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#221 : Concert de plaintes

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Superman doit partir pour sauver un musicien mais ce dernier l'insulte et l'accuse de lui avoir brisé sa carrière en lui fracturant le poignet. Il l'emmène même en justice. Alors Superman cherche un avocat mais Loïs s'interroge. Elle trouve le vrai métier de Scardino, il est en fait un agent pharmaceutique et lors du procès, il pose une bombe dans le tribunal.

Superman sauve tout le monde et la femme du musicien avoue ce que fait réellement son mari. Loïs avoue à Superman qu'elle aime un autre homme, Clark.

Alors elle arrive vers lui et lui annonce qu'elle ne voit plus Dan et elle l'embrasse. Clark ne la fuira plus comme par le passé.

Note : 8/10


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Titre VO
Whine, Whine, Whine

Titre VF
Concert de plaintes


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                            _LOIS AND CLARK_

                     _The New Adventures Of Superman_

                         "Whine, Whine, Whine"

Written by Kathy McCormick & John McNamara
Directed by Michael Watkins






















ANTONIO ORTEGA                                 LITTLE GIRL





_INTERIORS_:                                   _EXTERIORS_:

Daily Planet                                   Daily Planet
   Newsroom                                       Street Fair
                                                  Band Stand
Clark's Apartment
Lois' Apartment
                                               Calvin's House *
Dr. Friskin's Office
                                               Sidewalk Cafe
Barry Barker's Office
                                               Metropolis Street
Constance Hunter's office
                                               Clark's Apartment
Court House
   Room                                        Lois' Apartment
   Anteroom                                    Metropolis Street

Limo                                           Courthouse
Dark Hallway



       FADE IN:

   1   EXT. STREET - DAY #1                                                        1  

       We're on the street outside the Daily Planet.  The street's
       been closed off to vehicular traffic because there's a
       street fair going on.  It's a Daily Planet-sponsored charity
       fund raiser.  We find LOIS and CLARK at a cotton candy
       stand.  Clark pays for two cotton candies, hands one to
       Lois, who looks at it askance.

                        My parents wouldn't let me have

                        Ever?  You've never had cotton

       They're moving now, walking slowly along the line of booths
       and attractions.  Beyond them is a bandstand.  No musicians
       yet; workmen are setting up the amps and the large

                              (quoting her father)
                        'The girl's hyperactive enough,
                        Ellen.  Don't feed her dyed                                 (X)
                              (grins engagingly)                                    (X)
                        I eat cotton candy every chance I                           (X)
                        get.                                                        (X)

       They come into range of JIMMY.

                        Step right up, folks.  One dollar,
                        one measly dollar to learn your
                        future.  Madame Blavatsky knows
                        all, sees all, tells all.

                              (ragging him)
                        How much of my dollar goes to


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Pink Rev.     3/28/95                       1A.   

   1   CONTINUED:                                                                  1  

                        One hundred percent, one hundred
                        pennies of your dollar will go to
                        charity.  Madame Blavatsky's heart
                        is as big as --


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                   2.   

   1   CONTINUED:                                                                  1  

       From inside the tent:

                                           PERRY (O.S.)

                        -- her voice.

                                           PERRY (O.S.)
                        Is that Lois I hear?

       PERRY, aka Madame Blavatsky, sticks his head out of the tent
       opening.  Makeup, diaphanous scarves.  He holds up one
       hand, from which garishly colored fake fingernails dangle.

                                           PERRY (CONT'D)
                              (to Lois)
                        How do you keep these things from
                        falling off?  Why in thunder do you
                        women do this to yourselves?

       He disappears back into the tent.  Lois hands her cotton
       candy to Clark.

                        You'll be here when I come back
                        out, right?  You're not having a
                        sudden urge to return a video or
                        put money in the meter or buy new
                        shoelaces, are you?

                                           PERRY (O.S.)
                        Lois!  Get in here!

       Lois disappears into the tent to deal with the peevish
       Madame Blavatsky's fingernails.  Clark and Jimmy gaze
       silently at the closed tent flap, then Jimmy grabs Clark's
       arm and gets intense:

                        This is your idea of a date?  You
                        think Scardino takes her to silly
                        street fairs and buys her cotton

                        I don't care what Scardino does.

       DAN SCARDINO has come up behind them.

                        Hi, guys.

       They turn.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                   3.   

   1   CONTINUED:  2                                                               1  

                                           DAN (CONT'D)
                        Lois around?

       He and Clark square off.

                              (to Dan)
                        She's with me.

       Clark looks kind of silly standing there holding two cotton
       candies.  Dan smiles.  He _likes_ competition.



       They're sort of nose to nose.  At this moment Lois emerges
       from the tent, stops on seeing them.  She looks from one to
       the other of them.

                        Like a date?

                        Yeah.  Like a date.  Where she and
                        I are together for a certain amount
                        of time doing stuff with each other
                        as a couple.  Where she's with me
                        and I'm with her.

       At this unfortunate moment, we HEAR:

                        Look out!  Oh, my God!  Look out!

       They all look in the direction of:

   2   THE BANDSTAND                                                               2  

       where a huge amp, elevated above the platform, is teetering,
       about to fall to the stage below.  Directly beneath it is
       CALVIN DREGG, guitarist, a legend in his own mind.  He has
       on earphones, which are connected to his electric guitar,
       which he's tuning.  He's oblivious.

   3   WITH LOIS, CLARK AND DAN                                                    3  

       Lois and Dan are looking toward-the shouting. Clark slips

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                   4.   

   4   AT THE BANDSTAND                                                            4  

       SUPERMAN whisks Calvin Dregg out of harm's way just as the
       amp crashes to the stage, right where Calvin was standing.

   5   BEHIND THE BANDSTAND                                                        5  

       Superman floats down to the ground, sets Calvin down.
       Calvin seems dazed. Superman looks him over.

                        I'm glad I was nearby.

       He's eager to leave, but now a woman, ELISE CARR, comes
       running up to them.  She's clearly distraught, near tears.
       Superman can't leave just yet.

                        Oh, thank you, Superman.  Oh,
                        Calvin, Calvin!  Thank God!  Are
                        you okay?

                        He's a little dazed, miss, but
                        he'll be fine.

       Superman starts to leave again, but:

                              (to Superman)
                        Fine?  Fine?!
                              (to Elise)
                        He broke my hand, Elise!  Just when
                        I get my big break in show
                        business, this baboon busts my
                              (to Superman)
                        Take me to the hospital right now,
                        I mean it!

       Superman blinks.  Try to be nice, what does it get you?

   6   WITH LOIS AND DAN                                                           6  

       Lois and Dan are standing where we left them.  Presumably
       they've been watching the drama at the bandstand.  Now they
       turn back toward the booth.  Lois registers that Clark's not


       Lois may not be pleased, but Dan is.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                   5.   

   6   CONTINUED:                                                                  6  

                        So now you know, Lois.

                        Know what?

                        Just about how much you mean to
                        Clark Kent.

       Off Lois' reaction --

                                                                  FADE OUT.

                                  _END OF TEASER_

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                   6.   

                                   _ACT ONE_

       FADE IN:

   7   EXT. STREET FAIR - DAY                                                      7  

       Lois and Dan are sitting at a sidewalk table with the
       remains of a fast-food meal.  They are not having fun.

                        He probably had a good reason.

                        Sure he did.  He's a wuss.                                  (X)
                              (off her look)
                        I'm sorry, Lois, the guy just
                        brings it out in me.  I don't
                        understand what you see in him.

                        He's... nice.  He's kind.  He's

                        I thought you were mad at him.

                        I'm mad at both of you.

                        Me?  Why me?

                        Because you deliberately horned in
                        on my date with Clark.  Because you
                        tried to make him look bad.

                        I didn't have to try very hard.

       She's on a roll.

                        Because you think sending gifts
                        solves everything.  Because you
                        won't talk to me about your work.

                        Whoa, Lois, you know that's not

       He turns it back on Clark:


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)   Goldenrod Rev.   3/30/95                      7.   

   7   CONTINUED:                                                                  7  

                                           DAN (CONT'D)
                        But I'm here, and I'm here because
                        I want to be with you whenever I
                        can.  Can you say that about Clark
                        Kent?  I mean, he's the one you had
                        a date with.  Where is he?

   8   EXT. HOSPITAL - DUSK                                                        8  

       Superman, Calvin and Elise exit the hospital.  Calvin's
       wearing a cast on his hand.  He's upset, and he's hogging
       the conversation:

                              (at Superman)
                        I'm a musician, I'm an artist, I
                        need both my hands, what would Jimi
                        Hendrix have been with one hand?
                        I'll tell you what:  He'd have been
                        nobody, held have been nothing,
                        he'd have been --

                        Alive.  You're alive, Calvin, and
                        you're going to be fine.

       Calvin turns his whining invective on Elise.

                        You don't understand anything!
                        You're a waitress, for God's sake!
                        You serve slabs of dead cows to fat
                        businessmen.  You wouldn't know                             (X)
                        art if it jumped up and bit your                            (X)
                        kneecap!                                                    (X)

       Though Elise probably hears this crap seventeen times a day,
       it still has the power to wound.  She looks like she might
       cry.  Superman intervenes:

                        People who love each other should
                        be kind to each other.

                        What are you, a greeting card on                            (X)
                        steroids?  You fly around putting                           (X)
                        your nose into other people's                               (X)
                        business.  Who asked you?                                   (X)

                        I've never been sorry I saved
                        anyone's life, Mr. Dregg.  I'd hate
                        to start now.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)   Goldenrod Rev.   3/30/95                     7A.   

   8   CONTINUED:                                                                  8  

                        Why are you still here?  What are
                        you waiting for?  Gratitude?  You
                        ruined my life!


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                   8.   

   8   CONTINUED:                                                                  8  

       He holds up his injured hand.

                        It will heal.

       Elise puts a hand on Superman's arm.

                        Please go.  He won't calm down till
                        you go.

       Superman is conflicted about leaving her alone with this troll.

                                           ELISE (CONT'D)
                        I'll be okay.  Really.  And thank

       Superman nods and flies off.  After him:

                        You ruined my life!

   9   EXT. STREET FAIR - NIGHT #1                                                 9  

       Clark appears at the street fair.  It's over.  There's
       nobody around except some workers pushing brooms and
       breaking down booths.

  10   EXT. ANOTHER STREET - NIGHT                                                10  

       Lois and Dan, walk and talk.

                        It's not some dumb guy thing,
                        Lois.  I'm a federal agent, you're
                        a reporter.  Our professional
                        loyalties conflict.  Not to mention
                        the fact that if you know too much
                        about what I'm doing, you could be
                        in danger.

                        Oh, excuse me, and you have to
                        protect the little woman?

       Dan gazes at her for a moment, then:


                        I don't need protection.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)  Green Rev.   3/29/95                           9.   

  10   CONTINUED:                                                                 10  

                        What do you need? ... What do you want, Lois?

       Off her look --

  11   INT. DR. FRISKIN'S OFFICE - DAY #2                                         11(X)

       The hyperactive Lois Lane is pacing back and forth in DR.
       FRISKIN's office.

                        I want one man.  One whole man.  Is
                        that so much to ask?  And what do I
                        have to choose from?  There's one
                        guy who could be really wonderful
                        only he disappears every time I try
                        to talk to him, and one guy who's
                        exciting to be with only he won't
                        talk to me about his work and what
                        do people talk about if they can't
                        talk about what they did all day,
                        and one guy who's out of this
                        world... literally.

                                           DR. FRISKIN
                        I thought you'd given up the
                        Superman fantasy.

                        My head wants to.  My heart is, um,

                                           DR. FRISKIN
                        So it would seem.

       Lois sits.

                        Can we go over my options?

                                           DR. FRISKIN
                        Well, your current options are one
                        wonderful guy who's apparently
                        afraid of commitment, one exciting
                        guy who apparently wants to control
                        the conversation, and one superhero
                        who's apparently unattainable.  Or
                        it could be that none of them is
                        right for you.

       There's silence, then:


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  10.   

  11   CONTINUED:                                                                 11  

                        You know, you have this annoying
                        habit of giving me back what I just

       Dr. Friskin smiles.

                                           DR. FRISKIN
                        Sometimes we can't really hear what
                        we're saying unless someone
                        reflects it back.

       Lois still can't hear it.  She's stuck on:

                        They just all make me so mad!

                                           DR. FRISKIN
                        And what do you think you might
                        want to do about that?

       Off Lois' reaction...

  12   INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY                                                    12  

       Lois is at her desk.  She's copying some names and numbers
       from her Rolodex when Clark comes up with two cups of
       coffee.  He holds one out to her.  She ignores it and
       ignores him.


       Jimmy's walking by.

                              (to Jimmy)
                        Did you hear something, Jimmy?

                        Like what?

                        It sounded a little like my name.
                        You didn't say 'Lois,' did you?


                        I didn't.  Clark did.

                        Clark who?


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Blue Blue Rev.   4/4/95                     11.-12.

  12   CONTINUED:                                                                 12  


                        There it is again.

       Jimmy looks from Lois to Clark and back again.  Nope, this
       is not worth it.  He moves off in a hurry.


       She wheels on him, overrides him:

                        What?  No, don't say a word, allow
                        me: 'Lois, I can explain, I
                        suddenly remembered that my
                        mother's sister's poodle needed a
                        haircut and so you can see why I
                        had to leave you in the middle of a
                        date with your thumb in your ear
                        but I'm sure you understand.' How
                        am I doing so far, Clark?

       Without waiting for an answer, she turns her back on him and
       dials a phone number.  From a distance, Perry watches as
       Clark goes to his desk and sits.


  13                                                                              13  
THRU   OMITTED                                                                  THRU  
  14                                                                              14  

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Yellow Rev.     3/28/95                     13.   

  15   EXT. CALVIN DREGG'S HOUSE - DAY                                            15  

       Actually, it's not Calvin's house, since Calvin has no way
       to pay rent, since Calvin is too artistically pure to take a
       job for mere money.  It's Elise's house.  Calvin is sitting
       in a chair by the window, watching TV.  He's suffering, and
       not in silence, as he scratches the itch underneath his cast
       with a long skinny stick.

                        My hand itches, Elise.  And it

       Elise comes out the front door, dressed in a waitress

  16   INSERT - TV                                                                16  

       Calvin is watching the Nature Station.  The host, MARLIN                     (X)
       PFINCH-LUPUS, is intoning...

                                           PFINCH-LUPUS (T.V.)
                        ... so while the male lion basks
                        majestically in the warm sun of the
                        veldt, the female hunts and cares
                        for her young...

       (Pfinch-Lupus will be filmed sitting in front of a blue
       screen.  Footage to be composited behind him.)

  17   BACK TO SCENE                                                              17  

       Calvin sees the uniform.

                        You're not going to work?!  What if
                        I need something?

                        Everything you'll need is on the
                        coffee table, Calvin.

                        What if I need to write something
                        down, like a phone message?

                        Use your other hand.

                        What if I need to open a beer?

                        Use your other hand.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Pink Rev.     3/28/95                       14.   

  17   CONTINUED:                                                                 17  

                        What if I need to go to the

       She opens her mouth to say it again, but decides against it.

                        I'm sorry, Calvin, really, you know
                        I am, but I _have_ to go to work.

       She scurries out.  Calvin is alone with his sour expression
       and his shriveled soul.  From the TV he HEARS:

                                           BARRY BARKER (V.O.)
                        Have you been injured?

       He whips his head toward the TV.

  18   INSERT THE TV                                                              18  

       where BARRY BARKER, personal injury attorney, is hawking his
       sleazy wares.

                                           BARRY BARKER (T.V.)
                        You just call me, Barry Barker.

       on the bottom of the screen appears, 1-800-555-01-SU.                        (X)

                                           BARRY BARKER (CONT'D)
                        I'll go to the mat for you!  I'll
                        sue anybody for anything!  And when
                        I say anybody, I mean _anybody_!

       Barry Barker is demented.

  19   INT. BARRY BARKER'S OFFICE - DAY                                           19  

       BARRY BARKER, 40's, is at his desk, Calvin's across from

                                           BARRY BARKER

       Calvin nods.

                                           BARRY BARKER (CONT'D)

       Barry Barker is a weasel, a ferret, a toad, a snake.  For a
       moment, we can't tell whether he's eager or reticent about
       taking on Superman.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  15.   

  19   CONTINUED:                                                                 19  

       But now his eyes start to glitter, he grins and all but rubs
       his hands together gleefully.

                                           BARRY BARKER (CONT'D)
                        Finally, I'll be famous!  Finally,
                        I'll get respect!  Finally, women
                        will sense my power!

       Calvin doesn't like the way this is going.

                        Excuse me.  This is about me.

                                           BARRY BARKER
                        Of course it is, my boy.  I know
                        that.  I never lose sight of the
                        true objective.

       He's risen from his desk and has nudged Calvin out of his
       chair and is now escorting him to the door as he talks.

                                           BARRY BARKER (CONT'D)
                        I'll take your case, and it won't
                        cost you a cent, I'll be working
                        absolutely on contingency, forty
                        percent of the settlement when we

                        Forty percent?

                                           BARRY BARKER
                        Could you ask the receptionist to
                        step in here, please?

       He shuts the door on Calvin, stands there with his mind

                                           BARRY BARKER (CONT'D)
                        Barry Barker versus The Man of

       He's a happy man.  There's a timid KNOCK on the door, then
       it opens to reveal the RECEPTIONIST, a little old lady.

                                           BARRY BARKER (CONT'D)
                        You'll have to work late tonight. 
                        There's a little something I need
                        for you to do.

  20   EXT. METROPOLIS - NIGHT #2                                                 20  

       Superman on patrol in the skies over Metropolis.

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  16.   

  21   INT. BARRY BARKER'S OFFICE - NIGHT                                         21  

       Barry Barker's receptionist is standing in the open window
       high above the street below.  Barker is holding her by the
       waistband.  In his other hand, a legal-looking document.

                                           MA BARKER

       It comes out weak. Barker grimaces.

                                           BARRY BARKER
                        Louder, Mother.

                                           MA BARKER
                        Help!  Help!

       It's still weak.  Barker loosens his grip on the waistband,
       and the old lady teeters, her eyes widening in terror.

  22   EXT. SKIES - NIGHT                                                         22  

       As Superman flies, he hears a really loud:

                                           MA BARKER (V.O.)

       Superman peels off toward the sound.

  23   INT. BARRY BARKER'S OFFICE - NIGHT                                         23  

       Barker wasn't really going to let her fall.  He now has a
       good grip on her again.

                                           BARRY BARKER
                        Much better, Mother.

       Superman appears, quickly maneuvers the old lady off the
       ledge and back into the office.  He turns a stern eye on
       Barry Barker.

                        What exactly do you think you're
                        doing, sir?

       Barker slaps the legal document in Superman's hand.

                                           BARRY BARKER
                        Superman, you have just been

       Off Superman's reaction

                                                                  FADE OUT.

                                   _END OF ACT ONE_

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Yellow Rev.     3/28/95                     17.   

                                    _ACT TWO_

       FADE IN:

  24   INT. LOIS' APARTMENT - NIGHT                                               24  

       The TV is on, tuned to The Nature Station.                                   (X)

                                           PFINCH-LUPUS (T.V.)
                        ... No one knows why 90 percent of
                        the females die before reaching
                        reproductive maturity, but we do
                        know that there are five male adult
                        Namibian mud dobbers for every
                        female, a situation that seriously
                        complicates the mating ritual...

       The PHONE is RINGING, and after a moment Lois appears with a
       dishtowel in her hand.  She picks up the receiver:

                        Hello?... Hi, Bobby, you have what
                        I'm looking for?

  25   INT. PHONE BOOTH - NIGHT                                                   25  

       BOBBY BIGMOUTH, talking into the receiver, a bunch of food
       on the counter.  He's opening cartons as he talks.

                        I don't see any duck here, Lois.  I
                        wanted duck.


                        I tried, Bobby.  You have to order
                        duck in advance.

       Bobby opens a carton, reacts.

                        Ooooh, Hunan beef, I love Hunan

       He pops the piece into his mouth, chews ecstatically.

                                           BOBBY (CONT'D)


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Pink Rev.     3/28/95                       18.   

  25   CONTINUED:                                                                 25  

                        What?                                                       (X)

                        What you asked for.  It's a code                            (X)
                        name.  Project Nirvana.  Are you
                        sure your boyfriend Scardino is
                        with the DEA?

                        He's not my boyfriend.

                        It's a figure of speech, Lois.
                        According to what I'm hearing, he's
                        not DEA, he's FDA.


                        Food and Drug Administration, Lois.
                        He's one of the people who says
                        'yes' or 'no' to companies that
                        want to market new drugs.

                        No. You must have the wrong

                        If you say so.

       Lois ponders it for a moment, then:

                        What's the rest of it?

                        Project Nirvana is something to do
                        with Intergang, I don't know what
                        and I'm not sticking my neck in
                        that noose, you didn't hear any of
                        this from me, now we're even.

       At Lois' end, we hear the connection go.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  19.   

  25   CONTINUED:  2                                                              25  

                        Hello?  Hello?  Bobby?

       The DOORBELL RINGS.  Lois hangs up.

                                           LOIS (CONT'D)
                        Who is it?

                                           DAN (O.S.)
                        It's me, Dan.

       Lois opens the door.  Dan's there, with a clipboard in one
       hand, pencil in the other.

                        Hello.  I'm doing a survey of women
                        who resent having gifts sent to
                        them.  Please answer 'true' or
                        'false':  Wrapping paper offends
                        me... I am psychologically unable
                        to accept gifts... Gifts are okay,
                        I just don't like the guy who sent

       He's being very charming, but Lois has her own agenda:

                        It's not about gifts, Dan. It's
                        about trust.

       Dan was really hoping the charm would work, but he can see
       it's a forlorn hope. He sighs.

  26   OMITTED                                                                    26  

  27   INT. LOIS'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                              27  

       A few minutes later.  The TV is still on, but the sound is
       very low.  Dan is mid-explanation:

                        ... it's not just dangerous for
                        _you_ to know what I'm doing, it's
                        dangerous for _me_.

       Lois is entering the room with a tray: coffee and cookies.
       As she sets it down on the coffee table:

                        That's what I'm saying, Dan.  You
                        don't trust me.

       Before Dan can respond, his BEEPER GOES OFF.  He unclips it,
       looks at the number.  Lois is leaning over in front of him
       and can see the number.

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)  Green Rev.   3/29/95                          20.   

  28   INSERT - BEEPER                                                            28  

       We see the number: 800-555-0100.                                             (X)

  29   BACK TO SCENE                                                              29  

       Lois looks away from the beeper as Dan looks up.  She
       continues pouring coffee for him. Dan resumes the

                        I think you're looking for
                        something that doesn't exist,  Lois.
                        The perfect man, the perfect
                        relationship, the perfect life...
                        Will you excuse me for a minute?

       He takes a cel phone out of his pocket and walks away to get
       a little privacy.

                                           DAN (CONT'D)
                        This won't take a second.

       To his back:


       Dan's antennae go up.  He turns.


       His reaction fuels her suspicions.

                        The perfect life.  Nirvana.  Eden.
                        Utopia.  Camelot.

       Dan relaxes.  Must've been a fluke.

                        Yeah...  Those places don't exist,
                        Lois.  The real world is what we
                        have to deal with.

       And here comes the real world, Metropolis style.  Superman
       appears at the window, behind Dan.  He's holding the summons
       that Barry Barker served.  Dan sees Lois' eyes shift to the
       window, and he feels the breeze.  He turns.  Neither he nor
       Superman is pleased to see the other.

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Pink Rev.     3/28/95                       21.   

  30   INSERT - TV                                                                30  

                                           PFINCH-LUPUS (T.V.)
                        ... while the female _seems_ to
                        hold the power to choose amongst
                        the various rivals for her
                        affections, in fact the power
                        resides with whichever male mud
                        dobber proves to be the most                                (X)
                        ruthless gladiator...

  31   BACK TO SCENE                                                              31  
                              (to Superman)
                              (to Lois)
                        Could I talk to you?

                        Take a number, pal.

  32   INT. LOIS' APARTMENT - NIGHT                                               32  

       A few minutes later.  Dan is in the kitchen, talking softly
       into his cel phone.  Yes, Superman _could_ tune in his
       superheating to overhear Dan's conversation, but he's got
       his own problems.  Lois finishes reading the subpoena.

                        I've never been sued before.  I'm
                        not sure how to proceed.

                        You need a lawyer.  I know a guy
                        who handles stuff like this, and
                        he's never lost a case.

       During this, Dan finishes his call and returns to the living

                        Is he a good person?

                              (oh, please, get real)
                        He's a lawyer.

                        Bad for your Boy Scout image to be
                        represented by a scuzzball?


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  22.    

  32   CONTINUED:                                                                 32  

                        Surely somewhere out there there's
                        one honest lawyer.

                        I know one, for all the good it'll
                        do you.

  33   INT. CONSTANCE HUNTER'S OFFICE - DAY #3                                    33  

       Superman sits across from CONSTANCE HUNTER.  She's fortyish.
       Her office is dark -- blinds closed, sunlight struggling to
       get in but losing the battle, a single desk lamp lit.  Lots
       of law books, both current and old, line the walls. 
       Constance is calm and focused and kind.  She's listened
       empathetically to Superman's story, which is winding up now.

                        ... His hand will heal, and since
                        he has no job, there's no loss of

                        So except for his medical bills, he
                        has no case...

                        Yes, and I offered to pay the
                        medical expenses.

                        What was his response?

       Superman smiles.

                        He seems to have only one response
                        to everything:  He complained.

       Constance smiles back.

                        I know the type.  _They_ want,
                        _they_ need, _they_ deserve.
                        Nothing is ever right, and nothing
                        is ever enough.  They stand alone
                        at the center of the universe
                        whining for more.  Their hunger is
                        insatiable, their thirst
                        unquenchable, their demands
                        unappeasable... I really hate them.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Yellow Rev.     3/28/95                     23.   

  33   CONTINUED:                                                                 33   

                        You must be great in front of a
                        jury... So you'll take the case?


       Off Superman's reaction --

  34   INT. DAILY PLANET - DAY                                                    34  

       Lois is at her desk.  In front of her is a pad with a phone
       number written on it, a number we've seen before: 555-0373.
       Lois dials the number.  After a couple of RINGS:

                                           PHONE VOICE
                        You have reached the office of
                        Charles Knox, president of
                        Omnicorp.  Please leave your name,
                        number and the purpose of your
                        call.  Thank you for calling

       There's a BEEP.  Lois hangs up, looks over to another part
       of the room, where Perry and Jimmy are watching one of
       several TV sets.

  35   CLOSE ON A TV                                                              35  

       we're watching Congress in session, but what we're HEARING

                                           PFINCH-LUPUS (V.O.)
                        ... and so we see that spineless
                        dung beetles tend toward thinly
                        veiled power struggles, apparently
                        having little regard for the colony
                        as a whole...

       As we're HEARING this, we're PANNING over to Perry and Jimmy
       to find that the voice over is coming, not from C-SPAN, but
       from The Nature Station, which they're watching.                             (X)

                                           PFINCH-LUPUS (T.V.)
                        Next we go to the fascinating
                        Andean Nettlebug, a species with
                        three genders; male, female and the
                        sexless drone. The drones seem to
                        serve a matchmaking function unique
                        in the insect kingdom, and a
                        thankless job it is for them...


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Pink Rev.     3/28/95                      23A.   

  35   CONTINUED:                                                                 35  

                        My god, look at that.

                                           PFINCH-LUPUS (T.V.)
                        Caught between a ravenous male and
                        a predatory female, the luckless
                        drone can only follow its genetic
                        program and fulfill its deplorable
                        destiny --

       Lois has come up behind them.

                        Have you guys seen Clark today?

       Their attention remains on the TV.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)  Green Rev.   3/29/95                          24.   

  35   CONTINUED:  2                                                              35  

                        No, and don't try to put me in the
                        middle of anything.

       Lois decides not to travel down this road, whatever it is. 

                        I need some research, Jimmy.  I
                        want to know everything there is to
                        know about Omnicorp and Charles
                        Knox.  He's the president.


                              (to Perry)
                        Now I'm going out to investigate
                        this guy who's suing Superman.


       Lois leaves.  Jimmy and Perry remain riveted to the TV.

                                           PFINCH-LUPUS (T.V.)
                        ... and so, the Andean nettlebug
                        mates only once, with tragic
                        consequences for all concerned.
                        But the species survives and
                        thrives, and the little newly
                        hatched nettlebugs have no inkling
                        of the calamitous fate that awaits

  36   INT. CONSTANCE'S OFFICE - DAY                                              36  

       Superman and Constance.  Constance is explaining.                            (X)

                        I don't want to be the person who                           (X)
                        destroys Superman.                                          (X)

                        Excuse me, but don't you think                              (X)
                        you're being a little hyperbolic?                           (X)

                        No...   I don't try cases anymore.                          (X)
                        I gave it up because I never won.                           (X)
                        I never won because I think                                 (X)
                        justice should be about truth, not                          (X)
                        about who's the better liar.                                (X)


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)  Green Rev.   3/29/95                         24A.   

  36   CONTINUED:                                                                 36  

                        But that's what I need: Someone                             (X)
                        who understands that justice is                             (X)
                        about truth.

       Constance gives him a pitying smile.

                        No. You need to win.  Otherwise
                        you'll spend the rest of your life
                        in court answering to greedy
                        plaintiffs and their noxious
                        attorneys.  Is that what you want?


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)   Goldenrod Rev.   3/30/95                     25.   

  36   CONTINUED:  2                                                              36  

                        No, of course not.

                        Then you need someone who sees an
                        open wound and automatically
                        reaches for the salt.  You need a
                        _real_ lawyer... I'm sorry.

  37   EXT. SIDEWALK CAFE - DAY                                                   37  

       Calvin is sitting at a table.  He's waiting, not patiently.
       Lois sits down at the table next to him.  Elise arrives and
       sits across from Calvin.

                              (to Elise)
                        Did you bring it?


       She's reaching into her capacious bag, pulls out a Watchman
       TV, sets it up and turns it on.  You're probably expecting
       The Nature Station, but:

                                           TV VOICE OVER
                        ... Is Superman getting too big for
                        his britches?  Next on Jerry...                             (X)

                        Isn't this great, Elise?

       He's pumped.

                                           CALVIN (CONT'D)
                        I'm on national TV, and Barry
                        Barker says there's no way I can
                        lose the case.

                        That's wonderful, Calvin... If you
                        win a lot of money, then can we
                        tell people we're married?

       Lois reacts.  Are there no depths too low for this leech? 
       Calvin takes Elise's hand and turns on the boyish charm.
       For the first time we see what must've hooked Elise on the


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)   Goldenrod Rev.   3/30/95                     26.   

  37   CONTINUED:                                                                 37  

                        Absolutely, honey.  You know the
                        only reason I wanted to keep it
                        secret was so your friends wouldn't
                        think you'd married a bum.

       Blinded by love and stupidity, Elise buys it.  Lois doesn't.

                                           CALVIN (CONT'D)
                        You understand what you have to say
                        when you're on the witness stand,
                        don't you?

       Aha, so that's what it's about.  Elise still doesn't see it.

                        Yes, Calvin.

       Lois can hardly keep from horning in.  Unfortunately for
       him, Clark picks this moment to arrive and sit across from

                        Hi, Lois.

       Lois turns a look on him that would shrivel a lesser man.

                        Men are pigs.

       Clark reacts.


                        Here it is, it's starting!

       Lois and Clark look over to:

  38   ANGLE - THE WATCHMAN                                                       38  

       where we see JERRY RETCHIN, talk show host.  (This will be                   (X)
       shot outside the Daily Planet Building.  Jerry is doing a                    (X)
       location show.)

                                           JERRY (T.V.)                             (X)
                        Today we'll be talking to Calvin
                        Dregg, a master guitarist on the
                        cusp of major stardom -- until he
                        suffered a career-ending injury at
                        the hands of Superman.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)   Goldenrod Rev.   3/30/95                     27.   

  38   CONTINUED:                                                                 38  

                                           JERRY (T.V.) (CONT'D)                    (X)
                        Yes, folks, Superman.  Is The Man
                        of Steel the Champion of Justice,
                        or is he just a bully in a cape?
                        You decide.

       As Jerry is talking, his studio camera is widening until                     (X)
       Calvin appears on screen, too.

  39   BACK TO SCENE                                                              39  

       Lois and Clark are appalled. Calvin is very excited.

                        There I am! There I am! I'm so

                                           JERRY (T.V.)                             (X)
                              (oily sincerity)
                        We tried to contact Superman to
                        hear his side of the story...
                              (he's lying)
                        ... but The Man of Steel apparently
                        feels he's not answerable to
                        anyone.  Well, we'll see if he's
                        answerable to the law.

                        You look good on TV, Calvin.

       The TV Calvin has started talking, and Elise is talking over

                        Shhh! Shhh!

                                           CALVIN (T.V.)
                        According to the doctor my attorney
                        found for me, I have permanent
                        nerve damage, I'll never play the
                        guitar again.

       GROANS of sympathy from the audience.  Lois is watching the
       TV, her head turned away from Clark, who has had just about
       all of Calvin Dregg that he can take.

                                           CALVIN (T.V.)
                        And Superman didn't even apologize.

       That's it.  Clark lowers his glasses and aims his HEAT
       VISION at the TV, which sizzles, pops and dies.  Calvin is
       beside himself, and of course, he blames Elise.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Pink Rev.     3/28/95                      27A.   

  39   CONTINUED:                                                                 39  

                        You idiot!  You bought a defective
                        TV!  I have to find another one!

       He bolts from the scene.  Elise follows.  Lois and Clark
       look at each other.


       She's gazing at him.                                                         (X)


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Pink Rev.     3/28/95                       28.   

  39   CONTINUED:  2                                                              39  

                        What?                                                       (X)


                        Well what?

                        Time to talk.

       Clark opens his mouth, but nothing comes out.

                                           LOIS (CONT'D)
                        We had a _date_, Clark.  And you
                        just disappeared and you never
                        came back.

                        I'm not sure what I'm supposed to
                        say, Lois.

                        The truth.  I'm at the point now
                        with this, with us, that I need to
                        hear the truth.  Whatever it is.

       Trapped.  Trapped like a fly in a sticky web.  At this
       moment, we hear, from somewhere O.S., a faintish SQUEAL OF
       BRAKES.  Clark reacts.  If Clark Kent were capable of
       saying, "Oh, shit!!" -- now would be the time.

                        I'm really sorry, Lois --

       He rushes OUT OF FRAME.  Lois may pop an artery.

  40                                                                              40  
THRU   OMITTED                                                                  THRU  
  41                                                                              41  

  42   EXT. STREET - DAY                                                          42  

       CLOSE ON the back bumper of a taxi as Superman drags it to a
       halt inches shy of a crosswalk. (This should be around a
       corner somewhere, out of Lois' view.)

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Pink Rev.     3/28/95                      28A.   

  43   WIDER                                                                      43  

       as a dozen pedestrians drop what they were doing and try to
       crowd into the taxi, pretending they were in it and moaning
       and carrying on like they've been injured in the rescue. 
       Superman stands there looking harassed and powerless.

  44   EXT. SIDEWALK CAFE - DAY                                                   44  

       Lois goes from apoplexy to cold fury.  She snags a passing

                        Excuse me...


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)   Goldenrod Rev.   3/30/95                     29.   

  44   CONTINUED:                                                                 44  

       She takes the waiter's pad and pen from him and writes a
       brief note as:

                                           LOIS (CONT'D)
                        If my friend comes back, will you
                        give him this, please.

       She stomps off.  A moment after she disappears, Clark
       returns, looks around.  The waiter hands him the note and
       moves off.  Clark looks down at it:

  45   INSERT - THE NOTE                                                          45  

       "Just forget it."

  46   BACK TO SCENE                                                              46  

       On Clark's forlorn expression --

  47   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT #3                                          47  

       Clark's sitting on the couch with his head in his hands.  He
       looks up as there's a KNOCK on the door.

  48   AT THE DOOR                                                                48  

       He opens it to find MARTHA and JONATHAN standing there.

                        We saw the Jerry show...                                    (X)

                        Boy, am I glad to see you.

  49   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                             49  

       A few minutes later.  Clark's been catching them up.

                        ... and that's where I am:  Lois
                        hates me, there's a long line of
                        people waiting to sue me and I
                        can't find a lawyer, I don't have
                        time to do my job at the Planet,
                        and Lois hates me.

                        You said that.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  30.   

  49   CONTINUED:                                                                 49  

                        And it's not true.

                        You didn't see her face.

                        She wouldn't get upset if she
                        didn't care.

       There's silence, then:

                        I don't think I can do this

                        Do what?

                        I really wanted to be able to have
                        a normal life.  To have a job and
                        friends and somebody to love... But
                        it's not possible, is it?  I can't
                        be two people anymore...

                        Oh, honey...

                        I'm going to have to choose:  Clark
                        or Superman.

                                                                  FADE OUT.

                                  _END OF ACT TWO_

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)  Green Rev.   3/29/95                          31.   

                                 _ACT THREE_

       FADE IN:

  50   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT - MINUTES LATER                             50  

       Jonathan and Martha look at their son, concerned, as:

                        Are you saying you don't want to be
                        Superman anymore?

                        No.  I could never stand on a
                        street corner and watch a bus head
                        for a little kid and not do

                        Then you're saying you can't be
                        Clark?  Is that it?

                        I think... that's what I'm
                        thinking.                                                   (X)

  51   EXT. METROPOLIS COURT HOUSE - DAY #4                                       51  

       Superman LANDS and walks up the steps.  There is a commotion
       at the doors, a PHALANX of REPORTERS and LAWYERS exiting.
       The crowd breaks and Superman sees at the center of it:

       BILL CHURCH, JR., in the middle of giving a statement to the


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  32.    

  51   CONTINUED:                                                                 51  

                                           BILL, JR.
                        ... no, I'm certainly not bitter
                        and --
                              (sees Superman)

       He moves to him.  Press people follow, cameras CLICKING.

                        Don't tell me you made bail.

                                           BILL, JR.
                        Bail?  No. They're dropping the


                                           BILL, JR.
                        All you need's a good lawyer.
                        Trust me, you're gonna love it in

       He smiles, pats him on the shoulder and moves off, talking
       to the Press:

                                           BILL, JR. (CONT'D)
                        I just signed to write a book on
                        the whole experience, called WHY
                        THIS IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON

       Superman just shakes his head and moves into the court.

  52   INT. COURT ROOM - DAY                                                      52  

       Emptying out of ONLOOKERS, but for Superman and Lawyer 1,
       a brass-knuckle, courtroom SHARPIE, packing up his valise
       after a day of trial.

                                           SHARPIE LAWYER
                        Lemme tell ya a little about my
                        strategy in a case like this,
                        Superman.  I don't just beat the
                        other side... I kill them. You
                        think I'm kidding?
                              (a mad gleam in his eye)
                        I am not kidding.

  53   INT. COURT HALL - DAY                                                      53  

       Superman with a silky SMILER of a lawyer.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  33.   

  53   CONTINUED:                                                                 53  

                                           SMILER LAWYER
                        You're right to shop carefully for
                        an attorney.  I've handled dozens
                        of cases 1 e this and none of them
                        have ever gone to trial.  I've
                        always settled amicably and

                        That's great.  How?

                                           SMILER LAWYER
                        Find the plaintiff's darkest secret
                        and threaten to print it unless
                        they back off.
                              (offers a dish)

  54   INT. COURT ROOM - DAY                                                      54  

       Back to the Sharpie, getting heated:

                                           SHARPIE LAWYER
                        You choke 'em on paperwork, cut off
                        their air, then go after their
                        families, friends and when their
                        bones are breaking in your fists --

                        I don't think

                                           SHARPIE LAWYER
                        You squeeze harder!

  55   INT. COURT ANTEROOM - DAY                                                  55  

       Superman sits with a seasoned old PRO.

                                           PRO LAWYER
                        Superman, you're the one being
                        exploited here and I've got an
                        idea.  Let's sue them.  And not
                        just them -- let's go after those
                        guys selling Superman t-shirts and
                        not cutting you in and the comic
                        books, let's get you a little taste
                        of that action.
                              (as Superman tries to
                        I know, I know, no money, right? 
                        Don't worry, the first few are on
                        me, pro bono... if you just sign
                        over the TV movie rights to me.

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  34.   

  56   INT.  COURT ROOM - DAY                                                     56  

       Back to the Sharpie in a pantomiming, red-faced apoplexy:

                                           SHARPIE LAWYER
                        ... kill, kill, kill!

                        I, uh, really have to... go rescue
                        someone... or something...

                                           SHARPIE LAWYER
                              (suddenly calm, checks
                        Oh, yeah, I'm late for yoga.
                        Listen, we'll talk soon, huh?

       Superman just nods absently and gets the hell away from this

  57   EXT. COURT HOUSE - DAY                                                     57  

       Superman comes out fast, takes a deep breath, moves to a
       bench and sits, exhausted.  A LITTLE GIRL walks up.

                        You look sad, Superman.

                        I'm okay.

                        Want a hug?

       He nods.  She loops her arms around his neck and gives him a
       squeeze and a peck on the cheek.  Then --

                                           GIRL (CONT'D)
                        Don't be a Mr. Gloomy Pants.

                        I'll try.

       She turns and skips off.

                                           LOIS (O.S.)
                        Careful, I might get jealous.

       He turns.  Lois is coming out of the court house.  She sits
       next to him.

                        Lois... what are you doing here?


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Blue Blue Rev.   4/4/95                     35.   

  57   CONTINUED:                                                                 57  

                        Checking out this bum who's suing
                        you.  He's got quite a record back
                        in England.  Loved to sue people. 
                        Loved to _get_ sued so he could
                        counter-sue.  Now I think that
                        establishes a real pattern...

                        It would if it were admissible.

                        You can't use this?  But it proves
                        he's... he's vindictively

                              (getting up)
                        Sorry, Lois.  Thanks for trying.

                        Tell me what I can do to help.

                        I'm afraid this is a battle I've
                        got to fight on my own.

                        But I --

       There's more she'd like to say but he takes off with a

                                           LOIS (CONT'D)
                        -- oh, no, I had nothing else to
                        say, I was finished... thanks.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Blue Blue Rev.   4/4/95                     36.   

  58   OMITTED                                                                    58  

  59   INT. DARK HALLWAY - NIGHT #4                                               59  

       Dan steps out of the shadows, wearing a suit and tie.  A man
       appears.  Dressed in an expensive suit, with an air of
       authority, this is CHARLES KNOX.  He carries a steel attache

                        Hi. Charles Knox, right?  Dan
                        Scardino, FDA.
                              (points to case)
                        Is that money?

       He hefts it onto a sill and snaps it open.  It's stuffed
       tight with cash.

                        Let's talk dates.

                        We hardly know each other, but
                        hell, if you're paying...

       Knox steps into Dan's face, menacing:

                        Go be Chuckles the Clown on your
                        time; on my clock, shut your mouth.
                        Now... we want FDA approval on the
                        drug.  We want it by the first of
                        the year.  And we want it

                        You got it.

       Knox walks off, leaving the case.  Dan hefts the case and
       walks down the hall to the elevator, pushes the button,
       waits.  Then, from behind him --

                        So this is what you didn't want me
                        to find out about.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  37.   

  59   CONTINUED:                                                                 59  

       He whirls.  There she is.  PING.  The elevator arrives.  she
       moves past him, coolly, into the car.  He scrambles after
       her, agitated.

  60   INT. ELEVATOR - NIGHT                                                      60  

       The doors close.

                        Lois, there are things going on you
                        can't know about...

                              (checks notes)
                        Like, you're posing as a corrupt
                        FDA researcher?  And the man you
                        just met is the President of                                (X)
                        Omnicorp, which wants to push
                        through a new painkiller called...
                              (flips to new page)
                        ... Nirvana, which the DEA suspects
                        might have mind-altering affects?                           (X)

                        How did you -- ?

                        Hel-looo?  I'm a reporter,

       TIGHTEN ON the metal case -- and WE SEE there is a tiny                      (X)
       metal microphone in the side, near the seam.

  61   INT. DARK HALLWAY - NIGHT                                                  61  

       Around the corner from where Dan and Knox met. Knox is
       listening to Lois and Dan on a small, hand-held radio.

                                           LOIS (V.O.)
                        Is that why you won't talk to me
                        about your work?  Because you don't
                        trust me?

       TIGHT ON Knox, listening.

  62   INT. ANOTHER HALL - NIGHT                                                  62(X)

       Lois and Dan emerge from the elevator.                                       (X)


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  38.   

  62   CONTINUED:                                                                 62  

                        You think that whatever I find out
                        about I'm going to print, is that

                        Lois -- stay away from this.                                (X)

                        Excuse me -- ?

                        Stay --

                        -- what am I, a house pet?

       He accidentally bangs the attache into something, SMASHING
       the bug.

  63   INT. DARK HALL - NIGHT                                                     63  

       Knox's transmitter goes dead.

  64   INT. ANOTHER HALL - NIGHT                                                  64(X)

                        All you talk about is how evasive
                        Clark is and Clark always
                        disappears mysteriously but you                             (X)
                        know what?  At least Clark trusts
                        me... and he knows I'd never use
                        someone close to me just to get a
                        story.  So.  Here are all my notes
                        on your case.  Good luck.

       She hands them over, turns and walks off.                                    (X)

  65   INT. DARK HALL - NIGHT                                                     65  

       Knox shuts off the radio and lifts a cel phone.

                        Mr. Church?  Charles Knox.

  66   INTERCUT BILL CHURCH, JR. - IN HIS LIMO                                    66  

       with a couple of GORGEOUS WOMEN.                                             (X)

                        I've got bad news.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  39.   

  66   CONTINUED:                                                                 66   

                                           BILL, JR.
                        I admire your bluntness... and your

                        It's about Operation Nirvana...

                                           BILL, JR.
                        Nirvana... ahhhh ... ?

                        It's a synthetic nerve block we
                        were developing... disguised as
                        aspirin?  Makes people susceptible
                        to suggestion?

                                           BILL, JR.
                        Right, right, right, people take it
                        for headaches, then buy our crap
                        because they'll just believe what
                        they're told.  What's the problem?

       One of the Girls lets out a giggle.

                        Are you alone, sir?

                                           BILL, JR.
                              (eyeing the babes)                                    (X)
                        I just got out of _jail_ Knox.                              (X)

                        A DEA agent and a reporter are                              (X)
                        onto us...                                                  (X)

                                           BILL, JR.
                              (to Driver)
                        Pull over.

  67   EXT. STREET MINUTES LATER                                                  67  

       Two very pissed off Gorgeous Women stand next to the idling

  68   INT. BILL, JR.'S LIMO - NIGHT                                              68  

       Bill, Jr. alone.

                                           BILL, JR.
                        Lane and this agent.  They're both
                        testifying at the Superman trial,
                        aren't they?


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  40.   

  68   CONTINUED:                                                                 68  

                        I think I read that.

                                           BILL, JR.
                        Wouldn't it be sweetly ironic if                            (X)
                        something happened to them right
                        under his nose?  Might put the last
                        nail in the coffin of his career?

                        Yes, yes it would --

                                           BILL, JR.
                        Get right on that.
                              (opens door)
                        Oh, girls, we can pick up where we
                        left off now...

  69   INT. CONSTANCE HUNTER'S OFFICE - NIGHT                                     69  

       Constance and Superman in mid-conversation.                                  (X)

                        I can't find a lawyer I'd want to                           (X)
                        spend five minutes with, let alone
                        entrust my career to.  _Please_.

                        You're being pathetic.                                      (X)

                        I know, I'm sorry...

                        Don't say you're sorry, it's
                        pathetic... I can't say no to
                        pathetic, I never could... and
                        _you_ being pathetic is... really

                        Ms. Hunter, I thought I'd seen
                        every kind of evil there is...
                        every perversion of man, law and
                        God.   And I thought I knew how to
                        fight them all.  But there's
                        something out there I've never
                        really seen before and I _can't_
                        fight it because I don't understand
                        it.  Greed.  I need an ally, Ms.
                        Hunter, someone who does understand
                        it but doesn't want to be a part of
                        it... and if that's pathetic,


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)  Green Rev.   3/29/95                          41.   

  69   CONTINUED:                                                                 69  

                        God, just once, I'd like to have a
                        client come in here with a case I
                        thought I could win.

                        You'll do it?

                        Go... wherever it is you go and
                        rest up. We'll start at nine
                        tomorrow.  You bring the bagels.


  70   OMITTED                                                                    70  

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  42.   

  71   INT. LOIS' APARTMENT - BEDROOM - NIGHT                                     71  

       She lies in bed, on her back, and stares at the ceiling.

  72   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                             72  

       He flops down on the couch.

  73   INT. LOIS' APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                 73  

       She pads in, picks up a book, nuts it down, looks at the
       phone, then puts a pillow overall.

  74   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                             74  

       He turns on the TV, turns it right off, gets up and paces.

  75   INT. LOIS' APARTMENT - NIGHT                                               75  

       She paces into frame, eating ice cream.

  76   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                             76  

       He stops pacing, looks down and sees the phone.

  77   INT. LOIS' APARTMENT - NIGHT                                               77  

       She pushes the pillow off, picks her phone up and dials.

  78   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                             78  

       He has the phone in his hand now and dials, finishes, waits.

  79   INT. LOIS' APARTMENT - NIGHT                                               79  

       She SLAMS the phone down.

  80   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                             80  

       He SLAMS the phone down and SHATTERS it into a hundred bits.

  81   EXT. LOIS' APARTMENT - NIGHT                                               81  

       She comes out into the night and goes for a walk.

  82   EXT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - TERRACE - NIGHT                                   82  

       Superman takes off and goes for a fly.

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  43.   

  83   EXT. STREET - NIGHT                                                        83  

       Lois turns a corner.

  84   EXT. SKY - NIGHT                                                           84  

       Superman soars and stretches, yawns.

  85   EXT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                             85  

       Lois comes into view and peers at Clark's front door.  Sees
       it's dark inside, turns and goes back.

  86   EXT. SKY - NIGHT                                                           86  

       Superman banks out of frame.

  87   EXT. LOIS' APARTMENT - NIGHT                                               87  

       Late.  Lois walks back to her front door.  Dan is sitting on
       the stoop.  MUSIC UNDER, as:



                        I thought about what a jerk I


                        Thought given the _size_ of my
                        jerkiness... maybe roses... maybe
                        jewelry... maybe a Lear jet...

                        We both overreacted.

                        I didn't bring you anything, Lois,
                        because I don't want to dazzle
                        you... I just want to be with you.
                        So.  Can we... talk?

       He gestures to the door.



                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  44.   

  87   CONTINUED:                                                                 87  

       MUSIC BACK UP as they move up her stoop and into her
       building WE WIDEN TO REVEAL Superman across the street, in
       the shadows, as his face sets, more sad than angry, and he
       takes off.

 87A   EXT. SKY - NIGHT                                                          87A  

       Superman flies, totally bummed.                                              (X)

                                                                  FADE OUT:

                               _END OF ACT THREE_

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)  Green Rev.   3/29/95                          45.   

                                    _ACT FOUR_

       FADE IN:

 87B   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - DAY #5                                           87B  

       Clark and the Kents over breakfast.                                          (X)

                        But how do you give up being who                            (X)
                        you are?

                        Pretend to move overseas, build                             (X)
                        myself some secret lair to live                             (X)
                        in... I don't know, I haven't                               (X)
                        sorted it all out yet... But I                              (X)
                        just can't keep this up, I can't                            (X)
                        keep lying to Lois and hurting                              (X)

                        And what if you lose your case?                             (X)
                        What happens to Superman then?                              (X)

       Off Clark's inability to predict the future:                                 (X)

  88   INT. DR. FRISKIN'S OFFICE - DAY                                            88  

       Lois and Dr. Friskin, in mid-session.

                        So what you're saying is, all my
                        life I've basically been attracting
                        men who are controlling or
                        incomplete or downright liars
                        because... because...

                                           DR. FRISKIN
                        Keep going.

                        ... because I like being treated
                        like that?  But wait, then how come
                        if I like this kind of man and I
                        always seem to set this kind of
                        man, I'm not happy?

                                           DR. FRISKIN
                        You like chocolate, right?  But you
                        know it's bad for you.  And the
                        older and wiser you get, the less
                        tolerance you have for something
                        that's bad for you.  You're not a
                        victim, Lois...


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)  Green Rev.   3/29/95                         45A.   

  88   CONTINUED:                                                                 88  

       These words hit Lois hard.

                                           DR. FRISKIN (CONT'D)
                        ... so stop acting like one.  You
                        know who you want to be with. 
                        You've known all along.  The
                        problem is, he's just as scared as
                        you are.  So... which one of you is
                        going to step up and say the scary

                        How come you never ask simple

                                           DR. FRISKIN
                        I would if I knew any simple answers.

  89   EXT. COURT HOUSE - TO ESTABLISH - DAY                                      89  

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Yellow Rev.     3/28/95                      46   

  90   INT. COURT ROOM - DAY                                                      90  

       Moments before Superman's trial.  On one side of the bar,
       Calvin and Barker; behind them, in the gallery, Elise.  On
       the other side, Superman and Constance; behind them in the
       gallery, Perry, Jimmy, Dan and Lois.  The room is packed,
       dotted with PEOPLE in neck braces, slings and bandages.

                              (studying the faux
                        Look at this... the next wave of
                        injured plaintiffs.
                              (shakes head)
                        Amazing.  Superman's spent his
                        whole career fighting
                        mega-criminals and he's getting
                        brought down by a mealy-mouthed
                        talk show whiner and his
                        sycophantic mouthpiece.

                        Says just a little too much about
                        the society we live in right now.

                              (looks around)
                        Where's Clark?

                        He told me he was going to
                        Smallville for a few days.


                        Got a few personal things to take
                        care of.  I'm a little worried
                        about him.  Hasn't been himself

       Lois tries to hide the effect of another disappointment.
       Perry leans over and whispers to Jimmy:

                                           PERRY (CONT'D)
                        See The Nature Station last night?                          (X)

                        The Male Blue-Headed Whipperwill
                        always returns to its birth nest...

                        ... after an unsuccessful attempt
                        at mating.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  47.   

  90   CONTINUED:                                                                 90  

       Both men nod sagely and glance at Lois.  Dan, sitting beside
       her, takes her hand.

                        Then you've got your Rain Forest
                        Koka Monkey...

                        ... movin' in on the female the
                        _second_ the male's in another

                        We're just this far --
                              (holds fingers an inch
                        -- from the jungle, huh, Chief?

                        If that, son, if that.

       Sitting at the bar, Superman glances back and sees Dan
       holding Lois's hand.  He tries not to let it hurt.  Lois
       sees the look on his face.  Their eyes meet for a second,
       she's curious, then... The JUDGE enters, everyone rises.

  91   INT. COURT ROOM - WITNESS STAND - LATER                                    91  

       Elise on the stand, nervous, under direct exam by Barker:

                        ... and Calvin hasn't been able to use
                        his hand since.

                        Completely paralyzed?

                        Yes.  Completely.

                        And what about his moods?

                        Oh, they're... mmmm, they're bad...
                        um, he's not himself.                                       (X)

       The Judge glances at Calvin.  Calvin slumps low in his chair
       and shields his eyes with his hand, a mournful and forlorn
       figure of suffering and sorrow.  Lois looks at Calvin,

                        I smell ham...
                              (then glares at Elise)
                        and cheese.

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Pink Rev.     3/28/95                       48.   

  92   EXT. PARK ACROSS FROM COURT HOUSE - DAY                                    92  

       Knox with a well-dressed ASSASSIN, both kneeling in front of
       an open attache case.

                        It's silent, no moving parts, just
                        two globs of liquid C-12,                                   (X)
                        separated by this little piece of
                        plastic.  Start your acid eating
                        through and in five minutes,                                (X)
                        whammo.  Always wanted to try this                          (X)
                        little sucker... right under
                        Superman's nose.

       We see what's in the attache case now: a high-tech bomb.
       The Assassin closes the case and locks it.

                        Just remember, it can't look like
                        Scardino and Lane were the only

                        It won't.                                                   (X)

       They move out of the park, toward the court house.

  93   INT. COURT HALL - DAY                                                      93  

       A break in the proceedings.  People mill.  Elise gets some
       water.  Lois walks up.

                        Can I ask you a question?  How can
                        you lie on the stand like that for
                        a man who won't even admit he's
                        married to you?

       Elise looks at her, like a deer caught in headlights.

                        How... how did you... ?

                        The kind of degradation you'll
                        tolerate in your personal life is
                        your business -- but you're ruining
                        an innocent man and I'm not going
                        to sit by and

                              (moving off)
                        Leave me alone


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  49.   

  93   CONTINUED:                                                                 93  

                        He doesn't love you, Elise.
                              (this stops her)
                        You know when a man loves you by                            (X)
                        the way he treats you, by the way
                        he looks at you... the way he --                            (X)

                        Look, Miss Lane, if you've got the
                        perfect man, I'm happy for you but
                        I --

                        He's about as far from perfect as
                        you can be but I'll tell you the
                        difference between him and
                        Calvin -- he wants my happiness
                        more than his own.  I feel it every
                        second I'm with him, and sometimes
                        there aren't enough of those
                        seconds and the ones we _do_ have
                        end a little abruptly but Elise,
                        Calvin doesn't feel that way about
                        you and someday he'll prove it in
                        the ugliest way he can.

       Elise, stunned, moves back to court. A man bumps her from
       behind and mutters an excuse.  As he slips into the
       courtroom, we see it's the Assassin, with his attache case.

  94   INT. COURTROOM - DAY                                                       94  

       The Assassin sets his attache in the aisle near Lois and
       Dan, twists the snap-lock and --

  95   INSERT - INSIDE THE CASE                                                   95  

       as the acid burns through the plastic separating the two
       forms of liquid explosive. Smoke rises and curls.

  96   INT. COURT ROOM - DAY                                                      96  

       The Assassin gets up and exits the court room, just as
       Superman under direct exam by Constance:

                        Sitting here, listening to all this
                        damning testimony, I'd like to
                        know... why do you want to _be_
                        Superman?  It seems to me it's
                        never offered you much but exposure
                        to danger and ridicule...


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  50.   

  96   CONTINUED:                                                                 96  

                        No, that's not true.


                        All the things I can do... the
                        powers I have... I've asked myself
                        a thousand times, why?  And the
                        only answer I could come up with
                        is: to help.  As quickly and
                        decisively as possible.  And maybe
                        because of that, I've been a
                              (he looks at Lois)
                        ... and maybe there are some things
                        I'll never have... but when I can
                        save a life, well... in that
                        instant, I know two things most                             (X)
                        people never figure out: why I'm
                        here and how I can make a

       A hush in the courtroom.  Superman cocks his head and sniffs
       the air, as if smelling something for the first time.

                        Your witness.

                              (whispers to Barker)
                        Fry him.

                        In oil, kid, in oil.
                        Well, that was a heart-rending
                        speech.  Can I get anybody a

                        Do you smell something?


  97   INSERT - INSIDE THE ATTACHE CASE                                           97  

       As the plastic burns and the two liquids begins to mix and

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  51.   

  98   INT. COURTROOM - DAY                                                       98  

       Superman gets up, sniffing the air.

                        I've smelled it before...

                        Your Honor...

                        I'm sorry, your Honor, but I think
                        what I'm smelling is C-12, it's an
                        ... and it's burning, somewhere in

                        Oh, please, this is the most
                        disgraceful form of courtroom
                        theatrics I've _ever_ witnessed.

                        Listen to him...

  99   INSERT IN THE CASE                                                         99  

       and the liquid bubbling furiously, rattling and shaking.

 100   INT. COURT - DAY                                                          100  

       Superman moves into the gallery, sniffing and searching.

                              (getting in Superman's
                        I suppose next you'll tell us we're
                        all going to die.

                        Mister, you don't back off and let
                        him do his job, you're gonna be
                        suing _me_ for assault.

                        I hope everyone heard that!

                        I did!



                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  52.   

 100   CONTINUED:                                                                100  

                        Superman, should we evacuate the

                        Everyone stay calm, I think... yes,
                        it's right...
                              (picks up Assassin's attache)
                        ... here.

       He opens it, revealing the bubbling, smoking bomb.  PEOPLE
       jump and SCREAM, startled and terrified.

                        Oh, my God...

       Superman hugs the bomb to him and takes off, going straight
       up in a whooshing BLUE AND RED BLUR.

       The sound of Superman CRASHING through the ceiling.  Plaster
       chunks and bits of dust cascade down.  Some of it lands on
       Calvin.  He starts to dust it off, annoyed, then a thought
       strikes Barry Barker, who nudges Calvin, and suddenly "in
       agony" --

                        My eyes!

       He makes a blind-man grope and tumbles over a chair.  Elise
       and Barker kneel to him.

                        Calvin, Calvin... are you all
                        right?  Someone get a doctor!

       Then the SOUND of an ENORMOUS BLAST echoes from above. 
       Everyone looks up, frozen.

       The doors open and Superman strides in, smoke sizzling off
       his suit, holding the charred remains of the bomb in his

                        If I had to guess, I'd say that was
                        meant for me...

                        Agent Scardino you should have
                        your lab get on this.

       He hands it over.



                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  53.   

 100   CONTINUED:  2                                                             100  

       He bolts from the room.

                        Superman, are you all right?

       Before he can answer --

                        I... I can't see... the dust in my
                        eyes... oh, dear Lord -- I'M BLIND!

                        Is there no end to the suffering
                        Superman causes?

                              (suddenly rising)
                        Oh, shut _up_!

       Barker turns to her, stunned.  So does Calvin.


                        I have had it with you, Calvin!
                        We'd be _dead_ if it wasn't for
                        Superman!  And there's nothing
                        wrong with your eyes, except you
                        can't see anything but yourself!

                        Your Honor --

                              (ripping sling off)
                        And your arm will be fine!
                              (to Judge)
                        And he'll play guitar just as bad
                        as he ever did!  He just wanted the
                        money and he got me to lie for him!

                              (trying to shush her)
                        Elise... honey...                                           (X)

                              (with quiet
                        You don't speak for me anymore,
                        Calvin.  I want a divorce... not
                        that anyone ever knew we were


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  54.   

 100   CONTINUED:  3                                                             100  

       She catches Lois' eye, who gives her a nod: well done.

                        Your Honor, in view of this new

                        Save it, counselor.

       The Judge BANGS his gavel.

                                           JUDGE (CONT'D)
                        Case dismissed.

                              (to Elise)
                        Do you need a lawyer?

                                                                  CUT TO:

 101   INT. COURT HALL - DAY                                                     101  

       As the court empties out, Superman takes a moment with

                        Well... I guess your losing streak
                        is over, Ms. Hunter.

                        It didn't hurt that you saved the
                        judge's life... tends to make him

                              (holds out his hand)
                        Thank you for believing in me.

                        No, Superman... thank _you_.

       They share a warm look, then she moves off.  Lois walks out
       of court with Elise.

                        I'm sort of looking forward to
                        being single again... I have a
                        feeling there are so many
                        wonderful, caring, exciting men out
                        there, just waiting.

       Lois gives Elise her best encouraging smile.


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Pink Rev.     3/28/95                       55.   

 101   CONTINUED:                                                                101  

                        And... and good for you.                                    (X)

       She breaks from Lois and walks off.  Superman approaches.                    (X)

                                           LOIS (CONT'D)

       She kisses his cheek and looks at him, in wonder.


                        I think I understand something I
                        didn't before.  Why I don't really
                        know you.  Why no one does.  You
                              (indicates the sky)
                        ... above us, and when we try to
                        bring you down here, we just show
                        the worst sides of ourselves.  I've
                        tried to love you but I realized
                        today how selfish that is.  You're
                        not _just_ here for me you're
                        here for all of us.
                        I'll always need you... and I'll
                        always be your friend but
                        there's someone down here who needs
                        _me_... if I can just figure out
                        how to get him to see it.

       Another kiss on the cheek and she turns.

                        Lois, I need --

       She stops.  So does she.

                                           SUPERMAN (CONT'D)
                        -- to say... thank you.  For being
                        such a good friend.

       He gives her a smile, then turns and walks down the hall.
       She watches till he's gone with an O.S. WHOOSH that blows
       back her hair.

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)  Green Rev.   3/29/95                          56.   

 102   INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT #5                                         102  

       The apartment is a mass of suitcases and boxes. Jonathan,                    (X)
       Martha and Clark pack and sort.

                        I can't do this.  I'm sorry,
                        Martha.  I know we said we wouldn't
                        stick out noses in, but Clark --
                        this is wrong, you can't give up                            (X)
                        your whole life like this.                                  (X)

                              (re: the suitcases)
                        Look, I don't want to do this,
                        okay?  But I don't see any other
                        way that's fair to Lois.                                    (X)

                        Clark, if Lois is the problem, why
                        are you running away?                                       (X)

                        What are you saying?  That I                                (X)
                        should just tell her that I'm...                            (X)
                        I'm... ?

                        I'm not saying anything.  And                               (X)
                        before we stick our noses in any
                        further --
                              (exiting with Jonathan)
                        We're going out for Chinese.

 103  INT. LOIS' APARTMENT - NIGHT                                               103  

       There's a knock at the door, she opens it and there's Dan,
       with a copy of the Planet and the headline's "OMNICORP'S
       KNOX ARRESTED".  Beneath are photos of Knox and the
       Assassin.  "Exclusive by Lois Lane."


                        Dan, come on in.

       He comes in and as he does, he produces a bouquet.

                        Sorry.  Couldn't help myself.

       She takes them and smiles.

                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)  Green Rev.   3/29/95                         56A.   

104    INT. CLARK'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                            104  

       Clark is alone, on the phone.  RINGING, then the sound of
       Lois' machine picking up.  He hangs up.

105    ON TV - THE HOST OF THE NATURE STATION                                    105  

       is talking to us:


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Pink Rev.     3/28/95                       57.   

 105   CONTINUED:                                                                105  

                                           PFINCH-LUPUS (T.V.)
                        And so what are we to learn from
                        the mating habits of insects,
                        reptiles and mammals?  What does it
                        teach us about ourselves?  That
                        we're not the only creatures on the
                        planet capable of caring,                                   (X)
                        betrayal, sorrow, forgiveness...

 106   BACK TO SCENE                                                             106  

       as Lois appears at the door.

                                           PFINCH-LUPUS (T.V.)
                        ... and faith.
                              (O.S., to be faded
                               down)                                                (X)
                        That the forces which drive us to                           (X)
                        the heights of passion and depths                           (X)
                        of despair, are in deed felt by                             (X)
                        all creatures, great and small.                             (X)

       She knocks.  He moves away from the drone of the TV to the
       door and opens it.



                              (peering in)
                        You planning a yard sale?
                              (suddenly shifts gears)
                        Wait, wait.  That's a form of
                        distancing.  My therapist -- I
                        know, I have a therapist, can you
                        believe it? -- she says I say
                        things like that to distance, so we
                        don't really have to deal with
                        anything and it's very complicated
                        and linked to a lot of boring
                        childhood trauma and... can I come

       As she does --

                        I told Superman I just want to be
                        friends... that there's someone
                        else...  And Dan and I --                                   (X)


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    FULL Blue Rev.     3/24/95                  58.   

 106   CONTINUED:                                                                106  

                              (heated)                                              (X)
                        Look, Lois, if you came here to
                        tell me that you and Dan are...                             (X)

                        We're not going to see each other
                        anymore.                                                    (X)
                              (off his surprise,
                               looks around)                                        (X)
                        This isn't just vacation packing,
                        is it?  This is forever packing.

                        I was thinking of moving but...                             (X)
                        now I'm not so sure.                                        (X)

                        What, you were just going to slip
                        out of town, not even tell me? 
                        Maybe send me a post card from -- ?
                        Distancing, distancing.  Sorry.                             (X)
                        But this is... I mean, _leaving_, I
                        didn't expect this.

                        Lois, we haven't been very happy
                        with each other lately.  And it's
                        my fault and I think I should --

                        Yes, it _is_ your fault.   And my
                        fault.  We let ourselves get
                        distracted and we let ourselves get
                        hurt too easily and we work too
                        much and we argue over stupid
                        things... all so we can hide from
                        each other and I'm sick of it,
                        Clark.  Because the only reason we
                        hide is, we're scared.

                        Of what?

                        The fact that we're partners...
                        best friends... and _this_.

       She launches herself at him in a passionate kiss.  He's
       taken aback for a moment, then returns the kiss, deeply and

       Lois breaks from the kiss, her lips close to his as she                      (X)


                            --page break--
       WHINE, WHINE, WHINE (#21)    Yellow Rev.     3/28/95                     59.   

 106   CONTINUED:  2                                                             106  

                                           LOIS (CONT'D)
                        If you want to run away from this,
                        tell me now.

                        I won't run, Lois.  I'm ready for
                        the next step if you are.

       They kiss again, as we MOVE TO the TV nearby and see a
       MONTAGE of paired animals nuzzling, hugging...

                                           PFINCH-LUPUS (V.O.)
                        We seek the comfort of another...
                        someone to shape and share the life
                        we choose... someone to help us
                        through the never-ending attempt to
                        understand ourselves... and, in the
                        end, someone to comfort us along
                        the way.

       ... and the final image: two Koala bears, side by side,
       slumbering in one another's arms.  And then REVEAL our
       Host, stepping in front of the blue screen of the bears.

                        For the Nature Station, I'm Marlin                          (X)
                        Pfinch-Lupus.  Good night.

                                                                  FADE OUT:

                                     _THE END_

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