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#212 : La mémoire de l'oeil

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Le Dr. Faraday transmet des informations à l'oeil de Loïs qui devient en transe mais il n'a pas le temps de lui dire que c'est grâce à un objet ressemblant à un stylo-bille car il meurt dans l'appartement de Loïs.

Pendant ce temps, l'avocate Mayson invite Clark pour passer quelques jours dans un chalet à la campagne mais il ne peut y répondre, il doit aller sauver Loïs car des hommes veulent le stylo-bille et ils en profitent pour aveugler Superman.

Superman avoue à Loïs qu'il est aveugle alors elle s'occupe de lui dans son appartement et elle lui trouve le meilleur médecin mais lors de la visite, ce sont les deux mêmes hommes de l'appartement qui se retrouvent avec Superman.

Un des hommes aveugle Superman encore plus longtemps et l'autre homme fouille l'appartement mais Loïs arrive et ils sont obligés de partir. Les parents de Clark arrivent au même moment.

Les deux hommes kidnappent Loïs et elle est obligée de leur révéler où se trouve l'objet mais elle demande l'antidote pour que Superman retrouve la vue. Superman comprend à ce moment ce que Mayson a voulu dire sur les deux hommes. En arrivant au Daily Planet, Loïs donne l'antidote à Superman qui revoit et il détruit l'objet.

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Titre VO
The Eyes Have It

Titre VF
La mémoire de l'oeil

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"_The Eyes Have It_"































      FADE IN:


   1  EXT. STREET - NIGHT #1                                                       1  


      DR. NEAL FARADAY runs down the deserted street, panicked                      (X)

      and panting, and after a moment, we see why:  He's being

      chased by MUNCH, a tall, thin man whose long legs are

      effortlessly closing the distance between himself and his

      prey.  Both men are wearing white lab coats, which makes the

      chase seem a bit out of the ordinary.  We may or may not

      notice at this point that Faraday is clutching something

      small in his hand.


      Suddenly the route ahead of Dr. Faraday is blocked:  Another

      man in a lab coat steps into view at the corner ahead.  This

      is DR.  HARRY LEIT, evil ophthalmologist. on seeing Leit. 

      Faraday comes to a screeching halt.  Munch grins, slows to a

      walk, pacing toward the trapped Faraday.  Faraday looks from

      one man to the other, then suddenly bolts up the stoop in

      front of an apartment building, wrenches open the door and

      runs inside.  Leit's face contorts in fury.



                        After him, you idiot!


      Munch bolts toward the building entrance.



   2  INT. APARTMENT BUILDING - UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - NIGHT                           2  


      Dr. Faraday crests the top of a landing and knocks on the

      first door he comes to.  Behind him, downstairs, we can hear

      Munch.  Faraday is not waiting for an answer; he keeps

      moving, knocking frantically on every door he comes to.  He

      rounds a corner just as someone is opening a door: It's

      LOIS, coming out with her garbage, unaware that anything

      untoward is going on in her hallway.  Faraday shoves her

      back into:



   3  INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                                3  


      Faraday SLAMS and locks the door.  We can hear Munch running

      up the stairs.  The only illumination in the apartment is

      from a desk lamp where Lois has obviously been working late.



                        What do you think you're doing --?




                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                      2.   



   3  CONTINUED:                                                                   3  


                                            DR. FARADAY

                        I'm sorry, miss --


      He raises the object he's been clutching in his hand.  It

      is, or appears to be, a fountain pen.  He aims it at Lois's

      face and presses a button.  A concentrated BEAM of blinding

      white light hits Lois's eyes, contracting her pupils to

      pinpoints and stopping her dead in her tracks.


      Munch has arrived.  He's pounding on the door, kicking it.


                                            DR. FARADAY (CONT'D)

                        --  but I don't have time to



      Lois is in some kind of strange trance:  Her eyes are moving

      rapidly from side to side, as though she's in an REM state,

      but her eyes are open.  Her sight seems focused inward.  She

      seems entirely unaware of what's going on in the room.


      Meanwhile, Dr. Faraday has spotted a pencil cup on Lois's

      desk.  He adds his "pen" to those already in the cup, then

      he moves toward a window that opens onto the fire escape.

      The apartment door flies open as Munch kicks it one last

      time.  Munch leaps for Dr. Faraday, catching his foot just

      before Faraday makes it through the window and pulling him

      back inside



   4  INT. APARTMENT BUILDING - WAY - NIGHT                                       4   


      As we hear SOUNDS of a STRUGGLE from within Lois's

      apartment, all the lights in the building suddenly go out,

      leaving very dim illumination.  After a moment, Harry Leit

      appears at the top of the landing.  What little light there

      is glints off his coke battle glasses.  He makes his way

      toward Lois's apartment.  Doors are opening, people are

      peering out into the dark hallway.


                                            VOICES (O.S.)

                        - Hey, who turned off the lights?

                        - What's that noise?  What's going


                        - Somebody get a flashlight.

                        - Where's the fusebox?


      Leit is moving at a stately pace.  Before he reaches Lois's

      door, the sounds of struggle stop.  He keeps going,

      disappears into:



   5  INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                                5  


      Leit closes what's left of the door.  It's dark in here.  He

      can see almost nothing.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                      3.   



   5  CONTINUED:                                                                   5  


      He feels around, finds a table, slides it in front of the




                        Munch?  Munch?



                        Over here, doctor.


      Leit moves toward the sound of Munch's voice.



                        Do you have the device?


      Leit bumps into Lois, stops, peers at her face.  Lois is

      still in her strange REM trance, still seems to be computing

      something only she can see.


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)




                        It's not on him, doctor.  I don't

                        know what he did with it.


      Leit waves a hand in front of Lois's face, gets no reaction,




                        Ask him, and make sure he answers



      His tone is menacing.  Scary.



                        I don't think that's going to be

                        possible, doctor.


      Leit turns his bug-eyed gaze in Munch's direction just as

      the beam of a flashlight shines through the splintered door

      and someone tries to open it.  Leit and Munch both look in

      that direction.


                                            COP (O.S.)

                        Police!  Open this door!



   6  ANGLE AT THE DOOR                                                            6  


      The door flies open TOWARD CAMERA as the COP kicks it open.

      Flashlight in one hand, gun in the other, he enters.



                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                      4.   



   7  WIDER                                                                        7  


      Some one has found the fusebox.  As the lights come back on,

      we see: The cop, several people craning from the doorway,

      Lois in her trance -- and the body of Dr. Neal Faraday                        (X)

      sprawled on the floor.  Leit and Munch are nowhere to be

      seen.  A window curtain flaps in the breeze.


                                                                   FADE OUT.


                               _END OF TEASER_



                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                      5.   



                                 _ACT ONE_


      FADE IN:


   8  INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                                8  


      A bright white LIGHT flashes INTO CAMERA.  As we WIDEN we

      see that the police photographer is taking pictures of Dr.

      Faraday's body, and other forensics types are doing their

      jobs.  Beyond this activity:



   9  ANGLE                                                                        9  


      Lois is sitting on a chair.  CLARK hovers solicitously.

      MAYSON DRAKE is here, too, questioning Lois, and the cop who

      busted down the door is nearby.  Clark has a supportive hand

      on Lois's shoulder, and don't think Mayson doesn't notice.



                        I have no idea what happened.  The

                        last thing I remember is him

                        pushing me back into the apartment.

                        and saying, 'I'm sorry, miss.'  Who

                        is he?


      Mayson turns to the cop.



                        And you found her in some kind of




                        Yeah.  I shook her and yelled at

                        her; it didn't seem to have any

                        effect.  After a few minutes she

                        came out of it by herself.



                               (to Lois)

                        The coroner's here.  He's a doctor,

                        would you like him to look you



      Lois glances over to where the coroner is poking around on

      the body.



                        Thanks, I prefer doctors with live



                        Who is the dead man?


      Again, Mayson stays on her own track.  She checks her






                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                      6.   



   9  CONTINUED:                                                                   9  



                        The neighbors say that at least two

                        other men came into this



      Lois is getting a tad irritated.



                        So you told me.  And I told you: I

                        didn't see them.


      Clark jumps in to smooth things over.



                               (of the cop)

                        He didn't see them, either.


      The cop nods.



                               (to Mayson)

                        Excuse me, but don't the _police_

                        investigate crimes and then send

                        you the information?  I mean, isn't

                        it _their_ job to gather the

                        evidence and _your_ job to decide

                        whether or not to file charges

                        _after_ an arrest has been made?


      Mayson opens her mouth to speak, but:


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        And correct me if I'm wrong, but I

                        feel reasonably sure my lips are

                        moving.  Am I in a vacuum?  Is

                        there any sound coming out?

                               (leans forward)




      It's getting tense in here.  Again, Clark jumps in.



                               (to Mayson)

                        Do you know whose body it is?



                               (to Clark)

                        His I.D.'s all say he's Neal                                (X)


                               (to Lois)

                        Does that name mean anything to






                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                      7.   



   9  CONTINUED:  2                                                                9  





      She stands up.


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        But it will.


      Lois's briefcase stands open.on her desk. She takes a few

      pens from the pencil cup -- including, of course

      unwittingly, Dr. Faraday's device.  As she slots them into

      the pen-holding loops in the briefcase:


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        I plan to learn everything there is

                        to know about Neal Faraday.                                 (X)


      She slams the briefcase closed -- not violently, but firmly.



  10  INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY #2                                                  10  


      CLOSE ON Lois's computer screen at the Daily Planet.  Lois

      is running available data on Neal Faraday.  WIDEN to see                      (X)

      that Lois is at the keyboard.  She rubs her eyes and takes a

      swig of coffee; obviously, she's been at it for a while.

      Clark is here, too, sitting on her desk, a learned

      scientific journal open in his hand.  He's all but

      scratching his head as he reads.



                        According to this, there are only

                        about eight people on planet Earth

                        who're capable of understanding Dr.

                        Faraday's theories, and I can tell

                        you:  I am not one of them.



                        If he's famous enough to get

                        written about in that magazine, how

                        come we never heard of him?



                        Because there are only about eight

                        people on planet Earth --



                        --  who can understand his theories.

                        Okay, I get it.                                             (X)


      Behind them, way on the other side of the room, JIMMY is                      (X)

      waylaid by an attractive young woman, who says something to                   (X)

      him and moves on.  Jimmy watches her go, then heads this                      (X)

      way, his lips moving.                                                         (X)





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                      8.   



  10  CONTINUED                                                                   10  



                        Listen to this:


                        'The nonlinear amplifier multiplies

                        the input signals, with obvious

                        trigonometric results.-' Obvious to



      Lois is still punching keys at the computer as:



                        The result would be amplified waves

                        with frequencies equal to the sum

                        and difference of the original



      Clark gives her a look.





      Lois looks up from the screen.



                        What did I just say?



                        I have absolutely no idea.


      Lois shakes her head to clear it, returns to her computing.                   (X)



                               (punching keys)                                      (X)

                        There's just no record of where                             (X)

                        Dr. Faraday's been for the past                             (X)

                        three years.  A brilliant                                   (X)

                        scientist gives up his teaching                             (X)

                        post, cuts himself off from his                             (X)

                        family and friends, and                                     (X)

                        disappears.  Why would he do that?                          (X)

                        What was he working on?                                     (X)



                        I don't know, Lois.                                         (X)


      Somewhere during the preceding dialogue, Jimmy stops at her                   (X)

      desk, muttering to himself:                                                   (X)



                        555-0648, 555-0648, 555-0648...                             (X)


      He grabs a scratch pad and reaches for a pen in Lois, open                    (X)

      briefcase.  Of course, he snags Dr. Faraday's device.  He                     (X)

      tries to write with it.                                                       (X)





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                      9.   



  10  CONTINUED:  2                                                               10  



                        555-0648, 555-0648...                                       (X)


      The "Pen" won't write. He shakes it, tries again, all the                     (X)

      white repeating the phone number.  Lois and Clark are                         (X)

      watching him.  Lois takes pity on him, takes the "pen" away                   (X)

      from him and hands him another, which works.  He writes the                   (X)

      number down and wanders off with it.  Lois tosses Dr.                         (X)

      Faraday's device in the wastebasket, returns to her                           (X)

      computer.  Clark retrieves the pen and holds it in front of                   (X)

      her face.                                                                     (X)



                        Why did you throw this away?



                        It doesn't work.



                        Maybe it just needs a refill.



                        No, it's probably disposable.

                        Everything is.



                        That's one of the big problems with

                        this world.  Disposable products,

                        disposable relationships,

                        disposable lives.  If everything is

                        expendable, what happens to

                        friendship, to trust, to loyalty? 

                        What happens to love, Lois?


      Lois has been gazing at him as he's been venting his opinion

      of disposability.



                        It's a _pen_, Clark.  But if you

                        feel so strongly about it, be my

                        guest, keep it, it's yours.


      He puts it in the pen tray on his desk.





      PERRY appears, carrying hard copy.




                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     10.   



  10  CONTINUED:  3                                                               10  



                               (to Lois)

                        Is this some kind of a joke?  You

                        were supposed to give me a

                        first-person account of what

                        happened at your apartment last




                        Well, I did, Perry



                        Then explain this to me:

                               (reads from copy)

                        'Coherent laser light from laser

                        diodes can supplant electric

                        current and enable pixels to be

                        processed simultaneously, in

                        parallel, with no circuitry.' What

                        the Sam Hill does that mean?


      Lois is puzzled.



                               (echoing Clark)

                        I have absolutely no idea.



                        It sounds like that gobbledy-gook

                        the science desk comes up with.  I

                        don't understand it.  I don't like

                        it. It annoys me.


      He thrusts the copy at her.


                                            PERRY (CONT'D)

                        Rewrite it so that normal people

                        can follow what you're saying.


      He leaves, back to his office.  Lois is staring at the

      offending copy.  Clark is staring at Lois.



                        Did you study science in school?



                        Sure.  And here's what I learned:                           (X)

                        the hypotenuse is opposite the                              (X)

                        right angle.                                                (X)



                        That's geometry.  Is geometry






                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     11.   



  10  CONTINUED:  4                                                               10  



                        If it's not history or English, as

                        far as I'm concerned, it's science.


      She returns to her computer.  Clark returns to his journal.                   (X)



  11  INT. LEIT'S LAB - DAY                                                       11  


      It's real high-tech.  Cutting edge fiber optics research.

      Lait and Munch are here.  Munch is a man who can entertain @ are; he's practicing different facial

      expressions in a gleaming steel tabletop.  Dr. Lait is on

      the phone.  Near him is a computer with Lois Lane's whole

      life on the screen.



                        Yes, dear... Yes, dear... No dear,

                        it was just an unfortunate

                        coincidence that Faraday ran into

                        that particular apartment... Yes,

                        dear, _do_ know that she's a nosy

                        reporter and a friend of



      During this, Leit is slowly slumping, like his backbone is

      collapsing in on itself, like he's trying to become



                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        Yes, dear, nobody knows better than

                        I do that I've spent 27 million

                        dollars of my own money on this

                        project... Yes, dear, except for



      A longer pause, during which we hear a spate of

      indistinguishable Greek-accented words.  Whatever she's

      saying to him straightens his backbone and:


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        No, Marianna, I have absolutely no

                        intention of conceding defeat to a



      He hangs up, turns to Munch.


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        We must recover the device.  It's

                        the prototype, the only one in

                        existence.  Without it, the project

                        is doomed.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     12.   



  11  CONTINUED:                                                                  11  



                        Faraday obviously used it on this

                        reporter babe, so all the

                        information is in her brain.  We

                        need her, too.



                        The information is safe there for

                        the moment.  We're the only ones

                        who know how to access it.



                        It leaks.



                        What leaks?



                        The information.


      This is news to Leit, and he's not happy.



                        I thought it lay dormant in the

                        brain until it was activated.



                        Faraday had a different agenda,

                        doctor.  He was a nice guy.  He

                        _wanted_ the information to be

                        accessible to the recipient.  For

                        him, that was the whole point.  All

                        the knowledge of all the ages

                        carried on a single beam of light

                        directly into the human brain. 

                        Instant schooling.



                        Faraday was a fool.  Whoever

                        controls what goes into people's

                        brains and controls their access to

                        it -- that person controls the

                        world.  The world, Munch!



                        You don't have to convince me,

                        doctor.  I'm already bought and

                        paid for.


      Leit doesn't even hear him.  He's lost in a rapturous

      fantasy of omnipotence.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     13.   



  11  CONTINUED:  2                                                               11  



                        I'll use it on women first.  I'll

                        build an empire of slaves.  Women

                        _should_ be slaves.  And then

                        I'll --


      Munch shakes him.



                        Doctor, get a grip.


      Leit snaps out of it.


                                            MUNCH (CONT'D)

                        You can fantasize after we solve

                        some pretty big problems.  Like

                        how to find the device.  Like how to

                        kidnap Lois Lane without having to

                        deal with Superman.



                        We _have_ to deal with Superman.






                        Think, Munch, think!  The only way

                        to access the information implanted

                        in Lois Lane's mind is...


      He gestures for Munch to supply the answer.






                        And Superman has...



                        X-ray vision?



                        And if enough information leaks out

                        of her brain for them to figure

                        that out, then Superman can

                        retrieve all the information.  And

                        if that happens, all our plans are

                        doomed.  So we _must_ find a way to

                        neutralize Superman.



                        Hey, I just work here.  You're a

                        doctor.  You're supposed to be

                        smart.  You think of something.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     14.   



  11  CONTINUED:  3                                                               11  



                        I'm an _eye_ doctor.




                        So do something to his eyes.


      Leit reacts.  Hmmm.



  12  INT. DAILY PLANET - NIGHT #2                                                12  


      It's not later but it is the and of the day; and since it's

      winter, it gets dark early.  Lois and Clark are at their

      respective desks, on their respective phones.



                        -- Do you know anybody who might

                        have some idea where Dr. Faraday

                        went after he stopped teaching at

                        the university?



                        -- And that was the last article he

                        submitted to your magazine?... I'm

                        sorry, your journal?  Could you

                        tell me what the article was about?


      Lois hangs up, obviously having gotten nowhere.  Clark is

      listening to someone who's confusing the hell out of him.

      He picks up Faraday's device from his pen tray but doesn't

      use it yet.


                                            CLARK (CONT'D)

                        Ah, could you put that in layman's



      Mayson Drake has entered the room, looks around, spots

      Clark, and heads his way.  Lois has spotted her, Clark

      hasn't.  He's trying to get the "pen" to work.  He gives it

      a twist and light shines out.  He covers the receiver and says

      to Lois:


                                            CLARK (CONT'D)

                        No wonder it wouldn't work -- It's

                        not a pen, it's a flashlight.


      Lois looks over his head for:



                        Hi, Mayson.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     15.   



  12  CONTINUED:                                                                  12  


      Clark swivels, smiles at mayson as he listens to his phone.

      During the following Lois/Mayson exchange, Clark clicks off

      the "flashlight" and puts it back in his tray while still

      listening to the person on his phone.


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                               (to Mayson)

                        You have more questions for me?



                        No, the police are investigating.

                        I'll just wait for the results.


      Clark ends his call and hangs up.



                        Light, I think.






                        Light.  Apparently Faraday

                        understood the properties of light

                        better than anyone who ever lived.

                        And apparently those properties can

                        only be explained to people who

                        already understand them.  Hi,




                        Hi, Clark.  Could I talk to you?





      Mayson cuts a glance at Lois, who takes a hint, stands.



                        I know you'll both excuse me while

                        I find something to do... over



      She wanders away, but not too far.  The coffee machine,

      maybe, where she runs into Jimmy.  Together, they overhear:                   (X)



                        I know you're a nice guy, Clark,

                        and I don't want to seem, um, too



      He's waiting, giving her an encouraging smile.


                                            MAYSON (CONT'D)

                        ... but I really like you.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     16.   



  12  CONTINUED:  2                                                               12  


      Lois is pretending not to listen, Jimmy is all ears.



                        Thanks.  I like you, too.


      Mayson relaxes a little.



                        Good.  That makes it easier:  I

                        have a cabin in the mountains.  I'm

                        going up for the weekend, leaving

                        tomorrow after work... I was

                        wondering if you'd like to join me.


      Lois reacts.  So does Jimmy.  So does Clark.




                        All right, C.K.


      Jimmy makes a little "yesssss" gesture.  Lois pierces him

      with a look as her PHONE RINGS.  She goes back to her desk,

      picks up the receiver.



                               (into phone)

                        Lois Lane --



                               (to Clark)

                        It's cold this time of year, but

                        there's a fireplace and a wood-

                        burning stove...


      Lois has a strange expression on her face.



                        Who is this?


      Mayson keeps talking as Clark tunes his superhearing to:


                                            MUNCH (V.O.)

                               (Lois's phone)

                        Never mind who I am.  If you want

                        to know about Dr. Faraday, come to

                        Metropolitan Park.  Come now, and

                        come alone.  If you bring anybody

                        with you, you will learn nothing.


      The PHONE GOES DEAD.  Lois hangs up.



                               (to Lois)

                        Something important?





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     17.   



  12  CONTINUED:  3                                                               12  



                        No, no, certainly not as important

                        as whatever business you and Mayson



      She grabs her coat and leaves.  Clark's attention is called

      back to:



                        So how about it?  I could pick you

                        up here after work tomorrow.



                        It sounds great, Mayson


      He's just about to say "but" when Perry arrives.



                        Hello, Mayson.                                              (X)


      Mayson turns to acknowledge Perry. Clark gets as far as                       (X)

      "buu," but Mayson doesn't hear him.                                           (X)


                                            PERRY (CONT'D)

                        Howls the investigation going?                              (X)



                        The police are having a hard time

                        tracing Dr. Faraday's whereabouts

                        for the last few years.


      Perry peers at Clark.



                        So are my reporters.  So far

                        they've come up with -- what,

                        Clark?  What have you come up with?


      Clark really wants to get out of here and follow Lois.



                        Well, not much, Perry, but --



                               (to Mayson)

                        You see?  Excuses.  Sometimes I

                        think my name is Perrybut.  I'm

                        sorry, Perrybut; I tried, Perrybut;

                        I hope so, Perrybut.  You know, the

                        first assignment I gave out after I

                        was promoted to editor...                                   (X)


      Clark can't escape without being rude. Mayson, however,                       (X)

      can -- because her BEEPER GOES OFF.                                           (X)





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     18.   



  12  CONTINUED:  4                                                               12  


      She looks at it, gestures that she has to go and does,                        (X)

      leaving Clark to fend for himself.                                            (X)


                                            PERRY (CONT'D)

               was a young reporter who'd                            (X)

                        only been with the Daily Planet                             (X)

                        for a few weeks...                                          (X)


                                                                   CUT TO:



  13  EXT. PARK - NIGHT                                                           13  


      It's cold.  It's dark.  As Lois enters cautiously, the park

      seams deserted.  She looks around, moves in deeper.



                        Hello?  Hello?


      Suddenly a bright light hits her face -- not a techno-light,

      just a really bright light.  She shields her eyes, but can

      see nothing behind the light..


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        I'm Lois Lane...


                                            LEIT (V.O.)

                        We know who you are, Miss Lane.

                        Where's the device?



                        Excuse me?


                                            LEIT (V.O.)

                        Dr. Faraday's device.  Where is it?



                        I have no idea what you're talking

                        about.  Who are you?


      She hears WHISPERING VOICES from behind the light but can

      distinguish no words.  She takes a few steps toward the



                                            LEIT (V.O.)

                        Come no closer, Miss Lane!


      Lois stops.


                                            LEIT (V.O.)

                        Where is Superman?



                        I don't know.  You said you'd tell

                        me about Dr. Faraday.


      More WHISPERING.  This time we go behind the light to find:



                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     14.   



  14  LEIT AND MUNCH                                                              14  


      Munch is holding the powerful flashlight in one hand, a gun

      in the other.  Whispering:



                        Am I really supposed to shoot her?



                        It's blanks, Munch, _blanks_.

                        We're just trying to lure Superman

                        here.  If he shows up, you try to

                        grab the girl while I deal with




                        And if I can't get her?




                        Then we'll do it later, Munch!

                               (calls out)

                        Tell me this, Miss Lane...



  15  BACK TO SCENE                                                               15  


                                            LEIT (V.O..)

                        Does Superman always appear when

                        you find yourself in mortal danger?



                        I'm not sure that's a question I

                        want to hear when I'm standing out

                        in the open with a light shining

                        in my face talking to somebody I don't

                        know and can't see.


      A hand appears in the light -- a hand holding a gun.


                                            LEIT (V.O.)

                        Perhaps you'd be good enough to

                        answer it, anyway.


      Lois stares at the gun.



                        Well, yes he does, or he has so

                        far, but I'm not sure I want to

                        test it out right at this

                        instant --


      The GUN FIRES.  SUPERMAN LANDS between it and Lois.  As he

      does, an intense, strange, violet-colored light beams

      directly into his eyes.  He seems to be like a deer trapped

      in oncoming headlights.  We now see that Leit is holding a

      device that's shining this light into Superman's eyes.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     20.   



  15  CONTINUED:                                                                  15  


      Munch has turned off his powerful flashlight.  He dashes

      toward Lois, grabs her and starts dragging her back toward

      Leit.  He's got her in a hold she can't fight.



                        Superman!  Help!


      Superman lunges toward her, pulls her away from Munch and

      flies off with her.  Munch, who's been knocked down, gets

      up.  He and Leit watch the two fly away.



                        Well, did it work?



                        I don't know.



  16  SKY - NIGHT                                                                 16  


      Superman and Lois.  He's holding her carefully as he flies

      kind of slowly.






                        You're welcome, Lois.                                       (X)


      Lois looks down for a moment, then:                                           (X)



                        I don't want you to think I'm                               (X)

                        complaining, I'm just curious --                            (X)

                        why are you flying so slow?                                 (X)



                        Well... I can't see. I can't see                            (X)

                        anything at all.


      Lois reacts, and we --


                                                                   FADE OUT.


                                    _END OF ACT ONE_



                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     21.   


                                        _ACT TWO_


      FADE IN:



  17  INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                               17  


      There's nobody here, but the curtains start to billow and we

      hear, from outside:



                        A little to the left and down just

                        a few feet.


      Superman's feet come into view, descending toward the window

      ledge.  As the rest of him appears, we see that he's still

      carrying Lois.  He overshoots the ledge.


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        Too far.  Up, up... Now.


      He lands.  She comes through the window and then helps him

      in as:


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        Watch your head, the window's

                        not --


      His head hits the window, sending it flying.  Lois ducks it;

      it crashes into a wall and falls to the floor.


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        -- all the way open.





      She takes his arm and guides him to the couch.  He sits,

      looking a bit out of place.  The suit looks great flying

      through the air, strange in the parlor.  Lois is unsure how

      to handle this situation.



                        Can I get you anything?  I -- I

                        don't know what to do.  I'm so

                        sorry.  What happened?



                        Those men in the park blinded me with

                        some kind of light.  Who were




                        I don't know.  They had something

                        to do with Dr. Faraday, who was --





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     17.   



  17  CONTINUED:                                                                  17  



                        I know about Dr. Faraday, Lois.


      Lois is upset about Superman's condition.



                        What should I do, Superman?  Is

                        there anybody I should call?

                        Please tell me how to help you.

                        He smiles.



                        You can let me sleep on your couch.



                        You sleep?



                        Well, yes.                                                  (X)



                        I mean, I didn't think you were                             (X)

                        some kind of, I don't know, bat                             (X)

                        that flies around all night, I                              (X)

                        just never thought about you                                (X)

                        sleeping, I guess.                                          (X)


      She's sort of falling all over herself, figuratively                          (X)

      speaking, trying not to offend.  But she's on a roll now                      (X)

      and has to know:                                                              (X)


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        Do you eat?                                                 (X)



                        Yes, Lois, I do.  I'm not hungry                            (X)

                        right now, and I'll try not to                              (X)

                        impose on you past tonight.                                 (X)

                               (reassuringly, of his


                        It's probably temporary.  I'm sure

                        everything will be fine by morning.


      He leans back, his arm knocking over a vase on an end                         (X)

      table.                                                                        (X)



                        Oh, yes, absolutely.  I'm sure

                        you're right.

                               (then)                                               (X)

                        And you're not imposing.                                    (X)



                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     23.   



  18  INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - NIGHT - LATER                                       18  


      Lois is in bed, not asleep.  She's staring at the ceiling.

      Quietly she gets up, pads toward the living room.  She

      stands in the doorway looking tenderly at the man of her

      dreams, who's asleep on her couch. (The window he broke has

      been temporarily repaired with cardboard.)



  19  INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - DAY #3                                              19  


      OVER BLACK we hear a CRASH and then COME UP ON Lois in the                    (X)

      kitchen with a broom and dustpan, cleaning up shards of                       (X)

      broken glass.  Superman is standing sightlessly and                           (X)

      apologetically nearby.  Breakfast is cooking on the stove.                    (X)

      Lois sweeps near Superman and he steps back out of the                        (X)

      way,  knocking into an open cabinet door, which falls.  He                    (X)

      and Lois catch it together, lower it to the floor.                            (X)



                        Why don't I just... sit at the                              (X)

                        table?                                                      (X)


      He feels his way over to the table and sits down.                             (X)


                                            SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

                        Lois...                                                     (X)



                        Yes...                                                      (X)



                        I know this is newsworthy -- the                            (X)

                        fact that I'm blind.  But if the                            (X)

                        criminal element finds out I'm                              (X)

                        harmless to them, they'll have a                            (X)

                        field day...                                                (X)


      She goes over to him, sits next to him, touches his arm.                      (X)



                        I understand.  I won't print it, I                          (X)

                        won't tell anyone...                                        (X)



                        Thank you.                                                  (X)


      An afterthought:                                                              (X)



                        What about Clark?                                           (X)


      Superman reacts.                                                              (X)



                        What about him?                                             (X)





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     24.   



  19  CONTINUED:                                                                  19  



                        Should I tell him?  Should I not                            (X)

                        tell him?                                                   (X)



                        Ah... Sure.  If you see Clark, you                          (X)

                        can tell him.                                               (X)



                        Of course I'll see him. Why                                 (X)

                        wouldn't I see him?                                         (X)

                               (then)                                               (X)

                        Is it any better? Can you see at                            (X)

                        all?                                                        (X)



                        No...                                                       (X)


      They're close, they're in love, sort of.  Anything can



                                            SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

                        I was wondering...


      He can't see her face, the expression of tenderness and







                        ... if Star Labs has anybody on

                        staff who might be able to help me?


      Not exactly what Lois was expecting, perhaps, but important

      nonetheless.  She snaps out of her reverie.



                        That's a good idea.  I'll bet they



      She looks at her watch.


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        They open at nine.  I'll call them

                        from the office.


      Superman sniffs the air.                                                      (X)



                        Lois...                                                     (X)



                        Yes...                                                      (X)





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     25.   



  19  CONTINUED:  2                                                               19  



                        When I said I like my bacon crisp,                          (X)

                        I didn't mean                                               (X)


      She reacts to the fact that breakfast is burning; she                         (X)

      lunges toward the kitchen.                                                    (X)



 19A  CLOSE ON THE SMOKING SKILLET                                               19A  



      Superman's hand comes down on the skillet, fixing the                         (X)

      problem.  As the smoke clears:                                                (X)



                        That was the last of the bacon...                           (X)

                        I have some PopTarts...                                     (X)



  20                                                                              20  

THRU  OMITTED                                                                   THRU  

  24                                                                              24  



  25  INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY                                                     25  


      Lois is on the phone to Star Libs.  Well, she's on hold at

      the moment and has the phone away from her ear because she

      can't stand the MUSIC that's coming through the phone.

      Jimmy comes over, sits on Clark's desk.



                        Where's Clark?  I need to talk to




                        You can talk to me.



                        Thanks, but it's a guy thing.                               (X)



                        'A guy thing' means it's either

                        about prostate trouble or it's

                        about women, and you're way too

                        young for prostate trouble, which

                        means you want to talk to Clark

                        about women, and I say if you want

                        to know about something, go to the

                        source.                                                     (X)


      She's looking straight into his eyes.  He succumbs.                           (X)





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     26.   



  25  CONTINUED:                                                                  25  



                        Yeah, maybe... Yeah, I guess so.                            (X)

                        So, okay, it's this: If a babe                              (X)

                        gives you her phone number -- you                           (X)

                        didn't ask for it, she just gave                            (X)

                        it to you -- and says, 'Call me                             (X)

                        sometime,' and so you do, only she                          (X)

                        doesn't call you back, how long                             (X)

                        are you supposed to wait before                             (X)

                        you call her again?                                         (X)


      Lois is still looking right at him, apparently engrossed in                   (X)

      his dilemma, but:                                                             (X)



                               (into phone)                                         (X)

                        Hi, Matt, this is Lois Lane, can                            (X)

                        you hold one second?


      She covers the receiver and:


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                               (to Jimmy)

                        You know how I hate to be rude,

                        Jimmy, but...



                        Yeah...                                                     (X)


      He gets up, a bit miffed, inadvertently knocking Clark's                      (X)

      pen tray off the desk. Pens -- including Faraday's                            (X)

      device -- fall to the floor.  Jimmy hurriedly scoops them                     (X)

      up and returns them to the tray -- missing Faraday's                          (X)

      device, which stays on the floor.                                             (X)


                                            JIMMY (CONT'D)

                               (as he goes)                                         (X)

                        ... and thanks for your help,                               (X)



      The sarcasm is lost on her.                                                   (X)



                        Any time.                                                   (X)

                               (into phone)

                        Hi, Matt, I have a problem I hope                           (X)

                        you can help me with...                                     (X)



  26  INT. LEIT'S LAB - DAY                                                       26  


      Munch is sitting at a table, a set of earphones on his head.

      There's a tape recorder running.  In other words, Munch has

      tapped Lois's work line and is listening to her call.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     27.   



  26  CONTINUED:                                                                  26  


      He motions to Leit, who comes over and picks up another set

      of earphones.  He holds one phone to one ear, allowing

      enough sound to leak out for us to hear:


                                            LOIS (V.O.)

                        ... Dr. Bannerjee?  And he's the

                        best?  Okay, thanks, Matt.  I

                        appreciate your help -- and your



      Leit and Munch exchange a look.  Leit smiles.



                               (Indian accent)

                        Dr. Bannerjee will be very happy to

                        see your friend Superman, Miss



  27  INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY                                                     27  


      As Lois hangs up the phone, Perry approaches.



                        Where is Clark?



                        I don't know, Perry.



                        Are you his partner?


      The janitor goes by with a push broom.                                        (X)



 27A  CLOSE ON THE PUSH BROOM                                                    27A  


      as it sweeps the trash away -- papers, dust, paper clips...                   (X)

      and Dr. Faraday's device.                                                     (X)


                                            LOIS (V.O.)

                        Yes. I'm his partner, not his                               (X)

                        keeper.                                                     (X)



 27B  BACK TO SCENE                                                              27B  


      Perry reacts to a shade of exasperation in her voice.



                        Are you and Clark fighting again?



                        Clark and I don't fight, Perry.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     28.   



 27B  CONTINUED:                                                                 27B  


      Perry cocks an eyebrow at her.


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        We _disagree_ sometimes..


      Perry decides to let it go.



                        Well, it's not like Clark to be

                        late without calling in...


      Jimmy has come back.



                        Maybe he left early an his weekend



      Perry and Lois look at him.


                                            JIMMY (CONT'D)

                        If I had a babe like that Mayson

                        Drake after me, I'd leave early.


      Lois is dialing a number on her phone.



                        You probably would, Jimmy, but it's

                        not Clark's style.  This worries me

                        a little.



                               (into phone, sotto)

                        His name is Bannerjee.  I'll be

                        there as soon as I can.


      As she hangs up:



                               (to Lois)

                        See if you can find him.


      Lois has risen from her desk and is reaching for her coat                     (X)

      and bag.  Some distance behind them, the janitor is pushing                   (X)

      his accumulation of trash into a long-handled dustpan.                        (X)



                        I have something else to do, Perry.

                        Jimmy's probably right.  Men just

                        seem to get feeble-minded when a

                        kind of attractive woman bats her

                        eyes at them.  Even Clark.


      She's outta there.  Perry and Jimmy watch her go, then:





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     29.   



 27B  CONTINUED:  2                                                              27B  



                        I'm pretty sure life used to be

                        easier, Jimmy


                        See if you can find Clark.


      He goes back to his office, passing the janitor, who's                        (X)

      emptying his dustpan into a wheeled trash can.  Dr.                           (X)

      Faraday's device does not go into the trash can.  It falls                    (X)

      to the floor.  As the janitor moves away pulling the trash                    (X)

      can along with him, a wheel catches the device and sends it                   (X)

      skittering.  It stops near a closed door which says                           (X)

      "Darkroom.  Do Not Enter Without Knocking,"                                   (X)



  28  EXT. PARKING LOT - DAY                                                      28  


      Maybe we could have some indication somewhere that this is

      the Star Labs parking lot.  A smallish Indian man loads a

      couple of black cases into the back of a station wagon.

      Before he can close the hatch, Munch appears and tosses the

      guy into the back of the wagon, slams the hatch.  Now Leit

      joins Munch looking through the back window into the

      confused and scared face of the Star Labs doctor.  Leit

      can't resist:



                        Dr. Bannerjee, I presume



  29  INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - DAY                                                 29  


      Superman is in the kitchen, making himself some hot

      chocolate.  He's being very careful, feeling his way along

      countertops and stuff, but he still breaks a mug.  He goes

      to his hands and knees and is feeling around for shards,

      when there's a KNOCK.





      He makes his way to the front door, knocking over a vase on

      his way.  He feels around for the doorknob, opens the door. 

      Leit is standing there, Munch is directly behind him holding

      Dr. Bannerjee's black bags.  Superman is looking kind of

      toward them but not quite at them, after the fashion of

      blind people.  Dr. Leit is pleased.  He smiles a satisfied

      smile, then:



                               (Indian accent)

                        Hello, Mr. Superman.  I am Dr.

                        Bannerjee from Star Labs, this is

                        my assistant Mr. Gomez, Miss Lane

                        has summoned us, how may we serve




                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     30.   



  30  INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - DAY                                                30   


      A little later.  Superman is sitting in a straight-backed

      chair.  Dr. Lait -- who will speak with an Indian accent

      until otherwise indicated -- is peering  into Superman's eyes

      using the same device he used to blind the Man of Steel.

      Munch can be seen in the hallway.  He's searched the bedroom

      and bathroom and is working his way back toward the living

      room.  At the moment he's looking in a drawer in a table.

      Nothing.  He slides the drawer shut, noiselessly, as:



                               (to Superman)

                        You are completely without sight?






                        No colors, no shapes?






                        You cannot perceive the light that

                        I am shining into your eyes at this






      Leit clicks off the light, returns it to his pocket.



                        You understand your eyes are not

                        like human eyes.



                        Yes... A man shined a light into my

                        eyes.  A purple-ish light.


      Munch is in the living room now.  He makes some noise

      opening a drawer.  Superman cocks his head.


                                            SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

                        What is Mr. Gomez doing, Dr.



      Leit is glaring at Munch.



                        Ah, he is trying to find the

                        facilities, Mr. Superman.






                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     31.   



  30  CONTINUED:                                                                  30  


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        Like you, Mr. Gomez is visually

                        challenged, but he will be more

                        careful now, isn't that correct,

                        Mr. Gomez?



                        Yes, doctor.


      Munch silently continues searching the living room.  Leit

      returns his attention to Superman.



                        So, a man shined a light into your

                        eyes, was this a deliberate attempt

                        to blind you?



                        Oh, yes.



                        Hmm.  I do not know for certain

                        what happened of course, how could

                        I?, but it is the case that

                        ultraviolet light makes certain

                        substances opaque, substances that

                        are otherwise transparent.  Clear

                        glass, for instance.  Perhaps it is

                        the same with the Kryptonian eye.


      Superman is more interested in:



                        Can anything be done to restore my



      But Leit's off on:



                        It is an interesting theory, yes?

                        Though the loss of sight is always

                        tragic, the man who thought of this

                        method of blinding you is clearly a

                        genius.  I would like to meet him.



                        So would I.



                        But, of course, your sight is more

                        important than anything else, and I

                        am apologizing now for wandering

                        down this path of theoretical

                        science when clearly you are most

                        disturbed about your condition.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     32.   



  30  CONTINUED:  2                                                               30  


      Leit is rambling an to give Munch time to complete his

      search.  Munch is on the floor, on his stomach, looking

      under an upholstered chair, when there's the SOUND of a KEY

      in the lock, the door opens, and-Lois enters.  There's no

      time for Munch to get up before Lois sees him.  And when she




                        Superman! It's the men from the

                        park!  The man who blinded you!


      Superman may be blind, but there's nothing wrong with his

      reflexes.  He reaches out and grabs Leit, immobilizing the

      fake Dr. Bannerjee.  Munch scrambles to his feet and goes

      after Lois, who's ready for him this time and knocks him

      back over the sofa.  Keeping a tight grip on Leit, Superman

      listens to the fight in progress.



                        Lois?  Are you all right, Lois?


      Munch leaps at Lois.  They engage.  Superman can hear

      grunting and groaning.  He unconsciously tightens his grip

      on Leit, who starts to gurgle and gasp.  Superman notices

      and loosens his grip on Lait, who jerks free and runs for.

      the door.  Munch pulls away from his fight with Lois and

      follows Leit out the door.  Retreating FOOTSTEPS run down

      the hall outside the apartment.  Lois is panting.



                                            SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

                        Lois?  Lois?



                        I'm fine, Superman.


      She's moving toward the phone.


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        I'm calling the police.


      She's stopped by:









                        Call Mayson Drake.  I know she

                        doesn't like me, but she's

                        trustworthy, she's discreet,

                        she's --





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     33.   



  30  CONTINUED:  3                                                               30  









                        She's gone to the mountains for the

                        weekend.  With Clark.


      Off the look on Superman's face --


                                                                   FADE OUT.


                                   _END OF ACT TWO_



                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     34.   


                                     _ACT THREE_


      FADE IN:



  31  CLARK'S APARTMENT - DAY                                                     31  


      We come up on MARTHA KENT kneeling in front of Clark's front

      door, trying to pick the lock.  JONATHAN looks on.  Their

      suitcases are at his side.



                        This is a good reason why we should

                        have a key to Clark's apartment.

                        _He_ doesn't mind, why should you?



                        Clark's a grown man, Jonathan, he

                        deserves to be able to live his

                        life without wondering if his

                        parents are going to pop in on him.



                        How likely is that to happen?  We

                        live two thousand miles away.

                        And _he_ pops in on us whenever he

                        wants to.



                        That's different.


      Jonathan's not about to argue that one.



                        And I understand why you didn't

                        want us to go straight to Lois's

                        place with our suitcases in our

                        hands saying where's our boy?  But

                        why couldn't we have left the bags

                        in a locker at the airport?



                        A child of four could pick those




                        Maybe we should have that child

                        with us now.




                        Am not doing very well, am I? Do

                        you want to try?



                        I have absolutely no idea how to

                        pick a lock.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     35.   



  31  CONTINUED:                                                                  31  


                                            JIMMY (O.S.)

                        You just have to align the tumblers

                        to the shear point.


      During Jimmy's speech, the Kents turn to see him and we

      INCLUDE him.



                        That would be fine if I had a clue

                        what 'shear point' means.



                        It's where the tumblers open up to

                        the top of the cylinder, but

                        understanding it and doing it are

                        two different things.  How are you.




                        Good.  I'm good.  You guys?  You

                        want me to have a go?


      Martha moves out of the way.  Jimmy takes over the

      lock-picking operation.  With feigned nonchalance:


                                            JIMMY (CONT'D)

                        So you're spending the weekend with

                        Clark?... He's expecting you,



      Jonathan and Martha exchange a brief glance.



                        We're a little early.  Ordinarily

                        we'd just wait out here till he got

                        home, but it's cold, and Martha's

                        been reading a book about how locks

                        work, so...


      Jimmy's working on the lock.



                        Did you, like, knock?







                        Yes, of course.


      Their response was too quick, but Jimmy doesn't notice.  He                   (X)

      works at the lock for a few moments, then:                                    (X)





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     36.   



  31  CONTINUED:  2                                                               31  



                        You know, I think maybe you should

                        kind of prepare yourselves

                        for... ... well, I don't think

                        Clark's gonna be here this weekend.

                        Perry sent me over to look for



      Jimmy succeeds in POP ping the lack.  He straightens up and

      opens the door as:


                                            JIMMY (CONT'D)

                        ... but it's a waste of time.


      Does Jimmy know something?  Jonathan and Martha avoid

      looking at each other, and:



                        What are you trying to say, Jimmy?


      Jimmy looks from one to the other of them, then:



                        Clark's gone off with a babe.


      Martha and Jonathan react.


                                            JIMMY (CONT'D)

                        I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't say

                        anything, but knowing is better

                        than sitting here all weekend not

                        knowing.  Isn't it?


      Martha pats Jimmy's arm as Jonathan hefts the bags into the

      apartment and closes the door (with everybody still

      outside).  We hear a CLICK.  Jimmy reacts.


                                            JIMMY (CONT'D)

                        You didn't lock it back, did you?



                        Martha and I are just stowing our

                        bags right now.  We've got

                        something to do.



                        How will you get back in?


      What can they say?  "We'll get a key from our son,

      Superman?"  Martha squeezes Jimmy's arm as:



                        Thanks for your help, Jimmy.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     37.   



  31  CONTINUED:  3                                                               31  


      She and Jonathan head down the steps.  Just before they

      disappear, Martha turns back for:


                                            MARTHA (CONT'D)

                        Everything will be just fine.


      Jimmy has no way of knowing that there's more to Martha's

      statement than appears on the surface.



  32  INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - DAY                                                 32  


      Superman and Lois.  He's holding one end of the couch off

      the floor while Lois looks under it.  After a moment, she

      straightens up.  She shakes her head, then realizes he can't

      see the movement, so:



                        Thanks, there's nothing under there

                        but dust bunnies...


      He lowers the couch.


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        It would help if I knew what I'm

                        looking for.  It must be something

                        small, or he wouldn't have been

                        looking under the Chair...



                        Think back two nights ago... back

                        to when Dr. Faraday came in.  Did

                        he have anything in his hand?



                        I don't know.  I've tried to

                        remember, but I just don't.


      She looks around.


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        I guess that's it.  There's nowhere

                        else to look...



                        I wish I could help.



                        You did help.  You lifted

                        furniture.  Really heavy furniture

                        that hasn't been moved for eons. 

                        And now I know how much dust

                        accumulates under really heavy

                        furniture that never gets moved.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     38.   



  32  CONTINUED:                                                                  32  


      She's sort of rambling on to avoid having to deal with the




                        I mean I wish I could really help.

                        If I could see, I could've searched

                        this place in a few seconds.


      He's feeling his way along the furniture to sit down on the

      couch.  Lois puts out a hand to help him but is unsure

      whether held rather be helped or allowed to do it himself.

      So she asks:



                        I don't know what to do... When you

                        feel your way along the wall or

                        along the furniture, should I offer

                        to help you, or should I let you do

                        it yourself?


      He sits.


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        I don't want to make you feel...


      She's looking for a word.



                        ... helpless?  Dependent?  Clumsy?


      He's teasing her a little.  She sits opposite him.



                        Thanks for trying to keep it light,

                        Superman, but I just feel so bad.

                        I'm so sorry.



                        Me too.  I don't like this.  I _do_

                        feel helpless and dependent and

                        clumsy.  But we all have to play

                        the hand we're dealt, Lois.  If the

                        blindness turns out to be



      She flinches but doesn't interrupt.


                                            SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

                        ... then I'll just have to figure

                        out how to be the best blind man I

                        can be, because I really do believe

                        that we're put on this earth -- or

                        whatever planet we're put on --






                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     39.   



  32  CONTINUED:  2                                                               32  


                                            SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

                        to do better than we think we can,

                        to be kind and helpful and generous

                        and forgiving.


      With tears glistening in her eyes, she gets up and sits next

      to him on the couch.  She puts a hand on his arm.



                        You do know you can count on me,

                        don't you?  You know I.. I... I

                        care about you a great deal?


      There's a catch in her voice.  He knows she's trying not to

      cry.  He puts a hand on top of hers.



                        Thank you, Lois.


      He reaches up gently and finds her face with his other hand.

      He brushes a tear from her cheek.


                                            SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

                        I care about you, too.


      Lois sort of leans toward him is though drawn magnetically,

      but we'll never know what might have happened.  There's a

      KNOCK at the door.  Lois, entranced, doesn't respond very

      quickly.  Superman cocks his head, SUPERHEARS:


                                            JONATHAN (V.O.)


                        Now remember, Martha, he's not

                        Clark.  He's not our son.  He's



                                            MARTHA (V.O.)

                        Yes, dear.



                               (to Lois)

                        It's the Kents.



                        The Kents?  Clark's parents?  How

                        do you know?


      He taps his ear.


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        What are they doing here?




                        You could let them in and ask them.




                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     40.   



  32  CONTINUED:  3                                                               32  


      Lois leaps up.





      She goes to the door, opens it.



                        Hi, Lois.



                        Martha.  Jonathan.  Come in.


      There's a question in her voice.  It doesn't get answered.

      Martha sees Superman.



                        Oh, Superman.  How are you?

                               (to Lois)

                        We're so sorry, we should've

                        called.  Clark wasn't home, so we

                        thought -- Well, I guess we didn't



      It's a fine performance.



                        No, please come in.  I know Lois is

                        always happy to see you -- and so

                        am I.


      Martha's near him now, puts a hand out to touch his arm,

      looks closely at his face.  She squeezes his arm.  She's

      upset but covering in front of Lois.  Superman is not an

      idiot, he knows how she must feel, so:


                                            SUPERMAN (CONT'D)




                        Over here.




                        Do you have any oolong tea?









                        No... Do you want some?





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     41.   



  32  CONTINUED:  4                                                               32  



                        If it's not too much trouble.


      Martha chimes in:



                        Oolong sounds wonderful.


      Jonathan takes pity on Lois.  He puts his coat back on.



                        Let's you and me go find these tea

                        drinkers some oolong, Lois.


      He's taken her coat from a rack by the door and is helping

      her into it.  Martha opens the door.  Lois feels like she's

      being hustled out of her own apartment, and of course she's

      right.  She stops and turns:






                        Everything is fine, Lois. I just

                        want some oolong.


      Jonathan pulls the door closed with himself and Lois on the

      other side of it.  After a moment, we hear FOOTSTEPS WALKING

      AWAY.  Martha puts her arms around Superman.


                                            SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

                        When I called you, I told you you                           (X)

                        didn't have to come here, Mom.                              (X)



                        Oh, Clark.  Honey, of course we're                          (X)

                        here.  Your dad and I love you                              (X)

                        more than anything on earth.                                (X)


      He hugs her back, and we --



  33  INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY                                                     33(X)


      Perry's standing in the bullpen, going over some copy, when                   (X)

      Jimmy enters and approaches.  In Perry's other hand is a                      (X)

      clear plastic bag holding a whole bunch of rolls of exposed                   (X)

      film.                                                                         (X)



                        I told you he left town early.


      Perry looks up.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     42.   



  33  CONTINUED:                                                                  33  



                        Oh, Jimmy, good.  Baxter called in                          (X)

                        sick, I need you to process this                            (X)

                        film.                                                       (X)


      He holds out the film rolls.  Jimmy, fixated on his news,                     (X)

      doesn't take them yet.                                                        (X)



                        Okay, sure.  Clark's not home.                              (X)

                        _And_... he was so keen on this                             (X)

                        trip to the mountains that he

                        forgot his parents were coming to

                        visit.  C.K. is so cool.


      Perry is trying to get Jimmy to shut up because Mayson Drake

      has entered and is heading this way, but:                                     (X)


                                            JIMMY (CONT'D)

                        That Mayson Drake must be one hot



      The "hot babe: comes up behind Jimmy.  Maybe she heard him,

      maybe she didn't.



                        Hi.  Is Clark around?


      Jimmy reacts.



                        We thought he was --



                               (plows Jimmy under)

                        No, Mayson, no, Clark's not here

                        right now.


      Mayson notices there's something strange and strained here.



                        Maybe I misunderstood when I was                            (X)

                        supposed to pick him up...


      Silence. Jimmy's really disappointed, and Perry's too

      experienced to jump in here.


                                            MAYSON (CONT'D)

                        Do you know when he'll be back?



                        No, I don't think I do.  No, I

                        don't know that, Mayson, I'm just

                        not sure when he'll be back.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     43.   



  33  CONTINUED:  2                                                               33  


      Mayson is beginning to feel the sting of humiliation.  She

      tries to smile, almost succeeds.



                        You're trying to be nice, aren't

                        you?  You're trying not to have to

                        tell me I've been stood up...


      She turns and leaves.  Perry and Jimmy watch her go, then:



                        I can't believe it...



                        I know what you mean, son.  I

                        thought Clark was a bigger man than




                        Why would he give up...

                               (a gesture toward the

                                departed Mayson)

                        ... that?



                        Cold feet, Jimmy.  Cold feet.  You

                        spend a weekend with a woman, next

                        thing you know you're wearing a

                        tux, you're walking down an



      The voice of experience?


                                            PERRY (CONT'D)

                        Remember that, Jimmy.


      He slaps the bag of film rolls into Jimmy's hands.  Jimmy                     (X)

      is still a little dazed.



                        All right.


      Perry wanders off with the copy, Jimmy heads for the                          (X)

      darkroom.                                                                     (X)



 33A  AT THE DARKROOM DOOR                                                       33A(X)


      Jimmy's foot swipes Dr. Faraday's device, which is still                      (X)

      where we last saw it.  This time it slides under the                          (X)

      darkroom door just before Jimmy opens the door and                            (X)

      disappears into the darkroom.  He's oblivious.                                (X)



                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     44.   



  34  EXT. STREET - DAY                                                           34  


      It's getting on toward evening now.  Lois and Jonathan exit

      a small specialty-foods shop and walk toward her car.  Each

      is carrying a couple of bags.  Apparently they found more to

      buy that just oolong.  Lois has told Jonathan about




                        I can't believe they had real

                        scones.  Martha loves real scones.

                        Superman likes them, too, as I

                        recall.  You have butter?


      Lois nods, preoccupied.  Jonathan notices.  They arrive at

      her car and load the bags.


                                            JONATHAN (CONT'D)

                        Lois... Superman is a very strong

                        young man.  Inside, where it

                        counts.  And he knows you're here

                        for him.  We're all here for him.


      Without really meaning to, Lois blurts out:



                        I just don't understand how Clark

                        could go away for a weekend with a

                        woman he hardly knows.  And now, of

                        all times!  He and Superman are

                        friends, and Superman needs him.



                        Does Clark know that?



                        Well, no, I guess not.  I'm sorry,

                        Jonathan, I know Clark's a good

                        person and a good friend.  I'm just

                        upset about Superman.



                        I understand, Lois, and I think --


      A CAR SCREECHES up beside them, Munch jumps out, grabs Lois

      and throws her into the car, jumps back in as Leit, who's

      driving, PEELS OUT.  Jonathan is left gaping and helpless.


                                                                   FADE OUT.


                                  _END OF ACT THREE_



                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     45.   


                                    _ACT FOUR_


      FADE IN:



  35  INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - NIGHT #3                                            35  


      Superman is pacing, pacing.  Martha and Jonathan look worried.



                               (to Superman)

                        Honey, please sit down.



                        I can't, Mom.  I've never felt so

                        helpless in my life.  I just --




                                            SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

                        At last!


      Jonathan opens the door, revealing Mayson Drake.


                                            SUPERMAN (CONT'D)



      He seems to be looking right at her, so she's a little







                        Thank goodness you're here... And

                        thanks for coming so quickly.


      Mayson still looks puzzled.  Jonathan extends a hand.



                        I'm Jonathan Kent, this is my wife,



      Mayson takes a second to register the name, and when she







                        I think you know our son, Clark.


      Mayson's looking from one to the other to the other.




                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     46.   



  35  CONTINUED:                                                                  35  



                        What's going on here?

                               (to Superman)

                        And if Lois has been kidnapped, why

                        aren't you out looking for her?


      Superman is really frustrated.  Martha steps in:



                        Sit down, Miss Drake, and we'll try

                        to explain.



  36  INT. LEIT'S LAB - NIGHT                                                     36  



                        Sit _down_, Miss Lane!


      Lois has risen from the chair she's in.  She's looking

      pretty pugnacious for somebody who's outnumbered.  Leit and

      Munch are here.


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        If you do not sit down, I will turn

                        Munch loose on you, which I prefer

                        not to do at this time.  Munch does

                        not positively _enjoy_ hurting

                        people, but it's part of his job

                        description, and he's quite good at



      Lois sits back down.


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        Thank you.  Now, I will repeat what

                        I said, and please remain seated

                        this time:  Superman will be

                        permanently blind...


      She has a reaction, but she remains seated.


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        ... unless... You see, you didn't

                        let me finish... _unless_ you tell

                        me where the device is.



                        I still have no idea what you're

                        talking about.


      Leit doesn't believe her, but he just plows ahead:




                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     47.   



  36  CONTINUED:                                                                  36  



                        Munch searched Dr. Faraday's body

                        on the night he died, and, as you

                        know, he has searched your                                  (X)

                        apartment.  Munch is incredibly

                        thorough, therefore I must conclude

                        that you have discovered and

                        removed the device.  Where is it,

                        Miss Lane?



                        Don't you think I'd tell you if I

                        knew?  Don't you think Superman is

                        more important to me than some

                        thingamajig that I never saw and

                        don't know what it is?


      Leit considers this.  He sits down across from Lois, makes

      himself comfortable.



                        I'm going to tell you what it is,

                        Miss Lane.  I'm going to tell you

                        what it looks like, and what it

                        means, and what it's capable of

                        doing.  And there you will tell me

                        where it is.



  37  INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                               37  


      Superman and the Kents are sitting in the living room

      listening to:                                                                 (X)



                        We've learned a lot in two days.

                        The dead man, Dr. Faraday, was a

                        genius.  His experiments were

                        being funded by a wealthy eye                               (X)

                        doctor named Harold P. Leit.



                        What were they working on?



                        Dr. Faraday developed a device

                        which can carry all the knowledge

                        of all the ages -- or any variation

                        thereon -- on a single beam of

                        light directly through the eyes

                        into the brain.


      They all ponder what this means.  Then:




                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     48.   



  37  CONTINUED:                                                                  37  



                        Oh my.  A terrible thing, in the

                        wrong hands.



                        Yes, and I think we can assume that

                        Dr. Leit's hands are definitely the

                        wrong hands.



  38  INT. LEIT'S LAB - NIGHT                                                     38  


      Gesturing with his hands, Leit is winding up his explanation.



                        ... so you see, Miss Lane, why the

                        device is important to me.



                        It would allow you to pretty much

                        control the world, wouldn't it?



                        No, no, my motives are purely

                        altruistic, I assure you.  It gives

                        everyone equal access to

                        knowledge -- and, as we all know,

                        knowledge is power.


      He doesn't expect Lois to believe that his motives are

      good.  Lois has realized:                                                     (X)



                        He used it on me, didn't he?  Dr.

                        Faraday?  Before he died?  There

                        are things in my brain that I don't

                        know how they got there.  But I

                        don't have access to them, really,

                        they just kind of leak out from

                        time to time.



                        It's a two-step process.  The

                        information is implanted, then it

                        must also be switched on, so to

                        speak.  Now, tell me where I can

                        find the device.



                        What does it look like?


      Leit is getting pissed.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     49.   



  38  CONTINUED:                                                                  38  


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        I really don't know.



                        All right, I will humor you:  The

                        device looks like a ballpoint

                        pan -- a gleaming silver ballpoint




 38A  FLASHBACK FROM SCENE 10                                                    38A(X)


      Clark puts the device in his pen tray.                                        (X)



 38B  BACK TO SCENE                                                              38B(X)


      Leit sees on Lois's face that she knows what he's talking                     (X)

      about.  She tries to cover it, but he knows.


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        I can see in your eyes that you

                        know where it is.



                        And I can see that Dr. Far

                        a good reason for not wanting you

                        to have it.


      Munch puts one hand around Lois's throat and pulls her to

      her tiptoes



                        Don't be rude, girlie.





      Munch lowers Lois.


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        We do have a bargaining chip.

                               (to Lois)

                        You tell me where the device is,

                        I'll give you the antidote for

                        Superman's blindness.



                        There's an antidote?


      Lois is really relieved, but then:


                                            LOIS (CONT'D)

                        How do I know you're telling the






                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     50.   



 38B  CONTINUED:                                                                 38B  




                        Either I am, or I'm not.


      Lois ponders it, then:



                        All right.


      Silence while Leit waits.



                        Well ... ?



                        You first.



                        I don't think so



                        Then we have a problem, because I

                        don't trust you to keep your side

                        of the bargain.


      Leit gets in her face.



                        You don't seem to grasp that you're

                        in a life-or-death situation here,

                        and you're outnumbered.



                        You can kill me any time.  I'd

                        rather you didn't, but there's not

                        much I can do about it.  You can

                        also trust me:  You tell me what I

                        want to know, and I _will_ tell you

                        what you want to know.


      They're nose to nose.  Leit considers, then sits back down

      in his chair.



                        You're right, Miss Lane.  I can

                        kill you any time.


      He takes his device from his pocket, uses it as a visual

      aid.  He enjoys telling someone about his brilliance.


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        It was brilliantly simple.  I used

                        ultra-violet light to blind






                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     51.   



 38B  CONTINUED:  2                                                              38B  


      He switches it on.  We see the violet beam.  So does Lois,

      who doesn't believe him, because:



                        Ultra-violet light is not visible

                        to the naked eye.



                        I mixed in some visible light from

                        the cold end of the spectrum so

                        that I could see to guide the beam

                        into his eyes


      He demonstrates, moving the beam around. Lois has jumped

      ahead of him:



                        -- So the antidote is infra-red




                        Very good, Miss Lane.


      He flips a switch on his device:  Hot red light beams out.


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        Is that Dr. Faraday's knowledge, or

                        your own?


      Lois is staring at his device.



                        You mixed in visible red.





      He's done with this now. Lois watches him return the device

      to the side pocket of his jacket (this will be important



                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        Now -- Where is Faraday's device?


      He means business.  Reluctantly, Lois keeps her end of the




                        It's at the Daily Planet...



  39  INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                               39  


      Superman, whose head has been bowed, suddenly raises it.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     52.   



  39  CONTINUED:                                                                  39  



                               (to Mayson)

                        What did you say?



                        I said that Dr. Faraday's

                        girlfriend told the police --




                        Yes, yes, what about the device?


      Martha puts a hand on his arm to calm him down.  Mayson

      notices, and the kindness of the gesture forestalls an

      attack of exasperation.



                        It looks like a silver ballpoint



      She sees it on his face:  He knows.                                           (X)



 39A  FLASHBACK FROM SCENE 10                                                    39A(X)


      Clark puts the device in his pin tray.                                        (X)



 39B  BACK TO SCENE                                                              39B(X)



                        You know where it is, don't you?                            (X)


      Superman is on his feet, feeling his way toward the window.






                        Good, we can call the police.






                        Why not?


      Superman fumbles around and removes the cardboard from the

      window as:



                        They've probably made Lois tell

                        them where it is.


      Mayson's exasperation finally gets the better of her:





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     53.   



 39B  CONTINUED:                                                                 39B  






                        So if the police go charging in,

                        Lois will be in even more danger.

                        I'll handle it myself.



                        You're... incapacitated.


      She turns to the Kents for back-up.


                                            MAYSON (CONT'D)

                        The Metropolis police are really

                        good at hostage situations.  They

                        have a better record than the FBI

                        when it comes to --


      Behind her Superman jumps out the window, plummeting toward

      the street below.  There's a CRASH, and the BUILDING SHAKES.

      Mayson and the Kents move to the window and look down.



                        He seems to have misjudged the

                        distance to the ground.



                        Is he okay?



                        Yes, dear, I imagine so.  He _is_



      Silence for a moment, then:



                        Clark would accept help.  He

                        doesn't have to be macho man all

                        the time.  It's why I like him

                        better than Superman.


      The Kents clearly can have nothing to say to this.


                                            MAYSON (CONT'D)

                               (of Superman)

                        And how is he going to _get_ where

                        he's going if he can't _see_ where

                        he's going?



  40  EXT. STREET - NIGHT                                                         40  


      Superman stands on the curb, his arm raised in the classic

      taxi-hailing gesture.  A cab swerves to a stop in front of

      him, and he gets in.



                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     54.   



  41  INT. THE DAILY PLANET - NIGHT                                                41 


      Deserted.  Some desk lamps are on here and there, but the  

      main lights are turned off.  We MOVE TOWARD toward the door                   (X)

      to the                                                                        (X)



 41A  INT. DARKROOM - NIGHT                                                      41A(X)


      A red safe light-glows, providing the only illumination.                      (X)

      Jimmy's still here, just finishing up, bleary-eyed from the                   (X)

      sustained effort.  Faraday's device lies on the floor,                        (X)

      unnoticed, between Jimmy and the door.  Jimmy reaches up,                     (X)

      turns off the safe light and starts toward the door.  He                      (X)

      steps on the device.  White light shines out.  Jimmy

      reaches down, picks up the device, looks at it.                               (X)



 41B  INT. BULLPEN - NIGHT                                                       41B(X)


      Jimmy comes out of the darkroom carrying the "pen," which

      he turns off before tossing it into Clark's pen tray                          (X)

      Jimmy keeps going, leaving the Planet.  We're CLOSE enough                    (X)

      to see that there are only two other pens in the pen tray,                    (X)

      both dull colored.  Faraday's device gleams.                                  (X)


                                                                   TIME CUT:


 41C  INT. DAILY PLANET - BULLPEN - NIGHT                                        41C  


      It's very quiet, quiet enough for us to hear an ELEVATOR

      WHIRRING and then stopping.  The elevator door opens, and

      Lois, Leit and Munch step into the Planet bullpen.  They

      stop.                                                                         (X)



                        Where is it?


      Lois points toward Clark's desk. Leit takes her arm and

      leads her in that direction.  Munch follows.



  42  AT CLARK'S DESK                                                             42  


      There are two pens in the pen tray -- the two dull-colored                    (X)

      ones we saw earlier.  Faraday's device is not here.                           (X)

      Furious, Dr. Leit turns on Lois.                                              (X)



                        You lied to me!



                        I did not!  It was right there!








                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     55.   



  42  CONTINUED:                                                                  42  


      He's in a cold fury.  Lois is in real trouble here.


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        No more Mr. Nice Guy.  Now I will

                        extract it from you painfully.  You

                        will wish you had not lied.  Munch!


      Lois looks over at Munch, who smiles at her and all but rubs

      his hands.


      Suddenly -- all the lights go out, plunging the room into

      darkness.  Lois reacts first, lunging out of Munch's way a

      split-second before he lunges toward her.



  43  AT A FUSE BOX                                                               43  


      Superman takes his hand away after having tripped the

      circuit breaker.  He listens to:


                                            LEIT (O.S.)

                        Don't let her get away, Munch!  Do

                        you have her?


                                            MUNCH (O.S.)

                        No, doctor.


      Head cocked, listening intently, Superman moves silently OUT

      OF FRAME.



  44  WITH LEIT AND MUNCH                                                         44  



                        Do you have a flashlight?



                        No, doctor.



                        She can't have gone far. Find her.



  45  UNDER A DESK                                                                45  


      Lois hides, hardly daring to breathe.


                                            LEIT (O.S.)

                        You go that way, I'll go this way.


      FOOTSTEPS.  Lois strains to hear where they're going,

      realizes they're coming this way.  She tries to shrink even

      further.  The legs stop in front of Lois.  The feet are

      facing the other way; there's a chance he'll move an without

      seeing her.  No:  The feet turn, and Munch's face appears.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     56.   



  45  CONTINUED:                                                                  45  


      He smiles at her.



                        I've found her, doctor.


      As he reaches for her, there's a great SOUND OF WIND

      BLOWING.  Munch goes flying over the desk, and Lois has to

      hang on for dear life.  (Other things go flying, too, of

      course -- papers, books, whatever.)



  46  WIDER                                                                       46  


      Munch lands on the other side of the room, crashing into

      whatever y'all feel like breaking.  He's dazed but not




  47  DR. LEIT                                                                    47  


      peers into the gloom. He knows:



                        I know you're here, Superman.


  48  LOIS                                                                        48  




                                            SUPERMAN (O.S.)

                        Yes, Dr. Leit.  I'm here.



  49  SUPERMAN                                                                    49  


      He's standing where he commands the entrance to the bullpen.



                        And I have the device.


      He holds it up.


                                            SUPERMAN (CONT'D)

                        Lois, can you get to where I am?



  50  WIDER                                                                       50  


      Leit and Munch converge on Lois's hiding place just as she

      lunges out of it to try to get to Superman.  They grab her.

      She struggles, but it is two against one.  Superman is

      listening, listening.  When the noises subside:





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     57.   



  50  CONTINUED:                                                                  50  



                        Lois? Are you all right?



                        She's fine for now, Superman.  And

                        she'll stay fine if you'll roll the

                        device this way, toward the sound

                        of my voice.


      Superman hesitates.  Munch tightens his grip on Lois, who

      gasps in pain.



                        All right, doctor.  Catch!


      He tosses the device toward them, hoping, of course, to make

      them let go of Lois to lunge for the device.  It doesn't

      work.  The device CLATTERS to the floor nearby.



                        Nice try, Superman.  Munch,

                        retrieve the device, please.


      Munch lets go of Lois and steps forward to get the device.

      As he does, Lois suddenly stomps the shit out of Leit's

      foot.  As he cries out and grabs for his foot, Lois reaches

      into his pocket and retrieves the Superman-blinding device.



                        Superman!  Look this way!


      Several things happen at once:  Lois shines the RED LIGHT

      into Superman's eyes, restoring his sight.  Munch recovers

      Faraday's device.  And Lois moves out of harm's way.  Then:



                               (to Munch)

                        Drop the device.



                               (to Munch)

                        No!   Give it to me! Give it to me!


      Munch hesitates.  Superman aims some cool-looking HEAT

      VISION at the device, which starts to get hot.  Leit lunges

      for it, screaming:


                                            LEIT (CONT'D)

                        No!  No!


      As he grabs it -- at the moment he and Munch are both

      touching it -- the device EXPLODES from the VISION thing.

      It's an explosion not of sound, but of LIGHT -- a searing,





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     58.   



  51  SUPERMAN AND LOIS                                                           51  


      Both covering their eyes as the LIGHT FADES.  When it's safe

      to look, they do so and see that Leit and Munch and the

      device are gone, incinerated by the light.  After a moment:



                        Thank you.


      They're standing about ten feet apart.  He looks over at






      She's watching his eyes -- the active and reactive eyes of

      a sighted person.  She's deeply gratified.



  52  INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY #4                                                  52  


      The next morning.  Perry and Jimmy are hanging around Lois'

      desk while she finishes writing her story.



                        Maybe it's just as well the device

                        was destroyed.  Technology

                        and human nature are a volatile mix,

                        aren't they?



                        Like Frankenstein?


      Lois finishes, hits the final keystroke that sends the

      article through the computer to wherever it goes next.

      Behind them, unnoticed by them, Clark has gotten off the

      elevator and is headed this way.



                        And gene-splicing, and gender-

                        selection, and atom-splitting.


      Clark arrives.





      They all swivel their heads to look into his innocent,

      smiling face.  There's dead silence while they gaze at

      him -- Lois still thinks he's been away with Mayson, and

      Perry and Jimmy think he stood Mayson up, and Clark knows

      that Lois thinks he went away with Mayson, but since he

      never said yes to Mayson in the first place, he doesn't know

      anybody thinks he stood her up.  And anybody who remembers

      all this can have my job.  Finally:





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     59.   



  52  CONTINUED:                                                                  52  




      Behind Clark the elevator doors open and Mayson steps out.

      Lois, Perry and Jimmy all look at her.  Clark turns his head

      to see what they're looking at.  Lois, Perry and Jimmy all

      start moving away from the desk.  Before he goes, Perry puts

      a hand on Clark's shoulder, and:



                        I understand how you feel, son, but

                        I want you to remember that women

                        are people, too.  They deserve fair



      What?  Perry doesn't wait, he just sort of claps Clark on

      the shoulder and moves off.  By the time Mayson arrives,

      Perry's going into his office, and Lois and Jimmy have moved

      off together to someplace where they can see but not hear

      Clark and Mayson.  Unsure exactly what's going on, Clark

      faces Mayson.





      Mayson just gets right to it:




                        I want you to know I was really

                        humiliated when you stood me up...


      He starts to speak, but she keeps going:


                                            MAYSON (CONT'D)

                        ... and I still think it was a

                        rotten thing for you to do, but

                        I've met your parents now, and

                        spent some time with them, and they

                        are such wonderful people that I'm

                        willing to assume that any son of

                        theirs wouldn't do what you did and

                        that this weekend was some kind of

                        misunderstanding.  I won't ask you

                        for an explanation, and I won't ask

                        you out again, but if _you_ want to

                        ask _me_, I probably won't say no.


      She plants a light kiss on his lips and leaves, either to

      give him time to think or to be alluring.  Clark blinks.



  53  LOIS AND JIMMY                                                              53  


      who've been watching Clark and Mayson.





                            --page break--

      THE EYES HAVE IT  (#12)   FULL Blue Rev.      12/5/94                     60.   



  53  CONTINUED:                                                                  53  



                        Major babe.



                        You'd think after a whole weekend

                        together -- a three-day weekend --

                        she wouldn't need to see him again

                        quite so soon.


      Jimmy reacts to this.  Apparently she doesn't know.



                        They didn't go.






                        He stood her up.





      She turns to look at Clark.



  54  AT CLARK'S DESK                                                             54  


      Lois comes over.  Clark is still gazing in the direction

      that Mayson took.  Lois gets in his face to get his




                        If you weren't with Mayson, where

                        have you been for the last three



      Aaaahhhhh...                                                                  (X)


                                                                   FADE OUT.

                                    _THE END_



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