   ask them?  Could you write                                         *
                   something?  Tell the kidnapper he's
                   made a mistake.  Please.  Help me.

       Lois and Clark just look at each other.

                                                            CUT TO:

   6   EXT. MOSKAL ESTATE - DAY                                                      6

       Lois and Clark walk around a beautiful back yard.  Lois is
       scoping things out.

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Blue Rev.     11/29/93                     8.    

   6   CONTINUED:                                                                    6

                   So... this is the other half that
                   I've heard so much about.

       She picks up a small sculpture.                                                *

                                    LOIS (Cont'd)
                   I'll bet this could pay my rent for
                   a few months.

                   More like a small home in the
                   suburbs.  It's a Remington bronze.                                 *

       She quickly puts it down as Rose comes out with the note,                      *
       accompanied by Chris.

                                    CLARK (Cont'd)
                   Hey, you must be Chris.

       Chris just nods.  He's a little scared.

                   It's okay.  They're going to help
                   us find Nicky.

                   My daddy is coming home and he'll
                   take care of it.

                   I know he will.  But until he comes
                   back we're going to see what we can

       Lois reads the note.

                   'I have your son.  If you want to
                   see him alive again, bring five
                   million dollars to Hobs River
                   Carnival at midnight tomorrow.
                   Come alone.  No authorities or the
                   boy will be...'

       She stops, looking at Rose and Chris.  Clark reads the
       rest to himself.  Lois goes over to Chris.

                                    LOIS (Cont'd)
                   You were with Nick when this

       Chris nods.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Blue Rev.     11/29/93                     9.    

   6   CONTINUED:  2                                                                 6

                                    LOIS (Cont'd)
                   Tell us what you saw.                                              *

                   A magic box, with a moon and stars.

       Lois looks to Rose.

                   He has a pretty active imagination.

                   What did it look like?

                   Shiny.  Nick got in then he
                   disappeared.  That's all.

       Clark confers with her.

                   He might be blocking out something

                                    MR. MOSKAL (O.S.)
                   What's going on here?

       They turn to find MR. and MRS. MOSKAL coming out of the                        *
       house, looking tired and worried.                                              *

                                    MRS. MOSKAL

       The boy rushes into his mother's arms.  Mr. Moskal joins
       them for a brief reunion, then back to matters at hand.

                                    MR. MOSKAL
                   Rose, are you all right?  Mary
                   Frances and I were so worried.

       Mrs. Moskal goes over and hugs Rose.  Mr. Moskal eyes Lois
       and Clark.

                                    MR. MOSKAL (Cont'd)
                   Who are you?

                   We're from the Daily Planet.  Rose
                   asked us --

                                    MR. MOSKAL
                   The note said no authorities.

                   We haven't told the police.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)     St. John.     11/22/93                 10.    

   6   CONTINUED:  3                                                                 6

                   Although I think we should. They
                   can only help and --

                                    MR. MOSKAL
                   No, absolutely not.

                          (to Lois and Clark)
                   Please, you promised.

                                    MR. MOSKAL
                   I intend to pay the ransom in full
                   and get the boy back and if the two
                   of you do anything to jeopardize
                   the safety of --

                   Believe me, Mr. Moskal, we want to
                   see Nick back safe and sound.

                   But we also want to make sure this
                   doesn't keep happening to children
                   all over Metropolis.

                                    MR. MOSKAL
                   That's not my problem right now.

                                    MRS. MOSKAL
                   I think we could use some time
                   alone right now. We'll take care
                   of Rose and Nick, but thank you for
                   your concern.

       Lois and Clark look to Rose, who seems to agree.  There's
       nothing left to do.

                                                            CUT TO:

   7   INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY                                                       7

       Lois sits at her desk wrapping up a call.

                   Yes. I understand.  Thank you.

       She hangs up and Clark walks over.

                                    LOIS (Cont'd)



                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                   11-11A.   

   7   CONTINUED:                                                                    7

                   I hate that word and I hate that

                   The police won't discuss any of the
                   other kidnappings and the other
                   victim's parents want to help but
                   won't go on the record.

                   It's like knowing there's an answer
                   behind a door but not being able to
                   unlock it.

                   Being out of the loop.

                   Drives me crazy.

                   I think this calls for a little

       Clark produces the invitation to Cat's charity party.

                   I am _not_ going to Cat's party.                                   *

                   It's for charity.  Besides, it
                   could be our only lead.

                   We don't have a lead.

                   Sure we do.  Don't you remember
                   what Chris Moskal said?  He saw a
                   magic box.  Maybe a magician's

                   That's not a lead, that's a
                   desperate cry for help.

                   Don't you want to help Rose?

                   Yes, of course, but --


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  White Rev.  12/9/93                        12.   

   7   CONTINUED:  2                                                                 7

                   But, what?

                                                            CUT TO:

   8   EXT. MAGIC CLUB - (NIGHT #2)                                                  8

       A banner reads "The Magic of the Night Ball."  A valet
       parking attendant opens the door of a taxi and Lois and
       Clark step out.

                   I hate magic, that's what.

                   How can you hate magic?

       A Magic Mime comes up to Lois, practically accosting her
       with several tricks in a row, ending with a dove flapping
       around in her face.  She looks at Clark.

                   This is beyond the call of duty.

       Cat comes up to them, dressed conservatively once again.


                   Well, you're a regular girl next                                   *
                   door.                                                              *

                   Arthur's going to introduce me to                                  *
                   his mother.  Perry and Jimmy are                                   *
                   already inside.  Enjoy.                                            *


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  White Rev.  12/9/93                        13.   

   8   CONTINUED:                                                                    8

       She leaves.  Clark offers Lois his arm.

                   You ready?                                                         *

                   Do I have a choice?

       They enter.

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       14.   

   9   OMITTED                                                                       9

  10   INT. MAGIC CLUB - HYPNOSIS ROOM                                              10*

       Perry and Jimmy wander in during the demonstration.

                   Aw, this is bunk.  Let's go back to
                   the seance.

                   No, wait.  This is interesting.

       DR. ANDRE NOVAK has a subject under hypnosis.

                                    DR. NOVAK
                   Still relaxed, still listening to
                   the sound of my voice.  Now lift
                   your right hand.

       The subject obeys.

                                    DR. NOVAK (Cont'd)
                   Higher.  Good.  Whenever you hear
                   me say the words 'thank you' you
                   will raise your hand over your head
                   like you just did.  When I count
                   down and snap my fingers, you will
                   awake refreshed.  Five, four,
                   three, two, one.

       He SNAPS.  The subject opens her eyes.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)     St. John.     11/22/93                 15.    

  10   CONTINUED                                                                    10

                                    DR. NOVAK (Cont'd)
                   Let's hear a nice round of applause
                   for the lady.  Thank you.

       Right an cue, she raises her hand high above her head for
       no good reason.  The audience laughs and applauds.

                   See? It works.

                   Jimmy, don't be naive. That woman
                   was an obvious plant.

                                    DR. NOVAK
                   A skeptic, ladies and gentlemen.
                   Perhaps you would do us the favor
                   of being my next subject.

       The audience claps.

                   No, not me.

                   Go ahead, chief.  Prove him wrong.

       Dr. Novak escorts a reluctant Perry to the hypnosis chair
       and brings out a pocket watch.

                   Don't be disappointed if nothing
                   happens.  I'm a very strong-willed

       Dr. Novak dangles the watch in front of Perry's eyes.

                                    DR. NOVAK
                   See the watch, only the watch.
                   Hear my voice, only my voice.
                   Breath and relax, in and out.  When
                   I count to five you will close your
                   eyes.  One, two, three, four, five.

       Sure enough, Perry's eyes close.  Jimmy can't believe it.

                                    DR. NOVAK (Cont'd)
                   Excellent.  The subject is now
                   ready.  All I need now is a
                   post-hypnotic suggestion.  Anybody?

       Jimmy raises his hand.

                   Yeah, I've got one

       Off his mischievous look we go to the...

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Blue Rev.     11/29/93                    16.    

  11   MAIN SHOWROOM                                                                11

       ... where Lois and Clark have just entered. They stand
       near the back and watch the action on stage.

                   Look, it's Darren Romick, the
                   greatest illusionist alive.

                   Now, how did you know that?                                        *

                          (points to program)                                         *
                   It says so right here.                                             *

                   Well, I'm not buying it.                                           *
                   Illusion, Clark, as in trick, as                                   *
                   in phony.

                   Lois, he made the Eiffel Tower
                   disappear.  That does require some
                   kind of talent.

                   Big deal.  Wires, mirrors, trap
                   doors.  They all have their little

                   Oh.  Now I get it.

                   Get what?

                   Why you don't like magic.  Or

                   Oh, do tell.

                   It drives you crazy not to be in on
                   the secret.  You always have to
                   know everything about everything.

                   That's not true, I love to be
                   As long as I know about it in

                   Classic control freak behavior.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       17.   

  11   CONTINUED:                                                                   11

                   Well, thank you Dr. Freud.

                   Full disclosure, no stone left
                   unturned.  That's what makes you a
                   good reporter, I guess.

                   You guess?

                   Life doesn't always have to go
                   according to plan, Lois.  That
                   would be boring.
                   Are you saying my life is boring?

                   I'm saying it could use a little
                   mystery every once in a while,
                   that's all.

       We hear applause and astonished OOOOHS and AAAAAHS from
       the audience as an illusion concludes.  A DRUM ROLL turns
       their attention to the stage where we see DARREN ROMICK
       for the first time.  A handsome magician with a flair for
       the dramatic, he has the audience in the palm of his hand.

                   Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
                   And now, for my final illusion I
                   shall be calling, once again, on
                   assistance from the lovely

       A young woman comes on stage, wearing traditional
       magician's assistant garb.  This is CONSTANCE.

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   I'm going to need some help from
                   the audience on this one, too.
                   Feel free to call out as we go
                   along.  Now first, we're going to
                   need an object from right here in                                  *
                   this room.  Anyone?                                                *

       Several people call things out.

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   I heard table.  How about that one                                 *
                   right there?                                                       *

       He heads for a table near the stage and picks it right up                      *
       from under two surprised people, drinks and all                                *


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                      17A.   

  11   CONTINUED:  2                                                                11

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   You don't mind, do you?  In fact,                                  *
                   why don't the two of you just                                      *
                   bring your chairs and sit right up                                 *
                   here on stage.  Constance?  Help                                   *
                   the lovely couple, would you?                                      *

       They follow him on stage.                                                      *

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)

                   Okay, next I need a dead animal.                                   *

       The audience reacts appropriately.                                             *

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   Did I hear rat?                                                    *

       More disgusted noises from the crowd as Romick walks                           *
       among them again, searching.                                                   *

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   We must have a special telepathy                                   *
                   tonight folks because I there's                                    *
                   one in here somewhere.  Could you
                   all just check under your tables                                   *
                   please? Oh!  Okay, here's one.                                     *
                   It's not a rat but it's close.                                     *

       He picks up a woman's full-length mink coat from off the                       *
       back of her chair.                                                             *

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   Mink, right?  You don't mind if I                                  *
                   borrow it for a few minutes, do                                    *
                   you?  Great.                                                       *
       Constance brings out a coat rack from backstage and                            *
       places the mink on it as Romick continues from on stage.                       *

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   Real fur?                                                          *

       He shakes his head.                                                            *

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)                                   *
                   You know, some people can get
                   really militant about that.  I                                     *
                   hear they splatter paint all over                                  *
                   these things.                                                      *

       Romick takes a spray can and makes a big red "X" on the                        *
       coat.                                                                          *


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       18.   

  11   CONTINUED:  3                                                                11

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   You're not worried are you?  I                                     *
                   mean, it's only a trick, right?                                    *
                   Boy, are you naive.  Next, I need                                  *
                   a _live_ animal.  Okay, a live
                   animal that you'd like to see at a                                 *
                   zoo.                                                               *

       We hear "kangaroo, elephant, hippopotamus, giant panda."                       *
       Romick sighs.

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   Great Panda, too easy.  Oh, oh,                                    *
                   did I hear cow?  Now you're                                        *
                   challenging me.  Constance, any                                    *
                   chance of a Gernsey?                                               *

       Constance brings in a cow.                                                     *

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   What do you know?!  Telepathy                                      *
                   folks.  Now, clearly I have no                                     *
                   control over these items.  There
                   has been no prearrangement and
                   surely no trap door can possibly
                   accommodate all of them at once, so
                   what I'm about to do is... truly
                   impossible.  Unless, of course, you
                   believe in magic.

       A giant box with a moon and stars on it comes down from
       the ceiling.  Romick guides it over the objects.

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   All it takes is a little

       He and Constance spin the box around while Lois and Clark

                   Clark, look at that box.  Isn't
                   that what Rose's son described to

                   Sure looks like it.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Pink Rev. 12/1/93                          19.   

  11   CONTINUED:  4                                                                11

                   Now, you're thinking, he's using
                   this time to get them out.

       Romick opens one side -- the orangutan is still there.                         *

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   If he were really good, they'd be
                   gone in an instant!

       Suddenly, there is a FLASH of light and a cloud of smoke.
       Romick sends the cover flying back up and, voila,
       everything has disappeared.  More OOOHS and AAAHS and
       APPLAUSE from the audience.

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   And that, my friends, is the
                   mystery of the magic box.

       The audience goes wild as Romick takes his bows.

                   Well, you were right about one

                   What's that?

                   We've got a lead.

       Off their pensive faces.

                                                            FADE OUT:

                                    _END ACT ONE_

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Pink Rev. 12/1/93                          20.   

                               _ACT TWO_

       FADE IN:
  12   EXT. MOSKAL ESTATE - (DAY #3)                                                12

       Lois and Clark are with Moskal once again.

                                    MR. MOSKAL
                   I've sent him away for safekeeping.
                   If the kidnapper finds out he's
                   made a mistake I don't want
                   Christopher in danger.

                   We can understand that, Mr. Moskal,
                   but we need to know more about that
                   box he saw.  It's very important to
                   the investigation.

                                    MR. MOSKAL
                   I thought I made myself clear.
                   There is to be no investigation
                   either by the police or the Daily

       Rose approaches.

                   Phone, Mr. Moskal.

                                    MR. MOSKAL
                   Thank you.  Please show them out.

       She waits until he's back in the house before she speaks.

                   He's meeting the kidnapper with the
                   money tonight.  Everything's going
                   to be okay.

                   I'm sure it will be.

                                                            CUT TO:
  13   INT. DAILY PLANET - NEWSWIRE STATION - DAY                                   13

       A steady stream of paper collects at the floor as a pair
       of heels enters the frame.  We PAN up to discover Cat                          *
       reading a newswire story over Jimmy's shoulder, still                          *
       dressed like a school marm.                                                    *


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       21.   

  13   CONTINUED:                                                                   13

                   Herbert Ralston, owner of the
                   four-star Fitz-Ralston Hotel chain
                   has announced he will convert all
                   his facilities into shelters for
                   the homeless.  Something weird is
                   going on. All these famous people
                   doing crazy things.

                   Sounds like good gossip to me.

       She tears off the section she needs and heads for her desk
       as Jimmy follows.

                   Another date with Chow?  This is
                   getting pretty serious.

                   Seriously stifling.

       With one tug her staid clothing breaks away, revealing
       another revealing Cat outfit underneath.  Jimmy approves
       as they pass Lois at her desk.

                   What happened to the new you?                                      *

                   The old me wanted out for awhile.                                  *
                   I don't know how you regular girls
                   do it.  Those clothes are like
                   straight jackets.

       Lois looks behind Cat for a moment.

                   What's Arthur Chow doing here?

       Cat panics.  She drops to her hands and knees.

                   Where?  Did he see me?

                   That was almost too easy.

       Cat realizes she's been tricked.  She stands.

                   And that was low.  Even for you.

       She leaves them as Clark comes over.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                        5.   

  13   CONTINUED:  2                                                                13

                   Two o'clock, Magic Club.  Darren                                   *
                   Romick wasn't there but his
                   assistant said she'd be glad to
                   talk to us.

                   Somehow I don't think the Great
                   Romick is going to be greatly

                   Let me come, too.  Maybe I could
                   write a side bar on your story.

                   It'd be okay with us, Jimmy, but I
                   don't think Perry'll go for it.

                   I believe I have that covered.

       He spots Perry heading toward them.

                                    JIMMY (Cont'd)
                   Mr. White!  I've got an idea.

                   What is it now, Olsen?

                   Why don't I help Clark and Lois on
                   this kidnapping story?

                   Now, Jimmy...

                   I'll bring my camera and maybe even
                   write a side bar.  What do you

       Jimmy waits expectantly.  Without missing a beat, Perry

                   That's brilliant, Jimmy.

       Perry gives a "where did that come from" look, then he
       leaves.  Lois and Clark are surprised.  Jimmy beams.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Goldenrod Rev. 12/8/93                    23.    

  13   CONTINUED:  3                                                                13

                   What did I tell you? I think
                   things are finally going to be
                   different around here.

                                                            CUT TO:
  14   INT. MAGIC CLUB  SHOWROOM - DAY                                              14
       Constance talks with Lois, Clark and Jimmy.

                   This place was built over forty
                   years ago.  A group of magicians
                   wanted a club far themselves.  My
                   father was a charter member.  It
                   was a very secret society.  Even
                   now it's only open to members and
                   their guests.

                   We're here because of the
                   kidnappings.  One of the intended                                  *
                   victims said something about a                                     *
                   magic box.  When we saw your trick                                 *
                   last night, it made us think a                                     *
                   magician may be involved.                                          *

                   Someone from here?

                          (guarded)                                                   *
                   We're not sure yet.                                                *
                          (eager)                                                     *
                   So, this box thing, tell us how it                                 *
                   works.                                                             *


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Goldenrod Rev. 12/8/93                 24-25.    

  14   CONTINUED:                                                                   14

                   Well, it's a combination of
                   distraction ......

                                    DR. NOVAK (0.S.)

       They turn to find Dr. Novak, the hypnotist.

                                    DR. NOVAK (Cont'd)
                   Darren Romick is the greatest that
                   ever lived, and I don't think he'd
                   appreciate having his secrets
                   revealed.  Wouldn't you agree,

                   Yes, Doctor.

       She leaves.

                                    DR. NOVAK
                   So, how is our experiment going?                                   *

                   Uh, fine.  Just fine.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Goldenrod Rev. 12/8/93                    26.    

  14   CONTINUED:  2                                                                14

                   What experiment?

                   It's nothing...

                                    DR. NOVAK
                   Just a small post-hypnotic
                   suggestion we gave to this young
                   man's boss.

                   You hypnotized Perry?

                   It worked, didn't it?  Every time I
                   say the word 'Chief,' the Chief
                   tells me I'm brilliant.

                   Jimmy, that's terrible.  Will it
                   work if I say it?

                                    DR. NOVAK
                   The suggestion was very precise.                                   *
                   Only Jimmy's voice will trigger                                    *
                   the response.                                                      *

                   So Perry doesn't --

                   -- have to know.                                                   *

       Romick appears.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Green Rev.     12/7/93                    27.    

  14   CONTINUED:  3                                                                14

                   I believe guests are only welcome
                   after six, Dr. Novak.

                   We're from the Daily Planet.

                   We think your box trick is linked
                   to a series of kidnappings.

                   Dogs do tricks. I create
                   illusions.  Would you like to see                                  *
                   one?                                                               *

                   No, I...                                                           *

       He takes out a deck of cards.                                                  *

                   When you see a black card, say                                     *
                   'coal.'  When you see a red one                                    *
                   say 'fire.'  Ready?                                                *

                   Coal...  Coal...  Fire.                                            *

       And he does.  The deck sprays right into her face.                             *

                   Sorry we can't help you.                                           *

       There is a flash of light and a puff of smoke and Romick
       is gone.  They look around.  So is Dr. Novak.

                   So, what've you got?

                                                            CUT TO:

  15   INT. DAILY PLANET - (NIGHT #3)                                               15

       Lois, Clark and Perry are at Clark's desk.  It's late.
       Most everybody else is gone.

                   Only a theory.

                   After we left the Magic Club I
                   called the box trick manufacturer.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Green Rev.     12/7/93                   27A.    

  15   CONTINUED:                                                                   15

                   There were only two made with that
                   specific moon and stars design and
                   they both belong to Darren Romick.

                   I think we've got enough for a
                   preliminary article.  What do you
                   ... _Chief_?

       Lois and Clark study his reaction.

                   Absolutely not!  All you've got is
                   speculation and you both know it.

       He heads off.

                   Well, so much for that.

       Jimmy rushes up to him and hands him a photo.

                   Look at this.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)     St. John.     11/22/93                 28.    

  15   CONTINUED:                                                                   15

                   It's the Pope.

                   Yeah.  At a _Madonna_ concert.
                   Famous people are acting really
                   strange lately.  I think there' s a
                   story here.  Whaddya say I write
                   it, _Chief_?

       Right on cue.

                   That's brilliant, Jimmy.

       Perry looks slightly perplexed again as he leaves.

                   Putty in my hands.

                   Jimmy, don't you think what you're
                   doing is a little... unethical?

                   Hey, it's not like I'm asking him
                   to send me to Tahiti or anything
                   This is strictly business.
                   Although, a weekend in Florida
                   would be nice...


                   Forget I mentioned it.

                   So, who's hungry?  We've only got
                   two hours.

                   Until what?

                   Moskal meets the kidnapper at
                   midnight.  I plan to be there.

                   I don't think that's such a good

                   Why not?


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Blue Rev.     11/29/93                    29.    

  15   CONTINUED:  2                                                                15

                   It's dangerous, for one thing.

                   When has that ever stopped us?

                   I don't think we should get in the
                   way.  The best thing to do is wait
                   it out and talk to Moskal

                   You're right.

                          (expecting an argument)
                   I am?

                   Yes.  We should be adult about
                   this.  There's no reason to get in
                   the middle of it.  We'll write the
                   story when Rose's son is safely
                   returned home.

                   I'm proud of you, Lois.

                   Thank you, Clark.

       He puts on his coat and checks his watch.

                   I'll meet you at the Moskal estate
                   first thing in the morning.

                   Good night.

                   Good night.

       Clark leaves.  Jimmy has been watching in disbelief.

                   Are you feeling okay?

                   Get your camera.                                                   *

       Jimmy smiles.

                                                            CUT TO:

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Blue Rev.     11/29/93                    30.    

  16   EXT. HOBS RIVER CARNIVAL - NIGHT                                             16*

       It's a foggy, eerie night.  Lois and Jimmy creep through
       the booths and rides.                                                          *

                   I'm beginning to appreciate the
                   office.  It's freezing out here.                                   *
       Headlights approach in the distance.


       She drags Jimmy behind a small ticket booth.                                   *

                                    LOIS (Cont'd)
                   Just take the pictures, will you?                                  *

  17   MOSKAL                                                                       17

       ... steps out of the car, leaving the headlights on.  He
       carries a briefcase.  He checks his watch.

                                    MR. MOSKAL
                          (calling out)
                   I'm here.  Alone.  Where's the boy?


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       31.   

  17   CONTINUED:                                                                   17

       Suddenly, the CAROUSEL comes to life; lights, music,
       everything.  Nicky rides one of the horses, looking almost
       like an apparition.

                                    MR. MOSKAL (Cont'd)

       Before anything else can happen, SUPERMAN _SWOOPS_ in.

                   I've got him.

       He _FLIES_ directly toward the boy, but when he goes to
       pick him up, Nicky vanishes into thin air and the carousel

  18   LOIS AND JIMMY                                                               18
       ... stare in disbelief.

                   Keep shooting!

                   There's no light.                                                  *

       He keeps clicking anyway.                                                      *

  19   BACK TO SCENE                                                                19

       Superman can't understand what happened.

                                    MR. MOSKAL
                   What have you done?  Where's the

                   He was never here.

       Superman looks around.  He spots a dark car in the
       distance and approaches it.  A dark, HOODED FIGURE steps
       out from the shadows swinging a shining pocket watch
       back and forth.

                                    HOODED FIGURE
                          (throaty whisper)
                   See the watch, only the watch.
                   Hear my voice, only my voice.  Your
                   mind is clear, your will is gone.
                   You will obey my commands any time
                   you hear this phrase:  'The moon
                   and the stars.'


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       32.   

  19   CONTINUED:                                                                   19

       Superman can't take his eyes off the watch.                                    *

                                    HOODED FIGURE
                   Wrong will seem right to you.  And                                 *
                   you will not remember.                                             *

  20   OMITTED                                                                      20

  21   LOIS AND JIMMY                                                               21

       ...strain to see.

                   What's he doing?

                   I don't know.

       They see Nick escape from the car and start to run, the
       Hooded Figure not far behind.

                   Superman!  It's Nick.

  22   OMITTED                                                                      22

  23   SUPERMAN                                                                     23

       ..._FLIES_ over and picks Nick up in his arms.  The
       Hooded Figure approaches.

                                    HOODED FIGURE
                   The moon and the stars command you
                   to give me the boy.

                   No, Superman, no!

       Superman looks at the boy.  Without emotion he hands him
       over to the Hooded Figure, who runs back to his car,
       escaping just as Lois, Jimmy and Moskal arrive.  Superman
       ignores them as he _TAKES OFF_ off into the night.

                   What the...?                                                       *


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                      32A.   

  23   CONTINUED:                                                                   23

                          (incredulous)                                               *
                   It's like Superman's been

                                                            FADE OUT:

                                    _END ACT TWO_

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Green Rev.     12/7/93                    33.    

                                    _ACT THREE_

       FADE IN:

  24   INT. DAILY PLANET - (DAY #4)                                                 24

       Lois is at her desk with Jimmy.  They look at a copy of
       the Daily Planet with Lois' story and Jimmy's pictures on
       the front page.  The headline reads "SUPER-PSYCHE."
       Neither one of them is overjoyed.

                   You did it, Jimmy, you're on the                                   *
                   front page again.                                                  *

                   Yeah.  I just wish it didn't make
                   Superman look so bad.

       Clark enters, reading the paper as well.  He looks
       preoccupied.  Lois approaches.

                   Clark, I'm sorry we went there
                   without you last night, but --

                   Is this really what happened?

                   Jimmy saw the whole thing, too.

                   I don't understand...

                   Well, you were so adamant about not
                   going and --

                          (almost to himself)
                   I don't remember any of it.

                   Of course you don't, you weren't
                   there.  Did you get enough sleep
                   last night?  You look kind of

                   I'm fine.  I think.  Are you sure
                   Superman was hypnotized last night?

                   I can't think of any other
                   explanation for what he did.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                      33A.   

  24   CONTINUED:                                                                   24

                   He just gave the boy back to the                                   *
                   kidnapper?                                                         *

                          (nods)                                                      *
                   He clearly had no control over                                     *
                   what he was doing.  I'm really                                     *
                   worried about him, Clark.                                          *

                   So am I.                                                           *

       Perry comes over.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Green Rev.     12/7/93                    34.    

  24   CONTINUED:  2                                                                24

                   I just got off the phone with the
                   Chief of Police.  There was no
                   evidence left on the scene and
                   nothing in your photographs that
                   pointed to anybody but Superman.

                   But we all saw it.  Even Moskal.

                   And he's not talking.  Now I'm not
                   telling you to drop this story
                   'cause I believe you saw what you
                   said you did.  We just need
                   something concrete, that's all.

                   Great.  We'll just get a signed
                   confession from the kidnapper and
                   hand it over to the police chief.

       He realizes what he's said a beat too late.  Perry answers
       on cue.

                   That's brilliant, Jimmy.

       He pats Jimmy on the back and walks into his office.

                   This is really starting to bug me.

       Lois' phone RINGS.  She answers.

                   Lois Lane.  Great, we'll be right                                  *
                   there.                                                             *
                                    (to Clark)                                        *
                   That was Constance.  We're going                                   *
                   to find out more about the
                   Magnificent Romick.  Come on, let's


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       35.   

  24   CONTINUED:  3                                                                24

                                    CLARK (CONT'D)
                   You go ahead.  I've got someone
                   else I want to talk to.

  25   INT. MAGIC CLUB - MAIN SHOWROOM - DAY                                        25*

       Lois talks to Constance.                                                       *
                   You can understand, can't you?  He
                   can be very... difficult sometimes.

                   Completely off the record.  You're
                   an anonymous source.

       Constance looks around, just to be sure.

                   Darren went through a real bad
                   period about a year ago. He had
                   run up a lot of debt and at the
                   same time he lost his big contract
                   in Vegas.

                   Gambling problem?


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                   36-36A.   

  25   CONTINUED:                                                                   25

                   Big one.  The casino owner found
                   out Darren disguised himself and
                   used his skills to cheat at the
                   tables for years.  Anyway, after
                   that Darren was wiped out
                   financially and no one would hire
                   him.  At least he didn't go to

                   But he's back on top now.

                   About three months ago things
                   started to change.  He was rich
                   again.  I thought he might be back
                   to gambling but he told me it was
                   all from an anonymous benefactor.

                   Or a series of kidnappings.

                   You don't think Darren...?

                   That's exactly what I think.  What
                   about hypnosis?  Does Darren know
                   how to do it?

                   Yes, we've used it in our act.
                   Look, you don't know anything for
                   sure.  I mean, you have no proof,
                   do you?

                   Not yet.  But if it's him, I'll
                   find some sooner or later.

       Around a corner, Romick is listening to every word.                            *

                                                            CUT TO:
 25A                                                                               25A
THRU   OMITTED                                                                    THRU
  26                                                                                26

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       37.   

  27   CONFERENCE ROOM                                                              27

       Clark watches as Dr. Novak talks to a LITTLE GIRL under

                                    DR. NOVAK
                   When I snap my fingers you will
                   awaken, feeling happy and safe.
                   Five, four, three, two, one.

       He snaps.  The girl opens her eyes.

                                    DR. NOVAK (Cont'd)

                   Is it over?

                                    DR. NOVAK
                   Yes.  You did very well, my dear.
                   You may go to your mother now.                                     *

       The girl leaves.

                   So, what do you think?


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)     St. John.     11/22/93                 38.    

  27   CONTINUED:                                                                   27

                                    DR. NOVAK
                   Definite hypnosis.  They were each
                   given a powerful suggestion to
                   forget everything that happened to
                   them while they were kidnapped, so
                   powerful, in fact, that I cannot
                   reverse it, only identify it.

                   There's got to be something that
                   can help us.

                                    DR. NOVAK
                   The only image that a few of them
                   kept remembering was the night sky,
                   specifically the moon and the

       Clark's expression changes slightly.

                   What did you say?
                                    DR. NOVAK
                   The moon and the stars.

       With that, Clark stands and walks out of the room, leaving
       Dr. Novak.

                                    DR. NOVAK (Cont'd)
                   Mr. Kent?
  28   PIT                                                                          28
       Clark passes Jimmy

                   Hey, C.K., there's a rogue general
                   in the Persian Gulf about to launch
                   a missile against the President's
                   order.  Perry wants you on it

       But Clark keeps walking, not paying any attention.

                                    JIMMY (Cont'd)

       Clark gets into the elevator, his eyes staring straight
       ahead as the doors close.

                                                            CUT TO:

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Blue Rev.     11/29/93                    39.    

  29   EXT. DAILY PLANET - DAY                                                      29

       Lois gets out of a cab and is about to enter the building
       when she hears a _CRASH_ down the street behind her.  She
       turns around to see people scattering and SCREAMING.  She                      *
       is shocked to find Superman walking down the sidewalk,
       systematically ripping parking meters out of the                               *
       But he doesn't stop, he just repeats to himself, over and

                   Wrong is right, wrong is right...

       When he reaches the Daily Planet building he doesn't even
       acknowledge Lois, he just _FLIES_ away.

                   Superman, no...

       Off Lois' worried face.

                                                            CUT TO:

  30   EXT. SMALLVILLE - PIER/LAKE - DAY                                            30*

       A quiet contrast to the chaotic street scene.  Clark is                        *
       flanked by JONATHAN and MARTHA.  He looks wiped out.                           *

                   No, I don't remember _any_ of it.
                   I woke up on my bed in the suit.
                   That's it.

       Martha puts her arm through his and gives him a hug.                           *

                   I didn't know what to do so I came
                   here.  Do you really think I could
                   be under some kind of hypnosis?

                   If there's one thing we know about
                   you, son, it's that anything's

 30A   TIME CUT                                                                    30A
       They continue walking to the end of the pier.                                  *

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Blue Rev.     11/29/93                   39A.    

 30A   CONTINUED:                                                                  30A

                   Do you guys think that my brain                                    *
                   works the same way as yours does?


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Blue Rev.     11/29/93                    40.    

 30A   CONTINUED:  2                                                               30A

                   Think about it, honey. You were
                   raised to think like a man.  All
                   your perceptions, all of your
                   values are human.  It makes sense
                   that you would be as susceptible to
                   hypnosis as the next guy.

                   But the consequences are a little
                   more disturbing.  I really could've
                   hurt somebody today.

                   But you didn't.  Maybe whatever
                   makes you different from us gives
                   you the ability to fight off any
                   negative suggestions.

                   And what if it doesn't?

                   Listen to me, Clark, the only way
                   you're going to be truly safe is if
                   you and Lois can find this terrible
                   person before they make you do
                   anything worse.

       Clark knows she's right.

                                                            CUT TO:
  31   INT. MAGIC MANSION - MAIN SHOWROOM - (NIGHT #4)                              31*

       Romick is performing.  Lois sits at a table near the
       stage.  Clark enters and sits next to her.

                   Where have you been all day?  Jimmy
                   said you just left without saying

                   I've been a little out of it.  Must
                   be the flu coming on.

                   Constance told me that Romick's had
                   a heavy infusion of cash in the
                   last three months.  He's also
                   well-versed in hypnosis.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)     St. John.     11/22/93                 41.    

  31   CONTINUED:                                                                   31

                   What about Dr. Novak?  Or any other
                   hypnotist, for that matter.

                   I know it's Romick.  I just have to
                   prove it.
                   Oh, Clark, you should've seen it
                   today.  Superman was completely out
                   of control.  It really scared me.

                   Me, too.  Romick's got to be
                   stopped before he can get Superman
                   into any more trouble.

                   I'm going backstage to see what I
                   can find.  He'll be out here for at
                   least another twenty minutes.

                   Lois, wait --

       She starts to leave when another illusion begins.

                   For my next amazement, I'm going to
                   need an assistant from our

       He spots Lois leaving.

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   You!  The pretty lady on her way

       Lois turns around.          

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   Ladies and gentlemen, please
                   welcome on stage Lois Lane from the
                   Daily Planet.

       Everyone applauds.  A spotlight hits Lois and she can't
       really get out of it.  She looks at Clark as she passes on
       her way up.

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   Now, don't be shy, Miss Lane.  I
                   believe we can put all your doubts
                   about illusion to rest this


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       42.   

  31   CONTINUED:  2                                                                31

       Constance wheels out a tall box with small slits on all
       sides.  Romick opens the box.

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   All you have to do is step inside.
                   Lois looks nervous.

                          (whispering)                                                *
                   Lois, I don't think you...                                         *

                   Come now, Miss Lane.  You're not
                   afraid, are you?  It's only a
                   trick, after all, isn't that what
                   you said before?

                          (challenged, to Clark)                                      *
                   What can he do to me in front of                                   *
                   all these people?                                                  *

       She goes on stage and climbs into the open box as the                          *
       crowd applauds.  Romick closes it, leaving only her head                       *
       sticking out.

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   This is one of the most dangerous
                   illusions in all of magic.

       Constance wheels out a covered rack. He dramatically                           *
       pulls the cover off of it, revealing a rack of shining,                        *
       double-edged swords.  Lois is very nervous now.  Clark                         *
       doesn't like it either.  Constance hands Romick a sword.                       *

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                          (to Lois)
                   I hope you have faith in me, my

       He plunges the sword into the box.  It comes out the other
       side.  Lois can't believe it.  Clark _X-RAYS_ through the
       box and sees the result.  No blade.  A retractable sword
       on one end and a mechanized tip on the other.  Lois is
       safe.  Romick takes another sword from Constance.

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                          (to Lois)
                   Feeling lucky?

       Romick plunges it into the box.  Again, retractable


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                      42A.   

  31   CONTINUED:  3                                                                31

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   Now, I know what you're
                   thinking.  _Any_ amateur could do
                   this trick as long as he lined the
                   holes up right.  So, if I were to,
                   say, _blindfold_ myself...

       He takes a blindfold out of his pocket and ties it around
       his eyes.

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   ...then I couldn't see where I was
                   placing the sword.  _Especially_ if
                   I were going after a moving target.

       Constance begins to spin the box around.  Lois looks
       worried now.  Constance draws the last sword and gives it
       to Romick who begins to wield it all around.  Constance
       leads him toward the box.  Romick taps the sword on the                        *
       ground.  Clark's _SUPERHEARING_ picks up a distinctively                       *
       metallic sound.  Clark _X-RAYS_ this one as Romick holds                       *
       it in the air.  This time, no hollow handle.  It's real.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       43.   

  31   CONTINUED:  4                                                                31

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                          (to Lois)
                   Three's a charm.

       He raises the sword high, ready to plunge it into her
       chest.  Just as he is about to skewer Lois, Clark uses a
       blast of his _HEAT VISION_ to bend the sword slightly,
       preventing Romick from being able to thrust it through.

                                    ROMICK (Cont'd)
                   Well, I guess they don't make
                   swords like they used to.  How
                   about a hand for the lovely Miss

       She smiles as they applaud but before she knows it, Romick
       has taken a large, black tarp and covered the entire box.
       With another FlASH and puff of SMOKE, the tarp falls to
       the ground, covering absolutely nothing.  Lois and the box
       are gone.  More applause.  Off Clark's wondering
       expression we are in an...

  32   UNDERGROUND CHUTE                                                            32

       ...following Lois as she tumbles furiously and lands
       unceremoniously in an...

  33   UNDERGROUND CHAMBER                                                          33

       She looks up and finds herself face to face with Nick.                         *

                   Nick!  Where are we?  What's going

       But he doesn't answer her.  He just sits, staring straight
       ahead at a large television set.  Lois looks at it.  The
       station identification comes on:  a moon surrounded by
       spinning stars.

                   You're watching the Magic channel.                                 *

       Lois looks back at the spellbound boy.

                   Wake up...

                                                            FADE OUT.

                                    _END ACT THREE_

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       44.   

                                    _ACT FOUR_

       FADE IN:

  34   INT. MAGIC CLUB - MAIN SHOWROOM - NIGHT                                      34*

       Clark is still at the table as Romick's act continues.
       Worried about Lois, he gets up and, hoping not to attract
       Romick's attention, he sneaks out.

  35   INT. UNDERGROUND ROOM - NIGHT                                                35
       Lois tries to talk to Nick.
                   How long have you been in here?
       She waves her hand in front of his eyes.  No response.

                                         LOIS (Cont'd)
                   You're really giving TV a bad name.
       Lois glances at the set.  Another magic program.  She
       looks away.

                                    LOIS (Cont'd)
                   There must be a way out of here.

       She starts feeling the walls and finds her head turning
       back to the TV.  She stares at it for a moment, then
       shakes her head and continues to look for an exit.

                                    LOIS (Cont'd)
                   Don't worry, I'm a very capable --

       She is drawn back to the TV.  This time she stares longer
       before she shakes it off.

                                    LOIS (Cont'd)
                   What was I...?  Right, got to --

       But, once again, she's mesmerized.  This time she doesn't
       look away.  Instead, she takes her place on the floor with
       Nick, a zombie, just like him.  Meanwhile...

  36   BACKSTAGE                                                                    36

       ...Clark walks around amidst the magic props.  He sees
       the box that Lois was in.  He _X-RAYS_.  Empty.  He sees a
       door marked "Stairwell," and gets an idea.  He begins to
       _X-RAY_ through the floor.  He sees the chute that Lois
       travelled down.  He follows it and finds the underground
       chamber where the prisoners sit, glued to the TV.  Clark                       *
       is ready to punch a hole through the floor, but then
       remembers who he is.  Or, who he isn't.  Yet.

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       45.   

  37   UNDERGROUND CHAMBER                                                          37

       Superman _BREAKS_ through the ceiling.

                   Lois,  are you all right?
                          (she doesn't blink)
                   Lois? Look at me.

       He turns her head.  A glimmer of recognition.  She makes a
       sound, but it's unintelligible.

                                    SUPERMAN (Cont'd)
                   Have you been drugged?

       She tries to answer "no" but her head keeps going back to
       the television.  Superman looks over at it.  Lois gets
       more agitated. He begins to understand. He goes over to
       the TV and smashes it.  He sees a VCR and takes out a
       tape.  It's labeled "Magic channel Demo."  Superman goes                       *
       to Lois who is beginning to return to her normal self.


       Nick is also reviving.

                   Superman...  Where's my mom? 

                   We'll get you to her, don't worry.
                   Who did this to you?

                   I... I don't remember.  Someone
                   made me watch TV.  There's
                   something strange about it.

                   You're right.  This tape is sending
                   subliminal messages.  My eyes work
                   a little faster than yours and I
                   caught it when I glanced over.

                          (catching on)
                   Mind control.

                   Whoever watches this tape is
                   programmed to submit and wait for
                   further instruction.  Come on,
                   let's get you out of here before
                   that can happen.

       He picks Nick up in his arms

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       46.    

  38   BACKSTAGE                                                                    38

       Superman lifts Lois out of the underground chamber and
       puts her down next to Nick.  They begin to make their way
       through the maze of old tricks and props that Clark walked
       through before.  Nick recognizes something.

                   Look!  It's the box I was in.

       Lois goes over to it.

                   Well, at least we know there's
                   nothing surprising about _this_
                   trick anymore.

       She throws open the lid and, to her horror, finds Dr.
       Novak staring up at her, dead as a doornail.  She slams it
       back down before Nick can see.  She looks at Superman.

                                    LOIS (Cont'd)
                          (barely audible)
                   Nope.  No surprises.

                   He must have figured out it was                                    *
                   Romick and confronted him.                                         *

       They continue along.  Romick steps out of the shadows.

                   Where do you think you're going?

                   Sorry, Romick.  This is one trick
                   you're not going to get away with.                                 *

                   What are you talking about?

                   The kidnapping, mass hypnosis, Dr.
                   Novak, we know all about it.

                   Kidnappings?  Hypnosis?  You've
                   made some kind of mistake.

                                    CONSTANCE (0.S.)
                   I'm afraid he's right.

       She appears behind him.

                                    CONSTANCE (Cont'd)
                   Darren Romick never had an idea of
                   his own in his entire life.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       47.   

  38   CONTINUED:                                                                   38

                   Constance, what have you done?                                     *

                   What I should have done a long time
                   ago.  I'm in charge now.

       Superman approaches her, but all she has to do is say...

                                    CONSTANCE (Cont'd)
                   The moon and the stars.

       Superman stops in his tracks. So do the others.

                                    CONSTANCE (Cont'd)
                   It's astonishing how little we know
                   about the mind.  Someone like me,
                   for example, with just the
                   rudimentary knowledge of hypnosis
                   that Dr. Novak taught me can turn
                   the world upside down and have even
                   you, Superman, at my whim.

       Romick tries to resist the hypnosis.

                   Fight... Superman... You've got
                   to... fight it...

                   Relax, Darren.  You're under a very
                   powerful suggestion.  Why, you
                   don't even remember killing Dr.
                   Novak for me, do you?

       Romick shakes his head, once again under.

                                    CONSTANCE (Cont'd)
                   Just like the Queen doesn't
                   remember dancing in her fountain.
                   Or the General doesn't recall
                   wanting to fire that missile
                   without authorization.  They were
                   all test cases.  But you, Superman,
                   worked out the best.  Now, let's
                   take care of our friends.  Nick,
                   you see the sword box?                                             *

                   Yes, ma'am.                                                        *

                   Good.  Go get inside.                                              *

       The boy walks over and closes himself in, his head poking                      *
       out of the top.                                                                *


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       48.   

  38   CONTINUED:  3                                                                38

                                    CONSTANCE (Cont'd)
                   Superman, close him in and make
                   sure the lock is secure.

       Superman wraps some heavy chains around the box and locks                      *
       them.                                                                          *

                                    CONSTANCE (Cont'd)
                   Next, the magnificent Romick is                                    *
                   going to perform his last and most                                 *
                   dangerous illusion.  Do you see                                    *
                   that ladder going all the way up
                   the wall?

       He looks over at the rungs attached to the backstage wall,
       leading up to the rafters two floors up.

                   Yes.                                                               *

                   I want you to climb to the very top
                   and then I want you to fly down.
                   Do you understand?                                                 *

                   Yes.                                                               *

       Romick walks over and begins to climb.

                   Now, for you, Miss Lane, a death
                   defying stunt.  Over here, please.

       She leads her to a giant plexiglass tank with heavy locks
       and chains on it.

                                    CONSTANCE (Cont'd)
                   Climb in.

       Lois does.

                                    CONSTANCE (Cont' d)
                   Superman, close the lid, lock the
                   chains, and turn on the water.

       He secures Lois to her fate.  Water begins to fill the
       tank.  Lois enjoys herself, like she was told.

                                    CONSTANCE (Cont'd)
                   Now, wave goodbye.  It's time to
                   send the world my message.

       Superman waves goodbye to Lois.  Nick is slowly climbing.
       There is no sign of struggle inside the safe.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                   49-49A.   

38     CONTINUED:  3                                                                38

       Constance gives Superman an emblem with the Magic Channel                      *
       logo emblazoned on the side.

                   Superman, you will have the honor
                   of activating my satellite.  The
                   Magic channel.  A twenty-four hour                                 *
                   cable channel, feeding into homes
                   all around the world.  And along
                   with the entertainment, they'll
                   receive my subliminal signals at no
                   extra charge.  Anyone who watches
                   will be at my complete disposal.
                   Now, go.  It's already in orbit.
                   All you have to do is throw the
                   broadcast switch.

       Superman nods and walks out.
                                                            CUT TO:

  39   OMITTED                                                                      39

  40   EXT. SKY - NIGHT                                                             40

       Superman _FLIES_.  The speed and the wind in his face
       begin to clear his mind just a little.  He sees flashes of


  41   NICK'S FEET                                                                  41
       ... as they climb the rungs.

  42   THE LOCKS                                                                    42

       ... on the safe.

  43   LOIS                                                                         43

       ... frolicking in the water as it rises to the top.

  44   SUPERMAN                                                                     44
       ... keeps _FLYING_.  He closes his eyes and HEARS Romick.

                                    ROMICK (V.O.)
                   Fight... Superman... you've got
                   to... fight it...


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       50.   

  44   CONTINUED:                                                                   44

       Then he hears the conversation he had with his parents.                        *

                                    CLARK (V.O.)
                   I really could've hurt somebody

                                    JONATHAN (V.O.)
                   But you didn't.  Maybe whatever
                   makes you different from us gives
                   you the ability to fight off any
                   negative suggestions.

                                    MARTHA (V.O.)
                   Listen to me, Clark.  The only way
                   you're going to be truly safe is if
                   you and Lois find this terrible
                   person before they make you do
                   anything worse.


  45   ROMICK                                                                       45


  46   JONATHAN                                                                     46

                   ... the ability to fight...

  47   MARTHA                                                                       47

          and Lois...

  48   SUPERMAN'S EYES                                                              48

       ... open wide.


       It takes him a moment to realize where he is.  He puts on
       the brakes, banks and immediately heads for...

                                                            CUT TO:

  49   INT. MAGIC CLUB - NIGHT                                                      49*

       Nick hasn't moved.  Lois is happily splashing in the                           *
       water with only inches of air.   

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       51.   

  50   ROMICK                                                                       50*
       reaches a platform two stories up.  He walks to the
       edge and spreads his arms.

                   I can fly.                                                         *

       He jumps off into nothing... until Superman catches him.

                   No, you can't.  But I can.

       Superman sets him down next to the safe.  The fall has
       scared him back to reality.

                   Superman!  The others...                                           *

       Superman _RIPS_ open the chains on the sword box and Nick                      *
       comes tumbling out.  They see...                                               *

  51   LOIS                                                                         51

       ...who by now is trapped in a watery grave, no more air
       inside.  She, too, has realized the danger she is in.  She
       pounds on the glass.  Superman runs up.  He BUSTS the
       heavy chains, tosses the lid aside and plucks Lois out of
       the water.

                   Are you all right?

                   What happened?

                   You were hypnotized.

                   Impossible.  I would never --

                   If she tries it again, fight it.
                   Darren is right.  Our minds are
                   stronger.  We can't do anything we
                   don't want to do.

                                    CONSTANCE (O.S.)
                   The moon and the stars tell you to
                   obey my voice.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       52.   

  51   CONTINUED:                                                                   51

                   Fight it!

       Constance appears before them.

                   You won't win, Superman.  Things
                   aren't always what they seem.

       Superman comes toward her, but she's gone.  He touches the
       mirror where her reflection was a moment ago.  He steps
       around it and into...

  52   THE HALL OF MIRRORS                                                          52

                                    CONSTANCE (O.S.)
                   You may have Super vision, but all
                   it takes is a split second to be

       She is now behind him. He whips around, again too late.
       He tries to _X-RAY_ through the mirrors but all he gets
       are the reflections from the other ones behind.

                   It's over, Constance.  The
                   satellite, the Magic Channel,                                      *

                                    CONSTANCE (O.S.)
                   Perhaps.  But I am still the
                   world's greatest magician.
  53   LOIS                                                                         53

       ... has now stumbled in.  She sees her own reflection and
       is startled for a moment.

  54   SUPERMAN                                                                     54

       ... continues walking, searching for the voice.


                                    CONSTANCE (O.S.)
                   Darren Romick was a penniless card
                   hustler when I found him.  I taught
                   him everything.  Everything my
                   father taught me.

       Constance and Lois appear together in the same reflection.
       Constance holds a gun on her.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Pink Rev. 12/1/93                          53.   

  54   CONTINUED:                                                                   54

       Superman tries to use his _HEAT-VISION_ to knock the gun
       out of her hand, but, instead, he cracks the mirror.


       They disappear.

                                    CONSTANCE (O.S.)
                   No one wanted to see a female
                   illusionist.  They didn't take me                                  *
                   seriously.  So I got myself a front
                   man who started to believe in his
                   own success.

       Superman starts to move the heavy mirrors.  He sees Lois
       and Constance in a reflection.

                   All this just because nobody wanted
                   to see you pull a rabbit out of
                   your hat?

       Constance drags Lois away.  Superman TILTS a mirror up.

                                    CONSTANCE (0.S.)
                   It was a secret society that
                   wouldn't let me in.

  55   CONSTANCE AND LOIS                                                           55

       ...are walking slowly.

                                    CONSTANCE (O.S.) (Cont'd)
                   Now I'm going to show them all what
                   true illusion really is.

                                    SUPERMAN (O.S.)
                   You had a great talent, Constance.

       Neither Constance nor Lois can figure out where he is.

                                    SUPERMAN (O.S.) (Cont'd)
                   But you're the one who wasted it by
                   using it for revenge.

       He appears over their heads, _HOVERING_.  Constance aims
       the gun at him and shoots.  Shattered glass falls
       everywhere.  Superman steps up from behind her and grabs
       the gun.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       54.   

  55   CONTINUED:                                                                   55

                                    SUPERMAN (Cont'd)
                   All it takes is a split second.
                          (to Lois)
                   You'll be all right?

                   I'll be fine.

       Romick and Nick enter in time to see Superman taking
       Constance away.  Lois puts her arms around Nick as he
       waves goodbye to his hero.

                                                            CUT TO:

  56   INT. DAILY PLANET ELEVATORS - DAY                                            56

       Rose steps out of the elevator, escorted by two uniformed                      *
       cops, a worried look of anticipation on her face.  Then                        *
       she sees him.

  57   NICK                                                                         57

       ... plays a computer game with Clark at his desk.  He sees


       They rush into each other's arms.  Lois and Clark smile.

                   How can I ever thank you?

                   You've got a pretty tough little
                   boy there.

                          (aside to Rose)
                   He won't remember a thing.  None of
                   us do.

                          (to Nick)
                   You take care of your Mom, okay?

                   You thank Superman for me, too.

                   We'll make sure he gets the


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                      54A.   

  57   CONTINUED:                                                                   57

       Rose and Nick walk away hand in hand as Cat sulks in.
       She's back to her normal mode of dress; next to nothing.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)     St. John.     11/22/93                 55.    

  57   CONTINUED:                                                                   57

                   What happened?  Salvation Army turn
                   you away?

                   He married an exotic dancer.

                   Arthur Chow?

                   All that itchy, high-necked wool
                   and he marries a woman who can wave
                   hello with her navel.

                   That's too bad.  I had your wedding
                   present all picked out.

                   You did?

                   A set of personalized stationery.
                   'From the desk of Cat chow.'

       Cat glares at her and slinks away.  Jimmy and Perry walk
       over in mid-conversation.

                   So that's it.  All this strange
                   behavior exhibited by famous people
                   all over the world was linked to
                   Constance.  My angle: 'Great Minds
                   Sink Alike.'

                   That's brilliant, Jimmy.
       He slaps him on the back.

                   All right, that's it.  I can't take
                   it any more.  I get it now.  I've
                   learned my lesson.  False praise
                   means nothing.  If you don't think
                   it's a good idea just _say_ so.

                   What the Sam Hill is he talking

       Clark pulls Jimmy aside.


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                       56.   

  57   CONTINUED:  3                                                                57

                   He means it.

                   You're just saying that.
                   You didn't even say 'chief.'

                          (to Perry)
                   You mean it?

                   Perry White _never_ says anything
                   he doesn't mean.

       Perry leaves.                                                                  *

                   When Dr. Novak was here, I had him                                 *
                   'de-programed'                                                     *

                   Way to go, C.K.                                                    *

       Jimmy leaves, too.                                                             *

                   So.  Are you still a skeptic?

                   A trick's a trick, no matter how
                   big or how small.  Once you figure
                   it out it's not magic anymore.

       She sits down.  He sits on the edge of her desk.

                   There's no magic anywhere?  Not
                   even a little?


                   Close your eyes.


                   Just do it


                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Yellow Rev.  12/3/93                      56A.   

  57   CONTINUED:  4                                                                57

       She sighs and closes them.

                   Now, count to three.

                            --page break--
       ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  (#13)  Blue Rev.     11/29/93                    57.    

  58   CLOSE ON LOIS                                                                58

                   One, two, three.

       She opens her eyes, astonished.

  59   BACK TO SCENE                                                                59

       Clark is exactly where he was and there is a beautiful
       spray of roses in front of Lois.

                   How did you...?

                   If I told you, it wouldn't be

       She just looks at him.

                                                            CUT TO:

  60   EXT. FLOWER SHOP - DAY                                                       60*

       A FLORIST sits reading a newspaper amidst many sprays
       identical to the one on Lois' desk.  One of them is
       missing.  He glances up and sees money on the counter in
       front of him.  He looks around, then shrugs and puts the
       money into the cash register.




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