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#213 : Lex Luthor, le retour

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Clark ose enfin demander à Loïs de sortir avec lui et elle accepte d'aller au spectacle de Pearl Jam avec lui. Pendant ce temps, le Dr. Kelly ressuscite Lex Luthor. Il a perdu son argent, ses cheveux et sa réputation mais il tente de nouveau de conquérir le coeur de Loïs et il veut aussi retrouver la kryptonite volée par les frères Vale.

Grâce à plusieurs personnes, il réussit à faire sortir de prison Rollie Vale mais il échoue avec Loïs alors il l'emmène de force dans sa cachette pour attirer Superman. Il obtient la kryptonite mais Nigel la vole et Rollie est blessé.

Loïs est coincée dans un trou à rats et le Dr. Kelly essaye de la sauver mais Lex la pousse et elle meurt électrocutée. Superman arrive à temps pour sauver Loïs et il met Lex en prison.

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Titre VO
The Phoenix

Titre VF
Lex Luthor, le retour





"Notre (presque) première sortie"


Plus de détails




"The Phoenix"



Written by   Tony Blake & Paul Jackson

Directed by  Phillip J. Sgriccia








































INTERIORS:                                      EXTERIORS:


Daily Planet                                    Metropolis Street

   Newsroom                                        Intersection

   Perry's Office

   Lobby                                        Police Station


Lex's Underground Lair                          Sky


Restaurant Kitchen                              Bender's Building


Jail Conference Room                            Marina


Marina Hideaway                                 Alley


                                                Clark's Terrace







       FADE IN:


  1    INT. UNDERGROUND LAIR - DAY #1                                               1 


       An abandoned SUBWAY PLATFORM complete with a MOAT-LIKE

       CULVERT where the tracks were once laid.  A wooden plank

       crosses the culvert, leading to a recessed door in a wall.

       An iron fire escape ladder against another wall leads

       straight down into the lair from the ceiling.


       The platform's been converted into living quarters.  On one

       wall, under a HIGH VOLTAGE sign, a large electrical conduit

       has been peeled open and lines have been crudely spliced in

       to draw power into the lair.  Several empty 55 gallon drums

       stand near a work table with a desk top computer.


       Luthor's casket lies on a table, hooked to scientific

       equipment.  A tense GRETCHEN KELLY works at an electronic

       board.  NIGEL ST. JOHN, Luthor's former Manservant, dressed

       all in black, watches over her shoulder.



                         His vital signs are fluctuating

                         wildly.  It's been a struggle ever

                         since that fiasco in the crypt.



                         I hope I haven't made this trip for




                         Gee Nigel, your concern for Lex is




                         Mister Luthor did not hire me for

                         my congeniality.                                           (X)


       Gretchen eyes a monitor, then frantically flips more                         (X)

       buttons and switches on the electronic equipment.


                                             NIGEL (CONT'D)

                         What are you doing?



                         I've got to stabilize his electro-

                         magnetic field, otherwise we're

                         going to lose him.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                        2.   



  1    CONTINUED:                                                                   1 


       At the toss of one final switch, a BRIGHT BLUE GLOW emanates

       from the casket then fades.  Nigel and Gretchen's eyes go to

       a monitor.  The GREEN PULSING LINE suddenly goes FLAT.  She

       frantically hits more buttons, then desperate, rushes to the

       casket, and frantically fumbles with a latch.                                (X)


                                             GRETCHEN (CONT'D)

                         No!  Lex!  No!                                             (X)


       Nigel approaches, holds her by the arms to steady and calm                   (X)

       her down.



                         It's over Gretchen.                                        (X)


       She looks into his eyes a beat, then finally accepting it's                  (X)

       over, all the strength goes out of her.



                         Oh, no...



                         It was a noble experiment.



  2    ANOTHER ANGLE                                                                2 


       They stand a beat, somberly looking down into the casket as                  (X)

       Gretchen gently caresses it.  Suddenly, an arm CRASHES

       through the top and sticks straight up.  Shocked, Gretchen

       and Nigel recoil, then Gretchen raises the lid.


       Slowly the figure of LEX LUTHOR rises up out of the goo to a

       sitting position.  Bare chested, dark circles around his

       eyes, hair askew, a demonic expression on his face.  He

       looks at Gretchen, then at Nigel, then at his surroundings.







                         I can't believe it.


       His arms suddenly fly out and grab them.  He pulls their

       surprised faces close to his lips.



                                (a maniacal whisper)

                         Believe it.


                                                               FADE OUT.


                             _END OF TEASE_



                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                        3.   


                                _ACT ONE_


       FADE IN:



 2A    EXT. CLARK'S APARTMENT TERRACE - NIGHT                                      2A 


       A glittering night sky, romantic music.  LOIS and CLARK,

       dressed to kill, step onto the terrace, each holding a glass

       of champagne and move to the rail taking in the view.  It's

       what every Internet user wants to see.


       Clark sneaks a sidelong glance at Lois, then faces her.  He

       takes a deep breath, then...



                         Lois... There's something I've been

                         wanting to say...



                         You don't have to say it, Clark.

                                (turns to him)

                         I know what you're thinking.


       She takes his glass, lays it aside with hers, then looks at

       him.  A beat, then she starts to lean in close for a kiss.


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         I've been thinking the same thing.


       They get closer, the anticipation killing them.





       Their lips are inches from each other. He hesitates.



                         What are you waiting for?


       Their lips are just about to meet when Lois speaks again.



                                             PERRY (O.S.)

                         We'll never get this paper out by



                                                               SMASH CUT TO:



  3    INT. DAILY PLANET BULLPEN - DAY - SAME TIME                                  3 


       Clark snaps out of his daydream at his desk and finds PERRY                  (X)

       standing over him.



                         Huh?                                                       (X)





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                        4.   



  3    CONTINUED:                                                                   3 



                         I said we'll never get this paper

                         out by deadline.

                                (walking off)                                       (X)

                         I want everyone's stories on my                            (X)

                         desk in ten minutes!                                       (X)


       Clark glances across the bullpen and sees Lois at the                        (X)

       coffee area.  He hesitates a beat, then heads for her.                       (X)



  4    OMITTED                                                                      4 



  5    AT COFFEE AREA                                                               5 


       Lois puts milk in her coffee as Clark approaches.



                         Uh Lois... I wanted to ask you




                         I'm not going to like it, am I.



                         What makes you say that?



                         You've got that tone in your voice,

                         you know, that people get when

                         they're uncomfortable.  Like when

                         they want to borrow your car, or

                         money, or clothes...



                         Okay, you got me.  I want to borrow

                         your clothes.



                         I bet you'd look real cute in black



       She starts for her desk, Clark following.



                         Lois, what I want to say is...



                         I know what you want Clark.



                         You do?





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                        5.   



  5    CONTINUED:                                                                   5 



                                (at her desk)

                         I know you a lot better than you



       She turns to him.  They stare at each other a beat.


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         How much do you need?




                         What?  Lois I don't want money.



                         Clark, you don't have to be

                         embarrassed.  That's what friends

                         are for.  Just tell me...



                                (frustrated, he blurts


                         Lois, I want to go out with you!






       He shakes his head in frustration.  Lois takes a beat for it

       to sink in, then...


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)


                         You're asking me out?



                         Yes!  You know.... like on a date?



                                (beat, then)

                         A date?  You mean a real date?  Like

                         where I take out my best perfume,

                         the one I bought after seeing 'Love

                         Affair', the good one not the

                         remake, and put a dab behind my

                         knee, even though I have no idea




                         Yeah... I guess that's what I'm



       Lois looks at him, then slowly sinks into her chair.




                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                        6.   



  5    CONTINUED:  2                                                                5 



                         Well... I... I'm not sure what to




                         Most people either pick yes or no.



                         Well, it's not that easy.  I mean

                         it's easy for you because you've

                         already had time to think about it.

                         You've had a chance to plan what

                         you wanted to say... and what

                         you'd say depending on what I'd say

                         back... and...



                         Lois... I'm asking you on a date,

                         not to negotiate nuclear




                         Well... there are a lot of things                          (X)

                         to consider.  Our partnership, our

                         friendship, our relationship with

                         the people in the office.  What I'd




                         Lois.  Don't over analyze it. Just                         (X)

                         go with your feelings.


       Before she can respond, JIMMY enters, carrying a package.



                         This just came for you, C.K.


       Lois and Clark exchange a look, frustrated by the



                                             JIMMY (CONT'D)


                         It says it's from the FBI.


       As Clark opens the package...



                         Who do you know at the FBI?



                         Roger Templeton.  We met when I was

                         in Washington.


       He pulls out a black and white 8x10 and a thin file folder

       with a note attached.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                        7.   



  5    CONTINUED:  3                                                                5 


                                             CLARK (CONT'D)

                         'Dear Clark. Thought you might

                         find this interesting... I


       Lois takes the photo as Jimmy crowds close for a look.



  6    INSERT - SURVEILLANCE PHOTO                                                  6 


       A shot of Nigel and Gretchen sitting in a restaurant.  She's

       handing him a matchbook.



  7    RESUME SCENE                                                                 7 



                         Clark!  That's the woman who stole

                         Lex's body!



                         Who's the guy?



                         Nigel St. John.  He used to be

                         Luthor's personal assistant.


       As Jimmy and Lois marvel at the photo, Clark surreptitiously

       SUPERSPEEDS through the thin file.  He finishes, a grim look

       on his face.  Covering, he returns to the first page thru...


                                             CLARK (CONT'D)

                         Get this.  They've identified the

                         woman as Gretchen Kelly.  She was                          (X)

                         Luthor's doctor.                                           (X)



                                (still studying photo)

                         That might explain her fascination

                         with Lex's body.



                         That's not all. Turns out Nigel                            (X)

                         was more than Luthor's Mr.

                         Belvedere.  He was an agent with                           (X)

                         Her Majesty's Secret Service who

                         turned bad.                                                (X)



                                (eyeing report)

                         It says this picture was taken

                         recently in Metropolis.  And the

                         agent who took the photo has



       She and Clark exchange a look, then something in the photo

       catches Clark's eye.  He activates his MICROVISION.



                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                        8.   



  8    CLARK'S POV - MICROVISION                                                    8 


       There's writing on the matchbook Gretchen is handing to

       Nigel.  It reads "Sheldon Bender. 1605 Bessolo Boulevard."



  9    RESUME SCENE                                                                 9 



                         Uh... maybe Sheldon Bender knows




                         Luthor's attorney? Why him?



                         Well... it's just... God knows

                         everything, and attorneys think

                         they're God.



                                (re: photo)

                         Jimmy, show this to Perry and tell

                         him we're on it.


       Jimmy nods, takes the photo and exits. A beat, then...


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         Clark... about the date...



                         It's okay.  Take your time.  We can

                         talk about it later.


       Lois nods.  As Clark heads off to his desk to get his coat,

       Lois stares after him, conflicted.


                                                               CUT TO:


 10    INT. UNDERGROUND LAIR - DAY                                                 10 


       Luthor, now dressed in denim work shirt and black jeans,

       furiously hammers on a computer keyboard, his face dark and

       ominous.  Gretchen stands nearby as Nigel cleans a HAND




                                (eyeing screen)

                         It's gone!  That weasel Bender

                         swindled me out of my entire




                         Lex, you should be resting.  This

                         can wait.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                      9.   



 10    CONTINUED:                                                                  10 



                         What about the Swiss bank accounts?



                                (hammers more keys)


                                (a beat, then quietly)

                         I'm broke.


       He rises from the computer, dazed.


                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)

                         Death I could deal with, Nigel.

                         But to be without money, without                           (X)

                         power... that's something I wasn't

                         prepared for.



                         Knowing you sir, I'm sure it's just

                         a temporary condition.



                         The money perhaps, but true power                          (X)

                         lies in the possession of

                         Kryptonite.  Until I find it, I'm


                                (and then)

                         Well, first things first.  Let's

                         arrange a meeting with Mister                              (X)




                         Of course, sir.



                         And you can drop the 'sir,' Nigel.                         (X)

                         There's no need for facades

                         anymore.  Look at us.  We are what                         (X)

                         we are.



                         And what's that?



                         Ordinary street fighters.  Just

                         like the old days.                                         (X)


       Nigel smiles as Gretchen puts her arms affectionately                        (X)

       around Lex from behind.



                         I've never thought there was

                         anything ordinary about you, Lex.


       He moves to a mirror and stares at his reflection.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     10.   



 10    CONTINUED:  2                                                               10 



                         Thank you my dear.  You're right.                          (X)

                         There really isn't.


       Lex sighs and runs his fingers through his hair.  A LARGE

       CLUMP comes out.


                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)

                         What the... ?


       Now he runs both hands through his hair.  Two more clumps                    (X)

       come out.


                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)

                         Gretchen!  My hair's falling out!


       As she nears him, he whirls, grabbing her by the shoulders.


                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)

                         What did you do to me?!




                         Lex, your body went through a

                         tremendous ordeal.  You're bound to

                         experience some temporary side                             (X)

                         effects.  You need to rest.


       He releases her then turns back to the mirror.  He runs both

       hands through his hair again.  More clumps come out.



                         Shave it off.


       Gretchen hesitates.


                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)

                         Don't just stand there.  I said

                         shave it off!


       As he moves to a chair and settles in, she picks up a                        (X)

       scissor out of her medical bag.  As she begins cutting his                   (X)



                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)

                         Oh, Nigel... do me a favor.  Find                          (X)

                         out whatever you can about Lois



       At the mention of Lois, Gretchen reacts, "inadvertently"

       poking Luthor's scalp with the scissors.


                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)

                         Ow!  It's a good thing you're not                          (X)

                         a surgeon.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     11.   



 10    CONTINUED:  4                                                               10 




                         Sorry, Lex.


       As Gretchen resumes her cutting, and Lex's hair falls...                     (X)


                                                               CUT TO:



 11    EXT. METROPOLIS BOULEVARD - DAY                                             11 


       A brass sign on a building reads "Law offices of Sheldon

       Bender".  SHELDON BENDER, looking appropriately arrogant,

       exits the building, reading over some legal papers.  He

       ignores a HOMELESS MAN who roots through a concrete litter

       can on the sidewalk.  At the curb rests an ND van.



11A    ANOTHER ANGLE                                                              11A 


       As Bender starts down the sidewalk, the homeless man, RAMIN,

       rushes up and forces Bender toward the van.



                         Hey, what are you... ?


       The side door of the van suddenly slides open revealing

       Gretchen holding a gun leveled at Bender.



                         Hello Bender.


       As Bender's eyes widen, Ramin forces him into the van as...



11B    OMIT                                                                       11B 



11C    ANOTHER ANGLE                                                              11C 


       Lois and Clark round a nearby corner, spot Bender being

       forced into the van a dozen yards away.



                         Clark!  That's Bender!



                         I'm call the police!  Stay here!


       He disappears around a corner, pulling at his tie.  Lois

       looks back at the van as it peels away from the curb.



                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     12.   



 12    EXT. METROPOLIS INTERSECTION - DAY - SECONDS LATER                          12 


       The van stops at a light.  Superman LANDS on the street

       right behind it just as the light changes and the van BURNS

       RUBBER.  Superman grabs the van from the back and digs in.

       The van pulls him along a few feet, the engine WHINING IN

       PROTEST as he slows it down.  SMOKE pours from underneath,

       THEN SOMETHING FINALLY POPS and the van stops.


       Superman pulls the side door open.  The van is completely

       empty!  Superman stares incredulously, then the CAMERA WHIP


       A pair of EYES peer out, then the cover is lowered back into



                                                               CUT TO:


 13    INT. UNDERGROUND LAIR - DAY                                                 13 


       Gretchen descends the ladder followed by Bender and Ramin.



 14    ANOTHER ANGLE                                                               14 


       Ramin shoves Bender ahead of him deeper into-the lair.



                         Hey!  Watch the suit.


       He turns back to find himself face to face with Nigel.


                                             BENDER (CONT'D)

                                (false bravado)

                         Who are you people?  Do you

                         realize... ?



                         Shut up.                                                   (X)



                         If you're with Intergang...


                                             LUTHOR (O.S.)

                                (from shadows)                                      (X)

                         What's Intergang?



                         A new crime organization in




                         Just a group of thugs.  All

                         substance, no style.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     13.   



 14    CONTINUED:                                                                  14 


                                             LUTHOR (O.S.)

                         Didn't take long for the jackals to

                         move in.



                                (peering into shadows)

                         Look, whoever you are, you can't...


                                             LUTHOR (O.S.)

                         Yes I can!


       Lex steps from the shadows, now TOTALLY BALD.  He gets

       within inches of Bender's face.  Bender goes white with

       terror as he recognizes him.



                                (a whisper)

                         L... Lex?



                         Luthor.  Your worst nightmare.                             (X)


                                                               TIME CUT TO:



 15    INT. UNDERGROUND LAIR - LATER                                               15 


       Bender's hands and feet are bound.  Lex holds the terrified

       man prone, his face hanging over the edge of the culvert

       where a dozen hungry rats scurry about.  Nigel tosses meaty

       ribs into the pit which the rats devour thru...



                         A billion dollars.  Where is it?                           (X)



                         It's tied up.  Real estate,                                (X)

                         foreign investments.  I could give

                         you a few thousand now, but...



                         Wrong answer, Bender.



                         Look, I know people in Intergang.

                         Maybe I can talk them into bringing

                         you in.



                         Oh, sorry.  Wrong answer again

                         Mister Bender.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     14.   



 15    CONTINUED:                                                                  15 



                         You know Gretchen, these rats have                         (X)

                         a voracious appetite.



                                (mock concern)

                         But will they eat one of their own?



                         Please, Lex.  I'll get it back. I

                         promise you.



                                (to rats)

                         Bon appetite.


       As Lex is about to toss him into the moat...



                         Kryptonite!  I can get you



       Luthor stops.  He lays him down on the floor.


                                             BENDER (CONT'D)

                         I know who has it.



                         Who?                                                       (X)



                         If I tell you, you'll kill me.



                                (to Nigel)                                          (X)

                         He's a thief, not a moron.

                                (to Bender)

                         How do you know about Kryptonite?



                         From Mrs. Cox.  I'm her attorney.

                         Look, I know someone.  I can get it

                         for you.


       Luthor considers, then motions to Ramin.  As he unties

       Bender, Luthor leans down to Bender's face.



                         If you cross me again Bender, I'll                         (X)

                         cut open your chest and sew a rat                          (X)

                         up inside.                                                 (X)


       Off Luthor's piercing stare...


                                                               CUT TO:



                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       15.   



 16    INT. DAILY PLANET BULLPEN - NIGHT #1                                        16 


       Lois and Clark are at Clark's desk.



                         Superman told me the van was

                         operated by remote control.



                         Well, the police lab's going over

                         it now.  Maybe they'll turn up

                         something else.

                                (and then)                                          (X)

                         Why do suppose someone would

                         kidnap Bender?



                         Well, it can't be for money.  Who'd

                         pay ransom for a lawyer?


       Clark's PHONE RINGS.  He answers.



                         Clark Kent...


       A beat, then he shoots an uncomfortable look at Lois.


                                             CLARK (CONT'D)

                         Do I want them?  Well... can you

                         hang on a minute?

                                (cups the phone)

                         Uh... this ticket broker's got two

                         of the last tickets for Pearl Jam                          (X)

                         tomorrow night... would you like to




                         Oh, right... the date thing.

                                (and then)

                         What about Mayson?




                         --The guy's only got two tickets.






                         I'm asking _you_ out, Lois.



                                (beat, then)

                         Fair enough.  But this is a big

                         step.  I mean, we work together.

                         What happens if... you know... it






                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       16.   



 16    CONTINUED:                                                                  16 



                         We'll always be friends.                                   (X)


       They share a beat, then Clark reacts to the SOUND of the

       caller yelling on the phone.


                                             CLARK (CONT'D)

                         Yeah, I'm still here.  I know... we

                         both need an answer.


       He looks at Lois, who takes a beat, then...





       Clark smiles, then, into phone...



                         Okay, I'll take them.

                                (and then)

                         How much?!  Each?!                                         (X)

                                (off Lois' look)                                    (X)

                         No, no that's... reasonable.                               (X)

                         Okay, thanks.


       He hangs up, looks at Lois. An uncomfortable beat, then...                   (X)








       They're bailed out when Jimmy approaches, carrying a report.



                         Uh... am I interrupting something?



                                (too quickly)



       Jimmy eyes them a beat, then...



                         It's okay guys, I'm not the

                         principal.  I just thought you'd

                         like to know we got a copy of the

                         lab report on that van.  They found

                         a trap door in the floor.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       17.   



 16    CONTINUED:  2                                                               16 



                         So that's how they got Bender out

                         of the van without anyone seeing




                         Magic always has an explanation.



                         Anything else?



                         It's registered to some guy in Park

                         Ridge.  Cops have him downtown

                         right now.



                                (to Clark)

                         You start on the story, I'll go to

                         the police station.  Oh, and as

                         long as I'm out, I can pick up


                                (then, mindful of Jimmy)

                         ... _things_ we need for that...

                         thing we talked about.



                         No, it's out of your way.  I'll

                         just send a runner.


       She nods, heads for the elevators.  Jimmy watches after her

       a beat, then grins knowingly at Clark.






                         Nothin'.  I didn't say nothin'.


       He doesn't have to.  His grin says it all.


                                                               CUT TO:


 17    EXT. METROPOLIS POLICE STATION - NIGHT                                      17 


       Lois exits the building.  As she approaches the corner, she

       comes upon an old, GRAY-HAIRED MAN in a wheelchair.


                                             OLD MAN

                         Excuse me miss.  Would you help an

                         old man across the street?



                         Of course.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     18.   



 17    CONTINUED:                                                                  17 


       As she pushes him into the street, he looks up at her.


                                             OLD MAN

                         Say, aren't you... that woman who

                         almost married Lex Luthor?



                         Uh... yes.


                                             OLD MAN

                         Lois Lane, that's right.  Tell me,

                         what was that fella Luthor like?



                         Well, he was uh... very magnetic.

                         Very charming.  But a very

                         dangerous criminal.


       She pushes him onto the sidewalk.  He looks into her eyes.


                                             OLD MAN

                         Ah... but I hear you young women

                         today like those bad boy types.




                         Well, I don't know if that's

                         true... although I suppose it can

                         be appealing... at times, but...


       She finally looks him straight in the eyes.  Something about

       him unnerves her.


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         If you'll excuse me, I'm late for

                         an appointment.


       As she walks off, unsure exactly what it is that's bothering

       her, Nigel steps out of the shadows.  He approaches the

       wheelchair and begins to push.  Now we discover it's Luthor.



                         She's more beautiful than ever.



                         What about Gretchen?



                         What about her?  She's my

                         physician.  She doesn't inspire

                         me.                                                        (X)


       Nigel cocks his head, shrugs.  Then...




                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     19.   



 17    CONTINUED:  2                                                               17 



                         Have you considered that Miss Lane

                         may not come so easily this time?



                         'If I cannot prove a lover, to

                         entertain these fair well-spoken

                         days, I am determined to prove a




                                (admiring)                                          (X)

                         Richard the Third.



                         My hero.  And like Richard, I will

                         not be denied.  I'll give her the

                         chance to come willingly, but if

                         she won't, I'll take her by force.



                         After you get the Kryptonite.




                         Of course.


                                                               FADE OUT.


                            _END OF ACT ONE_



                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       20.   


                                _ACT TWO_


       FADE IN:



 18    INT. PERRY'S OFFICE - NIGHT                                                 18 


       Clark and Lois sit across from Perry.                                        (X)



                         The police said the owner of the                           (X)

                         van loaned it to a friend of his.                          (X)

                         An ex-can named Ramin Tarbush.

                                (and then)

                         I talked to his parole officer.  He

                         hasn't seen Tarbush for weeks.  But

                         he gave me a description.  It's an

                         exact match with the kidnapper.



                                (to Lois)

                         Are you thinking what I'm thinking?



                         Bobby Bigmouth.



                         What in blazes is a Bobby Bigmouth?



                         One of our street sources.  If

                         somebody hiccups in this town,                             (X)

                         Bobby knows about it.



 19    INT. DAILY PLANET BULLPEN - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS                              19 


       As Lois and Clark exit Perry's office...



                         Give me two minutes to clean up.

                         I'll meet you at the elevators.


       As Lois heads OS, Jimmy spots Clark, approaches.



                         Hey C.K... so you and Lois are

                         going on a date, huh?



                         Listen, Jimmy.  Do me favor?  Don't

                         give Lois a hard time about it,

                         okay?  You know her.  She won't

                         find it funny.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       21.   



 19    CONTINUED:                                                                  19 



                         I'm not going to razz her.  I think

                         it's cool you two are going out.



                         But she won't think it's 'cool' if

                         everyone knows.  So keep a tight

                         lid on it, okay?



                                (nods, then)

                         So where you takin' her?



                         Pearl Jam concert.                                         (X)



                         No way!  Those tickets cost like a

                         million bucks.







                         You going to hang out in the mosh




                         What's the mosh pit?




                         It's great.  It's that area right

                         in front of the stage.  Everyone

                         crowds in real close, you can't

                         hardly see or breathe, the music's

                         so loud you don't know what they're

                         singing, and then if you're lucky,

                         you get lifted up and passed over

                         everyone's heads to the back.



                         That would be lucky.



                         No, the point is to make your way

                         to the front again.  It's really a



       Clark eyes him doubtfully a beat, then...



                         You know, I never felt old until

                         right this minute.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       22.   



 19    CONTINUED:  2                                                               19 


       Off Jimmy's smile...


                                                               DISSOLVE TO:


 20    OMITTED                                                                     20 



20A    INT. RESTAURANT KITCHEN - NIGHT                                            20A 


       BOBBY BIGMOUTH, dressed in a stained chef's outfit, works

       alone at a grill, a KITCHEN HELPER in the b.g.  He puts a

       TUNA SALAD PLATE on the pass window, then, glancing around

       surreptitiously, he grabs a BIG WAD off the mound of tuna,

       stuffs it in his mouth, then re-shapes the mound with his



                                             LOIS (O.S.)

                         Bobby?                                                     (X)



 21    ANOTHER ANGLE REVEALS                                                       21 


       Lois and Clark entering the kitchen through a nearby door.


                                             BOBBY BIGMOUTH

                                (mouth full)

                         Hey.  If it ain't the lovebirds.



                                (to Clark, peeved)

                         Did you tell him?


                                             BOBBY BIGMOUTH

                         Naw, I got it from his ticket

                         broker.  He's a barracuda in

                         business but a romantic at heart.

                                (wipes his mouth)

                         So, you two excited?



                         Bobby, we're not here to talk

                         about...                                                   (X)


                                             BOBBY BIGMOUTH

                         I'm so happy for you kids.  I want

                         you to know, a lot of people are

                         pulling for this to work out.



                         What people?





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       23.   



 21    CONTINUED:                                                                  21 


                                             BOBBY BIGMOUTH

                         What?  You think it's a big secret                         (X)

                         that Clark here's been mooning over




                         I wouldn't say mooning... exactly.


       Bobby returns to the grill and starts rolling grilled

       sausages into some hot pancakes.


                                             BOBBY BIGMOUTH

                         I love bein' in love.  There's no

                         feeling like it in the world.

                                (second thought)

                         Except maybe a really full stomach.


       He takes a big bite off the end of one of the sausages, then

       rolls it into a pancake.  He notices Lois and Clark's look.


                                             BOBBY BIGMOUTH (CONT'D)

                         I love it when we're pushing 'pigs

                         in a blanket.'


       He lays the order up on the pass table.  As he continues to                  (X)

       pick food from various places...                                             (X)



                         Bobby, do you know an ex-con named

                         Ramin Tarbush?                                             (X)


                                             BOBBY BIGMOUTH

                         Of course.  Last I heard, he was                           (X)

                         living on the street and getting

                         his meals at the homeless shelter

                         on Union Street.  They got good

                         food there, considering.


       Bobby picks up a carton of milk and takes a swig, then...                    (X)


                                             BOBBY BIGMOUTH (CONT'D)

                         Aw, where are my manners?

                                (offering it to them)

                         Anybody thirsty?


       They politely shake their heads.  As Bobby preps an                          (X)

       omelette, he stuffs his face with a wad of each ingredient.                  (X)



                                (sotto, to Clark)

                         This isn't an all-you-can-eat

                         place.  It's an all-he-_doesn't_-

                         eat place.






                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     24.   



 21    CONTINUED:  2                                                               21 


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                                (and then)

                         Listen, Bobby, we've gotta go.



       They head out as he waves and says an unintelligible 'take

       it easy.'


                                                               CUT TO:



 22    INT. JAIL CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY #2                                          22 


       Bender, Nigel and Luthor sit around a conference table.  Lex

       wears dark sunglasses and a hat.  A door opens and a guard

       leads in a grim ROLLIE VALE, dressed in prison garb, a

       number across his breast pocket.  The Guard exits.  Vale

       settles in a seat across the table from them, then...



                         You Bender?

                                (Bender nods)

                         Who are these bozos?



                         I caution you on your choice of

                         words, Mr. Vale.



                         Oh yeah?  In case you haven't

                         noticed, I'm in prison.  What are

                         you gonna do?  Charge me with being




                         Of course not, Mr. Vale.  I'll

                         simply have you killed.


       Luthor removes his hat and glasses thru...



                         Oh really. You and what...

                                (then, astonished)

                         Luthor!  How... ?



                         There are things in heaven and                             (X)

                         earth not foreseen in your                                 (X)

                         philosophy Mr. Vale.                                       (X)


       Vale takes a beat, gathering his prison bravado, then he

       leans back in his chair.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     25.   



 22    CONTINUED:                                                                  22 



                         Sure.  Okay.  So what happened?

                         Forget to bring your hair with you

                         when you came back from the dead?


       Nigel tenses, Bender cringes, but Luthor smiles.



                         That's funny.  That's very funny.


       As everyone relaxes, Luthor suddenly LASHES OUT, GRABBING

       VALE by the neck, and pulls him across the table.


                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)

                         You're in no position to be funny,

                         Mister Vale.


       Vale grabs Luthor's arm with his left hand and SLAMS it down

       onto the table.  A shocked Luthor winces.



                         And you're in no position to put

                         your hands on me, Mister Luthor.


       As they eye him stunned, he releases Luthor then pulls up

       his sleeve revealing a metallic arm.  They stare amazed.


                                             VALE (CONT'D)

                         Robotic.  I had to replace the one

                         my thimble brained cyborg crushed.


       He settles in his chair.



                         That cyborg was powered by

                         Kryptonite.  Stolen from Lexlabs by

                         your brother.  I want it back.



                         Ah... what my client is saying...



                         I know what he's saying.

                                (to Luthor)

                         Unless you got something I want

                         skinhead, this meeting's over.



                         What is it you want?                                       (X)



                         Half a million dollars and my






                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       26.    



 22    CONTINUED:  2                                                               22 



                         You've got an arm that can bend

                         steel.  Why haven't you broken out

                         of here?




                         Perhaps counsellor, because bullets

                         can still pierce his chest.



                         So.  Money and your freedom for the

                         Kryptonite.  Do we have a deal?


       Vale eyes him then rises and starts for the exit.  He stops

       at the door.



                         Sure, we have a deal.  And you know

                         where to find me.                                          (X)


       Vale exits.  A nervous Bender eyes them, then...                             (X)



                         Lex, whatever you're planning, I                           (X)

                         shouldn't hear about it.



                         Hear about it?  You're going to be

                         part of it.


       As Bender reacts, Luthor turns to Nigel.


                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)

                         But we're going to need a diversion

                         to get the equipment we need.  And

                         I know the perfect sacrificial



                                                               CUT TO:



 23    INT. PERRY'S OFFICE - DAY                                                   23 


       Perry enters, engrossed in some copy.  As he heads for his

       desk Jimmy pokes his head in.



                         I'm making a donut run, Chief.

                         Need anything?



                         No, but thanks for asking.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       27.   



 23    CONTINUED:                                                                  23 


       Jimmy exits as Perry slides into his chair and immediately

       realizes something is wrong.  It's been noticeably lowered.


                                             PERRY (CONT'D)

                         Aw, who's been playing with my



       He reaches down to raise the lift when he spots a WIRE

       attached to it.  Fingering it, he leans over and follows it

       to the other end... and-finds a BOMB ATTACKED TO THE

       UNDERSIDE OF HIS CHAIR!  Perry slowly sits upright, then

       spots a note sitting on his computer keyboard.  In block

       letters it reads "ONE SMALL MOVE AND KABOOM."





       Jimmy pokes his head in.


                                             PERRY (CONT'D)

                         I do need something.



                         What's that, Chief?


       Perry holds the note up for Jimmy to see.





                                                               FADE OUT.

                            _END OF ACT TWO_



                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       28.   


                               _ACT THREE_


       FADE IN:


 24    INT. DAILY PLANET LOBBY - DAY                                               24 


       Lois sips coffee from a styrofoam cup as she eyes a rack of

       magazines.  She holds the cup in her teeth as she picks up a

       copy of "MODERN RELATIONSHIPS".



 25    INSERT MAGAZINE                                                             25 


       A blurb trumpets the feature inside: "What Men Really Want."



 26    RESUME SCENE                                                                26 


       She glances around then starts reading it.  After a beat we

       realize this is someone's POV.



 27    ANOTHER ANGLE REVEALS                                                       27 


       Lex, hovering near the coffee counter, wearing shades and a

       baseball cap, eyeing Lois as he "reads" a paper.  As Clark

       enters and approaches Lois, a sour look crosses his face.



 28    AT MAGAZINE STAND                                                           28 


       Lois spots Clark approaching and quickly slaps the magazine

       back on the shelf and snatches the cup out of her teeth.








       There's an awkward moment, then...


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         Oh... this is exactly what's wrong

                         with us going out.



                         All I said was 'hi.'



                         Exactly.  Except a dozen thoughts

                         just ran through my head during

                         that 'hi.' Is my make-up okay? Do

                         I smell good?  Do I have coffee






                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       29.   



 28    CONTINUED:                                                                  28 


       Clark just looks at her, confused...


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         And if I have all those thoughts

                         with just a 'hi', what's going to

                         happen when we start using words

                         with more than one syllable?



                                (sniffs coffee cup)

                         What did they put in here this




                         Clark, I guess what I'm saying

                         is... I'm afraid things will change

                         if we start dating.




                         if it makes you feel any better...                         (X)

                         I'm afraid too.


       They share a moment, then...




                         I'm glad you said that.  Thanks.


       As they head for the elevators...


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         Did you check the shelter again

                         this morning?



                         Yeah.  Ramin's still a no show.

                         But the director said held call us

                         if he comes in.


       Suddenly, a heavily equipped bomb squad team races into the

       by led by the BOMB SQUAD LEADER.


                                             BOMB SQUAD LEADER

                         We've got an emergency in this

                         building!  I need everyone outside!


       As people in the lobby hurry for the revolving doors, the

       Leader passes Lois.



                         What is it?


                                             BOMB SQUAD LEADER

                         Just get outside ma'am!





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       30.   



 28    CONTINUED:  2                                                               28 




                                (but Clark's gone)



       As she's herded out by Police Officers, CAMERA picks up Lex

       eyeing her with a satisfied smile.


                                                               CUT TO:



 29    INT. PERRY'S OFFICE - DAY - MOMENTS LATER                                   29 


       Perry sits stiffly in his chair, unmoving.  The Bomb squad

       Leader lies at his feet, examining the explosive.  Other

       officers stand nearby.



                         Is it real?


                                             BOMB SQUAD LEADER

                         Oh yeah.  It's a real pressure

                         bomb.  Crudely made, but real. 

                         When you sat down you engaged the

                         detonator.  So if you get the urge

                         to stand up and do a jig, fight it.



                         Can you disarm it?


                                             BOMB SQUAD LEADER

                         I think so.

                                (reaches for his bag)

                         I've just got to figure out which

                         wire to cut.


       As he withdraws a small wire cutter, there's the familiar

       WHOOSH and Superman enters his office.





       He nods at Perry, then kneels next to the officer.



                         Do you need any help?


       On the floor, the Bomb Squad Leader separates a RED WIRE

       from the others.


                                             BOMB SQUAD LEADER

                         Nope.  I found what I wanted.


       He carefully SNAPS the wire in two.  Immediately the LED

       timer flashes ":60" and starts to count down.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       31.   



 29    CONTINUED:                                                                  29 


                                             BOMB SQUAD LEADER

                         Oh no... I underestimated this                             (X)

                         guy.  He built in a back-up firing




                         What's that mean!?


                                             BOMB SQUAD LEADER


                         It means we've got less than a

                         minute to clear this whole




                                (points O.S.)

                         Officer, clear a path to that



       An officer does as Superman steps behind Perry's chair,

       grabbing the underside.


                                             SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

                         Just hang on, Mr. White.


       As Superman LIFTS the chair and Perry up with one hand...


                                                               SMASH CUT TO:



 30    EXT. METROPOLIS SKY - DAY - SECONDS LATER (STOCK)                           30 


       Perry holds on for dear life as Superman flies him and the

       chair over the city.



                         Nice view from here.  Wish I was in

                         a better mood to enjoy it.


       Superman eyes the digital readout.  Twelve seconds and

       counting down.



                         I had hoped to put you down some                           (X)

                         place deserted, but I don't think                          (X)

                         we're going to make it.  So...

                         thanks for flying with us.


       And with that, Superman tips the chair over.  Perry tumbles

       out with a SCREAM.



                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       32.   



 31    ANGLE ON PERRY FALLING                                                      31 


       He SCREAMS as the bomb explodes above him.  But he's far

       enough away that he only feels the heat.  After a beat,

       Superman FLIES INTO FRAME and catches him.



                         Now that's what I call turbulence.


                                                               DISSOLVE TO:



 32    INT. PERRY'S OFFICE - DAY                                                   32 


       Perry moves about his office checking in and under things

       for possible bombs. Lois rests against his desk.



                         Some yahoo probably read something

                         in the Planet they didn't like.

                         It's the risk any editor runs.



                         Perry, it's awfully coincidental

                         that Nigel St. John, a former spy,                         (X)

                         is back in town and suddenly, this                         (X)

                         happens.                                                   (X)



                         Aw, Lois.  Stop being so paranoid.




                         Guess who suddenly reappeared?                             (X)

                         Sheldon Bender.  He's claiming the                         (X)

                         kidnaping was a prank by some old

                         fraternity brothers.



                         Chief, my instincts say all this                           (X)

                         stuff with Bender and this bomb is

                         connected to Nigel and Gretchen




                         Then what are you two standing here



       As Lois and Clark start for the door, Jimmy enters.



                         Hey, guess what. The bomb squad's                          (X)

                         headquarters was robbed while they

                         were defusing you.  Took some

                         plastic explosives and a remote

                         control triggering mechanism.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     33.   



 32    CONTINUED:                                                                  32 


       The news disappoints Perry.  He finally stops checking the




                         So I was some kind of diversion?



                         Kinda cheapens it somehow, doesn't



       Lois and Clark exchange a look.


                            LOIS                             CLARK

                I'll take Bender,                  You take Bender,

                you take the bomb                  I'll take the

                squad. bomb squad.



                                (as they exit)

                         I think that's the first time

                         they've ever agreed on anything.



                         A budding romance will do that to




                         Wha... How did _you_ know?



                         Son, I'm not the editor of a major

                         newspaper because I can yodel.


                                                               CUT TO:



 33    EXT. BENDER'S BUILDING - NIGHT #2 - LATER                                  33(X)


       Lois hurries OUT of the building.  As she quickly moves down

       The sidewalk, the old man in the wheelchair she met earlier

       suddenly rolls out from an alley into her path.


                                             OLD MAN

                         Oh, sorry.

                                ("recognizing" her)

                         Well, it's Lois Lane.  Imagine my

                         luck.  Meeting you twice in two                            (X)

                         days.  I have something for you.                           (X)


       She hesitates.                                                               (X)


                                             OLD MAN (CONT'D)

                         Information about Lex Luthor.                              (X)





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     34.   



 33    CONTINUED:                                                                  33 


       He rolls his wheelchair backward into the alley, then

       beckons her.  She's still hesitant.                                          (X)


                                             OLD MAN (CONT'D)

                         And the woman who stole his body.


       Now she's intrigued.  She cautiously follows him several

       yards into the shadows.



                         Who are you?


                                             OLD MAN

                         Do you know the story of the




                         Of course.  The sacred bird that

                         was reborn, rising from its own



       On the word reborn, he slowly rises from the wheelchair.                     (X)

       He removes his hat and make-up thru...                                       (X)


                                             LUTHOR                                 (X)

                         When I was a little boy my mother                          (X)

                         told me that story.  I always liked                        (X)

                         the part where he came back from                           (X)

                         the dead.                                                  (X)

                                (now fully revealed)                                (X)

                         It's good to see you again, Lois.                          (X)


       Stunned, she eyes him, then lets out a GASP.  He steps

       closer to her.  So many thoughts race through her mind she

       just stares, speechless.


                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)                        (X)

                         Did you think I wouldn't come back                         (X)

                         for you?                                                   (X)

                                (and then)                                          (X)

                         Lois, I've lost everything.  My                            (X)

                         fortune, my reputation...                                  (X)

                         everything but my feeling for you.                         (X)


       He puts his hands on her arms. She stiffens.                                 (X)


                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)                        (X)

                         We must take the miracle of my                             (X)

                         resurrection as a sign that even                           (X)

                         death can't keep us apart.                                 (X)



                                (a hoarse whisper)

                         Lex... how... how did this... ?





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                    34A.   



 33    CONTINUED:  2                                                               33 



                         Never question a miracle.  We're                           (X)

                         together again and that's all that

                         matters.                                                   (X)





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     35.   



 33    CONTINUED:  3                                                               33 



                         No, I... I could never... I mean...



                         I know in your eyes I've fallen                            (X)

                         from grace.  But surely a creature

                         of such abundant benevolence would

                         allow me the chance to redeem




                         I... there's no... I don't have

                         those feelings for you any more.



                         I don't believe it.                                        (X)



                         Lex after everything you've

                         done how could you expect ... ?



                         Yes, I've done terrible things.

                         But I did them for you.  Provoked                          (X)

                         by the blinding light of your

                         beauty.  If you can't forgive me...

                                (pulls out a cell phone)

                         ...turn me over to the police. If I

                         can't have you, my life is not

                         worth living.


       She eyes him conflicted.  But she can't take the phone.


                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)

                         You _do_ have feelings for me.




                                (and then)

                         Maybe... I just feel you've

                         suffered enough.


       She takes several steps backwards then turns and hurries out

       of the alley casting one last look back.  As we hold on Lex'

       devious smile, RACK FOCUS to Gretchen in the background

       shadows, a venomous expression on her face.


                                                               CUT TO:



 34    INT. DAILY PLANET CONFERENCE ROOM - NIGHT - LATER                          34(X)


       A still shaken Lois sits at the table.  Clark, Perry and

       Jimmy digest what she just told them.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     36.    



 34    CONTINUED:                                                                  34 



                         Great shades of Elvis.



                         Did Luthor say what he wanted?  I

                         mean... besides you.


       Lois shakes her head, then...



                         Looks like Bender's your only solid

                         lead to finding Luthor.



                         And he's 'in seclusion' on his

                         yacht.  Supposedly he wants a break

                         from the press.



                         Well he's not going to get it.  I

                         want you two on him like flies to a

                         pest strip.  Round the clock





                         Chief, when you say round the

                         clock, you don't mean...



                         Starting tonight.  You can set up                          (X)

                         camp at Ben Lombardo's place.  He's

                         a buddy of mine.  Keeps a little

                         hideaway for himself down near the





                         And you want us to start right

                         now?                                                       (X)



                         You got something better to do?


       Clark and Lois look at each other, then...



                         I guess not.





       As Perry exits, a disappointed Clark withdraws the two

       concert tickets and hands them to Jimmy.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     37.   



 34    CONTINUED:  2                                                               34 






                         Wow, thanks C.K.!

                                (and then)

                         This is definitely going to put me

                         over the top with Angela.


       Off Lois and Clark's resigned smiles...


                                                               CUT TO:



 35    INT. BEN LOMBARDO'S HIDEAWAY - NIGHT                                       35(X)


       A small single apartment, decorated in tacky nautical motif.

       Through an archway is a sleeping/dressing alcove separated

       from the main area by a curtain.  The only light comes from

       a floor lamp.  Clark and Lois, still in their work

       clothes, (she's in a business suit) peer out a window at a

       cabin cruiser in a slip across the way.  Set up nearby is

       audio and video surveillance equipment.  Lois has binoculars

       to her eyes.



                         I don't believe this.  Instead of

                         Pearl Jam we end up watching a

                         lawyer get ready for bed.


       She lowers the binocs and turns to him.



                         Well... maybe we could just pretend

                         this is our first date.  Not that

                         I'd like this to be our actual

                         first date, I mean I'd prefer

                         something a little nicer, but just

                         so it's not a total loss... I mean

                         after all, you _did_ ask me and I

                         _did_ worry a lot about my answer

                         and I wouldn't want all that effort

                         to be for nothing... I mean...

                                (beat as he stares at


                         I'm babbling, aren't I?


       Clark nods.  A beat, then...



                         Look, let's just say we're on a

                         regular assignment and forget the

                         date part.  Maybe we could do it

                         another time.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       38.   



 35    CONTINUED:                                                                  35 



                         Well... maybe we could say it's our

                         'almost first date.' Kind of like

                         a test run.



                                (beat, then smiles)

                         Sure, why not?


       An awkward smile then Lois moves to some cabinets and starts

       looking through them...



                         Let's see if Mister Lombardo has

                         anything here that would be

                         appropriate for an almost first



       Clark turns his attention back to the window.  After a beat

       Lois pulls out a bottle of champagne.


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         Hey, look.  Too bad it's warm.


       She moves to an under counter refrigerator and opens it.


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         Probably take forever to chill in

                         this tiny refrigerator.


       She puts it in and closes the door.


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         Clark, I've got to get out of these

                         clothes.  Yell if you see anything.


       As she goes into the alcove and pulls the curtain across the

       archway, Clark moves to the fridge and pulls out the

       champagne bottle.  Using his SUPERCOLD BREATH he chills it.

       As he begins to open it he notices...



 36    LOIS' SILHOUETTE                                                            36 


       against the curtain across the doorway.  She's undoing the

       buttons on her blouse.  Clark looks away, focusing on the

       champagne bottle.  As he starts to push the cork out, he

       can't help himself and glances again at the curtain.  Lois

       is just slipping out of her blouse.  Clark reacts, then...



 37    THE CHAMPAGNE CORK                                                          37 


       flies out of the bottle with SUPER FORCE and CAREENS around

       the room.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       39.   



 37    CONTINUED:                                                                  37 


       Clark follows it with his eyes then sticks out his hand and

       CATCHES IT just before it smacks a window.  He composes

       himself and grabs two glasses as Lois steps out in sweats.

       He pours her a glass thru...



                         Here you go.



                         Whoa, how'd you get it cold so




                         I uh... um...


       As she turns to get a napkin, Clark seizes the opportunity

       for a distraction and surreptitiously uses his HEAT VISION




                                             CLARK (V.O.)



                                             LOIS (V.O.)

                         There's another lamp next to the



                                             CLARK (V.O.)

                         I got it.


                                             LOIS (V.O.)

                         No, it's okay, I'm closer.


       We HEAR both of them move.  Suddenly, the SOUND OF BODIES

       TRIPPING OVER EACH OTHER, a YELP from Lois and a THUD.  A

       LIGHT GOES ON and we discover Clark on his back on the sofa,

       his arm raised over his head, turning on a table lamp.  Lois

       lies on top of him, glass in hand, the champagne now all

       over Clark's shirt.  It's a very awkward moment.  They're

       torn between getting up and staying like this.






                         Ah, sure.  No problem.  I guess

                         it's my turn to change.



                         Yeah.  I guess.


       They don't move for a beat, then....


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         I guess I better get up.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       40.   



 37    CONTINUED:  2                                                               37 



                         Yeah.  I guess so.


       Still they don't move.  A beat, then Lois finally gets up.



                         I'll uh... pour us... some more




                         Good idea.


       He slips away, stepping behind the curtain.  As Lois crosses

       the room she notices a large BURN MARK in the lamp shade

       from Clark's heat vision.



                         Wow.  That must have been a very

                         defective bulb.


       She moves to the counter.  As she starts to pour more

       champagne, she notices CLARK'S SILHOUETTE as he takes off

       his shirt.  Intrigued, she continues to stare until the

       champagne overflows and spills onto her foot.  As she bends

       to wipe it up, Clark returns in a cut off t-shirt and jeans.



                         What happened?


       She looks up at him, taking in his muscular arms.  As she

       gets up...



                         Huh?  Oh, I uh I just had a

                         little muscle...


                         ... uh mishap.  So...

                                (raising her glass)

                         to our almost first date.



                         Our almost first date.


       As they clink glasses...


                                                               DISSOLVE TO:



 38    INT. BEN LOMBARDO'S HIDEAWAY - LATER - NIGHT                                38 


       Clark's looking out the window, eating the last of a

       sandwich.  Lois is at the table, head on her arms.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       41.   



 38    CONTINUED:                                                                  38 




                         I should have known better than to

                         order chinese food from a place

                         called Ralph's Pagoda.


       He brings her a small pillow so she can rest her head on it.


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         Oh, thanks Clark.  It's funny.  I

                         just remembered when I was kid and

                         got sick, all my dad was ever

                         concerned about was making sure I

                         took my medicine.



                         Well, isn't that what a good dad




                         He never could understand that when

                         I was sick, what I really needed

                         was someone to hold me and comfort




                         Well, I guess he did the best he

                         could with the awareness he had.


       She yawns as she nods.


                                             CLARK (CONT'D)

                         Why don't you turn in?  Sleep in

                         the alcove.



                         I can't make it to the alcove.





       He picks her up and carries her the few steps to the alcove

       As he puts her down gently at the curtain...


                                             CLARK (CONT'D)

                         Here you go.  Door to door service.


       They stare at each other a beat.


                                             CLARK (CONT'D)

                         If you need anything during the

                         night... just call me.  I'll be

                         right out here.


       They stare awkwardly at each other a moment.  Then...





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       42.   



 38    CONTINUED:  2                                                               38 


                                             CLARK (CONT'D)







                         Good night, Lois.



                         Good night, Clark.


       She turns and disappears behind the curtain.  He turns and

       exhales heavily.  Whoa!



38A    INT. ALCOVE                                                                38A 


       Lois exhales heavily.  Whoa!  And we...


                                                               DISSOLVE TO:



 39    INT. BEN LOMBARDO'S HIDEAWAY - MORNING - DAY #3                             39 


       Clark's at the window, staring out the window, his glasses

       tilted down.                                                                 (X)


                                             LOIS (O.S.)

                         Clark... ?                                                 (X)


       Clark quickly pushes his glasses back up, then grabs the

       binoculars and puts them to his eyes.                                        (X)



                         Lois.  Something's happening on                            (X)

                         Bender's boat.


       Lois comes alongside and Clark hands her the binocs.                         (X)



 40    HER POV                                                                    40(X)


       Bender, on the aft deck of his boat, the SUE U., talks to a

       man in a suit, his back to us.




                         Glad you could make it.



 41    RESUME SCENE                                                                41 



                         That's Judge Winkler.                                      (X)





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       43.   



 41    CONTINUED:                                                                  41 


       INTERCUT WINKLER AND BENDER as needed through...




                         We want to thank you for your

                         efforts in getting a new hearing

                         for Rollie Vale.  When's he being

                         transferred to the courthouse?


                                             JUDGE WINKLER


                         This afternoon.




                         Good. on behalf of my client, I'd

                         like you to accept this little

                         token of our appreciation.


       Bender hands him a black attache case.  Clark uses his X-RAY

       VISION to see inside.  It's filled with $100 bills.  Clark

       turns off his X-RAY VISION as the judge steps off the boat.


                                                               CUT TO:



 42    EXT. MARINA - DAY - MOMENTS LATER                                           42 


       The judge is gone.  As Lois and Clark stride down Bender's

       dock, they see him on the aft deck.                                          (X)



 43    ANGLE ON WATER BEHIND BENDER'S BOAT                                         43 


       The head of a diver in a black wet suit breaks the surface.

       He raises a long tube, resembling a pea shooter, and puts

       one end in his mouth.  As he aims it at Bender...


                                             LOIS (O.S.)

                         Hey Bender!



 44    INCLUDE BENDER, ON HIS BOAT                                                 44 


       He looks up as Lois and Clark approach.



                         What do you people ... ?


       But he never finishes his sentence as his body suddenly

       arches, then falls onto the dock.  A lethal dart protrudes

       from Bender's back.  Lois and Clark approach the dead man

       and react as the diver silently slips back under the




                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       44.   



 45    ANGLE ON LAND                                                               45 


       Luthor and Gretchen watching from a Land Rover in the

       distance.  As Luthor lowers a pair of binoculars...



                         I've always admired Nigel's




                         Too bad he couldn't got rid of two

                         nosy reporters as well.



                         You mean one.




                         Of course... I mean one.


                                                               FADE OUT.


                           _END OF ACT THREE_



                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       45.   


                               _ACT FOUR_


 46    INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY                                                     46 


       Clark's on the phone at his desk as Lois approaches.




                         Sure.  I'll just wait right here

                         for his call.

                                (hangs up)

                         Judge Winkler's clerk.  The Judge

                         is 'temporarily unavailable' for




                         Big surprise.

                                (and then)

                         Why would Bender want Rollie Vale

                         transferred downtown for a new

                         hearing?  What's in it for Lex?



                         Whatever it is, it's big enough to

                         cost Bender his life.


       As she contemplates this, Jimmy enters, a bandaid over his




                         Hey, thanks for the tickets.                               (X)

                         Pearl Jam was incredible!                                  (X)



                         What happened to your eye?                                 (X)



                         Cool, huh?  Me and Angela went                             (X)

                         through the Mosh Pit twice!                                (X)

                                (and then)

                         Oh.  The director of that-homeless                         (X)

                         shelter called.  That guy Ramin                            (X)

                         you were looking for?  He's eatin'

                         breakfast there right now.


       As Lois and Clark bolt out of their seats and head to the

       elevators...                                                                 (X)


                                                               CUT TO:



 47    EXT. METROPOLIS STREET DAY                                                  47 


       Lois and Clark step out of her jeep in front of a homeless

       shelter.  As they step onto the sidewalk, Ramin exits the

       shelter and starts for a nearby alley.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Green Revision      1/4/95                        46.   



 47    CONTINUED:                                                                  47 



                         Clark!  There he is!


       Ramin disappears into the alley.  Lois and Clark stop at the

       entrance and watch.



 48    INT. ALLEY - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                               48 


       Ramin stops near a dumpster, looks around, then OPENS A

       GRATE in the asphalt and SLIPS INSIDE.  The grate settles

       into place, there's a beat, then Lois and Clark approach the

       grate.  As Clark lifts it...



                         After you.


                                                               CUT TO:


 49    INT. LUTHOR'S LAIR - DAY - MOMENTS LATER                                    49 


       Lois and Clark descend the ladder into the lair.  Ramin is

       nowhere to be seen.  Clark helps Lois off the ladder, then

       they take in the scene.



                         It's a long fall from a penthouse

                         in the sky.



                         What's that noise?


       She and Clark follow the noise to the nearby culvert. They

       react to the rats scurrying around below.


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         Oh, I hate rats.


       As they step back from the culvert and fan out for clues,                    (X)

       CAMERA FINDS Ramin peering out at them from the shadows.                     (X)

       Lois spots an open MAP BOOK on the table.  She studies it a

       beat, then...


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)



       Clark hurries over, looks down at the book on the table.



                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Green Revision      1/4/95                        47.   



 50    INSERT - MAP BOOK                                                           50 


       A Thomas Brothers-like grid of a section of town.  A route

       has been HIGHLIGHTED in red between two points.



 51    RESUME SCENE                                                                51 


       Clark follows the route with his finger thru...



                         It starts here at the Metropolis

                         Men's Prison... and ends at the



       A beat, then they look at each other as it hits them.



                         Clark, it's the route they're using

                         to transfer Rollie Vale!



                         Luthor's going to break Vale out of

                         jail! Lets go!                                             (X)


                                                               CUT TO:



 52    OMITTED                                                                     52 



 53    EXT. ALLEY  DAY - MOMENTS LATER                                             53 


       Lois helps Clark out of the grate.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       48.   



 53    CONTINUED:                                                                  53 



                         You go get the jeep.  I'll call the police.


       Clark runs OS, reaching for his tie.  Lois kicks the grill

       back into place, then starts down the alley.  As she nears

       the mouth, Gretchen Kelly steps from the shadows and levels

       a gun at Lois.



                         Lex wanted me to find you.  Thanks

                         for making it so easy.


                                                               CUT TO:


 54    EXT. METROPOLIS STREET - DAY                                                54 


       Lex and Nigel wait in the shadows of a lightly traveled

       street.  A beat, then a POLICE CRUISER turns onto the

       street, followed closely by a BROWN PRISON VAN.  As the two

       vehicles approach, Luthor positions his finger over a remote

       control device he holds.



                         Steady... not too soon...


       The police car and van bear down on a MANHOLE COVER in the

       middle of the street.  As the patrol car passes over the

       manhole cover...


                                             NIGEL (CONT'D)



       Lex jams his finger down on the remote control trigger.  The

       manhole cover EXPLODES upwards into the car's axle.  The car

       loses control and slams through a bus bench and into a wall,

       stunning the officers.  As gasoline leaks out from the

       damaged car, it ignites, creating a WALL OF FLAMES.  The

       prison van SCREECHES to a halt-behind it.



 55    ANOTHER ANGLE                                                               55 


       Luthor and Nigel race up to the prison van, Nigel leveling a

       gun at the driver.  The man raises his hands as Luthor moves

       to his lowered window.                                                       (X)


       Lex shoots a tranquilizer dart into his shoulder.  A beat as

       the driver reacts, then slumps forward.  Luthor reaches in

       and grabs the keys, then...                                                  (X)


                                             LUTHOR (CONT'D)

                         He looked like he needed a rest.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     49.   



 55    CONTINUED:                                                                  55 



                         Unfortunately he'll have an awful

                         headache when he wakes up.


                                                               CUT TO:



 56    EXT. METROPOLIS SKY - DAY - CONTINUOUS (STOCK)                              56 


       Superman soars over the city, looking for the action.



 57    EXT. METROPOLIS STREET - DAY - CONTINUOUS                                   57 


       Luthor and Nigel unlock the back door and Rollie Vale jumps

       down, his hands cuffed to a chain around his waist.



                         Tell me Vale. Is the air sweeter

                         when it's free?



                                (humoring him)

                         Yeah, it's great.  Now get me out

                         of here.


       As Luthor, Vale and Nigel disappear around a corner...



 58    ANGLE ON POLICE CAR                                                         58 


       Superman lands near the car.  A beat, then using his

       SUPERBREATH he blows out the flames.  As smoke rises from

       the street, he hurries to the patrol car and opens the

       passenger door.  The officer inside stumbles out, moaning.



                         I better get you to a doctor.                              (X)


                                                               CUT TO:



 59    INT. UNDERGROUND LAIR - DAY - LATER                                         59 


       A peeved Ramin, now sporting a bruise on his forehead,

       holds a small gun on an angry Lois whose hands are tied

       behind her.  Gretchen tosses cheese to the rats in the

       culvert thru...



                         Don't you realize Lex is insane?





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       50.   



 59    CONTINUED:                                                                  59 



                         If anyone's insane, you are.  You

                         could have married the greatest man

                         in Metropolis but instead you

                         turned your back on him.



                         He's a psychopathic criminal.  He's

                         capable of killing any of us.



                         Held never hurt me.  I gave him

                         life.  But you drove him to his



       Just then, Luthor, Vale and Nigel enter from the side                        (X)




                                (eyeing Lois)

                         Whenever will you learn, Lois, I                           (X)

                         always get my way.



                         Lex, please.  Before you make

                         things worse...



                         Lois, I've already been through the


                                (beat, then)

                         All right Vale, where did you hide

                         the Kryptonite?


       Lois reacts as Vale rolls up his sleeve and extends his

       robotic arm.  He presses a spot in mid-forearm and a square

       section hinges open.  He reaches in and extracts the GREEN




                         It's been right here all along.


       Lex takes the kryptonite and marvels at it.



                                (a whisper)

                         My excalibur...



                         Lex... what are you going to do

                         with that?





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       51.   



 59    CONTINUED:  2                                                               59 



                         I'm going to kill superman when he

                         comes to get you.  And then

                         there'll be no one to take you away

                         from me.

                                (then, to Nigel)

                         Put this in a safe place.


       As Nigel takes the rock from Luthor...



                         Where's my money?



                         Nigel.  Pay the man.


       Nigel pulls out the small CROSSBOW and levels it at Vale.



                         Hey.  What is this?



                         It's what's called an old fashioned

                         double cross.





       And with that, Nigel TURNS THE CROSSBOW ON LEX.



                         Nigel.  What are you doing?


       Ramin releases Lois and moves next to Nigel, obviously an ally.



                         You've had your day, Lex.  Now it's

                         Intergang who has the deep pockets.



                         But we're a team!



                         When the lead wolf is weak, the

                         pack quickly turns.                                        (X)


       As Nigel and Ramin back toward the board that bridges the

       culvert, Vale moves to him, getting in the path between

       Nigel and Lex.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     52.   



 59    CONTINUED:  3                                                               59 



                         Hey, the deal was my freedom and

                         money.  Until I see...                                     (X)


       Just then Luthor pushes Vale into Nigel.  Nigel's CROSSBOW






       As Lex goes to his knees she rushes to him.  Ramin pulls

       Vale off Nigel, then Karate chops him into unconsciousness.                  (X)

       He follows Nigel across the culvert, then kicks the plank

       aside and disappears with Nigel through the sliding door.



 60    ANOTHER ANGLE                                                               60 


       Gretchen lifts Lex into a chair as Lois, hands still tied,




                         Is he all right?



                                (pushing Lois back)

                         Get away!


                         I'll take care of him!                                     (X)



                                (to Lois)                                           (X)

                         Don't worry my love. This is just                          (X)

                         a minor setback.                                           (X)



                         Lex!  She doesn't love you!  She's

                         never loved you!


       A desperate Gretchen kneels next to Lex, pleading.


                                             GRETCHEN (CONT'D)

                         I sacrificed everything for you.                           (X)

                         It was the power of my love that                           (X)

                         brought you back.  I'm the woman

                         who belongs at your side, not her.



                         Well, I'm touched.  But you know                           (X)

                         what they say. 'The best laid






                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Pink Revision      12/14/94                       53.   



 60    CONTINUED:                                                                  60 



                                (to Gretchen)

                         Looks like you just got the kiss



       Enraged, Gretchen rushes Lois and pushes her into the

       culvert.  Lois SCREAMS as she disappears over the edge.





       He painfully pulls the arrow from his bloody shoulder and

       bolts from his chair toward the culvert to save Lois.

       Gretchen grabs him, to hold him back.  As they struggle...



 61    IN CULVERT                                                                  61 


       Lois lies in pain at the bottom.  She spots several rats

       heading for her.






 62    RESUME SCENE                                                                62 


       Lex and Gretchen struggling....



                         Lex! I love you!



                         I'll kill you!


       The enraged Luthor, using one last burst of strength, hurls

       Gretchen backward against the wall.  She stumbles against

       the HIGH VOLTAGE WIRES, and gets ELECTROCUTED in a shower of

       yellow and blue sparks.



 63    ANOTHER ANGLE                                                               63 


       Suddenly a WHOOSH and Superman drops into frame on the

       platform behind Luthor.  He quickly jumps into the culvert

       and grabs Lois from the certain jaws of death by Rat-Bite.

       As he flies her up to safety, a crazed Luthor starts to

       laugh.  Slow at first, then big, hearty laughs.



                         Maybe you'd like to let me in on

                         the joke.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     54.   



 63    CONTINUED:                                                                  63 



                         Me!  I'm the joke!  Twice I've had

                         the chance to kill you and twice

                         the game has gone your way.                                (X)



                         The game's finally over, Luthor.                           (X)



                         NO!  I will NOT give you the

                         satisfaction of taking me alive!


       He runs toward the High Voltage wires. Just as he reaches

       it, Superman sends a beam of HEAT VISION at the conduit and

       short circuits it, cutting power and casting the lair in a

       blue light.  Luthor hits the HIGH VOLTAGE WIRES BUT NOTHING

       HAPPENS.  As he lays against it, defeated, Superman grabs

       his arm.



                         You can't cheat justice twice.


                                             LUTHOR                                 (X)

                         Don't be so smug.  Tell him Lois.                          (X)

                         Tell him that once, you really                             (X)

                         loved me.                                                  (X)


       But she can't.  As the reality hits him...





 64    INT. DAILY PLANET BULLPEN - DAY #4                                          64 







       the edition is being admired by Lois, Clark, Perry and

       Jimmy, gathered around Clark's desk.



                         I thought I'd never see the day.


                         Think there's hope for Elvis?


       As everyone smiles...


                                             PERRY (CONT'D)

                         Nice work you two.  Now I've said

                         this before, but this time it's an

                         order.  Take a few days off. Both

                         of you.





                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     55.   



 64    CONTINUED:                                                                  64 



                         You don't have to ask me twice.


       Perry starts towards his office but stops when he hears...


                                             LOIS (CONT'D)

                         Uh, Clark?  I'll call you in a

                         couple of days and maybe we can

                         reschedule that... thing we talked




                         Sure... whenever, that'd be great.



                         You know you two aren't fooling                            (X)

                         anybody. If you're making plans

                         for your date, just say so.



                         How did you ... ?

                                (then, accusingly)




                         I didn't say a word.  Honest!  But

                         he didn't become editor because he

                         can yodel.


       What?  As Lois and Clark exchange a confused look Perry and

       Jimmy head for his office.



                         By the way, you owe Ben Lombardo a

                         bottle of champagne.  And a new



       Off Lois and Clark's surprise...



 65    ANOTHER ANGLE - AT PERRY'S OFFICE DOOR                                      65 


       Perry's about to enter when Jimmy catches up to him.



                         Hey Chief... you're not mad they're

                         dating, are you?



                         Jimmy, you're young and excitable.

                         I'm not.  So I'm going to withhold






                            --page break--

       THE PHOENIX   (#13)    Yellow Revision      12/19/94                     56.   



 65    CONTINUED:                                                                  65 



                         You act like it's gonna be a bad

                         thing.  Maybe it'll be good.                               (X)


       Perry glances over at Clark's desk, where Lois and Clark

       share a private laugh about something.



                         Let's hope so, Jimmy.  For all of



                                                               FADE OUT.





                                _THE END_



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